Tenth Death Anniversary

Jerald Rego Lucy Rego, Edwin Rego, Stephen Rodrigues

Born: 31-05-1947 Born: 29-08-1950 Born: 09-03-1975 Born: 01-09-1981
Death: 30-12-2007

The news on December 30, 2007
was shocking that you passed away in accident.
The moment was of grief that made us slient in sorrow.
We failed to understand the will of the Almighty.

Ten years passed away without your presence among us.
Our hearts weep when we think of you.
We cannot forget your love.
We pray for your eternal rest and peace
hoping to meet you again in heaven.

Homage from:

Son/daughter in law:
Melwin Rego/Joslyn, Dylan Rego and family, Mumbai,
Taccoode, Hospet.