Christabel L. M. Saldanha

Gifted to us on: 5.11.1985
Heavenly Abode: 20.11.2016


That Noon, I was weary
A cure was not to be
I cried out, "Lord help me!"
My baby needs me.

By then an angel whispered to me
And took me by the hand,
I was then led into the loving arms
That joined me to the angelic band

But as I turned walk away,
My little son tugged at me
"Lord, I haven't accomplished yet",
"I love him Lord", is what I said.
He put his arms around me
"Trust in me", is all he said.

I know I' have left you my love,
For the author knows what is best.
He loves you more than I
Let your worries rest.

Mum and Dad, I've run my race
Forgive me just incase
My love for you will always be
Abundant blessings I pray

To you my brother,
Your inspiration I will always be.
Though your dreams be tossed and blown,
You'll never walk alone.

I t was such a joy to have you with us.
Never a day you made us cry.
A beacon of light you have been
But your demise faded all by.

My heart was filled wit h sorrow.
But when I walked through heaven's gates,
I felt so much at home.
When god looked down and smiled
From his glories throne,
There was no logging for the past.
For the times I've faltered

My creator has bestowed mercy
And welcomed me into the 'land of glory'

May her soul rest in peace
Forever Amidst us

Dad- Claud Saldanha
Mom- Lidwin Saldanha
Husband- Denver D'souza
Son- Jeremy D'souza
Brother- Carlton Saldanha
Relatives and friends

Near Kiakamba Kulshekar