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News » Mangalore:Unique Plastic Surgery Reattaches Worker's Chopped Off Hand

Mangalore: Unique Plastic Surgery Reattaches Worker's Chopped Off Hand

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (VA)

Mangalore, Feb 4:  A remarkable Microsurgery procedure by renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr Satish Bhat helped to successfully reattach the amputed right hand of George from Kanhangad. The hand was completely cut off accidentally while working in an arecanut plantation.

Fortunately for George, his friends helped promptly; initially to preserve the separated hand the right way by wrapping in a dry plastic bag and keeping the bag in an ice box, and then by ensuring that George reached Mangala Hospital, Mangalore within 3 hours of the accident.

He had sustained major blood loss due to severe bleeding; this was quickly replaced on arrival to the hospital and the hand was successfully reattached by emergency six hour surgery. The surgery involved reattachment of each of the divided bones, blood vessels, tendons nerves and finally stitching the skin. Fortunately for George, he recovered smoothly from the surgery and has already begun physiotherapy to regain movement of the fingers. He will need another three months of supervised careful physiotherapy to regain maximum use of the hand.

Usually, the primary concern in re-implantation surgery is to ensure survival of the detached part. By restoring blood circulation through reconnection of arteries, Oxygen has to be delivered to the dying tissue/body part, before it is too late. These reconnected blood vessels are at a risk of occlusion over the initial few days after surgery due to their extremely delicate nature. This tricky, demanding situation makes it difficult to address issues of function of the detached part at the time of the initial surgery.

George was lucky on multiple accounts. He was brought to a hospital providing this sort of a major emergency surgery without delay. The relatively ‘clean cut’ nature of the injury permitted smooth survival of the limb so that all wounds healed within a week;  significantly, the nerves and tendons that move the fingers could be delicately repaired in the initial surgery itself. This allowed restoration of early movement within 2 weeks itself, by the time he was discharged from hospital last week.

Worldwide, success of limb re-plantation surgery is measured in terms of restoration of function of the reattached part (hand in this case). George will undergo delicate physiotherapy over the next 3 months till he regains maximum use of his hand and can slowly return to his former work.

Most often, when circumstances are not so favourable, survival of the reattached part is the only issue that can be addressed. It is difficult to restore function in the initial surgery. Though the limb may survive, the patient is left with a stiff hand. Though this is far better that not having any hand at all, the lack of adequate movement leaves the patient disappointed over the next few months. Late (secondary) surgery to improve function is not very useful in such cases. However, with the experience gained over a few years of Micro vascular surgery, George’s hand will not only survive, but will also have meaningful movement to lead a normal life. This would have been difficult if not impossible a few years ago.

Microsurgery is one of the miracles of modern medicine that can give dramatic results in such accidents and other instances. This complex surgery was made available in Mangalore thanks to a dedicated team of doctors consisting of Plastic Surgeon Dr Satish Bhat, Anaesthetist and Mangala hospital director Dr Ganapathy Bhat, and Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Mayur Rai.

Dr Satish Bhat - Plastic Surgeon

This case illustrates another example of the world class health care facilities available in our city. For further information on Plastic Surgery and its benefits one can visit www.plasticsurgerymangalore.com
Such remarkable procedures were just a fantasy a few years ago, today they are a reality. Procedures like reattachment of a detached head are only ‘stories’ in our Indian culture today, will they see the light of reality tomorrow?

Bravo, MumbaiWednesday, February 09, 2011
Me and Dr. Zoixy are very happy about your success and wish you all the best. God Bless

Geeta Hegde, SwedenWednesday, February 09, 2011
This is really a great work done by Dr. Satish Bhat. It gives immense pleasure and hope to know that we have such great doctors in our country.

Judith L, MumbaiSaturday, February 05, 2011
Very heartening to read this article indeed a noble operation by Dr. Satish Bhat. May God bless him, his team and their families.

sathish poojary, mangaloreSaturday, February 05, 2011
Congratulations to Dr. Satish Bhat !! God Bless u !!!!!!!
This great job done by Dr. Satish...

Jaimini P.B., Manipal,SharjahSunday, February 06, 2011
MIRACLE IN MANGALORE ! Thanks to Dr.Satish Bhat & Team.

ronald masc, mangalore/dubaiSaturday, February 05, 2011
god bless both dr. satish and george and the entire team.

Clara Lewis, Kemmannu/DubaiSaturday, February 05, 2011
Kudos, to Mr. George's friends, their prompt help by preserving the separated hand and making sure to reach hospital within 3 hours of accident is the initial support he got from his friends saved his hand. God bless all of them who helped this surgery to take place and save the separated hand.

Congratulation to Dr. Sathish and his team, Mr. George get well soon.

Udaya Kumar Kayyar, M'lore / DubaiFriday, February 04, 2011

Congratulations to Dr. Satish Bhat !! God Bless u !!!!!!!

Udaya Kumar Kayyar, M'lore / DubaiFriday, February 04, 2011

Congratulations to Dr. Satish Bhat !! God Bless u !!!!!!!

Fr Roque DSa, MangaloreFriday, February 04, 2011
Congrats Dr Satish Bhat and your team. Really wonderful! See the smile and joy on the face of George. That explains most of it.

rakesh, mangaloreFriday, February 04, 2011
This great job done by Dr. Satish... God Bless you sir..

YATHISH KUMAR, ATTAVAR/DUBAIFriday, February 04, 2011
CONGRAT'S Dr Sathish Bhat for this great job . you have also joined the list of our legend's of MANGALORE, doctors who served the poor by giving new live's to them . Dr Shanthrm shetty is one among ,who sacrificed his life for the poor.

Norbert D'silva, Basru/ NashikFriday, February 04, 2011
Great to see such type of complicated surgeries are done in Mangalore.Hats off to You Dr. Sathish Bhat.

john, bangaloreFriday, February 04, 2011
good work doctor..and wish jeorge to recover soon..
atleast in this column our belowed friends like shanavaz kukkikatte,peter periera ,unaiid uppala cant blbame hindus like üpper cast moron"etc etc..

xavier, mangaloreFriday, February 04, 2011
Dr. Batt has been a sucessful surgeon in his lifetime. there have been major and difficult surgeries which has been 100% sucessful. he can be potrayed as a legend. Hats off to you dear doctor. We are proud of you

sunil pinto bejai doha, mangaloreFriday, February 04, 2011
dear George getwell soon mr.bhat and team doctors god bless you for your great job

sunil pinto bejai doha, mangaloreFriday, February 04, 2011
dear George getwell soon mr.bhat and team doctors god bless you for your great job

Great job by Dr Satish&team further the timely caution taken by George's friends paved the way to replant the cut hand safely.The perfect opportunity god awarded to Dr Satish has done perfectly.Pray for Goerge's speedy recovery.

Mahadeva.Shetty, Chelairu (Riyadh)Friday, February 04, 2011
Grate job well done Dr.Satish Bhat.Thanks to Mangala Hospital.Mangalore is shining in all fields.Jai Ho Daiji for keeping informed.Hope George will get well soon.

HENRY MISQUITH, BAHRAINFriday, February 04, 2011
Dear Dr. Bhat saab hats off. May Almighty God bless u wherever you are. George wish u speedy recovery.

sunillnazrath, bahrainFriday, February 04, 2011
great job.Dr. Sathish Bhat.. god blese u every second""

Naveen .Monteiro , Manglore/Oman Friday, February 04, 2011
Congratulations Dear Dr.Sathish Bhat and the Team

Diljyoti,Allahabad,Kinnigoly, KinnigolyThursday, February 03, 2011
Congratulations to Dr. Satish Bhat and very speedy recovery to George. It is really unthinkable that such a great miracle has been worked through an efficient doctor. He has not only given new life to George, but also catered for the daily bread to the latter's family by joining george's hand. One must pray for such doctors that they should live a long.......long ....life to continue giving life to the needy. God Bless Dr. Satish.

Disha Rita Furtado, MangaloreThursday, February 03, 2011
Dear George get well soon. Dear Dr. Sathish Bhat and the Team Doctors God Bless you for your great job.

Disha Rita Furtado