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News » Kuwait: Thousands join to cheer K M Shaji at KKMCC convention

Media Release

Kuwait, Mar 6: Indian Union Muslim League Youth Leader K.M. Shaji, MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) was given a welcome by cheering crowd of KMCC members at Kuwait airport upon his arrival.

 Shaji was invited by Kannur District Committee of  Kuwait Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre for attending their second convention. The event also coincided with the first memorial death anniversary of Ariyil Shukoor who was stabbed to death allegedly by CPI(M) workers on February 20  last  year at Keezhara Ariyil in Thaliparambu in Kannur district.


The Indian Community School auditorium at Khaitan area was crowded  before starting the convention at 6 pm on March 1. More than 1,000 friends of Shaji, and members of KKMCC attended the event and many of the people were not able to even to make a glimpse of Shaji, the young charismatic leader of people of Kerala, who turned in large at the auditorium. 

Sayyid Nasir Thangal, Chairman, KKMCC national committee inaugurated the second Kannur KKMCC convention while Duaa was carried out by Shaikh Mohamed Abid Al-Qasmi (Islamic scholar) in memory of Late Shukoor.

Presidential speech was carried out by Sayyid Ghalib Al-Mashoor Thangal, and requested the audience to pray on behalf of the 23 year old  Martyr Shukoor, who sacrificed his life because of “he was a just member of MSF”.

Thangal said, "the murders of CPI(M )cannot turn off the lights of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) who taught us peace and mankind to the world, but they were able turn off the heart beat  of cherished  IUML lover  Shukoor  by inflicting deep injuries to the Muslim Society and mankind. Allah almighty will never forgive the people or the party who supported the killing of an innocent boy eventhough their party leaders protect the criminals".

Ghalib Thangal  requested to collect the names of those criminals involved in the murder and to ask Govt of Kerala, Govt of India for  mass trial and arranging a life time travel ban and deprive from issuing Indian passports and to further supplying of these criminals’ names to other world and GCC countries enabling to ensure that these are original criminals and lime time ban is necessary.

Shaji, known as a “Roaring Lion of Kerala” was the key note speaker of the event . Shaji said that "the death of one of the sons of India Ariyil Shukoor is not only shame for the democratic India but also  shame for the history of humanity. All the world knows that the members and leaders of community Marxist Party of India (CPIM) is known for their atrocities in Kerala and West Bengal against humanity and their crimes against mankind".

"Due to their un-human behavior among the civilized society the party is isolated. Many of their party friends become now enemies to the party.  Their members are day by day living in fear of isolations and their power of grip whether in Kerala or in West Bengal also diminishing. This is a good sign that party can label themselves as a ‘GUNDA PARTY' ", he stated.

Shaji warned CPIM leaders to stop heinous acts against members of IUML otherwise, Indian Judiciary and Police force will interfere and reasonably use force. 

"They have to stop now encroachment of minority properties and damaging IUML offices while blackmailing the leaders of minority sects. The killing of several innocent people in the name of politics should not be tolerated in the secularist India". 

Shaji added that he has full confidence on the law and order of his UDF Government, that whoever involved in the atrocities and black mailing should  be severely punished. He added that his party IUML headed by Panakkad Sayyid Haidarali Shihab Thangal has assured to restore peace and already delivered the part of compensation to the family of Late Ariyil Shukoor while ensuring  smooth arrest of further culprits in the crime of killing.

Shaji said that according to the media  reports , it seems that now some more witnesses who have  seen in the killing incident may possibly  hesitate to come forward to give evidence fearing threat and attack by CPIM. He said that he has heard that there are some breaking news recently as the accused Murders and criminals were  granted bail.

He warned that  if the criminals are running away from the state, of course it would affect free and fair investigation. CPIM leaders are tactically threatening the first degree witnesses of the murder of Ariyil Shukkoor to change their witness stand. 

"This method of black mailing by CPIM leaders  will strongly and strictly  be faced by lodging criminal cases  against the  CPIM party leaders and the lawyers who has endorsed for such shameful scenarios.   CPIM’s party stand will jeopardize their political quest in future and they will not dare to assign killers for intimidating the political opponents from their own party like Chandrashekhar", he said.  

Shaji added that UDF Government will ensure that the justice will prevail and the criminals will be shut in jails.  KM Shaji, 42, an effective orator and writer, was the former President of Kerala State Muslim Youth League. He regularly contributes articles to leading magazines in Malayalam and electronic media. He has been associated with many organizations of community and charity services like Wayanad Muslim Orphanage. Shaji, one of the twenty members of Legislative Assembly in the Govt. of Kerala representing Indian Union Muslim League -IUML, (the 2nd biggest political party in Govt of Kerala State) won majority of 55,077 votes in the last election held in 2011.

Shaji, representing Kannur district as a MLA was very influential on his credit for taking legal actions against the alleged  criminal members of Communist Party of India (M) in 2012 by shutting them in Jails. Shaji, whose role of arresting accused murders of Ariyil Shukoor was highly welcomed and appreciated by more than 20 million members of IUML in Kerala. 

KKMCC president Dr. Sayyid Ghalib Al-Mashoor Thangal handed over a “Memento” to the dignitary “youth Leader and MLA”  as a “Token of Appreciation” for accepting  KKMCC’s invitation and for delivering keynote speech. Sayid Kunhi Koya Thangal, an active  KKMCC Working committee member submitted 6 point memorandum related to the NRI issues to Shaji.

Sharafuddeen Kanneth, Basheer Batha, Ibrahim H. (National committee President, General Secretary, Treasurer) respectively, delivered  felicitation speech during the convention. General Secretary K.C. Haider welcomed the audience, leaders and guests and introduced KKMCC Kannur committee’s various activities including humanitarian aids carried out in the form of pension plan, hospital treatments for patients, educational awards etc..

Members of  Youth Core from Abbasiya known as 'Green Core volunteers' were also added to enlighten the additional colors to the 4 hour long program. Enthusiastic crowd enthralled with Greenish dressed  IUML flag holding volunteers during the session. K.M. Shaji also inaugurated the distribution of  Life term membership certificates and ID cards issued by  Kannur  CH centre, with active participation of  KKP Ummerkutty, the chief program coordinator and VP.

KKP also  spoke about the objectives of the convention and KKMCC’s role in Kuwait. other office-bearers Sabith Chembilod, Rashed Mattool, Aziz Varam, Shihab irikoor, Kunhidu Kutty, Kadankod, Razak Padiyoor  also actively participated in the event.

Treasurer, S Ashraf expressed vote of thanks while dispersing the convention with  three Salathunnabi (Pray)  in the name of prophet Mohamed (PBUH). Abu Shabil was the master of ceremony. Live Bilex telecast was also arranged.