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News » Mangalore: Right Thumb Reattached by Plastic Surgery

Media Release
Mangalore, Sep 29:
A 30-year-old worker from Kasargod, Sashidhar recently benefitted from one of the wonders of modern medical science. His right thumb was amputated while working at home with a wood cutting machine.

However, in spite of this unfortunate event, thanks to plastic surgery, his thumb is reattached successfully by the technique of microsurgery. With timely help from his family-friends, he was rushed to Mangala hospital at Mangalore within 2-3 hours.

Though Sashidhar reached the hospital at 10 pm, an emergency microsurgery procedure was performed by plastic surgeon Dr Satish Bhat with help of anesthesiologist Dr Ganapathy Bhat that finally finished at 4 am. Sashidhar recovered smoothly from the surgery and was discharged within two weeks. His wounds were healed to permit most of the thumb movements. However, it will take another 2-3 weeks before the bones unite firmly enough to withstand the stress and strain of normal life. Some further physiotherapy will be needed before he can finally get back to his former work.

This is yet another example of how modern plastic surgery can make a dramatic difference to the lives of people. Dr Satish also said that though plastic surgery is often associated to cosmetic procedures related to beauty enhancement for well to do people, such instances help to spread awareness of the benefits of plastic surgery to the common man.