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Thursday, June 10, 2010 6:52:36 PM (IST)  

Mangalore: The Ugly Fight for 'Breaking' News...

The Ugly Fight for 'Breaking' News...
by Florine Roche
Daijiworld Media Network

Mangalore, Jun 10: It is not even a month since the tragic plane crash in Mangalore that crushed the valuable lives of 158 people.  Some of unidentified bodies were buried en masse recently much to the sorrow of many family members and relatives who, in addition to the pain of losing their dear ones suffered the distressing act of not having the body for carrying out the last rites.  The atmosphere is still gloomy in and around Mangalore as the public discussion invariably begins or ends with the air crash tragedy.

No doubt there is communication revolution in our country and news reaches every nook and corner within a fraction of a second. But unfortunately in the mad rat race among some of the regional the television channels who are bent upon breaking news at any cost, public concern seems to have taken a backseat in their itinerary to be the first to provide sensational or so called breaking news, which very often turns out to be inaccurate, false or wrong .   And this is what happened exactly yesterday in Mangalore Bajpe airport that created horror among fliers as well as their family members and relatives when TV 9 and Suvarna News Channels vied with each other to give a breaking news saying that Air India flight from Abudabhi  had skidded at Bajpe airport but the pilot had succeeded in maneuvering the flight and another plane tragedy was averted.  First it was TV 9 which reported the incident as breaking news and soon Suvarna news channel also started giving it as breaking news.  Needless to say it once again sent shock waves among people in Mangalore and the anxious relatives in Abudabhi and other Gulf countries.   In fact Air India staff was concerned when anxious callers wanted to know more about the so called near mishap and were trying to figure out from where the false alarm had started ringing.

The Air India Express officials had a tough time convincing all fretful callers that no incident of that kind had happened mainly because there was no Abudabhi flight which was scheduled to arrive at Mangalore airport yesterday.  Air India Express Station Manager Chellam Prasad speaking to daijiworld about the false alarm being raised by the channels said “first of all there was no flight from Abudhabi which was scheduled to arrive.  So when some television channels and even overseas callers called and asked to give information on the supposed skidding of the flight I was stunned wondering from where the news had emanated.  It was then revealed that a regional television channel’s local reporter presumed or imagined about such a possibility and sent the news.  The rival channel in its alacrity not be   left behind in claiming the credit to be “the first to give away the breaking news”  started flashing the same news immediately without waiting to  confirm the authenticity of the said news.  And soon there was utter chaos with other television channels trying to confirm the news.  Even daijiworld office was flooded with calls from the gulf region and the local relatives to confirm the news and the staff had a tough time convincing the worried callers negating the news.  Some callers even blamed daijiworld for being too slow in breaking the news. 

It may be recalled that even during the May 22nd air crash in Mangalore these channels as well as a national English news channel went on giving wrong information for about 2 hours after the crash that the flight from Mangalore had crashed while taking off from Bajpe airport when in fact there are no early morning flights to the gulf region. (These channels flashed the news as 'Mangalore - Muscat Flight crashed at Mangalore Airport).  This faux fax was mainly due to the unwanted urgency of these television channels which are competing with one another for supremacy by sidetracking all journalistic ethics and flash news taking from their rival channels.  One national English news channel that went on giving wrong news for 2 hours about the Mangalore plane crash later claimed that it was the first to break the news, which was indeed pathetic and can be termed as an insensate folly.

About the confusion created yesterday  Chellam Prasad says that she confronted the local reporter of the channel who had given the wrong buzz and took him to task for not confirming the authenticity of the news.  “I know the credibility of Air India Express is at stake by such a false alarm.  But more than the consequences I am concerned about the unnecessary panic and commotion it creates among the people as it is the most sensitive period for all of us when we are trying to come to terms with the recent tragedy and when we are still mourning the people who had died in the crash.  I think the channels and reporters need to follow journalistic ethics when it comes to airing such sensitive news”. 

True. Journalists have to restrain themselves from sensationalizing the news and also from raising false alarm.  But one wonders what prompted this local reporter of the channel to give such wrong news, is the moot question now.  It is now believed that the early morning Dubai-Mangalore flight on 9th June 2010 got diverted to Calicut without landing at Bajpe due to low visibility and rain.  According to Air India sources after the recent crash there seems to be some precautionary measures adopted and no risk is taken when it comes to visibility. The flight came back to Mangalore at 9.45 am and the Doha Bahrain flight was scheduled at 11am. There the matter ended. It must be remembered here that whenever a particular flight is unable to land in the scheduled airport it should be diverted to the nearest airport and for Mangalore Calicut happens to be the nearest airport

It is now revealed that the local reporter of the TV channel called up someone at the airport and asked about Abudhabi flight.  When he was told that there was no scheduled Abudabhi flight it seems he presumed that the flight skidded at Bajpe and blaa  bla…..  

Commenting on this kind of journalism sans all ethics Chellam Prasad says “it is a mystery to me as to how this reporter presumed the flight skidded where there was no such flight or when such an incident did not occur.  This reporter who says got the news from airport from unauthorized sources did not think it fit to confirm it from authentic sources and went about creating a ruckus.  Of course there was some confusion about the crew for the Delhi-bound flight from Mangalore which is purely our internal matter and is common among all airlines.  But that alone should not lead to speculation and presumption and result in airing false news by TV channels”. 

Given the sensitivity of the matter Chellam’s annoyance at the turn of yesterday’s events is justified as it is the question of creating canards and spoiling the reputation of the national airlines of the country.  But more than that the public is put into unnecessary fretfulness and panic by their sheer act of recklessness and efforts to obfuscate the public. 

Finally Air India had to do some damage control measure as the Bangalore office went to the T V channel’s Bangalore office and asked for an apology for the breach of journalistic ethics and act of impropriety.  One is not sure whether the television channel obliged or not.  It also must be noted that these channels carry false news and recant it unashamedly.   Credibility for them is nothing but a farce.

The public also need to exercise some restraint when it comes to trusting these news channels which lack credibility and integrity.  That is the only way to teach a bitter lesson to the media which takes the public for a royal ride. Somewhere someone has to bell the cat.  

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Comments on this article
Arshad Kadli, Bhatkal / Al Khobar
Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nagesh Nayak will find Hindutva angle in any news item. Dont be surprized if he claim that the oil leak in Gulf of Mexico by BP is a deliberate act to tarnish the image of BJP.

mahesh, mangalore
Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daijiworld has raised a very valid point about the news channels trying to break news without getting proper details. There was a news about Naxal/Maoist attack in a place called "bijapur". One news channel intially showed it as "third attack in Dantewada" but later corrected it when other news channels showed the correct place.
CNN-IBN many times shows incorrect information.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


amrit, mangalore/dubai
Saturday, June 12, 2010

switch of the television set...matter follows the network strategy, the more the viewers the greater the reach...the power is in your hands not the media channel...

Jameel, Mangalore/Qatar
Friday, June 11, 2010

Yes, nagesh nayak, these small rats like muthalik also gets national attention because of these BREAKING news. They break North,East,West,South (NEWS)

S.Moorthy, Mangalore/Dubai
Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Nagesh nayak you are right, These so called national channels shoot the incidents like pub attack and then put in the breaking news. It means they are aware of this incident much before. So they are equally criminals as other people who do crimes.

As responible citizens, if these people are aware the incidents they should inform the police. Instead of that they create breaking news. It create a doubt that whoever shoot the incidents like pub attack, they also involved in this conspiracy.

We should appriciate Daiji for not involving in this type of breaking news ever.

JACOB, Bijai,Mangalore/dubai
Friday, June 11, 2010

District Admin should cancell the license of that TV Channel and public should delclare that TV channel as "THADIPAAR LUNGI NEWS CHANNEL" that is good lesson public can teach!

Clayton MM, Dubai, Mangalore
Friday, June 11, 2010

This is not a acceptable reporting of news, especially during a time of mourning of our fellow brothers & sisters on recent Air crash tragedy in our place at mangalore, how did the editor of the mentioned news channels report the news without confirming the same through airport authorities of mangalore, this is a shame on the news channels who had spread a false news. 

Keshava, Puttur
Friday, June 11, 2010

In the name of competetion and the race for no 1 spot every news agencies, media have stooped so low that the word "Breaking News" has lost its credibility. Journalists have failed to classify what is breaking news and what is not.

arron, mangalore
Friday, June 11, 2010

mam, really good one...  but i would be happy if you write the national channels name too, when the matter comes of breaking news all are the same.

Hanik, Mangalore
Friday, June 11, 2010

The News Channels should be answerable to any false news. During the AI crash, few young media guys were visiting the crash site and just sensationalising the issue into some rubbish talk which was very damaging to the image of this town as well as the airport. The same evening I saw these young punks who were stationed at Hotel Deepa Comfort, rushing back to Bangalore. They hardly bothered to find the facts or know the truth but instead created half cooked or not cooked at all news as BREAKING NEWS.

nagesh nayak, bangalore
Friday, June 11, 2010







Santhosh, Mangalore
Friday, June 11, 2010

News banthi nahi,Banaayi jaathi hai!!Thats..... "Breaking News"

Dr Prakash Harischandra, Magnalore /Los Angeles
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not the first time witness to this. I did see this happen by one of the  leading english dailies in 1996 when writing a article about a college incident where it mentioned that the students were from PAyment Category . whereas the COllege was a total Gvernment institute which admitteds tidents from Entrance only under free seat Basis.

Its quite normal for the truth to be twisted at times , The quick baking deforms the bread. Only seasoned news lasts longer.

shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udupi
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Such false and fabricated reporting would undermine the credibility of the channel and public would start lsing confidence in these channels. The truthfulness of such reporting need to be questioned and ascertained.

Dr.Madhyastha H, hunagakatte/Japan
Thursday, June 10, 2010

These kind of breaking news really breaks the ethics of journalism breaks hearts of many air passengers. It is time to make statutary law to stop all these kind of false propaganda and it is better if poilce feed jail food to reporter who made the story.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Similar news is indeed this is irresponsibility of the television channel’s and reporters who presume or imagine about such a possibility and sent the news for popularity. This is how communal riots began a year ago. If there is no mechanism to hold these people responsible we will have more of this news. Shame and disgrace on such journalists and TV stations. Reporters are even forced to write false news to make it sensational.

Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Media plays an important role in any part of the world today, including India. The "Communication Revolution" is the correct phrase used by Florine that describes all the conflicting news that unfold in panic situations such as the airline crash that took place in Mangalore on May 22, 2010. We were in the middle of the Atlantic ocean while we heard the news on CNN within couple of hours from the tragedy occured at Bajpe airport, only a few miles from our dear home. This is the first time we heard about Suvarna News on CNN and many other news media in Kannada thru CNN but the news of the sad tragedy got clarified as time elapsed. Tragedy such as this was the first of its kind in Mangalore and therefore journalists also go thru a stage of maturity while releasing the news thru their medias. The daily news thru Daijiworld web site was perhaps the best info that we depended upon more than any other news media. All said and done, the journalism in India is progressing well indeed, and the lessons learned from the Air India crash should pave way for better performance in the future.

adshenoy, mangloor
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its like running private busses between mangloor and Udupi- race for passengers.
Breaking news is another race for audience.
One has to excercise "caveat emptor"- reader beware caution.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

few media people spoiling image of our National carrier
Jago mediawalo jago

Albert, Mangalore
Thursday, June 10, 2010

These type of channels should be banned and the reportes should be blacklisted

v.m.mascarenhas, puttur/muscat
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yes, now a days TV channels are exaggerating the things, in tulu "elhi ponda pili pondu" several times we come across TV channels buzzing breaking news proved to be untrue or far from importance, also they are prophesying like "so and so day, that planet, cosmic powers come across the earth, world is going to end" etc. really non sense, we have to trust God, thatz all, who is creator of everything.

S P, Permude
Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is how COMMUNAL RIOTS starts in INDIA!
BREAKING NEWS.....BREAKING All moral code/ ethics of journalism.

B.M.ZAFFER, thonse, Dubai UAE
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Ms.Florine Roche Daijiworld Media Network,

Your article is an essential advise not only for those T.V. channels who spoil their own credibility but also for those who spreading rumors which always demoralize everyone who use air India express without any other option. Let authorities take strict action on those who spreading false information without valid proof. We must use common sense. Since years, Mangalore airport functioning smoothly. Recently added more service to existing airport facilities . Then why we bother too much for the runway which is table top since 1974…!!! Let us hope extension of additional 1,000 ft runway work start soon and reach Mangalore airport to international airlines. So, that one and all feel our Airport safe.

Wilson Dsouza, Paladka
Thursday, June 10, 2010

It looks as if these journalists are eagerly awaiting another air tragedy to happen! So sorry about these journalists!

Divvy, Manipal
Thursday, June 10, 2010

good piece. thanks for the info. In the case of medical negligence doctors are barred from practicing. Is there something called negligence in the media world ? A doctor is barred from practicing medicine, in effect to save lives...shouldn't the same thing be done for this particular reporter?? he / she caused much more harm. Wish someone could sue him / her !! or lets do the next best thing - hang our heads in shame.

dr Kiran Acharya, manipal
Thursday, June 10, 2010

It is not the first time TV9 & Co have acted in impish manner...Report first, Confirm later, never bother to clarify seems to be their policy..."

Through its conduct , choice of stories, and style of breaking news for the past two years, TV9 has taken television journalism to disgraceful new lows and on Sunday it hit a new depth by its own standard. This latest disgrace of TV9—without ascertaining the veracity—deserves to condemned as nothing short of criminal."
"What do you do when a false and mischievous story administers a deadly blow to a well-intentioned medical initiative that reaches out to large, mostly poor and illiterate, sections of society?"
"should the reporter, who was responsible for filing the story without checking for facts, and the editor, who cleared it without bothering to verify the claim, be hauled up and criminal charges framed against them?"

this is what was written earlier during polio related mis reporting: " Through its conduct , choice of stories, and style of breaking news for the past two years, TV9 has taken television journalism to disgraceful new lows and on Sunday it hit a new depth by its own standard. This latest disgrace of TV9—without ascertaining the veracity—deserves to condemned as nothing short of criminal."
"What do you do when a false and mischievous story administers a deadly blow to a well-intentioned medical initiative that reaches out to large, mostly poor and illiterate, sections of society?"...

Abdul Rahiman, Kavoor/Sharjah.
Thursday, June 10, 2010

A humble request with local T.V. reporters,please do not play with other's sentiments by reporting so called "BREAKING NEWS" with out confirmation.

Also the concerned authority should take proper action against such channels so that it will be not repeated in future.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We are living in the era of BREAKING NEWS.Some are how the credibility of the news are 50/50.Respnsible journalism taken a back seat due to so many news channels which want theirTV.s TRP rating "Numero UNO"

When media forgets it's responsibility towards society by fabricated BREAKING NEWS and News, the health of the society getting worse due to the factor of "NAAA MUNDOOO THAAAA MUNDOOO" of unconfirmed,excerbated news!

Naveed`, Moodbidri
Thursday, June 10, 2010

These Breaking news Channels surely playing for the popularity.Media should confirm the news first then they should deliver.

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