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Thursday, May 06, 2010 7:38:10 PM (IST)  

SSLC – What Went Wrong with the Results?

SSLC – What went wrong with the results? 

by Florine Roche
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, May 6 : The SSLC results are out and as expected the results have failed to bring cheers to students, parents and school authorities.  The pass percentage has witnessed a sharp dip from last year from 75.77 percent last year to 68.77 percent for fresh candidates, a significant drop of 7 percent.  The overall pass percentage is said to be the lowest in the last four year. The significant drop in pass percentage is attributed to the change in the format of the SSLC question paper from objective type to descriptive pattern this year.

There was an advanced inclination that the results were going to be bitter this year.  For most students core subjects like science and mathematics proved to be tough ones and subject wise results have proved it right.  Soon after these examinations students who were coming out of the examination hall were seen crying as they found the subjects tougher than they had expected.  It is said that the new format of examination had created confusion among students as they were not able to adapt to the descriptive format.  Moreover, with the change in the pattern the students were expecting the question papers to be easier.   But they were not to be.  Those students who strictly adhered to the blueprint suffered the most as they found the pattern was not according to the blueprint. 

As both Science and Mathematics were tougher than students had expected rumours started floating among students that grace marks would be given in both these subjects.  SMS and mails were exchanged saying grace marks would be awarded and the teachers who had set the question papers were suspended.  Most students were pinning their hopes on the so called grace marks to resuscitate their sagging spirits. Sadly for the students, they remained only as rumours. 

The gravity of the results is yet to sink among students, parents and school authorities.  Fr Melwyn Pinto, SJ, Headmaster of St Aloysius High School, is a trifle upset with the results.  St Aloysius has recorded 91 pass percentages, one of the lowest in the past few years.  Apart from the change of format he attributes the lackluster performance to many reasons.  “One of the reasons is students get promoted at lower classes as the schools cannot detain even those students who do not qualify to be promoted.  As a result students learn nothing as they know finally they are going to be promoted.  The changing of the format very often, that too from objective to descriptive type this time also impacted the performance of students.  The children also took the blueprint very seriously.  The IPL which coincided with SSLC and other exams was also a major distraction for students, Fr Melwyn opined.

With a pass percentage of 88 Canara High School, Dongarkeri, also saw a slight decline as compared to last year which was 96%.  Assistant Headmaster Raghavendra Rao says that the drop in the pass percentage of his school was in commensurate with the overall drop in the pass percentage in the state.   “The   Kannada medium students found Science and Mathematics little tough and that was the main reason for the drop in pass percentage”.   When asked whether there was any other reason for the poor performance Raghavendra Rao said “there was confusion as the department did not strictly adhered to the blueprint given.  The change in the format of the question paper was also informed only in December which left hardly any time for the students and teachers to condition the students for the changed pattern”. 

Students also contend that the changed format had created confusion and uncertainty among them.  “We were not prepared for a tough paper on important subjects like Maths and Science.  As Maths was the second paper which was tougher than we had expected, it affected my performance in other subjects”, says Sumath Shetty, who was expecting 90% and above but managed to secure only 84%.   Sumanth says he is cool and will not worry much about the results.  But his facial expression betrays the brave words he utters.  Disappointment is writ large on his face despite his efforts to camouflage it. 

Apart from the distraction of IPL students these days are addicted to computers, mobiles and other gadgets and parents had a tough time making their children concentrate on studies.  “I had cut off cable connection from January onwards knowing very well that otherwise it is difficult for me to make my son concentrate.  It has helped to some extent though he was glued to his mobile”, said Vidya Shenoy, mother of Sushanth Shenoy.   

Many students are toying with the idea of applying for re-totaling or re-corrections.  The department has hiked the fee for re-correction from last years Rs. 300 to Rs. 700/- per subject this year, which is done to dissuade the students from opting for Students.  Lissel D Souza, who secured much less in Science than he had expected says he will go for re-correction.  “I expected at least 85 and above in Science and will go for re-correction though the re-correction fee is more than doubled.  My parents have agreed for this”, he said hoping for better luck at least this time around.

Education Minister Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri has said he will look into causes of the drop in pass percentage and would take steps to improve the quality of education and thereby the pass percentage. 

Students these days are subjected to increasing pressure from all quarters and bad results will add to their existing pressure to perform better, and that will have a detrimental effect on the students.   

With the SSLC students trying to swallow the bitter pill now it is the turn of second PUC students to wait for their luck.

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Comments on this article
P.C Raman, Mangalore/California
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are the tests testing what they are supposed to be testing? About two thirds of the students will not be knowing why they are studying certain concepts. They will not know how that will be useful for them in the real life situations. Most of the Indian education is very theoretical. Children are not given learning experiences which will enable them to apply skills in their real life. Children are not taught to think outside the box. Teachers are intimidated when students ask questions as they do not have answers, because their knowledge is limited. Parents think that knowledge is gained only if their children read text books. Our kids read at a very low level. Parents should encourage their children to read, read anything, be it a magazine, travel guide, a manual, an advertisment, a hoarding, internet news, articles, anything.

Its amazing to see our students show difficulty in reading directions. If you see in the international airports, majority of Indians have directional problems. Even a highly qualified Indian will be stuck up in the airports coz he does not know to apply what he just read. We have so much limited practical knowledge. While I was in P.U.C commerce, I learned math. I mugged up each and every equation and formula. Honestly, till I started teaching my children here in US, I did not know what was the application of all the junk I learned in my college. My parents were glad to see the marks in my progress report and they were proud of me. But

geoffrey, hathill
Sunday, May 09, 2010

1968 CET, JEE, AIEE were never heard of, not to mention the coaching classes that convert our boys and girls into scoring machines.

athaulla umer mukve, puttur dubai
Sunday, May 09, 2010

there is a hot peaces congratulations for peaces

Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah
Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dear CAROL D'SOUZA...FILE A COMPLAINT..THAT IS THE LAST OPTION.Readers comments remind me of my friend,Jayram Shenoy (1989-90) who was appearing for Chartered Accountant Exam. When I told him that I got high first clas marks in SSLC & PUC,and 2nd class marks in B.COM, he told me that he got 2nd Class in SSLC,PUC & B.COM. Next day CA Result. My friend Jayram Shenoy got 37th Rank in all India Level ! Yes..hard work ,concentration,common sense will take anyone to any height.I forgot to mention that my brother failed in PUC ,but passed D.PHARMA in FIRST Class. He became employee of the year in 1995 in Greece based Phrmaceutical company in Dubai.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Shabnam, Udupi/Dubai
Sunday, May 09, 2010

In this growing era nothing can be stood responsible for the poor results,rather we should see that we train the students so well to face the exams and take their career without any compromises.Students should be so well prepared from the beginning by teachers that they themselves know how good marks or how well they need to focus on their exams.

john, manipal / udpi
Saturday, May 08, 2010

I had got 80 % in SSLC...went down to 66 in PUC and crashed to 48 in BE...overindulgence in extra-curricular activities NCC / my advise is to get good career counselling if any exists before choosing a career. Cant choose good parents...but rest can be chosen...POSITIVE ATTITUDE is more important.

deekshith, dubai
Friday, May 07, 2010

yes joel i agree with u and those stupid mobile for students.

Donald Roche, Mangalore/ Bolar
Friday, May 07, 2010

If you put the statements of Fr. Melwyn Pinto Sj H M of St. Aloysius High School and Mr. Raghavendra Rao AHM of Canara High School together it is cent % correct. When a Education Minister understands School teachers problems and understands Students (child) Psychology then only the quality of Education will improve along with good results.

Walter Pereira, Mangalore / Shenzhen, China
Friday, May 07, 2010

Hello everyone,
I passed my PUC science from At.Aloysius College, in 1968. Then went further and completed my M.Tech from Newcastle University, UK.
Presently. I have a good secure job, and am well settled.
Do you know my PUC Pass exams percentage? - it was 61% !!
What is better - a good attitude or high marks?

Mahesh S Kotian, Shimoga
Friday, May 07, 2010

In one of the schools in shimoga dist.they conducted 3 consecutive preparatory exams for the SSLC students.Now the results are out and 90% of the students scored above 90%.This clearly shows that the students are prepared for exams and not for innovative thinking or creativity.Even parents wish thier children to only excell in the exams,nothing else.

Carol D'Souza, Bangalore/Riyadh
Friday, May 07, 2010

Dear people, I need some help here. My niece appeared for her IInd PUC exam this year and the results were out on the net yesterday. She has secured 82% in PCMB combination and her Hindi marks appear 00. This has happened to her and 12 of her classmates from Mount Carmel College, B'lore. Now, neither the college nor the PU board is willing to help them out. Who then is responsible for this mess up? What happens to the future of these 12 bright students? Can anybody help me out???

Christopher Roshan Lobo, Kulshekar/Bahrain
Friday, May 07, 2010

Totally agree with Mr Vidhya Raj. If the so called reforms (claimed to be done in setting up of these exam papers) are not in the interest of the students, then time to ponder.... do we need them? Why are you stopping 2/3rd of the students from going ahead in life and hinder their progress. Our education system needs serious thoughts. We have seen people who have excelled in exams and who have not, but still both the classes are doing well in life. So is it necessary to have tough exams and stops one's progress in life?

dam, mangalore
Friday, May 07, 2010

Facebook, orkut...etc should be ban for under 18 year students...

naveen, udupi
Friday, May 07, 2010

private schools got less percentage because of most of the students having mobile. they r not very interested to study. they r busy with mobile sending SMS and all.also orkut face book internet.also some private school they r not teaching proper in class.they r making money from tuitions.

Vanamali, Manipal
Friday, May 07, 2010

Dear Bulsam , Better u demand for " NO EXAMS " which will implement all the things that u asked for

Imtiaz, Udyavar
Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mr. Joel. You are right. I agree with you.

Imtiaz , Udyavar
Thursday, May 06, 2010

68.77 % result is very poor because of IPL, Internet, Computer Games and Mobile Games.
Wake up Patents.

prasanna, mangalore
Thursday, May 06, 2010

actually the triple barrel, change in pattern of question paper, a tough question paper and a psycho who cannot stick to the given set of rules(blue print) let to this mess. the fact that the pass percentage was going to be less than last year's was a foregone conclusion, as there was a change in the blue print. but to give a tough paper, and not sticking to the blue print was a double whammy. the board could have gone easy for atleast this year so that atleast the teachers could have got an idea of the revised blue print this year.but the guys in bangalore know it better, don't they?

Mitwa, Mysore
Thursday, May 06, 2010

2 factors has also contributed to dismal results.

1. Often Loadshedding by Yeddi Govt.
2. Political Dramas, Scandals, In-Fighting Tamasha, Unpredicted incidents.

The above factors did disturb and distracted students to some extent.

S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupi
Thursday, May 06, 2010

I think IPL is main reason.

Joel, Sydney/ Mangalore
Thursday, May 06, 2010

Facebook, Orkut, PS3, Wii. PSP, Nintendo DSi.. is wat went wrong in the reults...

Dr Santhosh Kamath, mangalore/Liverpool
Thursday, May 06, 2010

It is only when one goes abroad that we realise the value of the Indian education system.I find that we have much more knowledge about the outside world than the average British student.I also find that our standard of Mathematics is very high.Our knowledge base is very good but where we lack is mainly related to a common sense approach & practical application of our knowledge.Sadly innovative thinking is frowned upon and"byheart" culture is encouraged(as in 3 idiots).I studied in Canara High school and am ever indebted to my teachers there for giving me a strong foundation towards my educational future

Vidhya Raj, Mangalooru
Thursday, May 06, 2010

Its sad to say, that the educators never test higher level of thinking in students. The basic facts are tested like how, what and when. They never test a student's creativity. Students are taught to mug-up and not taught how to apply what they have learned. When the question papers are set, the educators love to confuse the students. They must be some kind of sadist. They like to pick the most difficult question and enjoy to see students scoring a 0. It looks like their goal is not to see students succeed.

 While I was studying, my teachers used to give us exams that even they could not pass it. Even after 20 years, nothing has changed. Its the same low quality education. Students are not challenged and instead of encouraging and helping the students they are often pushed to frustration levels. These kids out of school when they are 14 -15 and same kids become anti-social elements. Our ministers and administrators have hardly understood the importance of education. Its sad and shameful that nothing is done in this area. They change the text books, but the methods to teach remain the same. They give free food for children, but they are not care about their learning needs.

amanmulki, manglore/qatar
Thursday, May 06, 2010

Its all because of IPL

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The result of SSLC is really not promising one.May be the new format bit of confusion but it is not lonely cause.As said in the report concentration on studies lacks due Cell Phones,internet,TV particularly during the time IPL are of the other reasons.

Anyway Mr Minister,Kageri,there should a commission formed to look in the matter what went wrong in SSLC result, would a guidelines/review to next annual SSLC exam.

Kerala registerd 90% plus result in SSLC exam and I am wondering why Karnataka lag behind is a million dollar question.Therefore from the education department a lot have to be done to rectify these short commings beside some sort of self decipline from student side need to be adherd.

Bulsam, Mangalore
Thursday, May 06, 2010

The future SSLC result should be PASSED if scored 35 marks and FAILED if scored 30- marks. Those who scored between 30 and 35- should be considered with their other internal assessment marks. The Board should abolish Percentage & I, II, III Class system.

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