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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 2:08:54 PM (IST)  

German Claudia Gerstner in search of her biological mother in Mangalore

German Claudia Gerstner in search of her biological mother in Mangalore

Florine Roche
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Jul 10: “Blood is thicker than water” is a well-known German proverb, which means that bonds of common ancestry are stronger than any other. This is what has brought many of the foreign nationals who were adopted from India, especially from Mangalore decades ago come searching for their roots back in India. Many of these adopted were able to find loving and caring foster parents in European countries and are well settled in life. But they are constantly bothered by the urge to find their biological parents, without which they feel their life is incomplete. Remember the famous lines of Deewar ‘mere paas maa hai’ that really struck a chord with the audience and has become a cliché ever since?
One such person who is on such a mission is 37-year-old Claudia Sabitha Gerstner alias Ida Maria Esther from Germany, who desperately wants to trace her mother Cecilia Pinto, whose name she says is mentioned in the records of her baptism at Nirmala Convent Chapel in Mangalore. Claudia, who is currently in Munchen, Germany, has been searching for her biological mother since 2008 but without any success so far. But she is not the one to give up hopes as she has been inspired by Arun Dolhe, an Indian born German adopted from Mumbai, whose 17 years of persistent struggle including litigation bore fruit resulting in his tracing his biological mother in Pune in 2010. Her hopes are rekindled especially after Arun was able to trace his half sister Eva Dohle in 2006 from Mangalore. Eva was adopted by a German couple from Nirmala Convent in Ullal, Mangalore and was reunited with her biological mother after an agonizing search.

Speaking to daijiworld from Germany, Claudia said that though her adopted parents have given her everything, she wants to trace her Indian roots. “I want to trace my mother and want to know the real truth why I was given away. I am interested in the real circumstances that led to my abandonment. I want to know if mine was an illegal adoption. I want to know more about my Indian roots. As an adopted person I often feel rootless, as if I don’t belong anywhere,” she confesses. Claudia who is a laborial dentist worked for ten years at Siemens AG, but due to the adoption trauma she had to quit her job and has not been able to lead a normal life since then. In her quest for searching her biological mother she has the full support of her partner Thomas and adopted mother Lydia Gerstner. 

No headway since 2008
When the Ullal police station received a complaint in May this year against three institutions, including Nirmala Social Welfare Centre of Ullal, holding them as one of the parties in inter-country adoption/child trafficking, it was just another addition to the list of complaints they have on hand on the issue. If anything, the complaint has once again brought to the fore the sad plight of many foreign nationals of Indian origin adopted from many of the adoption homes in Dakshina Kannada and elsewhere and their quest for their biological parents.
Having failed to achieve any response to her numerous mails seeking information, Claudia took the painful step of registering a complaint in May this year against Nirmala Social Welfre Centre, Mangalore (where she was born and baptized on December 7,1975), Salvation Army of Mumbai (where she was admitted after she was sent to Mumbai under mysterious circumstances) and former German adoption agency Terre des Homes” with its office in Pune, as it had facilitated her adoption. Claudia wants the police to consider her complaint as an FIR and the police have already started their investigation in the matter. In this complaint filed through child rights activist Anjali Pawar, Claudia has accused Nirmala Convent of destroying the relevant documents to protect crimes committed by their predecessors in this adoption centre.

Claudia with her German parents

Many of us are quite familiar with the never-ending efforts of India born Chaya Maria Schupp of Germany to trace her parents since 2005. Chaya was adopted by a German couple from Nirmala Social Welfare Centre, Ullal, Mangalore, when she was six. Chaya has even approached the High Court of Karnataka in this regard and a division bench in its order in March 2013 asked the police to investigate the complaint she lodged in 2006 to get details of her past. The investigation is on in this matter and the High Court reprieve has rekindled Chaya’s hopes of tracing her biological mother.

Spotlight on Nirmala Social Welfare Centre
Claudia unfolded the trauma she has been undergoing in her relentless pursuit to trace her biological parents and requested daijiworld to help her in her efforts. She shared all relevant documents pertaining to her baptism with daijiworld, her subsequent mysterious admission at Salvation Army Women’s and Children’s Home, Mumbai as a rehabilitated child, documents pertaining to her adoption by German couple, the correspondence Terre Des Homes had with Nirmala Convent requesting them to divulge details of her parents. In the scanned copies of the records sent to daijiworld by Claudia, records of Baptisms at the church clearly show the name of Ida Maria Esther Pinto in the column where name, surname and gender of the child baptized is to be mentioned. It shows Ida Maria was born on September 28, 1975 and was baptized on December 7, 1975 at Nirmala Convent Chapel, Ullal. In this record the name of her mother is shown as Cecilia Pinto and the name of her godparent is mentioned as Juliana D'Souza.
However, in the declaration document giving the consent for adoption of Claudia alias Ida Maria Esther Pinto dated April 14, 1976, the affidavit given by Brigadier Ruthbai Teldume representing Salvation Army, where Claudia was admitted after her arrival in Mumbai, does not say Claudia alias Ida Maria Esther was born in Mangalore. It merely says “after she was institutionalized in our home no person claiming to be a parent or a guardian of the child has come to our institution”. However, the document giving guardianship of Ida Maria to be adopted by Herbert Gerstner of Germany in a petition in the Bombay High Court mentions the name of Sr Esther, Supdt of Nirmala Convent, Ullal, whose affidavit was read to the petitioner before adoption.

Claudia as a child

Naturally, the entire episode of adoption of Claudia and many others like her including Chaya has put the spotlight on Nirmala Social Welfare Centre of Ullal, where these children were initially adopted. In Claudia’s case, the records maintained by the convent confirm that she was adopted by the centre (in copy of baptism record available with daijiworld) and then given on adoption allegedly under fraudulent methods. It is bewildering to note the missing link in Claudia’s case, because there is no mention of how she was transferred to Mumbai. Records maintained by Salvation Army haven’t mentioned she was born in Mangalore. Moreover, there are no relinquishment documents in her case, strengthening the suspicion that hers was a case of illegal adoption where huge money may have been involved.
Chaya, who was adopted from Nirmala, in her petition claimed that her mother had kept her at the center for studies and had not actually handed her over to the centre. Chaya was adopted by German couple Ingrid and Wolfgang Schupp in 1981 and surprisingly, only those records between 1974 and 1981 are missing mysteriously from Nirmala and this had rendered credence to their belief that the centre had meddled with these records.
Daijiworld visited Nirmala Social Welfare Centre to get a broader view of this deal and met Sr Veera, who is superior of the convent. Sr Veera claims that they don’t have any records prior to 1984 except for the Baptism register. However, Arun Dolhe of ACT and Chaya Schupp had come to Mangalore in 2004 and 2006 in search of her biological parents and of four others adopted from here. Arun Dolhe who spoke to us from Germany pointed out that Chaya and he had seen the records including admission registers for the period 1965 to 1980 and subsequent period when they got access to check the records of the centre when they first came in 2004.
Sr Veera who is the superior of the convent for the last four years said, “Earlier Italian nuns were in charge of the convent and we do not know anything about the earlier records. We have shown whatever documents we have and there is nothing to hide. Prior to 1984 there was no requirement of recognition or license from the government for child adoption. In 1984 it was made mandatory to have recognition and we have maintained up to date records ever since.” The centre in its response to the single bench judge of the High Court also had maintained that it was a recognized agency for inter-country adoption.

Missing records hold the key
“This is far from the truth considering that those in charge of the convent keep on changing and records help smooth transition and management of an institution like this. When Baptism records are maintained meticulously and when records pertaining to 60s and early 70s are maintained how come records for the period from 1974 to 1980 can go missing conveniently?” asks Arun. Sr Veera and her associates, however, stick to their guns and maintain that they have records only from 1984 onwards. It may also be recalled here that Arun Dolhe’s half sister Eva Dohle was able to reunite with her biological mother based on the records found at Nirmala.

Arun Dolhe contends: “My half sister sister was adopted from Nirmala convent and in 2004 I saw the records after applying pressure on them. Then in 2006 we traced her mother based on the name and address which we gathered from Nirmala’s books. Also, Chaya, as per court’s direction went once again to Nirmala and saw some of their old records and the records were still there. Now they are saying we have records only from 1984 onwards. That’s a lie and that is the reason why we cannot trace Ida’s/Claudia’s mother. Further, Claudia’s adoption process was illegal. She was transported to Bombay illegally. The letter attached from the lawyer reveals a lot. That letter we found in the adoption file of my half sister."

Nirmala Social Welfare Centre now claims that they have been facing mental stress and harassment from 2004 onwards ever since the ghost of inter-country adoption racket came haunting them. They are also complaining of police harassment for no fault of theirs. Sr Blanch, a senior pharmacist at the centre points out, “We feel sad and hurt that for all the good work we have done on humanitarian grounds we face harassment. This centre has given life to many people and served the society. We had instances where newborns were abandoned at the doorsteps of our convent and we have taken care of them. There have been instances of unwed mothers leaving their children at the centre. Now, if they are leading a good life with their families and if these adopted people are bent upon tracing their parents there is a possibility that this might create discord in many families”.
Arun Dolhe, however, negates this argument and says that their mission is not to cause havoc in families. “There have been no problems in Eva’s and in my case after we traced our parents. I have also been successful in tracing the parents of three more people one of whom was adopted from Nirmala Social Welfare Centre and three from Mt Rosary Charitable Institution, Moodbidri. If the parents of these adopted people want to meet secretly we would facilitate it without any third party’s knowledge. But that cannot be cited as a valid reason for refusing to give relevant documents,” Arun contends.
When we spoke to Ullal police inspector Madan Goankar, he said, “We have received the complaint filed by Anjali Pawar on behalf of Claudia Sabitha Gerstner and we have started investigating the matter. We have visited the convent and checked some records. We have taken this complaint as a petition and not as an FIR. To treat it as an FIR we have to confirm some more facts pertaining to the case.” Gaonkar was not willing to discuss anything about the issue saying, “he is not the authorized person to do so”. He went on to add, “I am as much interested in knowing the truth as any of you are. We are doing our investigation and we are doing it as per the High Court order in Chaya’s case and now in Claudia’s case we have just begun the investigation. We are doing our duty and that cannot be termed as harassment.”

Long battle

What has incensed Claudia is the attitude of Nirmala Centre, which she says failed to respond to several letters she wrote to the centre since 2008. Finally she approached Holz working for Terre des homes that had facilitated the adoption of kids from Maharashtra and neighboring states to Germany, (copy of mail written by Holz to Sr Veera available with daijiworld) seeking their help to trace her biological mother. Holz in turn mailed Sr Veera on November 14, 2011, which incidentally happens to be Children’s Day in India. Terre des homes dealt through Carla Wiedeking (Karla) between 1976-78 as evident from the correspondence between Carla and B D Shenoi, the High Court advocate, Mumbai and they were in fact indulging in suspicious practices (copy of letter by Shenoi to Carla written in 1976 available with daijiworld).
This unsavory episode has opened a Pandora’s Box pertaining to the issue of illegal inter-country adoption and also raises many unpalatable questions. The fact that Claudia’s adopted parents had coughed up 2500 Deutsche Mark (about Rs 1 lac) for her adoption in 1976 goes to prove that big money was involved in the adoption of many of these children and hence the undue haste to bring children illegally from other places to Mumbai and give for adoption. The Bombay High Court which got suspicious of the motives of B D Shenoi, advocate, Mumbai High court in many adoption cases, came down heavily on it in (Giovanni Marco Muzzu case) in its order of July 22, 1982.
It has to be noted that Claudia was shifted to Mumbai without any authority and without any relinquishment documents. Even some confidential information documents made available to daijiworld in English and German, citing circumstances for giving children for adoption state relinquishment by parents as the reason. But Claudia has serious misgivings about this and says her mysterious transfer to Mumbai points the needle of suspicion towards all the three agencies against whom she has now filed the complaint. Claudia alleges that Sr Pratima (who is now transferred) who was in charge of the convent in 2008 has purposely hidden the relevant documents.
Ullal police have already begun the investigation and it is said that they have been successful in tracing some of the people who worked at Nirmala Social Welfare Centre in the 70s and 80s and have got some vital clues from them. This means that the police are sure to make some headway and ferret out details from them. Any further move by Claudia and Chaya depends on the report filed by the Ullal police based on their investigation. But it is going to be a long, long battle. One only hopes they would be successful in their mission.

Those who wish to share any information that may help Claudia trace her biological mother may contact: 9880810329.

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Comments on this article
Mat, india
Thursday, July 25, 2013

While Nirmala centre is doing great charity helping out the kids it is imperative they maintain records otherwise who is say if some kid was forcefully taken away from its poor mother or kidnapped .I can understand Claudia frustration in this regard

D. W., W.W
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All these people who are talking saying things like "She should be thankful for getting a new life,so how dare she goes on and files a case against the nirmala social fare", "SHAME ON YOU!" How do you know that she is NOT thankful...How can you judge a person like this? To know one's parents is the most fundamental part of a humans identity. Its not about being ungrateful. Extremely limited way of thinking of some people here.

Think before you write

Prakash, Bangalore
Monday, July 22, 2013

Dear Claudia,
Do remember that you were abandoned by your biological mother and you are surviving today only because the sisters of Nirmala Convent took care of you. Your should thank Nirmala Convent for your existence today. Imagine the plight of an abandoned infant if not protected and sheltered by the sisters of Nirmala Convent. I understand what you are going thru' and why are trying to trace your biological mother. But not at the cost of troubling people to whom you owe your life. There are so many kids/infants like you who have been taken care of by the sisters and given proper, normal life. Just because, they couldn't maintain records (which is 35 years old) doesn't make them bad. They are doing a phenomenal job by giving lives to infants and also brightening the lives of adoptive parents. Because of your selfishness, you are trying to stop all the good deeds that they have been doing. Also, try to understand the situation and condition of biological mother at that time of giving you away. It is not easy for any mother to give away her kid. But, she did it only to protect you. Now you are upto troubling her as well.
Forget everything..... Go lead a happy life. And be thankful to the sisters of Nirmal convent. Because of them, you are probably alive today.

Shobha Peres Bhatt, Mangalore
Friday, July 19, 2013

It is with dismay that I read this article.I know i am a little late in commenting, but I was happy to read so many comments in favour of Nirmala Centre.
We have adopted two children from Nirmala Centre in the 90s and I wish to state that the entire process was done with such sensitivity and love that we went from there with a beautiful feeling that kept bringing us there every year with our children, on all the important events of their lives. We are ever grateful to the Superior and sisters of Nirmala who helped us make our lives and family complete. Never once did the question of money arise during the adoption process and everything was well documented. My children have grown to be fine young individuals who are fully aware of their birth status, but have never made an issue of it. While I agree that we may never understand what Claudia and other adoptive children undergo, I think Claudia should also think of the biological parents who might have their own reasons for secrecy.
Claudia, I wish you would put yourself in the place of some of the women who were brave enough to save the life of their unborn child against all odds and say a prayer for them, thanking them for their courage, because their strength ensured a life saved and a family completed for many of us who longed for the gift of a child.
Daijiworld, I wish you would also take the trouble to do an article on the good work done by these sisters of charity, Nirmala Centre and how the closure of this adoption agency has affected so many families for whom they stood out as a beacon of hope.I salute them and I want them to know that my family and many other families who have been blessed by their mission will always be with them.

cynthia, Mysore
Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mr. KudkeyNayak, better you study the supreme court judgement on adoption. For your information the adoption fees is decided by the government not by Nirmal sisters or anybody else. Without knowing the fact don't comment. if they wanted to make money they would have enjoyed family life like you they would not have come to the convent and serve the neglected.

RS, Mangalore
Thursday, July 18, 2013

Claudia....a child's parents are not who give birth to the child but those who bring up the child with all the hardship and troubles.

Charan, Mangalore
Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hilda i agree with you.

clara, Bombay
Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Claudia, because of your selfishness hundreds of babies are on the road, gutter, and bushes. Because the doors of nirmala convents are closed. Be grateful for giving you life and saved your life and try to save others life than destroy the life of other. God will not reward you for your search. Keep in mind these words when your biological mother wanted to destroy you sisters have given you life. But you have longing to the the wanted to destroy you than to those who saved your life. Please think over this ..

oswald, mangalore
Saturday, July 20, 2013

Absolutely right clara she made other orphan/Abandoned child also die on the road atleast nirmala convent would have given life to those you stolen that from them do you think you will be forgiven by god you made them to stop their good work for your selfishness.keep search your biological parents but dont disturb others life.

William, Udupi
Sunday, July 14, 2013

Claudia trying to find her roots is fine. But trying to lodge complaint agains the Nirmala convent is something I couldn't digest. Here many people have give up their kids due to various reasons. May be widowed young who cannot take their kids with them or very many reason. One thing is for sure that no mother will give up her child unless they are absolutely sure that they cannot take care of them. Now in the worst case if Claudia finds out that she is a product of illegal alliance, what will be her situation. So I ask her to accept her fate. Her roots are Mangalorian should be enough. And her mother might have abondoned her in some extreem situation instead of flashing in the toilet or leaving her in the Jungle or in a dust bin. Thank God and praise God for the gift of life.

Anita, Mangalore/Canada
Thursday, July 18, 2013

This is so wrong, why would any sane person register a case against those very CHARITIES that saved them from maybe either BEGGING ON THE STREET somewhere in India, or other worse life. She is so lucky to have been adopted into such a loving family (of which photographs are proof) Instead of being grateful and counting blessings this woman is giving this pathetic reward to these poor charities. I feel sorry for the other infants in need today, looking for safe shelter and maybe unable to get in due to this thoughtless action by Claudia.

Sealing records of birth can very well have been on the request of the Birth Mother and could've also been a legal requirement. Why should charities suffer for doing something good?

These Charities are already running on very limited funds, how are they going to manage a legal battle?

Extremely Ungrateful person !!!

Risha, mangalore
Sunday, July 14, 2013

It is sad to know that today the sisters of Nirmala convent have to face such a painful situation for the good they do in providing the good and bright future for so many little ones. 'Sisters of Charity' being ture to thir name after the example of Christ have given life to so many, and many with gratitude turn back towards them. May the Lord help them to carry on thier mission so present Jesus to the world.Life is the best give God has given to appritiated and recognize the unseen hand of God even in the diverse circumstances of ones life.
May God bless the Hard work of Nirmala welfare center

helen fernandes, Hassan
Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Claudia, Nirmala Welfare Centre has given you new amother and you have a bright future.The adoptive parents have reached you to a right track. Please carry on your carrier and be happy and make others happy. Let go the past. Look forward to make your love fruitful in serice.

Wellwisher, USA
Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Claudia: ("Claudia who is a laborial dentist worked for ten years at Siemens AG, but due to the adoption trauma she had to quit her job and has not been able to lead a normal life). Since then you are looking to find your mother and the real circumstances that led to your abandonment. You say ("as an adopted person I often feel rootless, as if I don’t belong anywhere") You know your roots: ("her mother Cecilia Pinto, whose name she says is mentioned in the records of her baptism at Nirmala Convent Chapel in Mangalore"). After reading most of the comments here, my sincere suggestion to you is please give your contact phone number on this daijiworld portal. Your mother or some one who knows her may contact you and or your mother privately without any body else involved. You quit your job after ten years due to adoption trauma, just imagine how old your mother was when she had you but obviously concerned enough under whatever circumstances (only she would know)to give you away to the most trusted people on this planet "the sisters". ("I want to know if mine was an illegal adoption")does it really matter? Now you are 37, a dentist, free to travel anywhere with freedom to work or quit job. Are you up to punishing your mother or the nuns for not being able to lead a normal life? Of course you may get many calls but if it is meant to be the re-union, will happen, have faith (“Blood is thicker than water”).
Hope you will be reunited with both your biological mother and father and lead a happy normal life. Best of luck & best wishes.
Sincere wellwisher.

Cynthia, Bangalore
Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Claudia,

I can understand ur concern, but complaining against NIRMALA convent is not appreciated. They have given u a new life. Go and thank them. If they had not given, just imagine where u had been. Forget the past and be happy in ur life and only pray for the well being of ur biological family. Don't waste ur time and career. If ur financially sound u also adopt someone who is need and give them life. God bless.

oswald, mangalore
Friday, July 12, 2013

I think claudia is life miserable of pinto's living in mangalore because yesterday i went novena where in sermon one of the priest said she called him also to inquiry about her(Cecilia Pinto)biological mother all pinto's may be it will be a night mare from this lady,instead of calling all pinto i suggest her give her childhood photograph to all print media and elecronic media that her biological mother see and come to hug her.

oswald, mangalore
Friday, July 12, 2013

Hallo Mr.mangalorean christian( come out with real name) All irene pinto are not her biological mothers she looking for Cecilia Pinto you are confusing her as well as you also. please read carefully article before commenting.

Robin, Byndoor
Friday, July 12, 2013

This is not the first story.... We could tell that it is our KARMA... A shame to India.

It is told that "Adopted by German Couple...". A baby born in India and with all attributes of this land is PERMITTED to adopt by people of another country with different attributes. Adoption is OK within particular region. Who and how those were able to PERMIT should be enquired. Of course those couple might have done a good job of raising an "unknown" baby. Those couple should face the trouble of their "Daughter-OFF-Law" who not gave trouble to adopt and made a funny idea of carrying a "baby catch" all the way to Germany.

It is our shame that what is going on to our babies. If the baby is born by illegal marriage possibility of betraying the baby is still common. How to convince Claudia that this is India and not German where records can be well kept. Now those so called parents should face it. No way...

lenso, mangalore
Friday, July 12, 2013

Claudia,Its shameful to hear that you filed police complaints against the persons who took care of you ..NIRMALA CONVENT.and given a new life. Hence I say withdraw the case against sisters and allow them to live in peace. Then you too will live in peace

Zeena, Brahmawar
Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Claudia,you are a Precious gift of God a loving child of God.God loves u and takes care of u always .From the beginning to till now He has not left a single moment He is constantly beside u.
from the birth He loved u,if not your biological Mom would have killed u in her womb itself.She was unable to look after u but she gave u to the safer hands,sisters took care of you thought of your future and given u to the good parents.Today if u are in great position because of sisters and you have a Bright future.Live in the present and enjoy it fully.Past is gone u can never go back to it once again and whatever has happen in your life its for your good and God is beside u.You were suppose to live a poor life but God has given u in abundance,so don't regret for what has happened.Stop searching what u can never get. be happy u have good parents,a home to live in and a good position enjoy your present moment,u will never get it back once again.Pause and reflect for a while this will do great difference in your life.All the best.

Alice Monica, Mangalore
Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Claudia,Life is only once enjoy it to the full.I really appreciate the courage of your Biological mom to bring forth life to this world.Fortunatley or unfortunately she could not take care of BUT be grateful for the nuns who took care of u and placed u in a good German family.Pray for the soul of those nuns who spent sleepless nights.Now don't waste your precious time be settled in life and start a new life.All the best dear.God loves you.

oswald, mangalore
Friday, July 12, 2013

Hallo Mr.mangalorean christian( come out with real name will help claudia to find her biological mother) All irene pinto are not her biological mothers she looking for Cecilia Pinto you are confusing her as well as you also. please read carefully article before commenting.

U Sripati Acharya, Udupi
Friday, July 12, 2013

I am writing this mail as a parent who has adopted a child from Nirmala Social Welfare Organization. I would like to place on record that the process was very transparent, fair and systematic. All documentation were meticulously prepared and the legal process of adoption was systematically completed. No underhand dealings were indulged in. We were treated with utmost courtesy at the center by the sisters and staff at all times. I personally feel that the center has rendered great service to society by taking in abandoned babies and finding good adoptive homes for them. May God bless their efforts and give them the strength to persevere in the midst of trails and difficulties.

Rita, Germany
Friday, July 12, 2013

Here I would like to say that Claudia in search of her identity or her origin is not wrong. I just give her right.most of us wont understand why she is searching her mother or father cause we have them and dont miss their love or take it for granted. It has nothing to do with wealthy or adaptive parents love to do.Many of adapted children feel that they are not bound to their adapted parents like own .because that blood relationship is not there.dont we feel to our own parents attracted and to others only a freindship? we see here many times These children feel they are quite different than their adaptive parents .colour, Habits and and.many People Show and say too that they are different.and they feel many times very much and aggressive.even certain children dont care their parents .when they say or correct them they have guts to say why are you saying to me you are not my mother or father. Here it is forbidden to punish children as we do in India.some children accept and live happily with their we cant say why she is doing so now.she just wanted to know who is it wrong to know ones origin? or tell her children or Grandchildren about her.I say wait Claudia one day you may succeed in your efforts.wish you all the best.

Rupert, mangalore
Friday, July 12, 2013

Claudia and the likes of her should be grateful that they were saved from the gutter and got a better life. It is fine to go and look for ones biological parents, but shameful and ungrateful to file police complaints and make issue about their adoption. There are some incidents where the adopted kids found their biological parents only to know either they are sickly lepers or beggers. Hope Claudia will find her mother Cecilia Pinto in a better shape.

Theo D'Silva (Kamath), mangalore/canada
Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Claudia,
Please Help to find more Foster Parents in Germany to give better opportunity for abondened children in orphanages. The Good Lord has ed you to be a apostle.
Thank you, Theo

Ronald D, Udupi
Friday, July 12, 2013

Look at the happy photo of Claudia and her adopted parents! Now she is looking at biology that could have ended in gutter!! Life is one! Enjoy the gift from God! Cladia...find God and biological parents in your kind heart adopted parents! If you find your biological parents it is well and good ...if at all you find them and if they are BPL...who knows what is next???? I would say you should thank Nirmala sisters for giving you a better life!! When there is no other topic, weather is the only topic...looks like you too have no other topic in life!!

gladys, Bangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear Claudia, what you are today is because of the love,compassion and sacrifice of the Nirmala Convent sisters.It is foolishness to lodge a complaint against those who have given you life. You are also not aware under what circumstances your mother would have abandoned you.If she has given birth to you outside the wedlock because of social reasons she would not have been able to keep you with her.Now when she is leading a peaceful family life you go and disrupt that peace and break that family for your own selfish motives will be a major harm and pain that you will be causing to your biological mother. Hence I advice you to give up your search, withdraw the case against the sisters,you live in peace, allow the sisters to live in peace and also allow your mother to live in peace wherever she may be and whatever she may be.

lydia, belthangady
Thursday, July 11, 2013

dear Claudia..Don't you feel it is too late to search for your mother,since she has abandoned you.get settled in life and have a child of your own. read the news of today..just a newborn thrown at river and 6 yr child in the well thrown by her own mother. hope this will open your eyes and be grateful to the nuns and withdraw your complaints, as NUNS have given you second life..

laveena, mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

dear Claudia,you were abandoned by your own parents and nirmala sisters took care of you. read a article of today. A newborn was found dead in a river...Thank GOD ,even though your parents abandoned you, nuns took care of you and not allowed you to be eaten by the ants or dogs or thrown you to .....go and fall at the feet of nuns who took care of you..GET SETTLED IN LIFE,BEFORE IT is TOO LATE as YOU ARE IN YOUR MIDDLE AGE.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ms Claudia, has been too selfish in filing a case against Nirmala Convent, who have been virtually the Gods Angels on Earth. Claudia could have peeped into the lives of several other adoptive children & probably then would have figured out how broken & shattered lives are lifted up & made to live with dignity. I teach Biology & through my experience, I have learnt that more than the biological relations, what keeps us is our humane values. Please don't putdown someone who has been rendering selfless service to the society around for decades,just because your personal life is in troubled waters. Remember, that children who have been abandoned by the parents are given a dignified life by this institution. Ours is a country where there are hundreds of children, whose lives have gone to the dogs. Claudia has to be contented that she has been gives a life worthy of living, thanks to the institution. Claudia please don't deprive the Manglorian community, who have been blessed by the services of this institution , Nirmala Convent. May God give you peace, Time is ripe Please please get into someone else's shoes & take decisions selflessly .& withdraw the case....

Simon Fernandes, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

A priest in his sermon once explained what is the meaning of “ Jesus Died for our Sins”.

It seems that one of his friend a priest narrated a true incident in his life. One day when the priest woke up early morning, he found a crying baby left in front of his room. Not knowing what to do he called the cops and the situation was taken care of, but he had to answer so many questions put forth by the officials and was made to make several rounds to the police station and to the orphanage until it was d by the authorities that it was a abandoned baby. He then said that ‘he had to pay the price for others sins’.

'Every home does not need a child but every child needs a home’. Nirmala Convent is paying the price for someone’s sins. Digging too much will be like opening a can worms.

Annonymous, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Because there was no DNA TESTING during those days !!!

Ann, Manglore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Because there was no DNA TESTING during those days !!!

Giz, Mangalore/Belgium
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Amazing comment!

Ceraj, Bejai, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pinto, Mlore

Well Said Pinto..

Dsouza. D, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

oh, how is that possible for Claudia, to raise her hands against her own family that picked her from the dust bin and gave her dignity of a person and gave a second life in this world. Did she think who she is today is just becasue of these sisters who loved her, cared her, and sacrificed their life for her sake? Claudia Nirmala convent is your mother house, donot blame it for the fault that it has not done. count the blessings that you have received from it.May the Lord help you to give life to others not to take away.

Vijay, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why does this Claudia want to dig a silent grave and count the bones?

Even if Claudia found her mom now - which may take months or years to establish who is her real mom because some fake ones may come up in between claiming the relationship - what is she gonna do, hug her and leave her alone and go? I am sure she is going to do exactly the same, go to Germany and write a book and make a quick buck. And then, isn’t she interested in knowing her bio father also ? If she found him too, then how is she gonna handle it, in case (most probably) they are not living together?

Her bio mother might have abandoned her only out of helplessness – she might have been too sick after giving birth or she might have even been killed (before or after birth, say in an accident-who knows). Like in Hindi films, some drunkard might have found her in a heavy rainy night near a gutter and might have picked her up and left her outside the gates of the convent and the story develops. The more Claudia wants to find about her origin the more agony and pain she will unearth.

And then comes the crucial role of the Nirmala. In the first place the whole protecting, nursing and adoption drama encompasses compassion and love even if there was money involved. Let’s presume there was money. Then trust me it is only this money which has enabled this lady to be alive in this hostile world today and blame the very people for their incompetence, greed or non-cooperation and file a complaint and what not. If not, under those circumstances, it was absolutely impossible for a girl child in India to be alive and happy as what is she today. Remember, you fight for your birth rights only if you are alive !

If it was me, I would not go after my mysterious origins. I would rather let them live and die happily which may not be the case in Claudia’s yet-to-unfold saga.

Sushma, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear Claudia, please stop being selfish and self centred. Even though u were abandoned by your parents you have had a chance to live a better life be coz of the love of the sisters and your adopted parents. Be great full for what your adopted parents have done for you otherwise you wud have been like one of the child on the roads of India. Becoz of your attitude you are stoping the millions of abondoned children who are on the roads from getting a chance to live a chance to have love from parents, a family. Adoption gives a child a right to live and get love which is very important for every human being. Please stop being selfish. Sorry if I have hurt you emotions but please be considerate. Give the homeless a second chance.

Wilson DSouza, Moodbidri
Thursday, July 11, 2013

My humble suggestion is to believe in God and go forward and achieve something in life so that your parents who brought you up may be proud of.

Angeline, Mumbai/Kuwait
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear Claudia,
Let go..... Live your life with love and pray for the parents who gave you life, Also pray for your biological Mother, inspite of difficult situation at yr birth, did not abort, and commit sin. Live your life peacefully & Loving with the blessings JESUS has given you. Do not dig the grave. Let go.

JOHN R LOBO, Kaikamba/Dubai
Thursday, July 11, 2013

This German lady should understand the situation. Its not US or Europe or Philippine that ladies giving birth first then marring the same boy later.
Getting child out of wedlock also is taboo....shame in India. In some cases Ladies either aborting or committing suicide.In North India somce communities killing their daughter to protect their honour.

Claudia you got second life..that is given by Nirmala sisters.. Remeber even if you identified your biological mother, she will deny to protect her honour and shame from Childrens/relaltives and daughter-in-laws and son-in laws.

Please dont open Pandora Box

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mangalore: Male newborn found dead in river at Talapady

Mangalore, Jul 11: In a heart-rending incident, a newborn was found dead in a river at Talapady near here on Thursday July 11.
Open your eyes CLAUDIA THAT TOO A BOY ! Go withdraw your complaints and give thanks for the nuns.

Prameela, K.R.Pete
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sorry for the means that are used by Claudia to search her leagal mother. Nirmala Social Work Centre has given her life, when she was nobody's in this world. She should have been grateful to the sisters, than causing disturbances to them. They had given her a future. Today she should have been happy and build her life with a bright future than bringing confusion, seraching of the past.

prakash. A. Pinto, Bajpe, Korkambla
Thursday, July 11, 2013

I wonder how many claudias there in this world

Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mother's love is unique and she is superior always,Now Claudia and her intention to search for her mother,I feel it is her right and it is a unique situation after all,no denying facts.Hope and pray she will be reunited with her unknown mother soon to a happy rejoice.

Antoinette Fernandes, Bendur, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

When girls get pregnant outside marriage they do not want the baby and are ready to abort. Claudia thank God there were people like Nirmala Convent to take you in then be left in the dust bin to die. So many abortions are taking place every day at Lady Goshcen. Even private doctors in villages charge Rs 3000 for abortion and that is the cost of a human life. When people are in problems they want others to help them out then they turn back to bite the hand that fed them.

Priya, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

truly said
Antoinette Fernandes. Nirmala convent known for its service in many years. It is helping the couple to adopt the child who are no longer can have their own child. I know that Nirmal convent does according to government rules and acts. So far all the children who were adopted are with good wealthy and well educated couples. Claudia must remember that, if her biological mother had aborted her then she would not have life today at all. or if the biological mother had abandoned her in a remote place, by now she would have been turned out to be a begger or something else without any education or job. she should thank god and the nirmala convent for providing her good parents and she should also think that if her biological mother had given up her it must be with some reason and she must understand that.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh its sad to know that adoption process has been stopped.
These people and cases have deprived other parents who are in need of Kids and deprived kids who are deserted from biological parents from getting a secured and loving nest for life.

Request to Commence the Adoption process again that may light lives of many.....

oswald, mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

For your kind information Mr.Pinto Parent mother details are not giving any adoption document 2)If baby found in garbage or dustbin it is imposible to search the parents of the child and it is like trying to reach the sky.

Ramesh, mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mr Kudkhe , how much have u donated to the nuns n priests? if u have then open ur mouth or else shut it please. The christians are donating to the nuns n priests majoritily, n for ur kind info the nuns n priests have to eat n stay it takes money n even if they work they only get paid half of what others are getting n rememmber they stay at convents all their life their education food shelter clothing travelling n of course sickness has to be provided by the convent n if they get half the pay what re they supposed to do beg? n of course at 60 they retire so .. who will feed them U? or are u a catholic writting ? as long as the religious live alife of religious towards the christians i dont think it anybodys elses problem

Sarita D'Souza, Valencia / Kuwait
Thursday, July 11, 2013

I agree with you Mr. Ramesh. A great example are the nuns at the Home for the aged in Bajjodi, Mangalore. There are a hundred poor inmates in that home who cannot afford to pay to stay in that home. So the Nuns go begging from house to house and beg in the vegetable markets and gather vegetable from the vendors to feed them. And it is left for us to have a considerate heart and help the Nuns and the Priests to run such Charitable Institutions.

Sr. Adele, Bangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

I support the opinion given by Oswald. Claudia needs to raise her heart in gratitude to God and her benefactors who saved her life and gave her a promising future rather than search for her biological parents now at this age. The sisters who saved her life and cared for her spending sleepless nights to see that she grows up healthy and happy, should be appreciated. The sisters work selflessly for the kids thrown away by their own biological mothers only because every child is a precious gift of God to be loved and cared for. Let claudia be grateful to them all.

oswald, mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

I totally agree with you

Thomas Pascal Andrade, Valencia / Toronto
Thursday, July 11, 2013

The case could be of an unwed mother who had given away her newly born baby to the Nirmal Welfare Centre. If this is the case, then the Nirmala Centre should take an undertaking from Claudia to protect the identity of her biological mother and then secretly arrange for their meeting. In the Western Countries it is quite common to have a child out of wedlock but Claudia should know that it is not the case in India. If ever she is able to trace her mother, she should make sure that she would not disturb the peace in her biological mother's family. Because of parting away from her child, the mother must have silently suffered all these years without being able to express her pain and sorrow to anyone. She has now a God-sent opportunity to meet her long lost daughter and the Nirmal Centre should see to that both mother and daughter are reunited.
I wish Claudia good luck in reuniting with her mother and both mother and daughter find solace in each other's company that was deprived them for such a long period because of the separation.

Glen Pinto, Udupi/Mumbai
Thursday, July 11, 2013

At least Claudia know that she belongs to different parents than whom she living with.
There are millions of cases where the single mother or married women secretly had baby and her child don't even know who is their father is.., this is a open truth.
Claudia is much better off. when compared to these cases..

jawahar, mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Claudia ,
I feel for you. Life is what it is and you cannot go back.World has everything that you need.Join some great meditation like Vipassana and you will find a way to find your parents.Life is too good, to waste your youth.Find yourself first and certainly you will find your parents.Good luck.

Melwin, Mangalore/Milar/Kwt
Thursday, July 11, 2013

your right jassi bai

koraga, mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

In her childhood photo Claudia looks very miserable. Readers look that left side photo.Instead of shitting on the food she ate let her learn to appreciate Nirmala convent for their good work.

Wolly James, Mangalore/Germany
Thursday, July 11, 2013

If all the children who are living on the streets of major cities in India were adopted by foreign parents then could you imagine how many of these children would have a chance to be doctors and ingineers. I supose only 1% of these adopted children later try and find their biological parents. In Germany we have many un-married men/women under depression. How do we know under what pretext Claudia is now looking at the age of 37 years for her Indian parents. I would have understood at the age of 17-24.

Leslie fernandes, Brahmagiri, Udupi
Thursday, July 11, 2013


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ms Claudia, we hope you will soon meet your biological mother, may your dreams come true. All the best and God bless.

Thomas Scaria, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Claudia, you have all the right to search for your roots, your biological parents...but don't blame Nirmala convent who have given you a good lease of life with good parents in Germany. Nirmala Convent is actually doing a great service, by allowing children to take their birth in the world and caring them till they reach good parents. I have seen how they care for babies borne there and how they protect unwed mothers.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why Claudia after 37 years want to know her biological mother, did she ever thought what her adopted parents going through, they have given her life, bought her up in life as their own child and now after many years she don't have any value for them. Whoever is commenting here are not parents who adopted child. If you adopt a child when he / she very small and pour your life towards that child. That child becomes the soul of your life and one fine day when the child says I want to find out my biological mother how the adopted parents will feel.

After knowing your biological mother what you are going to do, what you will gain in your life? you want to know the circumstances why the mother left you after knowing the circumstances are you going to gain something special in your life no. instead give thanks to God for giving you wonderful life with your adopted parents. Give thanks for what you have in life. Go for inner healing and whoever is your biological mother forgive her for abandoning you.

God knows the situation why she left you. Whoever your biological mother living or dead ask pardon from God on her behalf for what she as done. Also ask forgiveness from your adopted parents for hurting their emotions. And lead a happy life wherever you are May God bless you Claudia.

A.PINTO, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013


Mangalorean chirstian, Magalore/Maldives
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going through this article a incident took place in Mangalore in mid of '70. which badly stikes in my mind. In this matter concerned team should meet DOLPHY PINTO named person who was working as steward in Golden chariot restaurant Andheri, Mumbai. Ask whereabout his sister Irene Pinto similiar incident took place with her. In polite way approach her. Hope the jigsaw is complete with the given clue. Hope Claudia almost reached her destination in finding her biological mother.Best of luck!

jesse, mangalore kuwait
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear claudias biological mother, If u r still living in Mangalore or India dont come into the picture. after finding u she will not keep quiet. again her issue will be where is my biological daddy? then what u will do? better hide urself.

Leslie fernandes, Brahmagiri, Udupi
Wednesday, July 10, 2013


R.Bhandarkar, M'lore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jesse-M'lore Kuwait.....
Haavn Ye Poorai Vaazun Full Confuse!
Thumche comment cum advise Vaazle..
'Stop searching Biological Mother
'Find yourself Loving Partner...
Is what you are saying right? Well, you did not say exactly that-
you said 'Find a boy' right?
The problem of Chaya my dear has started because of a now unknown ' boy' in 1974! Life is not that easy-my dear!For many it's a fight all the way and for various reasons!A 'boy' an end to all her problems? Far fetched I think!

Leslie fernandes, Brahmagiri, Udupi
Wednesday, July 10, 2013


jessy, mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nirmala convent has given life to so many children who otherwise would not have seen the world. When claudia was not wanted by her parents, sisters took care of her and gave her a future not for any benefit but for love of her and Jesus. If they had not helped that mother, where would claudia be. claudia Search for your mother, but don't cut the throat of the one who gave you life. Be grateful to the sisters for you are living today. When you could not fight for your life, sisters fought for your life and they loved you. Hence forth because of people like you and chaya, many babies who are unwanted due to any reason will be found in the garbage bin and will be eaten by the dogs.

Lavin Noronha, Paladka
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

@Bollu, Mangalore,i agree with u only mother and fathers love is true in this world. Rest all depends on how deep is your pocket.

jesse, mangalore kuwait
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

dear claudia be happy, thank and praise god for what u r today. god had a plan in ur life. if u would have been in mangalore i think u would not have become a doctor. u r lucky to have kind and loving german u r wasting ur precious time in searching ur mother. who knows? what kind of situation ur mother was facing? who knows whether she is still living? instead u try to find a boy get married and live a healthy married life. dont waste ur time and dont blame on nirmala ashram for they r saving the life of children and putting the children in right persons hand, like ur german parents.

oswald, mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

I agree with you instead wasting time live your rest of the life happily

Josephine D Souza , Mulky, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I think the readers of daijiworld carried away easily and they have a very narrow view of the article above. The agony or the trauma which Claudia is talking can be felt only by her as the article clearly indicates. Claudia want to feel she belongs somewhere because at the moment she is in a no-man land. That is the crux of the entire article. i dont think she meant bad about Nirmala convent. if nirmala social welfare centre had replied to her many mails there would not be reason for her to file complaint. Let the readers come out of their bigoted views and help her if possible instead of trying to point fingers saying she is right or wrong. First let us put us in her place and then we will know what it feels not to belong anywhere. Dont be judgmental about the motives of these people who want to know where they belong. I think Lydia Lobo clearly understands and is sensible in assessing the above case.

helen, c.r.patna
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I really understand this problem of chaya.
but 37 years back the rules and regulation and procedures were not as it is today.
I do appreciate the good works done by the sisters of ullal and giving new life to these abandoned babies.
Even today unwed mothers do not come forward to reveal their identity. We should respect her and allow her to lead normal life.
I appreciate the good works the sisters have carried on from years together. But it is sad to hear that they have done charitable works for money.Before condemning them it is better to go and have a dialogue with them. Let us make things simple instead of complex.

K. S. Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I somehow sympathize with the social welfare centers. These well to do people who now can afford a travel, stay in India are after biological parents. Who gave them that life. Lets not get philosophical...after all, it is finally bread and butter. These mature kids now are obviously looking for their biological parents, not because their stomach is full...mentally, they are full as well. They have enough gather enough "useful" knowledge to develop and explore that eternal bond. What they must realize is that their parents also had some "majburi"...why else will a parent leave behind their kids. For Claudia, my only suggestion is, please find your biological parents, but do not blame anyone for your fate as that was neither in your control nor your parents and least of all not the social care centers.

Nin, Mangalore/Canada
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Claudia, with a quest for her roots is creating problems for the place that took her in, sheltered her and assisted her to have a good life with people who loved and cared for her all these years. It looks like she is on an ego trip, not bothering how many people will be hurt or ruined .. just for an answer to her “why?”. Mangloreans might be modernized, but it has not reached that stage, where a woman will voluntarily acknowledge and welcome the child she had given up in such circumstances.

Leena, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kudhke only will get these cunning thoughts.

Brazil Gomes, Mumbai/Bristol U.K
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I feel that every person Male/Female has the right to know who his or her parents are and were they were born. It is different if the Parents dont want to meet them as he/she may have been born out of wedlock (Of parents not legally married to each other). In the case of Claudia Gerstner it maybe a similar, Claudia Gerstner should be happy that she has a Home in Germany with foster parents who cared for her. Who knows were her biological Parents are right now. Her Biological Mother maybe reading this article and shedding a tear and happy that her daughter is well settled and would not spoil the peace and harmony of their own personal married life. What Claudia did was not right I agree with what everyone has to say, but with her current situation were she is desperate to trace her family roots she was not left with any options after Nirmala Centre refused to give her any info inspite of having them on record.
Claudia Gerstner's Biological Mum if you are reading this article please come forward and embrace your Daughter who is longing for you.
God Bless you Claudia Gestner as you have the courage to come out in the open and look for your Biological parents. There are many children in the world who are born out of wedlock abandoned in the streets or killed once they are born specially the GIRL CHILD.

Deuteronomy 23:2
“No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord.

Pinto, Mlore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

“Quote "No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord.unquote Det
Brazil Gomes just because you know a vs or two in the bible please don't, quote off context. Where does this fit in ? If a person born of a forbidden union is banned from The Lords presence then " I salute these nuns who shelter and feed them !"
Remember also the genolgy of Jesus in NT goes up to Judah's !

kudhkeynayak, managalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When the babies are left on the doors of Nuns Homes....First thing is to give a complaint to the police...then if the biological mother is not traced or not come then they can proceed to the next step of bringing up the child in that Nirmala Centre.Nuns are too good people as well as their intention of adoption is also money making as they demand money with parents who wanted to adopt them.When they are getting charity money from different segment of people why they should take money from the parents who will next look after the babies n give them far better life than the nuns.If the nuns are so concerned then let them properly go throught the procedures why they should with held the names of the mothers????who has not done right thing by having relationship with others...let them too complaint with the police n then punish the culprit father.

Anthony Lobo, Mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

You don't understand this, you need a big heart not a big brain to understand.

Asha, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The biological mother could easily have aborted this girl as she would have been an unwed mother or victim of rape. But she valued life and has given birth to the child and then made sure she left her with the nuns for adoption by good people. Instead of appreciating this fact and thanking God for the gift of her life, this Claudia (and Chaya) are going to disturb a lot of people including their mother who could be settled and leading normal life and also causing unnecessary harrasment to the nuns who had given a new lease of life to their biological mothers. This is India, and the biological mothers will never come forward and own up.

Annon, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Good one Asha .
It's a fact.
Just because Arthur Haily went in search of his ROOTS

oswald, mangalore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

I completely agree with you asha incase claudia find her mother and she refuses to accept her what she will do she will go again to police station for this to file a complaint against her mother.this will spoil rest of her life she will be never happy ( i hope not)

jacintha, mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Claudia is coming from her German background - the law, the rights of the people. If you are able to get the details of your biological mother - it indeed will be nice.

India is far different. Family prestige, woman's honor all these were important then, are important now.

Tracing the woman who couldn't keep you for whatever reasons, is far more important to you, than host of issues involved here?

Nirmala is not right in maintaining the right records, but they took care of those children who were abandoned, and reached them to HOMES of better circumstances.

Money changing hands is not good, but I do think, Nirmala needed funds to run the place, they couldn't go out to work, with infants under their care.

Let us visit this case, from all aspects. Not how right we are, but what is right for circumstances THEN?

clifford, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I fully agree with Ashok, Searching for her mother is good thing, but complaint against Nirmala convent is not acceptable. They are doing lot of charity all of us know for many years and many kids benefited thro. this institute.

Hilda, Bejai
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It is only natural for a child to want to know their origins/roots and Claudia is no different. It is a deeply emotional matter. People criticizing should try to put themselves in her shoes.It takes a lot of courage to do this knowing you were an abandoned or orphaned.Try to understand the agony of Claudia to know her parents.
The fault lies with nirmala adoptions for not keeping birth records, however confidential they might be. These adopted people have every right to know the reasons for their adoption, and to find out thier biological mother, even if the mother is married or whatever.
It has to be noted that Claudia was shifted to Mumbai without any authority and without any relinquishment documents?????????????????
Claudia, You deserve to know the circumstances under which you were given away for adoption. Good luck in your endeavors.I wish you success and a happy ending.

Pinto, Mlore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013


oswald, mangalore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unfortunate because of these type of people(claudia) the nirmala adoption center now 3 years back they stopped adoption. one of my friend went for adoption they said they stopped, then i came to know someone filed case against them now i realize.feel sad for nirmala convent after doing all good work they got bad name.

PINTO, Mlore
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10. Procedure in case of Orphan and Abandoned Children.-

It shall be the duty of every person, whether an individual or a nursing home or hospital or any other institution who or which finds an abandoned child or an orphan child without family support, to report the fact immediately either to the officer in charge of the nearest police station or the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) or Childline (Tel 1098) or the Specialised Adoption Agency in that area, as is practicable.
RELIGION PLAYS A VERY SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN ABANDOND/ADOPTED as religion they belong to is unknown, Most children as most are baptized before being handed over if found in convents .

jrome manglur, Manglur DK
Thursday, July 11, 2013

was the procedure in existence way back in 1975-76?

Pinto, Mlore
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Indian citizens who are Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, or Buddhists are allowed to formally adopt a child. The adoption is under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act of 1956. Under this act, a single parent or married couple are not permitted to adopt more than one child of the same sex. Foreign citizens, NRIs, and those Indian nationals who are Muslims, Parsis, Christians or Jews are subject to the Guardian and Wards Act of 1890. Under this act, the adoptive parent is only the guardian of the child until she reaches 18 years of age. This has changed since.

Jesal , MangALORE
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The goal of Claudia's search is good. But the means adapted to reach the end are violating the human rights of the NGOs. a person like me, made to think, what a mistake that Nirmala Sisters made in giving life to Claudia. I am sure Claudia knows the rules and regulations of adoption. Hence I would advise Claudia, stop harassing the Sisters. if possible please undertake the DNA test of the entire population of India and find your biological mother. Sisters are not public information officers, to give you information which they do not have.
Choose the right way then you will succeed. Otherwise it is useless to find your roots and abuse the human rights of every one including police, Ngos, court, etc. I know how many sleep less nights you have caused to the sisters for choosing to give life and better future to the abandoned children left on the roadside etc. i know how Nirmala has been a home for the unwed mothers in the past and restored their dignity. Hence do not harass them rather work hand in hand in collaboration to find your roots. Surely they will help you with their great network. Good luck Claudia.

elveera, Kirem
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I completely agree with you

Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It is obvious your mother did not want you so why are you now......

Wilma, Udupi
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fully Agreed Lydia.

Remy, Doha
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In India, abandoned children normally end up with begging mafia or pedophiles. Few lucky ones end up in the care of good families in the west. One classic case is that of Saroo brierly, Indian boy who was lost at the age of 5 in a train in Khandwa and grew up in the care of a Australian family. He eventually found his biological mother after 25 years using google earth. His adopted parents helped him find his parents.So it is not always fair to accuse NGO's who rehabilitate lost children. Wasn't it for them, these children wouldn't be possibly alive.

Ashok Shetty, Shirva
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In my opinion we can not entertain this lady or help because she file a complaint against nirmala convent. If that time nirmala convent did not take care about her what will be her situation,they given her good life and everything.She has the right to find out her mother but not this way.

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News Title German Claudia Gerstner in search of her biological mother in Mangalore
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