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Sunday, May 26, 2013 4:12:54 PM (IST)  

An open letter to ministers, MLAs of DK - What we expect for Mangalore

An open letter to ministers, MLAs of DK - What we expect for Mangalore

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

May 26, 2013

To Ministers and MLAs of Dakshina Kannada,
Now that the Karnataka electorate has given a clear mandate for the Congress in the recently concluded assembly elections it is time for the Congress to come out of the victory and celebration mood and get into business by paying attention to the actual governance. Instead of causing public nuisance and inconvenience through street processions and celebrations, it is time to get down to business and repay the debt to the electorate who has brought them back to power.

It is well known that during the five years of BJP rule development took a backseat despite the BJP claiming on the contrary. Whatever progress the state might have witnessed was just the continuation of the developmental initiatives taken earlier. Under BJP rule the state witnessed the worst kind of conduct and character of its leaders and the lust for power, the kind of which is unheard and unseen in Karnataka or any of the states at least in the south. Corruption became an order of the day and instability constantly haunted the BJP government. People were fed up and dejected with the BJP’s misrule and voted for a change when the opportunity came on their way.

The Congress therefore cannot afford to bask in the glory of its win because it was a vote against the corrupt BJP government and not the endorsement of the Congress party which is caught in a whirlpool of scandals of a larger magnitude at the centre, which independent India has not heard or witnessed. The people of Karnataka wanted to teach a bitter lesson to the BJP and come out of the nightmarish rule of the BJP. It is therefore natural for the people of the state to expect the Congress to conduct itself in an exemplary way unlike its predecessor.

In coastal Karnataka, considered to be the backyard of BJP and Sangh Parivar, the BJP received a complete drubbing from which the party may not be able to recover in the near future. As if to celebrate the victory, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has given ministerial portfolios to four MLA’s from Dakshina Kannada alone, which is another first to the district. With parliamentary elections round the corner this move might rake in rich dividend to the Congress if you, the ministers and other elected representatives, work for the welfare of the people by initiating developmental works and other initiatives.

Some of the burning issues that call for immediate attention and need to be acted upon on a war footing in Mangalore are improving law and order, construction of a modern high-tech service bus stand, improving old bus stand, improving KSRTC footpath, proper parking facilities in important places within the city, cleaning up existing parking lots, cleanliness by ensuring that dumped wastecleaned regularly and systematically or its recycling, developing proper pathways on concrete roads, steps to construct flyover on Nanthoor junction which is in total mess, cleaning the road leading to NMPT, improved facilities at NMPT for tourists, speeding up the work on hanging bridge at Sultan Battery, developing beach tourism, provide proper facilities at tourist places, a new swimming pool to keep pace with the growing population and better health facilities for the poor and the needy. The central market in the city needs a makeover at the earliest, and construction of the much awaited fisheries dock and speeding up the work related to district theatre “Rangamandira” should also be taken on a war footing.

Improving the drainage system would go a long way in ensuring that the ADB-funded underground drainage project in the city is fully utilized. There have been no takers for the underground drainage infrastructure (UGD) of the corporation and it is time the MCC comes up with a systematic policy to ensure the households get connected to UGD. It is left to the government to convince the one lakh odd households having leach pit connections to switch over to UGD. The current integrated master plan of the city which is not scientific needs a relook keeping in view of the pace of the overall development.

It is time the elected representatives pay attention to impress upon the NHAI authorities to take up the work of the aborted flyover in Nanthoor junction which often leads to traffic snarls. It is one of the worst traffic circles in the city as of now and the coming rainy season is going to be a crucial time for commuters on this junction. Work on Maroli flyover also should be speeded up as it has been going on for almost seven years now. As our youth are forced to go out of Mangalore in search of better career opportunities soon after their studies it is necessary to create suitable job opportunities to them in and around Mangalore. Speeding up the II phase of SEZ project would certainly result in creating more employment opportunities. This would also enable Mangalore to emerge as the number two city in Karnataka after Bangalore.

There is also an urgent need to build logistic base for land, sea and air cargo system in the city. The setting up of the Cargo complex which became operational recently with the first consignment to Dubai should be expanded to give more a fillip to imports and exports.

If our ministers and elected representatives work with the sincerity it calls for, getting these developmental works is not a difficult task at all. All you need to do is to take the initiative and follow it up. Five years is quite a long time to get these things done. Let us hope it is not too much to ask for by the electorate which has elected you leaders with such a thumping majority.

At the same time the leaders should give a food for thought as to what catapulted the Congress in Karnataka for such a thumping victory and the complete annihilation of the BJP. Agreed, corruption and lack of development was the hallmark of BJP’s five years of misrule. Since corruption and lack of governance was the dominant issue one is tempted to ask whether the Congress which is caught in a whirlpool of scandals of a larger magnitude at the centre, is better than the BJP? Or is its rule any blemish less than other non-Congress ruled states? The answer is a definite no. But character and good conduct is also something which the people expect from our representatives and one expects the Congress leaders to bear this in mind.

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Comments on this article
devika, mangalore
Friday, May 31, 2013

thanks to the vertuval word its the viewers eyes and the media which plays the vibrant role here. we read hear and speak thats our spirit with the media and the comments each one is great to himself live one true life .....

Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This is really a good development wherein the people of Mangalore have ventilated their feelings and also impressed the elected members what they expect from them.It is quite natural to expect something good in return when they have supported with their valuable votes.Hope,the elected represetatives live upto the expectation of people and do the needful for complying their needs and aspiration.Thanq.

Gilroy, Mangalore
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

D.K. minister, please stop supporting goondas, even getting them out of jail as soon as police arrest them (confessed by officer to me). Stop the proposed coal powered thermal plant going forward at Niddodi immediately. The coal emssions from the coal also make the place hot like a furnace (ask poeple from Ramagundam, Andra).Provide the people basic necessities like clean air, clean water and healthy environment.

K. S. Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quality Education is missing in the list: India currently has 5 top IITs all of which are 1000 Kms away. DK today boasts of umpteen engineering colleges largely founded for profits. However, those graduating from these institutions hardly make the cut in companies who focus on graduates from top institutions. The older institutions in DK like Manipal, NITK & Nitte come under tier III class of institutions according to these companies. Thus all important positions are occupied by either north indians or bengalis. This means that a significant improvement in quality of education is the next logical step. Please note, India's services sector, (IT as well as non-IT) is getting competitive. Skill set developments coupled with quality education will only ensure career growth for graduates from institutions in DK. We can have good roads, but over an above, our younger generation need quality eduction and consequent money for buying petrol to drive on these nice roads that which is the context of this open letter I presume.

Anthony Lobo, Mangalore
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Those who commented that the politicians are not reading these comments - just write a letter, address it to the respective MLA of your constituency, go to the post office put a stamp and mail it. Make a copy send it to the daily newspaper as a open letter. See the result, you will get the result. A good MLA/MP will reply by a letter and bad MLA/MP send goondas to your home. My question is so far anyone sent a letter to their MLA?

Joe D'Souza, Mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

I have personally spoken the following matter with Mr.J.R.Lobo regarding the Builders and Contractors using public land for storing Jelly,Sand,and Iron Rods on foot paths. These Iron roads are invisible sometimes as they buried under the sand. These things become nuisance and death trap for walking public plus Bike riders.Also these materials become traffic problem as sand and Jelly spreads on roads thus becoming slippery for walking and riding. I request all elected MLA and MLC candidates to observe this and stop this problem immediately. Recently near Mannagudda Kudmul Road a older couple was hit by a bending rod while the rod bender was swinging the rod. Do We public has to suffer due to the greed and corruption of the builder and Govt. Officials. Since I am a senior Citizen I request the younger generation to get tough on these builders and trough lawfully stop this menace. If needed You can follow the foot steps of Mahatma Gandhi or Mr. Anna Hazare. Thank you friends. God will reward you youngsters for good act.

Ramesh, mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

please close the drains that are open leaving enough space for water to seep in n cleaning.especially near areas where there is verry less footpath eg near Agnes college.
The city bus speed should be brought down n the conductors should be given a lesson in polite speaking n care for elderly.
The City schools should have buses to ferry children n only those who cannot send their children by bus should be allowed to get them by car or auto.
Kindly regulate the no of fltas coming up in summer atleast the water is used by them max.
Water harvesting should be made compulsory for all to whom it is possible.
The auto fellows should be made more people friendly
parking of cras anywhere n everywhre should be stopped of course possible parking spaces should be increased,.
Any shopping building even with one floor should have basement parking n not near the road its a fashion to build 4 floors n give parking in front of the building causing disadvantage to several..
HOpe some of these are atleast done or else same fate for congress like bajpa

Ronny Crasta, Mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

As per the Congress manifesto people owning land of 10 cents and below need not apply for single site clearance ( SSC ) from MUDA. SSC has created huge corruption within MUDA. This SSC should be scrapped immediately. Mr. J.R.Lobo should look into this matter immediately and get it revoked. MUDA is arbitrarily making money for nothing.

Ronald D, Udupi
Monday, May 27, 2013

Why spare Nalinji? Write a letter to him too reminding his responsibility! Hope he can read and speak in loksabha!!

Shrinath Bajal, Mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

1. Congress is corrupt but BJP has outbeaten the record.

2. Now people have given a golden opportunity to congress to plan well and act promptly.

3. To begin with, people of Mangalore to be called in a meeting to express or suggest the requirements/priorities.

4. Completion of half done projects should be a priority.

5. New priority projects should have a vision for 25 years atleast. Those projects cannot be completed overnight but our next generation should get the benefit out of it. e.g. a proper central bustand, a proper central fish market, a proper underground drainage, Over bridges at Nanthoor and pumpwell, Park or Facility for Senior Citizens to walk and relax.

6. Inspite of spending lot of tax payers money, our legislators should investigate why Mangaloreans are not getting enough fish at a reasonable price ?
Ironically, poor people can't even dream of eating fish like Surmay, Pomprets, Kanney ?
May be some political party include in their next manifesto that "One fish for Rupee one" only for BPL card holders !!!

7. Most of Mangalore well water is contaminated. For ages, Mangaloreans drank well water that too without boiling or filtering ! There should be wise thinking to stop seepage from UGD and to stop drain water flowing in streams to the river. If necessary, we may have to plan a new Underground drainage system in the best interest of people of Mangalore who are known for their cleaniness, education, culture and religious values?

Shammi, Karnataka
Monday, May 27, 2013

Good move by daiji.Reminder should be given to government this way.Present Era is not like before.After 2010 it is People power .see Arab spring,again leader cannot get all fruits from a tree.He has to share it with his people.Or else ppl will cut down the tree itself.Those who say nothing gonna happen,they might be sleeping in dark era.There are lots of things AAM AADMI can do.We have facebook,we have a voice,strong media like daiji,internet,bloggers,twitter etc.SO BE IT ANY GOVT ITS UNDER SURVEILLANCE.I request our ministers to provide for locals better jobs by create free-zones like that of gulf countries.Locals / kannadigas should b given first preferences in state public sectors.This will restore regional culture and heritage.Of course Migrants also welcome but not in majority.Please fulfil our wishes.

nirmala, mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

which ever wellknown companies comes, how many Mangalorean get jobs??? for mangalorean these compaies will have only low graded jobs.

Vishal, Belman
Monday, May 27, 2013

Agree. Daiji, pls make arrangements to send this open letter along with readers comments to all MLA's of Coastal district. These MLA's should get into their business instead of celebrating their victory by making procession ,etc and creating problems to people by blocking the roads and by polluting the environment by using the fireworks.

Charles D'Mello, Pangala
Monday, May 27, 2013

I only hope our elected leaders have time to read this open letter...!!!! If they read they must act and also reply in open by their work and not in words.

Vincent, Neerude/Mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

Nanthoor Bridge ? till then please shift the bus stand which is closer to the round about little down. Do not allow the bus stops opposite of each direction. Let the busses moving towards Kulshekar cross the round about and stop at Kulshekhar way,this may be little help

Sheik Hassan, Mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

I agree with the open letter with the comments of Mr. K.S Bhat. One more thing I have to say that there is traffic jam often occurred because of the raising of owned vehicles. There was a proposal to build a fly over in Hampankatta during the time when Mr. Veerappa Moily was Chief Minister. This task to be examined and implemented. There is an unscientific Circle in Nanthoor. I wonder how the Engineers have allowed to built it. The fly over in the area is a must. The Mangalore is considered a 2nd city after Bangalore. But we have no well equipped Service Bus stand, Market, proper footpath and lacking of many facilities. without providing these type amenities how can we called No.2 city. By the grace of God, Communal tension is decreased now a days as people know that no development can be seen if this type of ugly situation is continued. May God bless us to live together with peace. Jai ho great Mangalore

Monday, May 27, 2013

My suggestion to the Ministers and elected MLA's is that don't repeat what he BJP has done. Try to do lot of improvements one by one importantantly provide basic facililities, infrastructure etc. The works which are left incomplete may be completed soon. All of a sudden the Congress cant make miracles or Jadoo. Let us give them little time to do this. If a person dont eat for several days though he feels hungry can he eat the whole/entire food at a stretch. impossible. But if the congress repeats the same attitudes they will be cornered again. So just warm up and reach your target.

Abdul Razak, Mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

Mr. Thomas, Dubai, I regret that you are a pessimist. The land called " South Kanara " has changed only in its name. Huge development projects are planned and underway in DK and Udupi Districts.

Thomas, Dubai, Mangalore/Dubai
Monday, May 27, 2013

Nothing is going to change for another 500 years whether it is BJP, congress or any other. No ministers are interested in developing the nation but truly interested in developing their bank balance.

Vivian, Mangalore
Monday, May 27, 2013

The Moral Policing by some communal outfits should be totally banned. BJP Govt did nothing in this regard. Nobody can take law in their hands. Corruption is seen every departments. Congress Govt should give a clean governance.

Jason F, Mangalore/Dubai
Monday, May 27, 2013

It is understand that no ministers will read this, but I have the following requests for DK:
1: Finish of all the road construction starting from Mangalore to Udupi section on the National Highway which BJP neglected.
2. Please open clean and hygienic beef and pig slaughter houses.

vnayak, mangalore/switzerland
Sunday, May 26, 2013

I am surprised that no one mentioned anything about the communal violence except for Dr. Prabhu. This "letter" should indeed have that topic since no other part of Karnataka suffered so much as the coastal districts in this communal menace.

Vikas Shivamogga, Bangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

All the government offices must be fixed with CCTV cameras which has got display on the main entrance 52” inch TV. What ever is going in side & out side must be seen on the TV. So the officers who ever working there little bit cautious about there work we hope so.

Dayanand Bangera , Katapady / Abu dhabi
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lets talk about region...each city in coastal region is important...for example, Mangalore based leaders have built airport in wrong place, with their political power in those not repeate those mistake.......lets talk about region.....good luck

gabrial dsouza, kunjagudde/sharjah
Sunday, May 26, 2013

everyone belive the creator...hope all MLA s bring peace to mangalore. no crimes, no goondas, no corruption. all youths to come on streets and protest for the injustice. youth have the power.. no devil will come near to them so unite toghether and stop wrong doing the MLA. SEE THE RESULT. FIGHT FOR JUSTICE, DONT KEEP SILENCE. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Citizens in Mangalore should form watchdog groups and find out the reasons for bottleneck in development projects and report the reasons for failures to general public through media on regular intervals.

Such groups can be formed for each areas such as law & order, corruption, etc.

People want to know who is playing games. We don't want to wait to know this until the eve of next election.

Performance of Administrative officials also to be evaluated by the watchdog groups and inform the general public.

Whoever does a good job should be honored and rewarded poor performers should be sent home on long leave.

It is also time to re-visit Civil Service Code and make necessary amendments to quickly weed out the corrupts and poor performers from the public service.

Govt. jobs shouldn't guaranteed from Cradle to Casket. That is one of the main reasons for the corruption and lethargic attitudes from employees.

Ashok, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yes Jeevan,
66 years these things happened, Air India, Indian Railway, ISRO, BHEL,BEL,BEML,HAL, IOC,BP,HP,Airports,Seaports, Nuclear power plants,BARC, Dams, coal India, Shipping Corporation of India, coal India, GAIL, Green revolation, white revolation, Top military, Your BJP development menace only roads, 15 years back nobody having money to buy cars only 2 wheelers. After IT people saw handful of salary

Antony Cony, Karkala / Qatar
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Daijiworld played a dominant role during the elections, fair and equal.
A Lovely letter, a letter full of burdens, indeed a very objective one I could interpret as it is behalf of the electorate ‘voice of the voiceless’, reminding the winning party what is ahead of them by identifying various immediate required development works.
Congress did not win the election of its own strength. However, they received a ‘ free gift’ from all the offended parties including from BJP itself. Let you not neglect the voice of the people, prove your sincerity irrespective of party lines nor caste creed and sect. Let there be no vengeance. Firstly, let you learn from your own past failures next from the previous governance. Build the trust of the people, return their gift with a gratitude general well being, welfare of the people

Praveen Kumar, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Whoever comes in either BJP or congress for mangalore it's only hopes. Political parties make so many promises regarding development of the cities, but once they win they will forget all the promises. Mangalore was second IT sector which was only in papers. Other cities like mysore, hubli-dharwad, kochi, coimbatore etc are overtaking mangalore in terms of development.

Vikram Amin, Bengaluru - Dubai
Sunday, May 26, 2013

I partly agree with writer. BJP ruled only for 5 years whereas other party ruled for more than 40 years. Let us not blame anyone. Politicians need to be positive to do there job.We need our Central Ministers who are based from Costal Karnataka to get more funds and projects. We need to have seperate Railway Division for Mangalore and this because of Political differences and no inititaion from our MP/Ministers we could not get it materialised. I hope in the next budget we will have a positive steps in this matter.

Ashok, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Priority Good foot path, drinking water, parking lots, bus shelters, NH 66 pending job (two lane beside bridge),Nanthoor flyover,proper garbage disposal,expand existing thermal power plant (no need Niddodi plant),Konkkan railway new lane, Give permission for re cycling plants 20 years no tax such as paper, glass, wood, steel & plastic in SEZ zone

Sunday, May 26, 2013












Sunday, May 26, 2013

you have not mentioned about IT COMPANIES like IBP, WIPRO, DELL....should start thier branches in mangalore

Srinath Bajal, Mangalore
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To start new IT companies or shift a few existing companies to Mangalore, where is is the infrastructure required for It companies???
For example,
Infosys has a vast land in Kudupu, why it is not properly developed ?

Gulzar, Manglore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jeevan Bhai
66 years of misrule only for Chaddies...

prasad, Sharjah
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Its all because of us, we are the one whose responsible.As we know that we are all citizen of India only in papers not in reality.A single person cant bring a huge change to make a good society, there should be unity in each one of us we can make everything straight but although it is very much lacking in all of us .Hope everyone understands....JAI HIND

Allen, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

People of Karnataka have blessed Congress with absolute majority to form a powerful government without any hitch. Now it is the duty of this party to give us back a decent governance without any partiality and corruption to develop our State to the fullest possible in 5 years' time. Politicians should not take people for-granted. If people can make a Govt, they can break it too. Recent election result is a clear cut warning to all politicians. Just don't think of joining politics to accumulate money, think of serving the people and the nation.

Ganesh.G.S, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013


Andrew L D Cunha, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mangalore's image is battered by various episodes of violence, human rights abuses etc during last few years. Police system plays important role in preserving the values in public life. There should be more cordial relationship between police and community. Kindly try to improve the police system. They work day and night for the public. I request the elected representative to improve their living condition. Please find a way to improve the self esteem and prestige of the police force.

Dev Sagar, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013


Vivek, Doha
Sunday, May 26, 2013

To state level authorities:

1.Support our farmers in maximum level by implementing new cultivation schemes, so that supplying rice from central can be stopped. .
2.No funds? – Closely monitor all revenue generating departments. i.e Implementing new incentive schemes for govt. officers. ( e.g. Sales tax, Service Tax, Income Tax, Professional Tax, RTO, Municipal Tax Departments ). No compromise..!!!!!

A.g. Lobo, Mangalore / Mumbai
Sunday, May 26, 2013

I fully agree with the writer. It is now or never. Congress has been given a golden opportunity for proving that this is the government that functions. We are blessed with able MLAs and ministers in Dakshina Kannada. Instead of being pessimistic we should support these representatives in their endeavour.
People of DK have great expectation and we are sure they will not disappoint us.

A.g. Lobo, Mangalore / Mumbai
Sunday, May 26, 2013

I fully agree with the writer. It is now or never. Congress has been given a golden opportunity for proving that this is the government that functions. We are blessed with able MLAs and ministers in Dakshina Kannada. Instead of being pessimistic we should support these representatives in their endeavour.
People of DK have great expectation and we are sure they will not disappoint us.

Dr K S Bhat, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

The writer has missed out an extremely important subject in this context. Mangalore has been experiencing severe attack on personal, social and religious freedoms during the BJP rule. Numerous communal outfits sprang up from nowhere and started dictating terms to the ordinary citizens. There have been all kinds of attacks on places of worship, orphanages, pubs, parlours, girls/women and innocent youth for no fault of theirs. The ruling govt. did nothing to stop these or no action was taken against the perpetrators of crime. Moral policing was glorified under the BJP rule. Unemployed and unruly youth were misled and mis-used by the vested interests for their personal gain and to create panic in society. Communal provocation had become the order of the day. It was a suffocating atmosphere for a law abiding common man in Mangalore. First time in the history Mangalore became famous for all the wrong reasons. We cannot afford to have this kind of anarchy anymore. Mangalore desperately needs a healing touch from the Congress govt. and bring back its former glory, communal harmony and peace. They need to bring back the confidence in the students and the youth of Mangalore. I am sure all right minded people agree with me and strive towards achieving this goal.

Lavin Noronha, Paladka
Sunday, May 26, 2013

No ommision or addition, you have summerized all what a peace loving mangalorean would expect. Thank you

Monday, May 27, 2013

We salute your Sir. Very good observation. This makes Congress to work even harder.

Alwyn, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

dear dinesh,
ministers may not be reading this but, the readers can swing millions of votes by following well informed news by daijiworld and discussing with family members relatives and friends back home even if we can't vote. if not ministers themselves the media surely can change the attitudes of the ministers. please lets be responsible with our comments and feedback's to our loved ones.. thats the least we can do to our native land staying aborad or outside mangalore.

simple, Bangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

People of Karnataka have already started reminding the new Govt. in Karnataka State, their responsibilities towards good governance\development by repairing the damage caused by the earlier Government and then their own efforts to make Karnataka shine.
I do not think they need to be reminded again and again by the voters.
Please do not disappoint the people of Karnataka.
If you do Congress will be a nonentity not only in Karnataka but through out India....

Alwyn, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rightly said, most of the daijiworld readers are educated and live in metro cities and abroad in my view. craving for our native place is immense and unexplainable.all readers have opinions and discuss with family members relatives or friends back home. most of the readers may not be able to vote but can swing the mood of our family members, relatives and bring value to votes towards more liberal and deserving candidates. we look forward to daijiworld always for unbiased and any little or big news coming out of Mangalore.

Raj shetty, UAE
Sunday, May 26, 2013

In coastal Karnataka, considered to be the backyard of BJP and Sangh Parivar, the BJP received a complete drubbing from which the party may not be able to recover in the near future.......... picture abhi baakhi hai daijiworld

Jason D souza, Kaikamba
Sunday, May 26, 2013

The initial and the last part of the letter predominately talks about the BJP's misrule. The letter claims there is no development happened during BJP government. I don't think it is fair to blame the BJP government in a letter written for expectation from present government.BJP government has initiated or implemented various things under their tenure. Personally, i have found SAKALA,an effective scheme where about 100 services under put under one roof.. They lost because of their in fight and lost image completely.I put this way " We could have had better governance"

The letter also says that the whatever progress made is the continuation of previous governments activities..Not fair..One of the central minister 2-3 years before gave an open statement saying implementation/ution is a challenging in India for any development projects and financing them is easier.

Why Nanthoor flyover, Bikarnakatte flyover is not taken off at the right speed is because of various hurdles faced during the implementation.

Even for Congress, taking things forward will not be easy, but i hope and wish they conquer and we will have better governance.

Ravi Bhaskar Shenava, MANGALORE
Sunday, May 26, 2013

First of all Congress should have a decent Party office where all the Party workers and leaders can gather daily and discuss the issues.
It is unfortunate that such a big national party does not have a proper Party Office in Mangalore. The one which is there in front of University College (Clock tower) in Hampankatta is very small and has no parking space and old people cannot climb to that 2nd floor.

Congress people have always misused the Circuit House of Kadri. Circuit House is a Government Property which is meant for visiting Govt Officers and Ministers and not a convergence place for unruly party workers daily and cause nuisance to all the occupants every day including late night !.

Kumar, Mudigere
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mr Jeevan... A simple story may help u understand how it is with BJP & Congress... Imagine a Cold winter night & camp fire.. now Let’s also imagine Camp fire as Govt...So What congress did for 66 years is they never let us enjoy the complete warmth of the fire neither they let us freeze in the cold and there was always light which u can call it as hope ...But what BJP did was they torched the flame so high in the name of religion and power neither common man nor BJP themselves could handle the heat …finally they had douse the camp fire which they couldn’t bring under control …

so now there was no light also ray of hope either …. But hopefully Congress has understood camping is not all about one individuals pleasure it should be enjoyed together & I’m sure this is their last chance to prove it…. at least in Karnataka …. So let’s hope for the best governance & peaceful…society where at least our next generation should not be recognized as second citizen of the world

Peace Brother

N.M, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

The need of the hour is to have better quality roads, footpaths,UGD,Garbage collection and its scientific disposal,Power& water supply, better traffic management and multilevel parking facilities.

If these things are taken care of then 90% of Mangalore-Udupi's problems are solved.

Lastly, these MLA's and Corporators will have to work in a corporate manner, just like the way WE WORK in companies.


gerald, modankap
Sunday, May 26, 2013

guys !! make them to work as they gave got the office and you have chance to see them personally.

Also, don't call for them to ribbon cutting programmes / wedding / religious issues to waste their times.

Vincent, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

If we can only have a legal rule of law, continuous and stable power and regular and clean water supply I would consider the ruling party's job 3/4th done!

Sathish R, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear Jeevan,
you tolerated 66 years and still you went for them this time ???. Why last 5 years were very bad than 66 years???? Or you can bear 66 year memories but cant last 5 years ones???

Stany D'sa, Balehonnur/Dubai
Sunday, May 26, 2013

The tourists will expect a clean and neat Air Port/Raiway Station/Bus stand and smooth road net work. Clean surroundings with adequate drainage and safe foot path.Our beach cane be the best and beautiful. We need clean and hygienic market place. Can we get these few amenities in the next five years. Let us wait and see?.

Madhav, Maane/Udupi
Sunday, May 26, 2013

As per me the need of the hour is to provide maximum the basic amenities like Electricity, water, public transport, law and order & safety & security to every household.
Our beurocractic malpractices in govt offices, govt hospitals,revenue offices, panchayats etcneed to checked and proper action to be taken against the culprits, no work is done without giving bribe.
People have to be more resposible & support honest practices when it comes to public issues/work,govt alone can't do it without public support. Its our resposibility too.
No need to give Koti Koti Pranaam to anyone.We are a part of democracy and not autocracy.
All we need is development and accoutability for every action that govt takes.

vivian, dubai
Sunday, May 26, 2013

I am not expecting rank from MLA but atleast 50% development from these expectation by next year.

Francis D'Cunha, Karnad
Sunday, May 26, 2013

I expect District in charge Minister and all the MLA's send stern message to top to bottom level of District Administration that the corruption and red tapisem is no longer tolerated. Please do something to set right anomalies in RATION CARD system and in obtaining Adhaar Card. THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN CREATING LOT OF HARDSHIP TO COMMON MAN.

Peace Lover, India
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ration card should be given to only those citizen who are under poverty line.The people who don't use this facility also need the card. what is the logic?
There should be only one card for identity and that card should be link to all departments.

Valerian, Assaigoly,Konaje
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thokottu Mudipu four lane of the road shall be taken on priority because of ever increasing traffic density. It was promised seven years back. It is the only connecting road for about 20-25 villages of Mangalore (Ullal) constituency. Part of the road between Thokottu and Babbukatte is in very bad shape and eaten on both sides due to digging for drainage. Currently it is a death trap for two wheelers. Khader Bhai please take care of one of the main need of your constituency. Hope you will address this issue soon.

Praveen, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

How easy to it is. I can make Mangalore like Dubai in 5 years. But where the funds will come from. every project in Inda will not complete in time due to lack of funding. in between some one will go to court to get stay order.when it starts again the cost will go higher then expected. Then again same funding problem. If no proper funds are available for development project , MLA or MP can not do any magic. This is fact.

Milton Lewis, Mangalore/Dxb
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good thoughts/dreams/aspirations. Work together to make these a realaity.
Let the Goverment agenda be on top range age old needs, like Food/water/Shelter to all, Safe and controlled Road infrastructure, Law & Order control, Driving/Parking Discipline, uninterrupted power supply for rapid Industrialisation, Drinking Water, Strong Hospital/Healthcare facilities, Improved Sanitation/Garbage treatment/energy creation, Higher Education to all capable and eligible students at affordable cost, Create employment opportuniteis to slow down brain drain, Reservation policy to be driven by quality criteria/economical grounds without discrimination, A clean and transparent governance to achieve these. It is very clear that affordable University/Technical/Industrial education to all the deserving students of India will definitely lift India from developing to developed in no time. Build the young minds with their aspirations to transform India into a super Economical Power....This is not only for leaders but also to each one of us to realise our priorities for a better tomorrow to our generations.
When every Indian becomes Economically Powerful, definitely India will figure as a Super Power.
Let us learn to protest by increasing productivity rather than throwing stones on our own Glasses!!!

KA D'Silva, Dubai
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Priorities should be as below:
1. Completion of National highway work( right now, not one month before commencement of LS election)

2. Garbage Collection and proper disposal.

3. Supply of drinking water

4. All govt offices to work under one roof. i.e mini Vidhan Saudhas every taluka levels.

5. Every public servants/elected representatives will be held responsible for thier acts & deeds. If they fail then they will held accoutbable by suspension without any service benefits all his/her & relatives bank & assets will be ceased to compensant the loss done by them.

6. Need to Save Kannada : All govt transaction should be in Kannada. If non-Kannadigas need to deal with govt transactons then they they can use translaters, there by empolyment for Kannda typist/translators.

7. Advocates Dcotors fees: make compulsary to issue invoices and accountbale thier income. because currently doctors Advocates are making money without issuing invoices which in turn avoiding Income Tax.

8. Special agency to monitor Road transport- to check & nmonitor road safety.

9. If still have left some time and money, try to develop Metro for Manfalore city and also Udupi/Manipal.

Peace Lover, India
Sunday, May 26, 2013

your suggestion " All govt transaction should be in Kannada", How we are going to implement this. Majority of parents prefer English medium schools including yourself I believe. Kannada medium schools are not getting enough students

KA D'Silva, Dubai
Monday, May 27, 2013

question of English medium school and kannada medium school is not arising here. people can choose any medium schools upto thier choice. But we can not Kill our state language Kannada over other languages. to keep it alive we have to make some thing compulsary, and that is all govt transanctions. You can see the same thing in gulf. If any govt transactions are in Arabic and using local people for that purpose. thereby we can encourage people to voluntarily learn and study Kannada with making any compulsion. this will make kannada stuied students to get jobs and encouragements. If we all learn only english, then we all are killing our mother langues and one day will come we have to go to overweas to lean our onw languages !!! Bye the way I have studies in Kannada. I hope you will understnad my point of view too.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Please don't repeat the mistake what BJP had done.So much mess they have done,it will be a great job to set it right. But I advice to all elected members & the District administration to do the work ONE BY ONE. First finish one work, then start second work.

Manohar Dsouza, Mangalore/Bahrain
Sunday, May 26, 2013

The burning necessity for Mangalore is uninterrupted electricity, water and also improved hygiene to get rid of Malaria.

Peace Lover, India
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some key points are ignored /omitted in the letter. They are
(a) Disciplined, unbiased and efficient police department (b) Corruption free environment in Taluk office, Panchayat boards, Police stations and other government offices. (c) Put an end to moral policing whoever does it irrespective of cast, creed and religion. (d) Introduction of more KSRTC buses in NH 66 and stop the plying of killer private buses completely.

Anu, Abu Dhabi/Managlore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dinesh, think in other way..Daiji dint even raised whisper against BJP when they ruled. Atleast now people can demand whatever they want. and definitely all our MLA's will work on it. for your knowledge all coastal Congress MLA's read and admire Daijiworld as a effective media of their place. Dear Daijiworld editorial board and readers, lets come together and raise our voices. Good move Daiji.

jeevan, mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

BJP 5 yrs misrule ??? but we are all great and tolerated congis 66 yrs misrule at state / central...

gerald, modankap
Sunday, May 26, 2013

bjp's 05 year rule more tortured than the 60 year congi rule

Krishna, Mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear MLA's, Please visit the Revenue offices and find out how the Public is suffering at the hands of Govt employees. Particularly in Byndoor Taluk office, the files are pending for months and months for the reasons best known for them. Mr Gopal poojary ( Byndoor MLA ), take a lesson from Bhatkal MLA who visited the revenue offices and sternly warned the govt employees to respect the public and do the work in right time, IF you can not deliver the goods better to get transfers, before the public comes to me and I will be forced to take drastic actions. We need such MLA's

Umesh Salian, Uppala / Dubai
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hare re re re..........

bahut achhe.... dekenge appke baajume kitne dum hai.....
janata aaplogonse kuch pooch rahi hai...... delado chappar faadke

Dinesh, mangalore
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Do not take tension much. None of our MLA or ministers will read this, as they do not have much time other than celebrating. even if they read they can not understands , just because they are politicians!! Only way to bell the cat is like "Chhattisgarh" fashion!!!

My India, India
Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear Dinesh,
People of your type knows only to take law in their own hands. That is the reason you are referring to Chattisgarh incident. You don't know anything about democracy at all.

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