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Thursday, November 22, 2012 8:51:35 AM (IST)  

Dubai: BDNE Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Memorable Event

Report: Shodhan Prasad
Daijiworld Media Network - Dubai
Photos: Sameeha Studio
Dubai, Nov 22: Billawas Dubai and Northern Emirates (BDNE) held their 15th anniversary celebration with a colourful and spectacular ceremony at Jumeirah Ball Room, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai, witnessed by full-house audience.

The day-long event started at around 10.30 am with prayers at the entrance of the hall in a small floral decorated temple, set by Satish Ullal and his team and from there the guests were escorted to the main stage with live drummers and ladies holding trays lit with lights and flowers in two rows.

A totally new concept of prayer was created. The stage opened up as if a new morning in a village and one could see a beautifully erected Billawas house, the rays of the sun peeping out, and with the background music of suprabhata appeared a man looking here and there to confirm the morning had started. Later a woman came out of the same house and with the special effects of light and smoke she in the traditional manner went straight to the Tulsi and did the morning prayers. Later their son appeared in his white outfit, bowed to his parents and offered the morning prayers. This scene of prayer demonstrated the age-long tradition of Billawas in India as to how they greet the special morning every day. The stage setting and the event was designed by Mohan Attavar while the act was portrayed by Krishna Poojary, Shyamala Poojary and Udaya Kumar respectively.
Soon the MC of the entire day’s event, Shodhan Prasad, took over the stage and greeted the audience. Vice-president of BDNE, Praveen Attavar welcomed the invitees and guests and opened up the programme.
A ‘Poorna kambha Swagatha Nritya’ (welcome dance) was presented by Shruti Attavar, Mayuri Attavar, Jasmitha and Anusha, choreographed by Vidwan Natyacharya Suresh Attavar, a Billawa himself, who was invited by BDNE specially to prepare Billawa children and ladies for the event.
'Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Narayanam' semi-classical dance was beautifully presented by Prisha and Priyasha, choreographed by Rahul from Golden Music Centre, Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi. Prashanth Shetty’s mimicry was next with voices of Bollywood actors beautifully enacted. ‘Angavikalaru’ a Tulu comedy skit was then presented by Jesh, Prashant, Monappa, Santosh, Sunil and Rajesh Kuthar, followed by ‘Michael Jackson' and Bollywood mix by Prasanna, Sachin, Navin, Laxmi, Parvathy, Trimita, Prashant, Shazeen, Sridevi, Vinitha, Divya, Sharavari, Apoorva, Purvi, Shweta and Deepa. The dance was choreographed by Prasanna Poojary of Mudra Dance Institute, Karama.

The very special attraction of the day ‘Koti Chennayya Nrithya Prahasana’ (dance drama) was soulfully presented by Vidwan Natyacharya Suresh Attavar which was one of the best dance ever presented in UAE so far. The team comprised around 64 participants, from three-year-old toddlers to adults, with both male and female artistes locally trained for this special event. Though the story was well known, the presentation and execution of this item was so touching that tears rolled down the eyes of the spectators who were all glued to the seat for almost one hour and forty five minutes with pin drop silence. Record number of participants presented this dancem including Piyush, Shashank, Aman Arun, Gowri, Shamit, Sunehari, Vineet, Shravan, Manya, Darsh, Shriya, Anvi , Saneedhi, Bhumika, Pranjal, Nishta, Shravya, Shweta, Thrisha, Kunal, Jayashree, Dikshita, Sneha, Nisha, Poornima, Shubha, Pramita, Anusha, Sunitha, Sowmya, Pramila, Keetana, Neetha, Surekha, Supriya, Lavina, Sunil, Manoj, Prasanna, Prashanth, Chatan, Pravin P, Pravin Ullal, Manoj, Ramesh, Deepak SP, Jasmita, Vidwan Naatyaacharya Suresh Attavar, Ganesh, Satish, Dayanand, Monappa, Suvarna, Purvi, Shweta and Shravya Prasad. There is no doubt that there will be many inspired choreographers attempting to imitate this dance form in the near future.

A Bollywood dance item ‘Rowdy Rathod’ skillfully presented by sisters Jodi, Nindiya, Shravya, Saamantha and Sanmatha along with choreographer Yathish Amin of Kalashree Dance Institute, Karama changed the mood.

A big spread of sumptuous buffet lunch followed, and during this session was Karaoke singing by Rajesh Bajal and Akshatha Rao with some famous Hindi and Kannada numbers entertaining the audience.

The afternoon session started with the winners of ‘Jhalak Diklaja UAE, Vikhyat Poojary and Hitesh presenting a ‘Bolly Hop’ number smoothly while Rakesh, Navin, Shiv Prasad, Prasanna, Nijesh, Tilak, Sudhir and Pramita presented ‘Vande Mataram’ choreographed by Rakesh Ullal and Prasanna Poojary. ‘Mythological Mix’ was beautifully presented later by Shashank, Aman, Piyush, Shamit, Akash, Saish, Harshit, Bhumika, Thrisha, Nishta, Pranjal, Sunehari, Akeesha, Gowri, Vinitha, Divya, Shravya, Sharavan, Vineeth, Samantha, Mayur, Neha, Vikhyat, Sanmatha, Sneha Samanta, Charishma, Poorvi, Shweta, Apoorva, Sharavari and Raksha being choreographed by Prasanna Poojary of Mudra Dance Institute, Karama.

Mohan Attavar took over the formal stage programme and invited the guests, Ganesh Bangera, Sadanand Suvarna, Jayanand Mugga, Chandrashekhar Nanil and BDNE President, Jithendra Suvarna and vice-president Praveen Kumar on to the stage. The guests were welcomed with bouquets on the stage with the executive committee members presenting the same. General secretary, Madhav Poojary read out the annual report.

National Award winner, film personality Sadananda Suvarna who was the chief guest along with Jeetendra Suvarna and Praveen Attavar honoured the sponsors of the programme. Later Uday Kumar honoured the children who had excelled in education in 2012. They were Anushka Poojary, daughter of Ashok Babu Poojary, (Xth 2012- CGPA - 10), Suhan Attavar , son of Mohan Attavar, (12th Std (2012 - 90%) Komal C Suvarna, daughter of Chandrashekhar Xth (2012 - CGPA - 10). Uday Kumar then read out the report on BDNE scholarship event which concluded recently in India. Mohan Attavar read out the details of the recently formed ‘BDNE Trust’ and its details, which was very well appreciated. Yogesh Kotian of Shri Guru Charitable Trust presented the details of the trust and their activities.

Vidhwan Natyaacharya Suresh Attavar along with his daughters Shruthi Attavar and Mayuri Attavar were honoured for their achievements in the field of dance by president Jeetendra Suvarna.
‘Suvarna Kedage’ a well compiled souvenir was then released by guest Sadananda Suvarna who was later felicitated with flowers, fruit, shawl and memento by Jitendra Suvarna. Ganesh Bangera was also felicitated with flowers, fruit, shawl and memento. Karia Poojary, one of the senior member of BDNE committee was felicitated in the same way for his long term association with the organization. Shodhan Prasad was another BDNE committee member who was also felicitated for his vast contribution to the social needs of the society and for the recent successful ‘Tuluvere Parba’ event.
Guest Jayanand Mugga spoke very well on the Guru Charitable Trust functioning and their association with BDNE especially on the scholarship being distributed from many years to the poorest of the poor. He explained how the Trust members voluntarily extend their support in finding needy students, their requirements and the amount needed for them to continue their education. These students are then referred to BDNE to disburse funds. He added that they are very happy to say that BDNE never refused any of the students referred by them and have always considered to support all of them. He said today all these students who have availed the scholarship benefits are doing well in their career successfully and have thanked them for the good deeds. Also these students have promised to help others in their near future wherever possible. A 15 minute video presentation on the recent BDNE Scholarship Distribution which took place in Kudroli Temple, Mangalore was played and explained by Udaya Kumar Kateel, Educational Secretary of BDNE.

Later General Secretary, Madhav Poojary presented sports awards for 2012 to junior champion (girls), Apoorva Gopal, junior champion (boys) Shravan Sathish, senior champion (ladies), Manjula Nagaraj, and senior champion (men), Ramanand Suvarna.

Jeetendra Suvarna presented awards to the BDNE top achievers of 2012 and they were Sunitha Kariya Poojary, Deepa Jagannath, Krishna Poojary and Nagaraj Amin respectively. Later Jeetendra Suvarna delivered his presidential Speech updating the deeds of BDNE and their commitment to the community members as well as fellow community at large on Medical grounds. He thanked his committee and community members for their whole hearted support in keep continuing the service as per the principle guidelines of Brahma Shree Narayan Guru.

The entertainment then continued with Kannada Folk Fusion dance by Archana, Pranav, Sparsh, Nidhi, Jonathan, Shreyas, Soham and Tanya being choreographed by Yatish Amin of Kalashree Dance Institute. A hilarious comedy skit ‘STD Booth’ was well presented by Ramesh, Prashant, Monappa, Manoj and Jesh Bayar.

Prabhakar Suvarna the man behind Yakshagana presented ‘Kaarnikada Biruveru’ with himself as Durgaparameshwari Devi, Vasu Poojary Bayar as Koti, Chandrashkar Poojary Dharmastala As Chennaya, Ramesh Poojary Kulashkara as Kanta Baare, Kishore Gatti as Boodabaare and Jagannath Bellare as Odada Kariye. Senior artistes Chandrashekar and Ramesh arrived from Mangalore specially for this event who were later honoured with shawl.

There was a website launch of most talked about Tulu movie ‘Nirel’ of Sandhya Creations which is set to shoot in beautiful UAE locations. Mohan Attavar invited the Nirel Team comprising of Producer Shodhan Prasad and Sandhya Prasad, Executive Producer Santosh Poojary and artiste Varuna Shetty, Deepthi Salian, Nindiya Prasad and Singer Akshatha Rao. Chief Guest Sadanand Suvarna was invited to do the honours who clicked the website in the presence of President Jeetendra Suvarna, while the audience viewed the presentation and applauded.

‘Pushpaanjali’ classical dance was later performed by Bindiya Bangera who was one of the guest arrived from Mangalore. Her dance was choreographed by Vidhushi Vidyashree Radhakrishna,

Deepak S P, Anil Kumar, Manoj Bolar and their team presented ‘Keelu Kudure’ folk dance and attracted the audience with their performance in midst of the hall as if they have come all the way from Mangalore.
MC Shodhan Prasad who entertained the audience with jokes and spot games throughout later invited all the committee members on to the stage and introduced them to audience mentioning that they are the real force behind the successful programme. He then invited Yogita Salian to do the vote of thanks which was concluded gracefully by her.
A raffle draw and lucky Billawa draw were then held in the concluding part of the programme, which got over by 8 pm. On the whole it was a memorable day, full of entertainment and honours. The audience enjoyed every bit of it.

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Comments on this article
Prabhakar Amin, Ajekar / Dubai
Friday, November 23, 2012

Congratulations BDNE. Good Show.

Manoj Amin, Bantwal / Dubai
Friday, November 23, 2012

It was a wonderful even well organized by Billawas Dubai. Koti Chennaya Nrathya Roopaka and Kanthabare Boodabare Yakhshaghana was out of this world. The organizers could have done without Dhashavathara. In future please make sure that you end the program by 6 Pm. Keep up your charity work. Good luck for your future programs.

Naveen Kumar, Mangalore
Friday, November 23, 2012

Dubai Billawas association is doing wonderful programs..
Keep it up…

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Colourfull world from Billawas.

along with entertinement keep something to donate for poor people.

Deepak Dsilva, Paladka/Dubai
Thursday, November 22, 2012

congratulations Billawas Dubai and NE with this wonderful programme. it was really colorful with lot of cultural event.

R.Bhandarkar., M
Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wah Wah
Dubai Billawa
Onji Sari Yenkululla
Bathada Kuluwaa
Gammath Malpugaa....
Tinnere Korle Halwaa....
Programme Masth...
With beautiful'Jalwaa'....

Mukesh Anchan, Mangalore / Dubai
Thursday, November 22, 2012

Congratulations to Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates for putting up a fantastic show. Your charity works specially education scholarship glimpses have proved that you are doing a great service to our society. Good luck to your charitable trust and the future programs through the trust. May Shri Narayana Guru bless you all.

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