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Sunday, July 22, 2012 11:17:28 AM (IST)  

Walking Through Mangalore Airport Customs - A New Experience

Walter Nandalike

Mangalore, Jul 22 : For the last few days, problems faced by international passengers at Mangalore airport has been one of the hot topics for discussion on daijiworld, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and among people in the coastal region and in the Gulf countries.

As the issue gets hotter, many people even though not connected to NRIs have realised the injustice faced by the passengers due to an outdated government law. Now a mainstream print media has also taken up the issue, and justice to NRIs seems to be on the horizon.

While discussions were still at the primary level, I had the opportunity to travel from Dubai along with my family on July 20, landing in Mangalore early morning. But the experience was quite new, where I learnt lots of things and got an opportunity to talk with the customs officers as well as passengers who landed from Dubai and Kuwait within few minutes of each other.

When I arrived at the immigration counter, the officer who is known to me welcomed me with a smile. "What sir, your customs issue has become the talk of the town. Several people called me from the Gulf to enquire whether such problems were really there...and many people in the immigration line have been discussing the same issue," the officer told me.

"Yes sir, people are facing problems. What's your opinion about this?" I asked.

"You know I cannot comment..." he said with a smile.

Now I was a bit hesitant to face the customs officers, as I always find a couple of officers known to me. As expected, I was welcomed in a different tune !

I was accused of publishing a one-sided story, blaming only customs officials and projecting passengers as saints !

"No sir, that was not our intention. Before publishing we studied the matter, but over the last couple of weeks we have been flooded with a number of complaints. If at all our intention was to blame you, we would have published such stories long back...I have been travelling frequently here ever since the international flight operations began in 2006," I said.

"But why was our version not taken ?"

"We contacted one of your assistant commissioners, but he refused to talk to us officially as he does not have the authority. He directed us to meet D Purushotham, the commissioner of customs in Mangalore, but he was not ready to talk to us, and only provided us a 100-page rule book. Our intention was to get the other side of the story from the commissioner but he refused to tell me, how can we be blamed ?" I maintained.

"But before publishing the article, you should have examined the rules..."

"Sir, rules are there since 1960s...but never before were passengers at Mangalore airport 'harassed' so badly. How is it that all of sudden you are implementing this now ?"

"This issue you should take up with the central government, we are helpless and only go according to the rules..." he replied and walked back to his duty.

Even the next officer I spoke to shared a similar feeling, "Walter, we are sad that people bashed us with words like dogs, pigs, and all the animals in the world. Do we deserve this ?"

"Sir, people bashed because they must have been so badly hurt. But upright officers like you need not worry, sir. Only those who do wrong must have caused problems, but surely people have not bashed everyone. They are angry with only those who harass and indulge in corruption," I tried to pacify him.

"It's not an easy job. Checking and verification is our duty. But passengers must cooperate as we are only doing our job. A few days back, a lady who carried about 600 grams gold tried to walk through the green channel. Tell me, is that justified ? When we questioned her, she tried to create a scene here, and accused us of being corrupt. If the same woman is caught outside by the DRI people (sometimes they come for random checking) we will be thrown out from here without any inquiry! Who will understand our problem?"

He does have a genuine problem. Many a time we carry goods beyond the permissible limit and argue with the customs expecting to be let scotfree. Sometimes we want everything for free.

"We understand your situation, sir. Our fight is not for such people. Those who carry goods beyond the limit must be treated according to law. But look at the complaints, many innocents were harassed here..."

"No, we do not buy all those complaints... people may speak of incidents since 2006, we do not know. Officers keep changing here. Also, people complain that we impose tax on jewellery worn on the body. We have never done that. It is not true. A couple of days back a lady came in wearing loads of jewellery, some with brand new tags! Still we were considerate towards her...we don't understand why people are making such allegations," he said.

The body language of the customs officers clearly indicated that they were hurt by the people's accusations.

What surprised me during my almost 90 minutes of presence there was that no passenger was harassed, there were hardly any arguments (otherwise a usual scene), people were questioned quite politely with smiling faces, and none of the passengers faced any problem.

Is this an everyday story ? Or is there a tremendous improvement in their service ? Personally, I have rarely seen such friendly environment there.

I also had the opportunity to meet passengers from Kuwait as well as Dubai. Many of them heaved a big sigh of relief when they came out of the customs. "Lot of talk has been going on, and we were scared to enter the customs. We had to leave some of our gold back in Kuwait as we heard many stories of harassment here in the name of export certificate," said a lady passenger who came with her two kids and husband.

None of the passengers were asked for export certificate.

All that I have narrated is my personal experience, and not the official statement from the customs. To alleviate the fear of thousands of NRIs there is need for an official announcement of rules from the officers in Mangalore. A 100-page rule book does not convey everything. Beware, with this rule book, they have the ticket to harass you any time.

Fight will continue ..

The fight against Mangalore Airport customs will continue until we get to know the official announcement on new rules. There is a strong need for consistency on the part of the officials who should punish only the culprits, and not the innocents in the name of 'export certificate'.

On the other hand, there is also a need for change in the Customs Act 1967 which allows only Rs 10,000 worth gold jewellery for a man and Rs 20,000 for a woman. We are in 2012, and the value of gold has not remained the same as in 1967. Mangalore customs officials are very well aware of this and agree on this point, but they say that they are helpless. People need to put pressure on the central government to amend the Act, they say.

We are taking up this issue through the two MPs from the coastal belt, and also with ministers from state. At the same time, organizations in the Gulf must take active interest and make a concerted effort in this regard. Every association must write to the Prime Minister (who holds the finance ministry) and request him to amend the bill immediately so that NRIs can have hassle-free passage.

J P Hegde's Assurance :

Mangalore MP Nalin Kumar Kateel has extended full co-operation in this regard. He is expected to speak to top customs officials directly.

On the other hand, speaking to Daijiworld, J P Hegde, Udupi - Chikmagalur MP has promised to take up the issue in the parliament. He was surprised about the attitude of the customs commissioner. He assured that he too will talk to him soon.

We the people of this region expect both leaders to forget party politics and work together to get justice for NRIs.

Airport director writes to customs

M R Vasudeva, Mangalore Airport director has gone through the readers' comments on daijiworld, and immediately written a letter to the customs commissioner. He has addressed the genuine issues faced by the people at the airport.

Genuine Complaints

Several readers of daijworld have come up with complaints but without proof. It is not easy to have documentary proof.

Several readers have sent the daijiworld writeup to officials in New Delhi and Bangalore, and have got replies asking for evidence.

S Chandrasekaran, deputy commissioner (vig), directorate of vigilance, customs and central excise, south zone unit, Chennai, has advised all complainants to address the issue to the customs commissioner of Mangalore, but we wrote to him saying that we do not have confidence in D Purushotham as he is not interested in solving the problem, or even listening to the problems. He believes only in the rule book!

Request to readers

Since July 15, 2012, if anyone faces or has faced problems like harassment and demand for bribe, etc, please note down the name of the officer (displayed on their badge), explain the entire incident in detail, provide your flight details, time, date, your email id, and your telephone numbers in both India as well as the country of residence and send it to us at

We will take up the complaints with higher officers of customs. If we DO NOT receive feedback then we will publish the content along with the name of the custom officer responsible.

But please keep in mind that we can do this only when you are right !

Our Campaign :

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Comments on this article
saddiya sheikh, mangalore
Monday, November 17, 2014

I want to know how much custom charges are for 42" inch led tv from muscat? Reply soon please
thank you

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Walking Through Mangalore Airport Customs - A New Experience

Kiran VSA, Udupi
Friday, July 27, 2012

Congrats Team Daiji world and Walty. You have exposed the rott at the Mangalore Airport. This should initiate some action from Govt / Ministry end. Its surprising to note the lack lustre resonse from Ministry so far. I suggest to get the expert assistance (Advocates, Consumer rights activists, Retired Civil servants etc) to pursue this issue more effectively. The local MPs and MLAs are silent except JP Hegde. Oscar must be playing his mouth organ and doing Yoga.

Friday, July 27, 2012

if they are that honest & hard working!! why is it that they are only checking the quantity of gold when a lady is coming in from abroad. why don't they at least mention to that same lady while she is going abroad to get her gold certificate or what ever valuation certificate mentioned in the earlier Daijiworld article? THEY DON'T EXPECT EVERY PASSENGER TO BE AWARE OF THE RULES & LAWS PASSED DURING 1960'S DO THEY?? OR DO YOU??

Joyce Pinto, Mangalore/Dubai
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of the custom officer told Walter, that passengers accused them by calling dogs, pigs etc.! Why should he take those words on him, if he has not done anything wrong? This is only for the gullible custom officers whom I have witnessed harassing the batchelors.
In our day to day life, many times we are being accused for doing something wrong, but it should not affect us when we are not guilty of it.

oliver, Mangalore/Germany
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Prakash,
You say you were carrying the gold necklace with you worth AED: 3000(Rupees 45000). Being a male passenger your free limit was RS:10000 and was exceeded by RS:35000. For this amount the tax must be approximately RS:12250!!(35%). But you say the Custom officer charged you only RS:500 tax after weighing the necklace?? As a good citizen you paid the tax against Receipt and walked out. Is the Custom officer is a Fool to charge only 500 rupees or is he not enough educated to calculate the Tax?

Merlyn, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Mr. Walter,
Please ask the Govt. to pass a rule so that every custom official displays their ID card with name when on duty. This will help the passengers to take note of their names and file a complaint on them whenever they are harrassed.

Asha, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I fully agree with TPA Mangalore. I too am a great fan of daiji. But here i felt that you have taken only NRI's into consideration without first seeking clarification from customs. You should have done more research before publishing the first article. And after all the damage is done to him and staff by way of personal abuse, defamator, infringing, indecent, discriminatory, unlawful text, the new Commissioner was right in his behaviour. Also customs as a whole is blamed and what about the handful of honest officers, not given them any chance at all....

Sam, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This particular gold law is in place all over India and seems to being implemented strictly nowadays (probably due to the rising gold import bill). You could have checked this in other airports where this is being implemented. It was unfair to say that it was in vogue only in mangalore. Daiji should have checked with customs first

TPA, Mangalore
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sometimes I am amazed at the mentality of fellow passengers who cry hoarse about corrpution whenever the customs asks them to go through the Red channel. What's the problem when a government official does his duty and asks you to pay taxes as a normal citizen? If you pay the dues diligently, you will get a receipt as proof. The problem is with those who don't want to pay any tax and try to obtain shortcuts. And as for this particular rule, this is not specific to mangalore airport, reports have come from all aiprots across the country, including Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai - so alleging that this rule was somehow specific to Mangalore was completely inaccurate. I am a fan of Daiji but I wish there was more research done before publishing the original article. Thanks, Mangalore, Dubai
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thanks Daiji & Mr. walter for being the voice of victims. I had been asked to pay duty for 32" LED on last december, for which i was sure it cost less than Rs. 25,000. The made me free only after an hour of argument and I was the last came out of airpot. They threatened me to see nest time. On this july 3rd morning, I gave the bribe AED 200( yes, it was asked in Dirhams) for the 32 grams of used gold ornaments(which could have even been worn on body) my wife was carrying in her hand bag. I was told that I may have to wait for 2 more hours if I have to pay the duty officially in the bank. I Knew giving bribe is a crime but I did it as an ordinary indian for the sake of get a quick relief to my tired family(with 2 kids) from these harassing officers. I never carried the gold in hand bag before and was totally unaware of the duty structure. On argument, I was told that my duty amount would be around Rs.6000. I have even asked them that, is is ok to wear the gold in front of you. The answer was No. Landing on your home land was indeed a nightmare. Hope the rule changes quickly for the benefit innocent passengers.

J.Salian, Mangalore
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Mr.Dinesh Shetty,

I am not going for comments war, for your kind information security check takes place prior to boarding..ofcourse it is for everyone,s security all must go through and criminals can not carry weapon on board. Let me trying to educate you here, all international flights arriving to Mangalore from middle east and drugs are 10 times more expensive than India (to start with you may struggle to find it because penalty for posession of drug could be death). I don,t know about Brahmavar airport you must be recieving flights from Afganistan/Pakistan/Nigeria or from Iran We are talking about NRI's some of them work 2 years sometimes under50* centigrade, last thing they want before getting out of Airport is harassment by customs goons...

Lancy, Mangalore
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zaheer, you are right. Actual parking charges are Rs. 40/- but they were taking Rs. 60/- and not issuing any receipt. Things have now changed. Recently I went to a friend to the airport,while leaving I unknowingly paid Rs. 60/-. They politely returned Rs. 20/- and gave me a receipt for Rs. 40/-. I heard this racket was recently busted and all the staff there replaced. I am not sure if this news is authentic. Nevertheless, a note of caution to all the airport car park users, whatever money they demand, ask for a receipt. Reffuse to pay if they are not willing to issue a receipt.

Peter Pinto, Mangalore/ Bangalore
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Indians have been corrupt for the last 5000 years and will continue to be corrupt for the next 5000 years. Even in heaven, you might find many Indians who are creating a scam up there under the very noses of Jesus, Allah, Moses, Eshwara, Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Gobind Singh, etc. Corruption is in our DNA and we cannot do anything about it.

dinesh shetty, brahmavar
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear J.Salian

You mean to say a drug smuggler and an anti social element can also show the first page of passport and pass freely.because it is by order of the president he is doing so.... ! How will customs people separate the genuine passenger and the wrong doer, if you people abuse everyone and obstruct them from doing their duty? Why do you keep quiet when it comes to security check?

SF, Mlore
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Very balanced write up dear Walter. However, all the three connected news articles published in this connection have failed to inform the readers as to what the actual Custom duty is payable for import of Gold ornaments. The readers are all confused and are still asking for clarifications. Please enlighten the readers by studying the issue thoroughly rather than trying to be sensational.

Jennifer, Shivbagh
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is it possible to make people aware of the calculation on total customs paid? Can the customs people be clear on how much they would charge the passenger on goods brought in? As in how they would calculate the total amount to be paid? Say I bring in an LED TV, which costs approx Rs 36,000. According to latest rules published by Daiji after obtaining from customs document, permissible limit is Rs 35,000. So does it mean I pay customs on the excess amount, i.e. Rs 1,000 @ 36%, which is a total of Rs 360 that will be paid? Or is it Rs 36,000 @ 36%, which is Rs 12,960 in total paid? Very often customs people can get away with the calculation and final amount without the passenger being aware. It is possible to write this down clearly for lame persons to understand.

C.U.Rency, Mangalore/Mangalore
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The customs rules were designed in the 'socialist' era. Many of them are meaningless now.

I commend those customs officers who are smart and generous enough to recognize that and use their discretion and humanity.

I think that the rest are only out to further spoil whatever is left of the departments reputation and drag down everyone else with them.

maria, mangalore
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

dear sanjeeth, next time you leave through the airport, being mangalore or any other, ask the customs at departure for an export certificate. the export certificate would be a request from you to the Customs to certify that you are taking some valuable items out of the country and hence it is duty paid in India,the next timeyou come to India, produce this certificate. do this every time you come and go. that way. it takes only 5 minutes of your time. and next time some1 points out the item you just have to return this certificate. i have done it for gold jewellery in Mangalore airport itself and i have not faced any problems yet.

maria, mangalore
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Damodar Bhat, could you give me the name of that senior officer in mumbai. I definitely would like to enquire with him where such a rule is written. because every where that i searched the net, it is written as adult above 18 years 2 litres of alcohol.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why do you need to bring 30kg? you want bring jack fruit, coconut, riceÖ..?

maria, mangalore
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Lavita, you are right, did you include yourself in the pig sty. first read the rules that are online. surely you know how to go online. or do you need someone to teach you how to do that. as per section 133 of the Customs Act, you can be arrested and put behind bars for six months for abusing and interrupting during discharge of duties. Are you ready to risk it. When a person talks rules, talk rules back. dont abuse.

Thomas, Dubai, Mangalore/Dubai
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zaheer, thanks for bringing this issue on car parking at mangalore airport, however daiji has published this issue if i remember a year ago and all are aware of the situation unless someone have not read the article in daiji.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can some one tell whether this is valid or not

zaheer, mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks a lot for the news about customs in mangalore airport.
i like to bring one more problem of our airport which is car parking.
there is a sign board mentioning 60 rupees for premiun parking and 40 rupees for normal parking.
once i asked the main gate what is the difference when i entered and the man who gave me the pink slip told me when you go out you ask them. when i left the airport i asked the man how much he told me 60 and i told why ? is it not 40 rupees. then he pulled one white reciept of 40 rupees and took 40 only without uttering a word.
I visited 4 times after that and i paid the same 40 rupees. but i saw many people pay the same 60. and they are not issuing any receipt for 60 rupees that means they take the difference of 20 rupees and put in their pocket.
if a 1000 cars are parking there everyday that means 20,000 rupees is going to somebody and we dont know to whom.
if anybody reading this message who have gone to the airport and parked the car imagine what is the difference in normal and premium parking. there is no shelter for premium parking. can diaji team check this matter by sting operation.

Prakash, Mangalore/Dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

I don't agree on the below statement done by one of the customer officer
"people complain that we impose tax on jewellery worn on the body. We have never done that. It is not true. A couple of days back a lady came in wearing loads of jewellery, some with brand new tags! Still we were considerate towards her...we don't understand why people are making such allegations,"

What is the funda in wearing the jewellary? Just to escape the custom guys? we doesn't like to wear our jewellary(even the used one) during travel, so we always pack it separately & carry it. Does this mean if I dont wear i have to pay customs!
This was the 2011 incident, when I was carrying the gold necklace (which was forgotten and left in dubai by my family costing around 3000 AED that time). I was sure that custom guy will tax me on this, so I didnt wear a single gram of my gold (even my wedding ring), but still that custom guy enquired me about the necklace and demanded Rs 1000. After lots of arguments I was agreed to pay the tax officially. He bought the scale(which I never seen during departure), weighed the necklace and calculated the tax which came to Rs.500 and I paid and took the receipt.
I was personally not convinced with the customs behaviour that time. He was also saying the same statement that time. Sir if you wear any gold we dont tax you, but if you carry the jewellary you have to pay the tax? Wear necklace? why!!? This type of harrasement I think generally faced by bachelor's most of the time

fais, mlore/shenzhen
Monday, July 23, 2012

My question is why do I have to pay Custom charges for what I searched and bought for my self or my dear ones... 1 or 2% is ok.. 16 20 22%..!!!! What the heck... even indians pay so many kinds of tax the benifits of paying tax what is expected by the citizen is 0.! In China low tax and you can find a lot of facilities given to the citizens.. 1 st thing you can see there is every where you will find a police constable who not only helps you to cross the roads also picks up the luggage of old aged people to the other side... Now tell me why I have to pay the Tax in india..!!

Santosh Rathod, Sirsi / Abu Dhabi
Monday, July 23, 2012

Yes. 100% right.Kinldy think about this. This will help us to use our country products.

Shameer MOhammed, Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

Great job Daijiworld....nice article again........i do agree with Christopher D'Cunha,

Ravi Shetty, Doha,Qatar
Monday, July 23, 2012

Some times it has been terrible attitude by some of the customs officials. After finding the gold they catch as if they catch thieves.
Once my son was travelling alone with two second hand watch(one was mine which was left back),custom guy stopped and took QR.150/- from my son.After hearing the story ,one of our family friends complained directly to the commissioner. Commissioner enquired and suspened the official .We later requested the commissioner not to target any particular individual ,rather try to clean the system.
Good campaign by Daiji ,I am sure we the travelers will be benefitted.

Damodar Bhat, Udupi
Monday, July 23, 2012

Can a minor carry 2 bottles of Whiskey ? Yes he can ! No customs officer can stop the minor for it.This is because the intended whiskey could be for his parents or relations and not for sale.He can buy & carry but not to consume it.The minor can present it to his family outside the airport arrival door.

A senior customs officer in Mumbai told me about this.

vikas, dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

Is 100 page outdated rule is applicable only in Mangalore Airport or in every airport, why mangalore airport is targeted, karnataka has only one International airport, and mangalore is yet to be given a int'l status

Christopher D'Cunha, M'lore/AUH
Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Daijiworld, while fighting for the above cause please put forward one more concern i.e. the baggage allowance while coming from the Gulf countries the Airlines could let us carry 30/32kgs and hand baggage allowance 8/10kgs, but the same aircraft canít carry the same weight while going back? Why the allow only exact 20kgs and 8kgs hand baggage? If we carry more weight (food items) grown by our farmers is in it the income for our people?

Gerald, modankap-bantval
Monday, July 23, 2012


Victor Alvares, Mangalore/Muscat
Monday, July 23, 2012

Daiji, you are truly our daiji. Great work. We all have taken you to our hearts.Keep it up.

J.Salian, Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

I suggest these so called Customs officers read this first...this is by order from PRESIDENT of INDIA. All those coming from abroad show your passport 1st page and ask the customs officer in charge to read it..and record their comments.

Henry Lewis, Sastan/Kuwait
Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Work by Daiji World the customs rule must be changed as per the time and value of the goods change it is n o t realistic to implement the the one sided rules as the value has changed during the years.I trust Daijiworld will fight for the justice we are with you

Lancy, Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

Sanjeeth - help desk,helpline, CCTV Cameras are useless even if there is one. There must be a honest Supervisor on the top of these officers who is not corrupt. Otherwise harassment to suit their intentions will continue. I have seen personally not once but a few times passengers specially
carrying LCD of any size or make are stopped, asked to pay (not as customs duty) but under the table and this is done openly without any fear by a group of individuals at Mangalore Airport.

Shakir Hussain, Dubai/Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks alot Daijiworld for your excellent work

Monday, July 23, 2012

ref to all these issue i would like to bring into notice a small issue .
the customs officers in mangalore are been the best , the point is ( the agents) . my experience , there are some ground staff of aircraft company who are creating all these problems . when my cousin arrived from dubai ,it was absolutely no items which were under customs , one watch he bought it for me was just a titan watch not even INR 2000 , the staff of the air craft said to my cousin , customs officers will check you so we will help you in this movement, we will take you safe , and these staff who will come out with the passenger and demand for money , saying customs officer demands so much and we have taken risk of this bringing you out safely , this happened infront of me, than i warned the staff ,than he kept quite, after we reached home there was continues call from the staff side demanding money . so this is the problem , what is the duty of the ground staff ?

Sanjeeth, Mangalore/Dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank Daiji, great job.

But just a quick question, just in case we are harrased for no reason is there a helpdesk or helpline which is going to hear our plea? For example each time i go with my camera which is for my personal use (which am ready to in my passport) am asked to pay duty... this is cruel and makes no sense, when i asked show me your rule book which says i cannot carry a DSLR , the customs states everything cannot be stated , soemthing we need to understand !! now what do you say to that ??

sharaf, Dubai/Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

well done daiji...great work,we always with u.
when i am in kuwait that time i faced problem/harrasment in mangalore airport,but clearly i don't knw tat officer week i am going to mangalore,i will try to find that officer name/photo,if i sucess to find that corrupted officer i will send u his name/photo

vincy lobo, pernal/pangla/dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

great job Mr.Walter&whole daiji team.salute to all of you.but keep continue till official annoncement comes.may be the custom team knows you personely very well&thats why they showed politeness on that day.all poor passangers need a 10,000rps now only approx 5gms gold comes.they must change their rule.all are with you to support.god bless Daijiworld entire great thing here i noticed that,daijiworld is the true fighter...not our seniour ministers of karnataka.they only kar...nataka.God Bless you Walter&Team.

stevi, Pakshikere
Monday, July 23, 2012

Last time I did not commented because I did not faced any problems and in fact I was praising the authorities for their extremely good gestures towards all passengers. But recently incidents I could not believe what all happened. There are few people who really want to take advantage of this customs politeness and because of this the authority must have raised the alarm and thatís it. Mr. Walter you have done a great job God Bless you. People of Mangalore are gentle man and I am sure this perception will change very soon.

KT, Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

Rehna, Mangalore/Dubai, Thanks for the info, What happens if the total value is 35k? then the duty to be paid on 10k only? Any advice?

Zahoor Ahmed, Karkal / Dammam
Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks Daiji for your efforts

akshay, mangalore / Dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Daiji

Great job done som one need take a leadership on such causes and you are doing the right thing Please also take up this issue to Lokayuktha office , they can keep check on this kind of corruptions Also on another note you need to take up another issue to break the monopoly of Airindia express why they block other airlines to fly to managlore possible you can file RTI on behalf of all NRIS to find out which loby is stopping this process of getting other airlines to managalore

Anil Piinto, Puttur / DUbai
Monday, July 23, 2012

Daiji is doing wonderfull job..hatts of MR Walter Nandalike.we really apreciate your effort...keep it up...God Bless you...Jai Ho Daijiworld...

joboy, mlore/dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Daiji team, why dont you give a clear picture of the customs law present at this moment. Which goods are duty free, which goods are taxable, their permissible limit etc etc. i think we should start from the scratch and know the basic laws before we complain against anyone.

Daya Kirodian, Mangalore/Dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Walter,

NO matter what happens. Please continue your fight against corruption. You may face alegations or life threat but end of the day your fight is to the benefit of the society. Blessings of the millions of people will guard you and your family members. God bless you. Thanks to daiji team for uplifting this issue.

Anand, Karkala/Dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

There nothing wrong by Customs Officers in Bajpe Airport and the blame should go to the Govt. of India - Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the high time to consider this matter seriously, and take up the issue in the Parliament to make necessary amendments.
We will feel happy if the Customs Officers charge something nominal in way of bribe for dutiable items. Am I right?

Anil Menezes, Shirva
Monday, July 23, 2012

I came from kuwait on 13 july. When the bags arrived I saw the cross marks and they asked me to scan. In one bag there was needo milk powder and in other some frozen food items . They said these are not allowed. I said i am bringing these since so many years they said i need to get a certificate stating that they are fit for human consumption! (they said they are allowing this time but not to bring from next time ). Can any one tell me whether customs policy prohibits these items specially milk powder ? Daiji can u check the rules?

Ivan Frank, Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

Very good work undertaken by Daiji Team and Mr. Walter in highlighting the difficulties faced by the travelers at the hands of some custom officials. We are very grateful to you for taking up this matter with the higher officials and People's representatives. It is high time they realise not to take people for granted and treat them with dignity and respect.

Pradeep Shenoy, Mangalore/USA
Monday, July 23, 2012

This is one of the several issues plaguing our community and nation as a whole. The community-at-large should unite and address corruption and bribery from elected officials whose primary role is to serve the general public and uphold the law, not misuse it to their own benefit. Seems like customs officials in Mangalore were hiding behind the antiquated laws of 1967 in regards to price of gold allowed in and thereby using it to their advantage to harass people and take bribe.

Simply pathetic!!

Publishing such events to the world to see and also publishing the names of the concerned officials involved in this corrupt racket is the best way to mitigate the issue. Given that corruption lies even at the highest echelons of govt establishments, the only way is to make them public and let the law take its course.

Democracy does not function if people do not take active role and laws are not enforced properly.
The genesis of such corrupt officials is the direct result of poor people participation in community affairs.

Excellent work by Daijiworld team. Hats off to you and best wishes.

Pavan Kumar, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi
Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks Mr. Walter for your wonderfull job and efforts taken for helping the NRI. Like Daji only the media can do to open the eyes of our sleeping rulers. But don't come accorss our Mangalore Custom officers the movement dummy act. They all are same and they each other involved in this pehenomina. I have had expeirienced a lot from Managalore Airport. Now I am travelling through Bombay to avoid these all tuff born customs officers.

Ken, M'lore/USA
Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks a mil Walter & team.. presume this effort of Daiji will help us have a pleasant experience while landing in M'lore...
Together we can !

Bulsam, Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

There should be a passanger grievence counter staffed with well known customs related lawyers inside the customs duty area. There should be more CCTV around the customs checking region with a monitor also at this special grievence counter to check the illegal dealings by the corrupt customs afficials.

Monday, July 23, 2012

UPA Govt.must wake up from deep slumber and solve this problem as soon as possible! The central govt must must have hold on the custom officers while implimenting rules proprely.this attitude of custom officer is to gain for their personal benifits.

Anil, Mangalore
Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks Daiji for fighting good cause and social justice. Hope the custom rules change soon and everybody travel without tension.

Felix lobo, Bajpe/Saudi arabia
Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks Walty.
if this harrassement continue in bajpe airport,dont be surprised all NRI passengers will come via other distinations

Tousik Ahamed , Dubai
Monday, July 23, 2012

Very well done Mr.Walter, we all appreciate you in this regard.
I had same issue with custom this JUL 2.

Mohan H Naik, Mangaluru
Monday, July 23, 2012

Please check this link.

Santhosh, Mangalore/Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

well done Mr.Walter Nandalike. when we are travelling From Dubai to Mangalore we need peace of mind first mangaloreans are fedup from AIE, again in Airport Custom least i belive now we get peace of mind. Thanks Daiji team really your team is voice of Mangalore.

Rehna, Mangalore/Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mr. KT
Free allowance for tourists of Indian origin is Rs25,000 per passenger including 2 Liters of Whisky/Wine & 200 Nos of cigrattes. One Lap Top computer is allowed as duty free for adult passenger

Rony, Pernal
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well done Mr:Walter........keep-it up.
god bless you.........

siddapur abdul raheeman saheb, siddapur/karnataka/saudia
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good works by Daiji world particulary Mr.Walter Nandalike.Sir,let Managaluru air port customs should visit Channi airport customs and feel the difference and introduce the same system here.

Louis, Kuwait
Sunday, July 22, 2012

@Jaimini PB, very well said. Both your comments are very fascinating. Nalin Kumar cannot express his feelings even if he want to. This way Hegde is far more better n he speaks sensibly without any empty promises or boastings. I haven't gone through Ravi Belegeres any episodes. Appreciate your good gesture towards Daijiworld & Mr. Walter. Daijiworld is the only media for us to express our feelings n problem which reaches the masses. Thanx.

abu saad, Mangalore/Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Now Daiji is our saviour, we all depend on them. Along with Daiji why dont we approch the ministers?

Austin Santhosh, Haleangadi/Bahrain
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Walter, No one in Mangalore Customs are saints! They should have complained about their co-workers who are accused of taking bribe. We should have a "CBI Office in the Airport"!

C.U.Rency, Mangalore/Mangalore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

In 1967 : 1 USD = 7.54 INR 10000.INR=1326.25USD

In 2012 : 1 USD = 55.30 INR
1325.25USD = 73342.18 INR

Helen D'Souza, Mangalore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank you Walter for your well detailed (detained) on issue at Mangalore Airport. May Good Lord take away all the obstales on your path so that we hear the good news from you very soon.

Lesly Saldanha, Shirva/Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Walty And Team. Good Work. As informed by custom officer All are not bad. We too experience in our working atmostsphere. If possible we raise the same concern regarding monopoly of Air India Express. We are paying High price for ticket let our people fly with Air India instead of air india express. & Allow other airline to land in mangalore.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Interesting thing is that, how this new Customs officer got passed in Public service Exam! He should have analyzed the value 1967 till current. How shame it is to ask us to read outdated hand book to read!!!

Rion, udupi
Sunday, July 22, 2012


Anisha, Mangalore/Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hi Walter well done now can u tell me how much gold we cam wear and how much we can carry , if u guide me i am most greatful to u thank waiting for u r reply

Shammi, Karnataka
Sunday, July 22, 2012

We understand some loyal custom officials,but even they should understand our situation.As we all know we are landing mlore airport which has table toprunway.And see the timings for gulf bound flights all are after 12 am.The passenegrs undergo lots of trauma especially a women with kids and lonely woman.If a flight lands safely that itself is a worldcup for a gulf NRI'S.Out of all aviophobia when a passemger lands the airport ,just imagine the official asking for bribery,WHAT SHOULD WE DO?should we have warm COLGATE SMILE.we are
Filled with tensions n please dont eat our head.Woman should be allowed 200 gms of gold n men 100 gms.It shouldnt rely on money ,coz gold rate keeps changing.So fix it in gms.Sincere request to Daiji ,plz initiate RTI act by writing to PM.Justice should be sought to any cost.we get valuable things from our hard earned money.IT is our possession ,no customs has a write to bribe it.

murthy, mangalore/dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good Job by Mr. Walter & Co....We cannot rationlize the system, there are some officers who are shrewd and talk nonsense. Once I had the same problem in 2010 december. I was travelling to mangalore on emergency due my mother's sudden demise and I had only one small brief case. When I reached the customs scanning as usual bag has been scanned and came out from the machine. When I suppose to pick the bag the customs officer standing next to machine asking me in Hindi " Bag me kithna Bottle Hai". I was very angry and smilingly I asked him then what did you see in the x-ray machine. It means you or your people not checking properly when it passes the machine. Suddenly he realized his nonsense, and meanwhile one officer who was talking in Tulu came and told me that Sir,you carry on.
And he apologized for the inconvenience.
What I mean to say is what ever the government order is, officers are also human beings and they can politely behave with the people. No need to treat everybody like criminals.

pradeep shetty, manglore/abu dhabi
Sunday, July 22, 2012

n 1967 gold rate wase Rs. 34/- per grams and now it is approx 2000/- per gram. as per 1967 rules women can wear arond 588 grams of gold and now only 10 grams. why the government of India passing the bill as per the letest rate of gold?

anil vas, batwal/abu dhabi
Sunday, July 22, 2012

good job.
We citizens are bound by the Law which is very clear - except jewellery, bring personal effects upto.... value.
So LAW has to be changed.
What is the use of fighting with the customs people. they are doing their job. Imagine if we were in customs people place, we would have been worse (surely!).
So work for changing the LAW of our country which is governed by the CBEC.

once this is changed, you are free to bring 5 kgs if permitted.

Bekal s raj, Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

thank you walter.thank you

John, Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Walter & DW Team

Excellent job!!!! An amicable solution is within our reach. Full credit goes to your team. More of it is your co-ordination between the Daijiworld readers, customs officials and politicians. This is a right example of collective efforts about how to bring the changes in our society. You have played a anchor role on public voices.GREAT!!!!

Kiran, Katpadi
Sunday, July 22, 2012

The truth is that only few people have objection. only 5% of total turnout.

anand, mangalore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

When i arrived last week , Mangalore customs officials were very rude. Food items like sausages are not allowed. I request Airport authority to install CCTV to monitor Custom officers.This should be connected to central Govt. Senior officials. So that they can see the corrupt officials live show.

HPP, Mangalore/Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Very well done Mr.Walter, we all appreciate you in this regard.
I also caught by these customs officer last January 2012 for carrying car stereo worth of Rs 4,000. I argued with them for approx. I hr & after that, they allowed me to go without paying anything.

Also,we fed up with this AI exp also. Please do some thing in this regard...

KT, Mangalore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

What exactly is the rule? Is it if the value of your baggage (except gold) exceeds Rs 35,000/= they you have to pay duty? Does this include Laptop as well? Can some one make clear this?

Ronnie, Kinnigoli/Canada
Sunday, July 22, 2012

I havenít experienced any harassment of significant nature from the customs in the past 10 years. Probably my situation is slightly different from many of the readers who have experienced their experiences here. Neither I wear jewelry nor carry any in my baggage. I donít buy and carry any electronics which is being sold or that can be purchased in India. Female members of my family wear simple gold jewelry common with Indian tradition and attire. Definitely that jewelry weighs more than 20 grams for each person. We use Mumbai airport as there are no direct fights to Mangalore from North America. We always use the green channel and then we proceed to the domestic terminal for Mangalore flight. This time at Mumbai, I was taken aside after the screening of the baggage and being questioned for the electronics stuff that I had in the bag. It was a Canon Digital SLR camera body and couple of lenses that go on that body all nicely tucked in professional carry backpack. The guy told me that is dutiable and valued at INR 100,000 and demanded my passport! I explained my situation saying that I have been bringing in and taking back that gear for the last 2 years and no one demanded any duty on that. Next he wanted to check was my return ticket. After showing that piece of evidence he apologised and let me go. I donít consider this as harassment but after reading the responses of the people here I feel that the custom officials are fishing for easy targets.

First of all, why they demand for our passport as soon as they pull as aside? Are we going to run away from the scene? If they are going by the law book then it is high time that NRIs from the region should talk to the local MPs put pressure on them to change the duty free limit on the jewelry worn to a realistic rupee value or to avoid confusion announce/publish the duty free limit in grams of gold. Discussed procedure of export certificate is not practical. All these hurdles will alienate NRIs from the motherland

jerald, DUBAI
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thanks Walter for your detailed review. Based on the allegations by the custom officer you just imagine most of the passengers were earning low and middle class salary in UAE and labour class level Most of them travelling once in 2 years .During that period they take some credit from their friends and buying maximum 20 to 30 grams of gold for their loved once. These officers simply making allegations now.

Wilson Praveen, Neerude / Muscat
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Mr. Walter I salute you for your great job. Don't depend on the political leaders they know to beg the votes but they can't understand the problems facing by a common man. They get what they want from the government as well as from the people even though without raising voice in the parliament or turnig face after 5 years to public. You continue your work. Your effort and support of common people will lead you into success. may God Bless You.

lawrence, mangalore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

hats of to daijiworld humble request with muthalik&anna hazare to raise this issue in public.where is ramasene they can see only pubs and churches.if they hav guts go to the airport and cath the corupt customs officiars then i can also say that ramasene is doing good job.i think customs officers are thinking that we are getting gold in trees.people are earning in gulf countrys in extreemly hot weather and extereemly cold and also sandstrom.

laveena lobo, mangalore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

thanks daiji.. & well done ..

Maurice D'Mello, Toronto
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well, keep up the good work (pressure) Walter, the customs officials should be properly oriented by their boss. It is not to harass passangers, but to be kind and cooperative. If they have paid large sums to get into to this job, it is not the passangers' fault and let them not try to milk the passangers dry to recover their investment.

Most importantly, many of the passangers are un-aware of the rules and regulations of the customs and secondly customs rules must be uniform, not different from Sahar airport in Mumbai or else, Mangalore airport will be empty, sans passangers, who will take other airports to arrive in India.

Wearing, carrying gold jewellery is the right of every Indian woman and it required, the customs can ask the passangers to it and take back with them, but not to be harrassed by the customs.

Herbert Joseph Meenzes, Barkur
Sunday, July 22, 2012

God bless Daiji & Editor Walty. Truth will come out soon

Lavita, Manglore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

These pigs will not improve. This is our country and our place and no body can kick us out so when ever any custom guy harasses you just call public help if one guy gets beating every one will improve.

Navaz Thokur, Addoor/AlJubail
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well Done Mr. Walter.. Keep it up..

Lancy Noronha, Bellore-Bendur-Dubai
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Mr.Walter Nandalike,we salute you sir, we need MPs like you- {personality} & our intentions too. Thanks for your courtesy...appreciated.

At "Lancy-Mangalore"...
Dear,Lancy...43" inch TV is not allowed as per customs terms/conditions. Customs duty advisable {if cargo DXB-Mangalre, then, Aed 1740 duty will be paid}. Without duty allowed - if you are going for good only & with proper docs, Embessy attested AUTH,under "T.R."
Generally, 32" T.V.allowed & there is no TAX.
You are really happy dear.

Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Louis,Kuwait..I have been reading Ravi Belgere's Hi Bangalore for the past 14 years.I may skip my dinner but not HI BANGALORE ! Even in Sharjah,I buy HI from Pakistani shop keeper every week ! Dear Luis..for every good work there will be criticism..that is nature law.Mr.Belgere is also having professional enemies.Tomorrow,when Mr.Walter(Daiji) becomes national figure,I am sure he will be having enemies..that time I stand by Walter..may be I will be arguing with someone HOW WALTER IS,AND WHAT WALTER IS ..

Anthony Quadras, Mangalore/Doha
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank you well done Daiji,Please continue the pressure till the rule get change.Some passengers have already changed their route via Calicat,bangalore,Goa,or Bombay.We really appreciate your effort...keep it up until justice is done God bless you...

Laxman, Mangalore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

My dear Lancy, Mangalore. you are wrong. First of all I like to thank Mr. Walter raising this issue. This is an eye opener. Mr. Lancy You are encouraging the customs officer by bribing Rs.3000/ and spoiling custome officer as well as NRI's reputation. When you can buy 43" Lcd TV cheaply from abroad, you can also pay what ever the duty is levied and come out. It would have cleared your conciousness. Fortunately, special custom squad did not stop you near the airport exit. You could have got in to more trouble. Do not get hurt while paying the government because government need your money for your service and to pay the staff salary. No doubt Government is corrupt but we are making them corrupt.Majority of our people (sometime me) are greedy and impatient. Always trying find fault with others. dear Lancy Have a happy viewing.

jagdish , Bajpe, UAE
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Similar case to Mr. Lancy, Few weeks back i took 32inch LED of samsung from EROS duba. When i got down in the airport, custom officers are like eagles looking for prey, stopped me and asked me to see other guy. I met him and He told me that this 42inch LED. I said 32 Inch LED which is not custommable, Immediately he took me to other side and took one price list and said cost of the TV is 46000 Indian ruppes.

I told him very politely, We will make a deal pay me only 35000 Indian rupees you can keep the TV with you. Even if he keep the TV still i gain 12000 Indian rupees. By the time another Custom officer joined, i explained what has happened, Both discussed for few minutes and asked me to go. I came out without paying anything. before leaving from there i argued them to have a good attitude.

Prathima, Mangalore
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thanks to Daiji team... to bring out the issue and creating this pressure. Hope the NRI's wont be harrased. Keep up the good Work...

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