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Mangaluru: BJP creating slaughterhouse controversy for political ends - JD(S)

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Mangaluru, Oct 10: JD(S) Dakshina Kannada district president, Muhammed Kunhi, has accused BJP of twisting facts relating to development of Kudroli slaughterhouse, with the sole aim of reaping political benefit out of it. "Minister, U T Khader, had just put forward a suggestion to develop the slaughterhouse. BJP, which sensed an opportunity to get political mileage, is presenting the issue in negative perspective," he said.

Speaking at a press meet held here on Tuesday October 9, Kunhi stated that the charges levelled by MP Nalin Kumar Kateel and others, accusing Khader of taking unilateral decision in respect of slaughterhouse development are baseless. "The minister had just made a suggestion. The decision was taken by Smart City Board Committee in which there are BJP members too. The MP and MLA who are creating a din on the issue seem to have forgotten this fact," he said.

JD(S) Mangaluru assembly constituency unit president, Vasanth Poojary, noted that a part of the Pumpwell flyover had crashed to the ground last year. Therefore, he demanded the quality of the construction to be got verified by experts from National Institute of Technology (Karnataka), Suratkal so that future catastrophes can be avoided. He also expressed the opinion that people should respect the Supreme Court decision on allowing entry for women in Sabarimala temple.

Kunhi said that chief minister, Kumaraswamy, would be arriving in the city on October 14 for inaugurating Mangaluru Dasara celebrations. He said that on the same afternoon, the chief minister will be inaugurating the offices of MLCs, B M Farooq and Bhoje Gowda in the deputy commissioner's office complex and Kadri respectively. He also said that minister for cooperation, Bandeppa Kashempur, will be coming to the district on October 10 for attending the meetings at South Canara District Central Cooperative Bank and Campco office, after which he will be holding discussions about problems faced by arecanut growers.


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  • Mohammed, Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 11 2018

    Mr. Truth, first of all do not rubbish here with out knowing the facts.

    Inside current MCC slaughterhouse in Kudroli there are two separate slaughter houses. one for goat/sheep and another one for cattle.

    Why should MCC not build another buildiing for Pig slaughter? People eating pork have equal rights to get the hygienic heathy meat. It’s MCC’s decision end of the day .

    Trust me MCC slaughterhouse in Kudroli is a complete filth. There is not even a singal Vet to check the health condition of the animals nor the meat is checked or tested before sending it to the market. They stamp the meat sometimes which I guess is done by one of the butchers as a formality.

    Meat coming out of this slaughterhouse is certainly unhealthy.

    Take out communal filth of ur head and Demand for hygienic slaughterhouse for the sake of our families.

    Almighty is the greatest.


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  • shuba, Mumbai

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    There are so many important issues to be addressed in all sectors by this ruling BJP but they are
    just trying to drag the country to a lower most level by not addressing the actual required issues
    and motivating the youths in education sector, agricultural and the drought hit areas. They want
    to gain by creating controversy in between religions and win the confidence of voters. All of us to be
    beware of the media and misleading promises.

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  • Logical, Kudla

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Who says only beef is cut there?? I was born in the locality and spent 49 years there.

    Majority of mutton supplied to kudla comes from butcher house in kudroli. And for the info of many people unaware there are people from the city corporation who monitor cattle coming there.

    While I agree there is a lot of cattle stolen and butchered, it doesn't happen in kudroli slaughter house. Why do we simply come to preconceived conclusions ??

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  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India.

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    BJP always create emotions in the mind of people by bringing religious sentiments. For me, the logic is very simple. If the product of vegetable is veg and the product of cow whose body is 100% meat, should be treated as meat/non veg. In this context, even the cows milk should be considered as non veg. Why double standard. All issues for leaders personal benefit and not for the welfare of the society.

    Mangalore requires hygenic slaughter house, not only one but at least 4. Hope the district Minister speed up by giving licence for more slaughter house.

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  • Truth, Mangaluru

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Do you just need 4 slaughterhouses or 4 each for Cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken separately?

    Even I support more legal slaughterhouses. I mentioned 'legal' because this should not become the last selling point of stolen it is now in Kudroli.

    Let there be one or more high tech slaughterhouses. Let the slaughterhouses have slots for pigs too. If you argue that it will hurt the sentiments of Muslims, my counterargument would be slaughtering cattle will hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

    If you are so secular, let the slaughter house have options to slaughter all animals, legally.

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  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India.

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Truth, Mangaluru
    At least we require not one, but minimum 4 slaughter house in Managlore. But there should not be issue for slaughter houses for all animals including ox, baffallo, pigs, sheep etc, excluding birds as it is not practical. Let all live happily.

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  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    @ herald, 4 your info pigs, chicken & sheep slaughtering's permits r not required except cattle, bovine. - my opinion.

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  • Diwakar, Bangalore

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Stop all slaughters for 2 years is the best solution..
    Then what happens
    Tremendous increase of all stray livestock. Destroy available greens and then start entering the protected cultivation. This will create huge agrarian crisis who will intern educate these twisted fellows, which is presently happening in North... Is this not the most civil and Gandhian system...

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  • G M Ullal, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Well, Smart city work was not started. Smart City draft not drafted. Smart city Officers, Engineers are not working. Smart city people , opposition are not welcome to the plan. Well you don't know what to do with the money you are going to get.

    But First, we will build a beautiful, healthy slaughterhouse for the Smart city where we can get good meat. Smart City can come up later if the money remains.

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  • pooki, mangaluru

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    you are absolutely right sir. Slaughterhouse is very important because 100% kudla public eats non-veg..many openly..others chori chupe..and I know many love beef chilli but do not admit

    Hope the slaughter house gets ready very soon. Even vegetarians can get their vegetables cut there instead of extra work for females at home

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  • Rohan, Mangalore / Dubai

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Is slaughter house only meant for Beef ??? Why are these guys creating so much fuss.

    What's the harm in having a well established slaughter house.

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  • Truth, Mangaluru

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    That is the point Sir. They will not allow slaughter of pigs there!!!

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  • Flavian, Mangaluru/Kuwait

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    @ Truth,
    Please do not interfere or dictate terms on others eating habits. Eating Beef is not new.
    You relish Mutton items with some scotch no body will object.

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  • Truth, Mangaluru

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    I didn't say not eat beef.
    I said, since this slaughter house is being built with public money, it can not be restricted only to cattle slaughtering. 15 Crore is huge money.
    Let this slaughterhouse be used to slaughter pigs, sheep and chicken too.

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  • Truth, Mangaluru

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    With 15 crores, you can open a high tech vegetable market so that farmers too get some benefits,
    With this slaughterhouse, only cattle thieves and stolen meat preferrers will get all the benefits!!

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  • Anand, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Mr. TRUTH for your information majority Mangaloreans are non vegetarians. We need clean hygienic meat for our consumption. Keep your Beef politics at the time of elections. We are non vegetarians eating Chicken mutton fish etc.

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Truth should be mind your own food habits. Non vegetarians pay taxes too.....they have have full right and deserve a clean and hygiene non vegitraian food! As Anand said, keep your beef politics to yourselves.

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  • Truth, Mangaluru

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    How about supporting butchering of pigs too in the same slaughterhouse? There are many pork loving tax payers too in Mangalore.

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  • pooki, mangaluru

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    why not? go should have chicken, mutton, pork, beef and camel, if available. slaughtering facility and one corner should be kept for rabbit, wild boar etc which are generally available after hunting.

    As you are a pork lover, I can feel your need.

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    11. "2 Crore jobs will be created every year", he promised. But in reality, not even 1 lakh jobs were generated on the other hand demonetization has killed lakhs of jobs in almost every sector

    12. Rafale deal is another loot. India is buying an aircraft from France for 1526 Crores. He Ignored HAL and made Anil Ambani's brand new company a partner in this deal. Funny twist, Qatar and Egypt get the same aircraft for 700 crores...Mother of all scams!!!

    13. Another crony capitalist Pathanjali was given land worth 268 crores for just 58 crores

    14. As per RBI loans worth 2.4 Lakhs, Crore was waived for the corporate sector when farmers are committing suicide because they can't afford loan repayment.

    15. The suicide rate of farmers increased by 40 percent most of them are from BJP governed states

    16. GST another example of monumental mismanagement. Revenue of state government has been affected badly

    17. The banks have survived from global recession in 2008 and in 2011 have incurred a loss of 44000 crores in the last quarter

    18. An imposed tax of 200 percent for petrol and 400 percent for diesel.

    19. The agricultural sector that previously recorded 4 to 5 percent annually is now showing only up to 2 percent.

    20. Export bill of agricultural produce has come down by 9 billion dollars.

    21. As per South Asia terrorist portal (STAP) Record under NDA 2 government 191 soldiers killed, 72 percent increase in loss of life.

    22. The Kashmir alone has shown an increase in terrorist activity by 42 percents.

    23. Civilians killed in terrorist attacks in Kashmir has increased by 37 percent.

    24. India has just given 1000 acres of land to Bangladesh in lieu of 500 acres. A classic example of a poor foreign policy.

    25. Non-performing assets of banks (NPA) surged from below 2 lakh crores to 10 lakh crores.... this is the all-time record of Indian banks.


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    Wed, Oct 10 2018


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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 10 2018


    1. Elevating the fuel prices without any justification when the crude oil price is low in the Int’l Market. Price of fuel maintained high by imposing high tax rate is a classic example of burdening the general public.

    2. LPG price crossed over the 800 Rs mark ... It is double the price of 2014.

    3. The nose dive of Indian Rupee... which is holding the record of the most devalued currency in Asia.

    4. Railway fare has been drastically increased. The minimum charge has gone from Rs.5 to Rs.10. It is the first time in the history the rail charges have increased at this pace.

    5. GOVT., is misusing all institutions Judiciary, CBI, ED, DRI, I.Tax, SIT, Election commissioners to target its opponents and creating fear atmosphere everywhere which does't augur well for the democracy.

    5. Goods transportation fare in the Indian railway has gone up by 10%.

    6. Widespread polarisation on a communal basis as never seen or heard before

    7. "Organised loot and legalized plunder" through a flawed experiment called demonetisation. The government expected that 30% of the notes will not come back to the banks, but eventually, 99.3% came back. The rest is with The Royal bank of Nepal, Royal Bank of Bhutan and the cooperative banking sector. This stupid experiment took the lives of more than 100 people in our country.

    8. "Give me 50 days and if Demonisation is proved wrong I will gladly accept whatever punishment the public want to give", These were the words of Narendra Modi during the days following the Demonetization stunt. Now he does not utter a word about this.

    9. 2% drop in the GDP amounting to the loss of 3 lakh crores to the nation

    10. "Black money which is stacked outside will be brought back within 100 days", Modi said. But no action has been taken on that till now and even the 673 names given by HSBC is not disclosed... who is the government of India keen to protect?


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  • RIL, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Actually BJP alongwith all Political Parties and thier associates should be more than happy to have a centralised HiTech Slaughterhouse which will not only be hygienic but also prevent and identify any theft of cows in our District.

    Chicken too should be centralised in it with outlets provided to farm houses and only chilled meat be allowed in markets or retail outlets

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  • Siddu, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    aparoopada jenoklu
    toonaga kushi aapundu

    bayasade banda yoga alwa ivarige

    gammath madi

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  • rajesh, mulki

    Wed, Oct 10 2018

    Best solution is to open a high tech slaughter house next to this one.

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