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Mangaluru Feb 14: Former police officer Madan MC who hit the headlines recently for quitting police force to join politics is all set to contest as an independent candidate from Mangaluru South. An MBA graduate hailing from Madikeri, Madan has served six years as sub- inspector in different stations such as Kadri, Bajpe and Bunder.

In an exclusive interview with Walter Nandalike on Daijiworld 24x7 channel's 'Public Challenge' programme, Madan speaks on the changes he wishes to bring by joining politics.

Q: Why did you decide to join the police forces?

A: My father is a farmer and we are a middle class family. After pursuing my graduation, I worked for a year as a farmer and later was taken to Tumakuru by my uncle to pursue MBA.

I was not used to city life and was hesitant as I could not speak fluently in English. Though I had the talent and wanted to utilize it, I was not sure on how to go about. After my MBA, I went to two job interviews but could not clear it due to my English. Around the same time, there was a call for the police sub-inspector’s job. I joined Malnad centre at Bengaluru and completed my course. My first basic training was at Gulbarga and one year training probation at Belgaum. My first posting was at Kadri as sub-inspector in the year 2012.

Q: Who inspired you to join police force?

A: My journey of life was not easy. I have faced many challenges. I always aspired to achieve something and joining the police force was a perfect opportunity. When there was a call for the SI post, my two friends guided me to apply at Malnad Coaching Centre in Bengaluru. I joined the centre and was focused, dedicated, committed to my studies for 12 months which resulted in my selection.

Q: You have served for six years in Mangaluru as sub-inspector at different stations. How was your experience?

A: All know that Mangaluru is a sensitive place and small issues can easily turn into major issues. Mangaluru gained negative fame. People’s mindset plays a major role. We have come to a level that no one wants to change. Talking about the experience, sometimes we have to face a lot of pressure, sometimes there were situations where you need to work against your conscience. I am not blaming the police department but the system works that way. It's not only police department, every department faces the same issue.

Q: You have been in the news in Dakshina Kannada as you held a good post for six years and easily you have resigned to the post without any controversy. Who was your inspiration to join politics by resigning the post?

A: In the year 2016, I was posted as SI of Bunder police station. My colleague constable introduced me to the ideologies of Swami Vivekananda, which inspired me. Frankly speaking, the constable was the one who showed me the way. I started reading about Vivekananda which made me feel relaxed and motivated me. At the end of 2016, I thought why not bring about positive change in the society.

I was watching these politicians who just create problems and no one thinks about stopping or changing it. Whatever I am doing is from the inspiration I got from Swami Vivekananda. In 2016 itself, I thought of involving myself in making the necessary changes. I am the citizen of this country and am living in a system. No one is stopping you in bringing about a positive change. When I am old and look back at my life, I should not feel that I did not do my part.

Q: Your vision is such that will be an inspiration for youth. People have wished to enter into the politics and do something for the country at the same time they think about their career. How your family reacted when you resigned? Have you consulted with your family members?

A: No, for three months I was not in contact with my family. Whenever they call me, I used to avoid them.

Q: 99% of family members do not support if one wants to join politics. You left your secure job, respected post. How did you face your family?

A: I avoided them most of the time. At that moment, no one would encourage me. We have one life and I wanted to achieve something in mine. I want to contribute to our country. Our system is not proper. So why cannot I bring changes in our system?

Q: When you resigned the police force it was big news. When you said that you will join politics there was a rumour that BJP will give you ticket. After resigning which party you are more attracted to?

A: I am not attracted to any party as of now. I have already started working independently.

Q: Politics needs money. Is there any one to support you financially?

A: No one is there to support me financially. It may be difficult. But I feel in Mangaluru one does not need a lot of money. At present, politicians are valued based on money. No one does politics without money. I am entering into politics to bring about a change. My first step should be right. In case if I fail, what should I answer to the public? People like me for two reasons, one that I have not done anything bad to anyone, secondly am here to serve the people. If I became the MLA then it would and should help people of Mangaluru.

Q: You have already decided to contest in the elections, from which constituency you are contesting?

A: Yes, I have decided to contest in the elections from Mangaluru South.

Q: You will be contesting from Mangaluru South. BJP and Congress are the main parties in the district and you are not opting any of these parties. Did you receive any invitations from either of these parties?

A: No, I have not received invitation from any of these parties. I will contest as an independent candidate.

Q: Instead of contesting as an independent candidate, you could set a revolution and join a new party of Anupama Shenoy and even Aravind Kejriwal. These parties have brought a revolution in the politics.

A: I had received calls from other parties. I have clearly told that I am not joining any of the parties and I will contest independently.

Q: Do you think people will say that you are contesting independently to divide votes or because of pressure?

A: Let's wait for the result. Whatever calculation has been made will change. I am already doing the field work, visiting each and every house. Wherever I go for a visit, there has been a positive response from the occupants, even elderly people are blessing me and expecting young leaders like me to step in. In remote areas, it’s hard to convince people but here even aged people get convinced easily so it’s easy here to reach out to people. It is not necessary that people have to vote for BJP or Congress. There was no young leader like me who entered into politics. People are looking for change as they are fed up with the system.

Q: You have opted Mangaluru South Constituency. At present, MLA J R Lobo is receiving heaps of praises from the people for initiating development works. Any reason to opt such a difficult constituency?

A: No, I do not feel so. I don't want to personally comment on J R Lobo. Society means not only developing roads and drainages but ensuring that Mangaluru is on the right path. According to me, Mangaluru should be improved in every angle.

Anyone can do development work. An MLA is not needed for that. Mangaluru is in a situation where government officials are afraid to work. Did anyone speak about it? Not being able to maintain law and order is a failure. Murders are happening and still precautionary measures are not taken. No one seems to be bothered about human life but is just using it for politics. Can people walk freely and without fear after 8 pm?

Law and order issue comes under the state government. Is there any action taken by the state government which is ruling for the past 5 years?

Q: You will be contesting from Mangaluru South so what will be the vision for the next 5 years if you get elected?

A: In several places there are no roads, no connectivity in some residential areas. Even there is drainage problem.

Q: You had said development is not only roads and drainage. So J R Lobo is doing it from the years. Except these development works, what will be your vision?

A: Maintaining law and order is the biggest challenge and steps will be taken to maintain it. If the law and order is maintained then the city will improve. Companies are afraid to come to Mangaluru which hinders employment creation. Tourism is not being developed. People from other areas come to Mangaluru only for education and health care.

Q: In politics mainly you need money and media influence. What plans you have lined up to attract these two mediums?

A: Like other politicians, I am not coming forward by promising anything to the people. If you promise then we have to deliver or else it would be difficult to go forward. I will be committed in ensuring people live in peace and will maintain law and order. I want overall development like creation of employment, developing tourism, upgrading education, restraining crime rates. I want to do development with commitment and give report to the people. I am not blaming police system. Sometimes it's hard for them to work because of politicians and they don't have intention to improve it. Several people are victimised in online cheating cases. What steps have been taken to curb it? If we catch hold of culprits then crime rate will come down. If we leave them then it will increase. Some have learnt to misuse police department. We need to learn to utilize for the public good.

Q: What's your opinion on Siddaramaiah government?

A: Siddaramaiah government has completely failed in law and order. They could have improved law and order in five years. In case if there is any murder in future, what they will do? Why people should vote for them?

Q: Your opinion about BJP

A: I don’t want to comment on them. As Opposition, they too have failed. They could have alerted the government. They should have highlighted the problems in the state. If the government is alerted by the opposition, then the government positively works.

Q: Do you have any regret from resigning from the police force?

A: No, not at all. I wanted to contribute to the society. I should not regret in the future that I did not contribute anything to the society.

Q: What message you want to give to youngsters those who are willing to join politics.

A: Those who want to take up politics, it should not be an option but part of your life. Be updated on politics, at the end of the day we will be in the political system. Prime Minister and Chief Minister are ruling us and whatever policies they implement, it will impact us. Start dreaming, live your dreams and chase your dreams. Don’t go away from politics. You can be successful in this field and be a good leader.

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