Vancouver, Sep 10: This year Monthi Fest in Vancouver was celebrated on the day of the feast since it was a weekend in Canada. It was celebrated at Immaculate Conception Church, Delta, British Columbia at 6.30 PM.

The celebration began with the blessing of Novem, fruits and Infant Mary’s icon (brought from Mangalore by Gaulbert / Ida Cordeiro and family) at the Grotto. It was a beautiful sight to watch little children showering flowers as the choir sang “Moriek Hogollciyam”. The participation by Mangaloreans was more than expected in this celebration. This was followed by a procession singing “Sokkod Sangatha Melliam” to the church and by placing the blessed icon and flowers at the altar.

The main celebrant of the mass was Rev. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, Carmelite Provincial Superior. He was assisted by other Carmelite priests Fr. Jerald D’ Souza, Fr. Rudolf D’ Souza (Regional Supervisor, Canada), Fr. Boniface D’ Souza and Fr. Alfredo Pereira.

The homily by Fr. Rudolf D’ Souza emphasized the values of Mangalorean traditions, family unity and forgiveness. The choir sang Konkani and English Marian hymns.

After the mass the crowd gathered at the parish hall to participate in “ Novem Jevchem”, cultural programmes and entertainment.

The crowd was welcomed to the hall by Mrs. Joyce D’ Souza and she continued entertaining and engaging the crowd throughout the evening. The programme began with prayer, blessing and few words by Fr. Archie and consumption of “Novem” mixed with milk. Fr. Archie did the honour of cutting the Monthi fest cake.

Fr. Jerald spoke few words of appreciation to the Mangalorean committee for their willingness and initiative to put up this event every year.

It was a fun filled evening with the Konkani folk dance by children choreographed by Ms. Sharel Pereira (participant: Nadine Fernandes, Keiyona Tauro, Deora Dias, Nikita Cutinho and Jennifer Cutinho), a comedy Konkani skit (courtesy: Melwyn Peris) and English skit directed by Louis D’Cunha (acted by Jeevan Tauro, Joel Sequeira and David Pinto). The dance by children brought back the memories of our traditions. The actors in the comedy skit made the crowd laugh their lungs out.

The evening continued with slide show of previous Monthi fest Celebrations in Vancouver from the year 2007 to 2011. The  games conducted by Amanda D’sa  and the music made the crowd mingle and enjoy to the maximum. Mr. Steadwick D’ Penha entertained the crowd by singing a melodious song “Thank You Lord”.

The most important part of the programme was the sumptuous and traditional Mangalorean delicacies prepared and served by generous families in the community which included sonne, karathe, sango, polov, moong, sanna, rice, karom, vorne, lonchem and dukra mass. The food was blessed by Fr. Rudolf.

The programme wound down by Konkani masala dance followed by Housie Housie game. The event was a successful one under the guidance of the organising committee of Ronald /Diana Fernandes and family, Norbert /Judy Cutinho and family and Ignatius/Gladys Pereira and family.