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Ek Choti Si Ghost Story
Jan 24: Sudhi was walking towards one of the city’s biggest cemetery. It was a few minutes... Lathesh Salian   [28 Comments]

Dismal School Record Leads to Home-school Option
Jan 20: Dismal and deteriorating performance of formal school system in India is driving... John Monteiro   [9 Comments]

Accumulation of Wealth: The Downside
Jan 17: How much to accumulate? This question is bothering most of the men who are in the Gulf... Donald Lewis   [42 Comments]

A Close Look at 'Ghar Wapsi'
Jan 13: 'Ghar Wapsi' is a polite word but has impolite, imposing ambitions; terror... Antony D'Souza   [86 Comments]

The Mumbai Dabbawala
Jan 10: I'd rather play a board game with an impish five year old/Than go to Board Room... Anita Britto   [9 Comments]

Lessons of Life
Jan 6: This piece of writing is an outcome of the appreciation I unexpectedly received from... Stephen D'Souza, Melbourne   [10 Comments]

Western Ghats and the Purple Moor Hen
Jan 2: Over the years, each and every article that we have written in Daijiworld spells out... Dr Anand & Geeta Pereira   [11 Comments]

2014 a Year of Abhiyaans, but New Focus Needed
Dec 30: This year has been a year of several innovative campaigns (abhiyaans)... Lancy Fernandes   [5 Comments]

The Less Among Equals
Dec 28: "We've begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to... Jane Tellis   [5 Comments]

His Will !
Dec 25: No I Thought - Not this Time/Only to Find HIM Smiling - Eyes Sublime... R Bhandarkar   [14 Comments]

My Name is Candle; I have a Message for this Christmas
Dec 24: Dear reader, as we took giant steps toward scientific achievements... Vincent D'Sa   [8 Comments]

My Legacy - Episode 2
Dec 21: "Don’t play around. Come sit by me, I will tell you a good story," said my grandmother... Ashuli Kaisa  

Just-A-Pause: Presen(ts)ce at Christmas
Dec 19: With Christmas upon us, I could not let this season go by without penning... Arlene Clarence   [1 Comment]

Do..Re...Me...Fa...: Kevin Misquith
Dec 16: For those who believe that Konkani music fails to attract today’s youth... Gerry D'Mello   [29 Comments]

How Do We Stop Our City from Burning?
Dec 11: Over the past few weeks the southern coastal belt of Karnataka has been... Chris D'Souza   [13 Comments]

Humour: And the Love Blossomed
Dec 8: Nothing such existed until it happened. And when it happened, the love blossomed... Richie John Pais   [10 Comments]

Is India Beautiful?
Dec 4: As an educator and expatriate, while working in a desert island country... Anthony D'Souza   [16 Comments]

The Soul Lives On
Nov 30: We’re all attracted to something in a way that we can’t explain. I'm drawn to... Melissa Nazareth   [3 Comments]

Do..Re...Me...Fa...: Henry T D'Souza
Nov 26: Konkani music lovers cannot have enough of listening to the evergreen... Gerry D'Mello  

Leave Evolution to Evolutionists
Nov 23: In a day and age when more and more scientists are challenging "why evolution... Oliver Sutari   [93 Comments]

A Movie Quiz
Nov 21: If you are a movie buff and want to have a go/At trying to find some famous films... Anita Britto   [14 Comments]

Our beautiful city Mangaluru
Nov 17: This is perhaps one of the shortest articles that we have written Dr Anand & Geeta Pereira   [27 Comments]

Pernicious Terror of Rape Continues Unabated
Nov 12: Turn the pages of any news daily in any language on any day or turn on the news... Anthony D'Souza   [12 Comments]

Courts Rescue Wives in Distress
Nov 8: Cases of divorces and maintenance are not only becoming more frequent by the day... John B Monteiro   [6 Comments]

My Legacy
Nov 4: "This is All India Radio..." could be heard in the background from the radio... Ashuli Kaisa   [8 Comments]

Heavenly Beauty
Nov 1: A sparkling beauty/Wriggled out from the kissing gates of heaven/Dressed in gold... Annie Castelino   [9 Comments]

Rise and Fall of Indian Cricket
Oct 28: Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team have suffered humiliating defeats in test matches... Chris D'Souza   [8 Comments]

Tribute: Patrick D'Souza, Bishop Emeritus of Varanasi
Oct 26: In the year 1940, the then Vicar Priest of St Sebastian Church, Bendur paid a visit... Antony D'Souza   [24 Comments]

Lancy Moras on Do..Re..Me..Fa..
Oct 21: With his beard and long tresses Konkani song writer, composer and singer Gerry D'Mello   [73 Comments]

Give My Fragrance Back
Oct 15: The reader may wonder what I have to write about fragrance. Well, there is... Edwin J F D'Souza   [13 Comments]

Western Ghats and the Spot Billed Duck
Oct 11: A few of our earlier articles has highlighted the importance of the... Dr Anand & Geeta Pereira   [39 Comments]

Modi's visit to USA a successful one ?
Oct 8 : Every head of nation or state, prior to their return from an official.. Antony Dsouza Qatar   [52 Comments]

'I Give up My English Teacher'
Oct 4: Here comes the ruler… huh! "Come here and stand on the platform, shameless buffalo!"... Mahammad Aseef   [22 Comments]

Whatsapp and Facebook...
Oct 1: Who the hell is it so early in the morning”. I was silently cursing... Anil Dsouza   [13 Comments]

Tale of Two Men in the Gulf
Sep 28: During the early 1970s the income was less and naturally commodities.. Jimmy Noronha   [29 Comments]

Army & Foreign Policy
Sep 25: There are two ways in which a sovereign power interacts with another sovereign... Ayush Prasad   [2 Comments]

Do..Re...Me...Fa...: Kamalakar Shet Gangoli
Sep 22: Many a time we have heard people coming up with a hackneyed phrase a... Gerry D'Mello   [1 Comment]

Moms: Stay-at-Home vs Working
Sep 19: Some mom choose to stay at home and adopt the homemaker role. Others prefer... Supriya Sequeira   [10 Comments]

Prime Minister's Wife
Sep 16: I have been waiting for my husband’s call with great excitement. Who am I?... Stan Ageira   [15 Comments]

A Tale of Friendship
Sep 11: Annie and Anil were best friends since childhood. Both their families were close... Rishana H   [9 Comments]

Humour : Mama...
Sep 7: 'Good days will come' is their slogan. We will have a different slogan very soon... Richie John Pais   [7 Comments]

Leadership, Communication and World of Toastmasters
Sep 4: World history is replete with examples of leadership in different... Brian Fernandes   [7 Comments]

A Dream Come True?
Aug 31: He had made it at last! It was his Dream Come True. Staring at the... R Bhandarkar   [25 Comments]

Do we have Life Satisfaction?
Aug 27: Our life is a single open book; a one-time affair. Everyone begins... Antony D'Souza   [88 Comments]

When the Past Stares into Future
Aug 24: Father And Mother I Love You. Take the initials of every word, you have FAMILY... Komal D'Souza   [25 Comments]

Those were the Days!
Aug 21: 'Vodle Festh', the annual parish feast is the pivotal point when... Jimmy Noronha   [13 Comments]

The Bird in your Backyard: The Common Sandpiper
Aug 17: We have for over two and a half decades mapped the birds of the... Dr Anand & Geeta Pereira   [9 Comments]

I-Day Special: The Religion of Peace, Love and Care
Aug 14: On the eve of the 68th Independence Day celebration of... Vincent D'Sa   [6 Comments]

Do..Re...Me...Fa...: Rony Bondel
Aug 11: He still remembers the tune and the lyrics of the song he composed... Gerry D'Mello   [11 Comments]

In Love...
Aug 8: This is a story so eternal now/ When a boy and a girl lived in love... Prithvi Monteiro   [11 Comments]

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