Gretta D'Souza

Birth : 10-12-1949

Marriage :  28-04-1970
Death : 15-09-2019


On this day a year has passed since that sad day,
a mark which will never be forgotten of this day.
When one we loved was called away;
Never imagined the moment came just before the day break,
No one can knows the silent heartaches,
God took her home, it was His will;
Within our hearts, she liveth still.

Only those who have lost can tell
Of the grief that's borne in silence
For the one we loved so well.
Memory lives on,
Secure and unremovable..
from deep within our hearts
there's a special place reserved for only you.
It's filled with precious memories of you,
that could never fade away...
We cherish them dearly and always will,
We'll treasure them always and forever.


A loving tribute from

Husband Joseph D’Souza,
Son Jeevan D’Souza/Ayrene D’Souza

Grandchildern Ethan & Alexa
and all families and friends