Tribute of Love

Lawrence D'Souza
(Lorry Master, Agrar)

Born: 09 Oct 1937
Married: 15 May 1963
Died: 01 Feb 2003

Dear Papa,

Ten years have gone by since your heavenly voyage.
You have left indelible memories in the hearts and minds
of all whose lives have been touched by you.
As a believer, you showed us to trust in God’s divine providence
As a teacher, you enlightened several students
irrespective of caste and creed
As a leader, you were known for your stand for truth and justice
As a farmer, you showed us the dignity of labor
As a lover of the poor, your heart went out for them
Even though we miss you physically over here,
we firmly believe that you are still with us in spirit
because we have felt your guiding presence
in our painful as well as joyful moments.
Kindly intercede for all of us so that we may follow
the good example you have left behind.
We pray to Almighty God whom you loved and revered in life
to grant you eternal rest in His heavenly abode
where there is no more pain and sorrow.

We love you Papa! 

Mom, children, & grandchildren
Gracy D'Souza, Kulshekar
Naveen, Nancy, Neola & Nathan - USA
Veena, Ephrem & Ethan - Doha
Fr. Praveen D'Souza, OCD, Mysore
Laveena, Sidharth & Nidhi - Bangalore

Dear Papa,

We pray for the eternal peace and rest for your soul. Your last wish was to help those patients in last stages of cancer. We would like all to know we support this cause thru this organization and any one needing help in Mangalore can reach us here