74th Birthday Remembrance

John Alex Sequeira

January 31, 2013


Dearest Daddy

You often said that we would miss you,
How those words have proved you true.
We lost the one and only Dad,
Dear Dad, when we lost you.
A beautiful memory, dearer than gold,
Of a father whose worth can never be told,
There's a place in our heart no one can fill,
We miss you, Dad, and always will.
We never ask for miracles, But today just one would do,
To see the front door open and See our Dad walk through.
We miss your smile, kindly ways,
With you we spent some happy days
We'll miss you when we need a friend,
On you we always could depend.
If only you were here today Then this to you we could say,
God bless you, Dad, on your 74th birthday.
You've earned your place in heaven Dad,
After all that you've been through
We wish we could have helped you
But there was nothing we could do
Peacefully sleeping now, out of pain.
We would not wake you up to suffer again.
Heavenly Father, hear our prayer,
Guide our Dad with tender care,
Love him in heaven as we did at home,
The dearest father this world could hold.


From your loving wife Ida
Anita / Savio - Abigail
Melville / Michele - Aaron - Joshua
Melroy / Edna - Erika - Yohann
Babita / Ralph
Melbert / Lisa - Lara