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November 26, 2012

From the editor’s desk :

Dear Do..Re..Me..Fa.. browzers,

Once again, a hearty and warm welcome to one and all to this unique music column Do..Re..Me.. Fa..  It’s  really wonderful to see  this popular music column on this web-portal picking  up really well as more and more readers are coming out with their comments and wishes.  It’s truly inspiring not only for the artistes but for Team Do Re Me Fa as well.

In order to fulfill my promise of playing sweet chords of female music stars this year, I must say I was blankly gazing at the vast music sky for a female star. Suddenly I caught sight of a star that was trying to hide quietly.  Dear music lovers… today it’s my great privilege to present to you yet another sweet and melodious star Lizzy Concessao D’Souza – The Quiet Performer!

As you continue listening to this sweet chord of music, I express my deep gratitude to Florine Roche for going an extra-mile in getting the profile and having a personal interview with Lizzy.  Through this profile when we listen to her melodious music journey, we also get an insight of the upheavals she had to face in her personal life.

Thank you, dear all dear readers for browsing through this unique music column and trying to get to know the shining stars of Konkani music.    See you again next month at the same site, with another sweet chord of music and that will a Christmas Special… obviously a most sensational one!  Keep waiting.. until then, bye!

Gerry D’Mello,  Bendur.


Lizzy D’Souza nee Concessao – the Quiet Performer

Konkani singer Lizzy D Souza (formerly Concessao) has always chosen to keep a low profile.   That does not mean her contribution as a Konkani
singer is insignificant or is not recognized by connoisseurs of Konkani music.  Unlike her contemporaries Lizzy has deliberately chosen to remain out of the arc lights even when she was at the peak.  Those who have heard and seen her singing in her brother ‘Sangeet Ratna’ Victor Concessao Nites or have listened to her innumerable  Konkani devotional songs cannot but vouch for her mellifluent voice etched in their memory.  With no formal training in music this soft-spoken singer had achieved a coup of sorts when she passed the audition test at All India Radio Mumbai, said to be one of the toughest tests for a singer.  This was an amazing achievement for young Lizzy who was barely 20 years then.

Early life

Lizzy was the 10th among the 11 children born to late Lazares  Concesso and late Alice Menezes of Derebail parish.  Late C U Pinto of Bejai (Sippa Maesthry - father of late Prof.Benet Pinto) has recognized the singing talent in her when she was a school girl.   It was her older brother Rudolph Concesso then working in Jeppu Work Shop, who gave her the necessary encouragement and initial push that catapulted this promising singer into limelight at a very young age. .  

She had joined the Bejai choir which gave her an opportunity to hone her music talents.  The turning point came in 1962 making her a celebrated singer when she participated in the inter-parish singing competition conducted by Konkani Natak Sabha.  For three successive years she bagged the 1st place in solo singing and the singer in her had arrived with a bag.  Her younger brother Victor Concessao who is also a renowned Konkani singer played a pivotal role in recognizing the potential in Lizzy and bringing it to the fore. 

Journey in Music life 

After completing SSLC and getting proficiency in shorthand and typing Lizzy had left for Mumbai in search of a job as her older brother was settled in Mumbai.   In Mumbai Lizzy had joined the church choir at Kurla church where she had a chance meeting with singer Helen D’Cruz of Henry’s “Ye Ye Katrina” song fame.  It was Helen’s brother who took her to All India Radio for audition test which she passed with flying colours in her very first attempt.

When Lizzy came back to Mangalore in 1974 on a holiday, a program was arranged in Don Bosco Hall to honour her for her achievement for passing the audition test at All India Radio.  The event proved to be double whammy for Lizzy as it was during this function she met Cyril D Souza (popularly known as RILS), also a musician, who became her life partner. He came to that event, saw her and conquered by proposing to her and they were married the same year.


As her husband Cyril D Souza was also a musician Lizzy got all support and encouragement t from her musically inclined husband.  Cyril had a music band of his own called “rils” and Lizzy got ample scope to exhibit her singing talent in the music band and establish herself as a singer.  It was Lizzy who first sang the immortal Konkani song “Juliana” written by (late) Henry T D Souza on radio in Mumbai.   “Henry had sent me the lyrics of a few songs including that of Juliana and it was I who first sang that song on radio”, she recalls.

Though there were offers aplenty Lizzy sang only in the musical nites of her brother Victor Concessao.  Lizzy’s voice has that smooth, soothing and pious quality which makes it ideal for Konkani devotional songs.  Naturally she was the first choice of many for singing Konkani devotional songs.  It is to the credit of Lizzy that she has sung for 55 cassettes and CD’s so far and majority of them are Konkani devotional songs.

Lovers of Konkani devotional music in “Konkani Bhakti Geetham” are mesmerized by the euphonious voice of Lizzy.  The last CD she had rendered her voice was the CD titled “Ghataranthli Santhin Mother Teresa”.  Lizzy has sung in the CD’s of well known Konkani   singers like Fr Charles Vas S.V.D., (late) Jerome D Souza, Lawrence Saldanha, Mike Simon, (late) P H Pinto, Victor Concesso and Melvyn Peres.  She has sung devotional songs for Fr Walter Albuquerque and CD’s of Sandesha Communications.   Her tryst with radio continued in Mangalore also as she was one of the two among 11 to pass the audition test and she has sung for many radio programs.  Another highlight of her singing career is that she has sung in a group song in Hindi with Ghazal king late Talat Mahmood.  


Lizzy has almost retired from singing since 2008 after she underwent an operation though she is very a part of the choir at Milagres.   However, she is satisfied with whatever she has been able to achieve so far as a singer.  She says “life has always been kind to me as I got many opportunities   without my seeking them”.   She got a chance to join the Bejai choir when the lead singer of the choir got married and that was the major break she received. Though she belongs to Derebail church she was in Bejai choir as she was studying in Bejai School.  “I was in Bejai choir but when it comes to winning prizes in competitions it was for Derebail church which often made my position quite a thorny one though I must say no one raised any objections”, she points out. 

She says it was her good fortune that she met her husband Cyril D Souza and that too due to providence.  “Cyril had come for that function organized at Don Bosco Hall in my honour and he proposed to me subsequently.  He was a musician & I did not hesitate to give my consent when he approached me with the marriage proposal.  I am fortunate that I could consolidate myself as a singer only because of his unstinting support”, she reminisces while talking to Do Re Me Fa. 

The couple lives alone in their house at Attavar as both their children are settled abroad.  Cyril D Souza runs a provision store which is just adjacent to their home in Attavar. Daughter Carol and son Canute are singers in their own way.  Son Canute has been a part of the rock band “Rock Show”, till a few years ago before he went to Muscat for job.  

While life has been quite benign to her,  Lizzy  has not been able to reconcile to the tragedy of the death of their eldest daughter Lovina at the age of 13.   Lovina had died following a brief illness though the exact cause of her death is not known to Lizzy even now.  She says her heart writhed with pain when Lovina was telling  her she was not feeling well, she recollects.  The desperate couple took their ailing daughter to Mumbai, Vellore and many other places, without any positive results.    This was a big blow to Lizzy  as she has not been able to  fully come out of the tragedy even to this day.   The garlanded photo of Lovina adorns the on the walls of her  house as one enters the home, a poignant reminder of what Lizzy and her family has gone through following Lovina’s untimely death.    

Lizzy gratefully recalls the support and encouragement she received in her music career from her younger brother singer Victor Concessao, who, she says “has given me every possible support and encouragement all these years.  I am grateful to him and my husband as they were like solid pillars of strength in my music career.  Without their guidance and support I would not have been able to achieve anything”.  Victor who is settled in Mumbai has been her constant guide, supporter and well wisher and gave her an opportunity to be a part of his music nites.  


Undoubtedly Lizzy is a precious gift from God for the Konkani Music world.  Music lovers are anxiously waiting to listen to her melodious voice again and we are sure that will be a reality in the very near future!


Comments on this article
Stanley T.H.Fernandes, Milagres / MuscatTuesday, December 11, 2012
Hearty Congratulations Lizzy. I remember you as a very talented konkani singer with melodious voice, partipating in Konkani Music Competitions along with Meena Rebimbus and Zita Fernandes at Don Bosco hall.I used to control the sound system of the Hall.I was very happy to read the article about you by my good friend Jerry.I wish and pray that the Almighty God bless you and your beloved family and give you good health happiness and peace of mind.Sad to read about your beloved daughter its God's will. Regards to your beloved husband Cyril, hope he remembers me. Please tell your son contact me on 99417953. Thanks jerry for introducing Lizzy to the readers of Daijiworld through Do-Re-Me-Fa
Comment on this message

Sunil Menezes, Gurpur KaikambaMonday, December 10, 2012
Congrats LIzzi Bai, Wish you all the best. Keep it up.
Comment on this message

Fr. Edwin D'Souza, YCS, UDUPI DIOCESE, GIRIMonday, December 10, 2012
congrats Lizzy Bai......
Comment on this message

Leena, Mumbai/VietnamSaturday, December 08, 2012
Congratulations Lizzy on your achievement. We still remember your melodious voice and often enquire about you with Stella.Wish you all the best in your future endeavors - Cousin of Cyril (Denis Monteiro, Leena Lopez, Jesse Furtado from vakola/ Santacruz East)
Comment on this message

clotilda rodrigues, attavar mangaloreWednesday, December 05, 2012
congratulations Lizzy
best wishes
Comment on this message

Merwyn Goveas, MumbaiTuesday, December 04, 2012
Well done Lizzy Aunty....!
You and Cyril Uncle are great singers.... as always !
Best Wishes from all us at Vakola
Vinoo, Celine Goveas & Stella Dsouza Patty & Praveen~
Comment on this message

Everest Mala Pinto, Mangalore Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Congrats Lizzi bai realy very happy to see your family photos keep it up lizzi bai let good God bless you and your family
Comment on this message

vivet concessao, mangalore, new zealandSunday, December 02, 2012
Dear Lizzy aunty ... hearty congratulations on your achievements and may god bless you in everything you do.... we are all proud to have you as our aunt.. congratulations once again...
Comment on this message

Lenny, Attavar, M'loreSaturday, December 01, 2012
Congratulations Lizzie bai, Felt realy nice reading about ur achievements, once again all the best.
Comment on this message

Kishore Pereira, MuscatFriday, November 30, 2012
Congrats mummy! Despite managing a family It is great that you have given so much to singing and most importantly to devotional songs. Congratulations again!
Comment on this message

Arthur Rasquinha, MangaloreFriday, November 30, 2012
Kudos to Lizzy. It is a gratifying account of your long singing career. But even without that, I have known about your high singing abilities and always admired your rich, powerful and melodious voice. Surely, you are among the few Regular Sopranos in Mangalore (as most others are Mezzo
Sopranos) especially in the Church vocal music category. Your trained singing for the Songs CD of my 'Jeevanth Santhin'(not Gataranthli Santhin) play recently, has been much appreciated by the listeners.
Congratulations Lizzy & God bless.
Comment on this message

Fr Francis Lewis, ManipalFriday, November 30, 2012
Beautiful songs could sometimes take a person out of themselves and carry them away to a place of magic. But when Lizzie sang, it was not about the song, really. Whatever she sang, whatever the words or the tune, it was so beautiful, so achingly lovely, that no one could listen and be untouched. Congratulations Lizziebai. Your singing has transformed many lives. God bless you.
Fr Francis Lewis, Manipal
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Richard D Souza, MangaloreFriday, November 30, 2012
Congratulations Lizzy, you deserve the honor. A humble and simple yet talented singer.
Comment on this message

Florine and Dennis Dsouza , Falnir,Mangalore/KuwaitThursday, November 29, 2012
Dear Lizzy Bai, Congratulations on your achievements... !! It been a great pleasure to have u as a friend and i cherish the days we spent together singing in the choir .. We are proud of you.. !!
May God bless you and may your melodious voice continue to inspire many
more .. Love Denis and Florine..
Comment on this message

OSZY D' SOUZA. , Mangalore/ Mumbai.Thursday, November 29, 2012
Comment on this message

Dear Lizzy, Congratulations on all your great achievement, I love your songs, Keep it up, you are the best and good singer, May God Bless you and your family,
Comment on this message

Blossom, Mangalore / DubaiThursday, November 29, 2012
Hi , Aunty!! I remember the ROCE CEREMONY of mine which u only where the one to guide.Thanks a lot Aunty. We pray that you always remain in the best of health!! Lots of Love - Me and My Mom ( Lenny ).
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antony arun d'souza, dubaiThursday, November 29, 2012
i started my musical journey by playing bongo and guitar in VICTOR NITES during 1980's.Our full music troupe included Fr Walter Albuquerque,Antony martis,Stany d'souza,Merwin,James,Jude Fernandes,Silvia Benis,Dony[drums],Nagesh[congo]and Joshwin. The encouragement given to us by Lizzybai,Cyril uncle,Victor was great.Lizzy bai is a superb singer.All the best Lizzy bai.
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Hilda /Ronald pinto, Attavar-mangaloreWednesday, November 28, 2012
Nice to know about Lizzie bai! we knew about her music talent, but with this article we came to know that she is really great in the field. she is so unassuming and simple! We are proud of u Lizzie bai .. keep up the good work .
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Celestine & Ronald, Milagres MangaloreWednesday, November 28, 2012
glad to see that Lizziebai is remembered for her great singing talent.She has contributed a lot to the konkani music.
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Flo Mascarenhas, Kankanady, Mangalore/Secunderabad APWednesday, November 28, 2012
Congrats ! dear Lizzybai. U R great yet so humble. I was thrilled to go thro' UR great achievements. God Bless & use U mightily in the days to come. Myself & my sister Annette who was teaching at Carmel school remember U with much love. Regards to Cyrilbab, Carol & Kennu.

Flo Mascarenhas(Saldanha)
Comment on this message

Rev Ronald Serrao, St Joseph's seminary, JeppuWednesday, November 28, 2012
I have heard Lizzibai singing in the Rosario - Cathedral Choir and many others. She has made the best use of the God given talent for the glory of God with love and humility. She has made time for singing and inspired many to sing the glory of God and added life to the liturgical celebrations. God bless Lizzi bai.
Comment on this message

Winston & Anita D'souza, Mangalore/DubaiWednesday, November 28, 2012
Congrats Lizzy. You are a great singer. We are proud of you. We are missing you for S.V.P meetings. All the very best to you and your family.
Comment on this message

Victor Concessao, Derebail / Andheri, MumbaiWednesday, November 28, 2012
Dearest sister Lizzy,
It has been a great joy knowing you and I am very thankful to god that he gave me a sister like you. We are very proud of you!!!! We sang together in our childhood and have grown up singing together and I still look forward to performing with you on more shows.
All the best for all your future endeavors and a big god bless.. :)

From Victor Concessao and Fly.

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Lynette dsouza, RosarioTuesday, November 27, 2012
Congratulations aunty on all your great achievements.May you be blessed with good health and achieve still greater heights in singing.
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Societal Web, DubaiTuesday, November 27, 2012
The only two really good voices in Konkani singing (I mean females) - Lizzy and Helen D'cruz - then and now. No other singer has taken their place until now - no one !
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Societal Web, DubaiTuesday, November 27, 2012
Good old memories. I know Cyril - one of the top rhythm guitarists in Mangalore - those were the days when we had Aug 15th Konkani singing competitions in Don Bosco Hall - and we were all very active guitarits - of course not to beat Cyril. Lizzy's voice is just outright heavenly. I feel really emotional to see their pictures on Daijidubai. God bless them both.
Comment on this message

Frank M Lobo, BejaiTuesday, November 27, 2012
We can never forget Lizzy's monumental cause of church music during our student days. I had the opportunity of accompany on the violin and the organ or several occasions. Your voice is like a nightingale sweet and sonorous. May you live many more years to do greater service thro the strains of music in the vineyard of the Lord.
Comment on this message

Charles D cunha, Borivli - I C ColonyTuesday, November 27, 2012
Mogachea Lizzy Bai
DO RE MI FA hacher tujem nanv polevn toxench tuje vishant zana zavn bhov kuxi zalom.Tuje thoim azun ganvche shathi asa the tuvem Derebail zallea VICTOR NITE hantun ruzu korn dakoilaim. Dev tuka sodam borea bholaikent sambalum monn magtam.
Comment on this message

Freddy Pinto, Urwa/GermanyTuesday, November 27, 2012
Dear Lizzy, can you remember me? I had a great pleasure to sing with you at Urwa parish hall from 1968-1970, my best regards to you.
Comment on this message

KANNADIGA, BAHRAINTuesday, November 27, 2012
Comment on this message

Flora Miranda, Kirem/BangaloreTuesday, November 27, 2012
Mogal Lizzy Bai,
Maka tuja Lavinache pod (muje nanv Laveena Dsousa, hanv tisrya classinth shiktan) aniki udasak yeta. We are proud of your voice Wish you all the best. Flora
Comment on this message

Marie D'Souza (Noronha), Bejai / Abu DhabiTuesday, November 27, 2012
Hi Lizzy. I love your voice. I had the opportunity to sing with you in Bejai Church Choir. You truly deserves a higher platform and recognition Lizzy. God Bless you and may you achieve all the greater heights in singing. Congratulation on all your great achievements.
Comment on this message

GRATIAN DSOUZA, bejai / kuwaitTuesday, November 27, 2012
CONGRATS LIZZIE you are the best and melodious singer i ever heard. dont stop singing all the best and god bless you and your famly

gratian bejai
Comment on this message

ಕೊನ್ಸಸೊ ಕುಟಾಮ್, ಬ, ಮಂಗ್ಳುರ್Tuesday, November 27, 2012
ಮೊಗಾಳ್ ಲಿಝಿ....
ಪರ್ಭಿ ಪಟಾಯ್ತಾ ತುಜಾ ತ್ಯಾ ಮಧುರ್ ತಾಳ್ಯಾಕ್ ತಸೆಂ ಸಾಧನಾಕ್. ಮಿಲಾರ್ ಮಾಂಯ್ ತುಕಾ ವಿಂಚ್ಣಾರ್ ಅಶೀರ್ವಾದಾನಿ ಭರೊಂದಿ ಆನಿ ಭರಿಂ ಭಲಾಯ್ಕಿ ಪಾವೊ ಕರುಂದಿ.
ಪರ್ಭಿ ತುಕಾ ಮಾನೆಸ್ತ್ ಜೆರಿ ದೊಮೆಲ್.. ತುಜ್ಯಾ ವಿಂಚ್ಣಾರ್ ಜೊಕ್ತಾ ಲೇಖನಾಕ್.
ಪರ್ಭಿ ಪಟಾಯ್ತಾತ್: ಬಾವ್/ಬಾವೊಜ್.. ರುಡಾಲ್ಫ್ ಸೆಲಿನ್ ಕೊನ್ಸೆಸೊ ಆನಿ ತಾಂಚಿ ಭುರ್ಗಿ, ಬಾರೆಬೈಲ್
Comment on this message

Apolinaris D'Souza, Valencia/MuscatTuesday, November 27, 2012
Congratulations Lizzy bai, nice to see you in DO RE MI FA. My regards to Cyril bab too. Hope he remembers me. Thanks to Gerrybab for yet another sweat chord.
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FLOSSY/ EDDU D'SOUZA, barebail,bondelTuesday, November 27, 2012
Dear Lizzybai,

good article. congrats keep it up. you are our derebailje phool.
Comment on this message

John Gonsalves, Barkur/Deewanman, VasaiTuesday, November 27, 2012
Yes Mrs. Lizzie has wonderful voice which can be heard in some devotional song CDs. Wish her all the best, May God Bless her and her family. Daiji world really helps to honour and recognize some great telented people like Mrs. Lizzie > John Gonsalves Vasai
Comment on this message

Fr.Mathew Vas, Angelore,mangaloreTuesday, November 27, 2012
Congrats Lizzy bai,you are great.Keep it up.I wish you all the best.People are waiting to hear your melodies.
Comment on this message

Celine Rasquinha, BejaiTuesday, November 27, 2012
Congrats LiZzie, I heard you sing in the Bejai Coir. Your melodious voice, was the added beauty of the Bejai Church coir. At Christmas when you sang the solo at the midnight mass all the people were stunned to hear your wonderful musical talent. Thanks Gerry for introducing Lizzie to the readers through Daiji God Bless the Melody Queen Lizzie and best wishes for the future.
Comment on this message

Fr Andrew D'Souza, BondelTuesday, November 27, 2012
Hats up to Daijiworld,especially Jerry D'Mello for recognising a great hidden star of Konkani Society of Mangalore.Lizzy has contributed a lot for the liturgical and other songs.I wish Lizzy be an inspiration for the upcoming generation. Keep up Lizzy.
Comment on this message

gilbert, mangaloreTuesday, November 27, 2012
May God Bless Lizzy Bai and her family ,
Comment on this message

MARCEL DSOUZA, MANGALORETuesday, November 27, 2012
Lizzie is a talented singer. I have listened to her voice when she was singing in the choir in the Rosario cathedral Church. Her voice appealed to me and she is a talented singer without anicipating any publicity in the arena of Konkani Singers.
I wish Karnataka Konkani Sahithya Academy, Mangalore will honour her in their future programmes. - Machcha Milaar
Comment on this message

Tina, Mumbai/CanadaMonday, November 26, 2012
Well done Lizzy Aunty!!
We remember the good times we had during childhood. We pray that Babuuncle and you always remain in the best of health!! Lots of Love - Edwin, Tina, Keith & Katrina
Comment on this message

Alwyn/Jasmine, Mlore/DubaiMonday, November 26, 2012
Thanks u Mr jerry for this g8t article.
We had the great pleasure of her singing a melodious song specially for us on our marriage.I thank her from my bottom of my heart for her love towards us..thanks aunty..
Congratulation aunty on all ur g8t achievements,, GOD bless u on all ways and may u achieve all the greater heights in singing,,,

with love...
Comment on this message

Juliet Mascarenhas, Bejai/MangaloreMonday, November 26, 2012
Thanks to Mr. Jerry D,mello for reminding the days of yesteryear's.Bejai Choir famous since the days of Late Sippa Maisthry and the melodious voice of Lizzie Concesso was an added beauty to the choir.It was a disappointment to the Choir when she moved to Bombay. Any how she was replaced by Leena Sequira.
A warm welcome to the melody queen Lizzie for her come back and best wishes for the future.
Comment on this message

VIOLET, MANGALOREMonday, November 26, 2012
May God Bless Lizzy bai and her family
Comment on this message

Jeffery concessao & fly, BAREBAILMonday, November 26, 2012
First of all i like to thank Mr Gerry for this wonderful article . congratulation dear sister Lizzy, for all your  achievements .May God bless u and keep you happy always.Concessao family is proud of you.
Comment on this message

Carol, Attavar, M'loreMonday, November 26, 2012
You are the BEST mom! Our home will never go out of music and that strong inspiration is you! Kudos to you mom!
Comment on this message

Wilfred Tauro, Madanthyar,DubaiMonday, November 26, 2012
Beautiful article about Lizzybai, nice and very good talented singer especially Konkani Hymns of yester years. Yes,I do remember 1985 Vakola show organised by friend Victor who is also nice Konkani talented singer.Thanks and all the best.
Comment on this message

CGS, MangaloreMonday, November 26, 2012
Lizzie bai is a Melody Queen.And Cyril bab (Rils)ia a great musician.
I had an opportunity to compere the Musical Show of Victor Concesso(Vicco)at Vakola,Mumbai in 1985.I still remember Lizzie bai,her two daughters, the late Lavina,Carol and my good friend Victor sang quite a number of good songs like Varear Ubchea Parvea,Iskolachim Bhurgim etc.
Congratulations to Lizzie bai,Cyril bab and their family.Thanks to my great friend, singer cum writer Gerry D'Mello,Bendur/canada.
Comment on this message

JAMES MIRANDA, BahrainMonday, November 26, 2012
Thanks Gerry Aab, Your talent of writing has brought forward yet another Gem (Lizzy Concesso) She is a gifted Singer. May God Bless her and also Victor. Once again Thank you Gerry Aab.
Comment on this message

Ivan C Monteiro, Urwa, MangaloreMonday, November 26, 2012
Wonderful Article by Gerry. Congrats to Lizzy for her rendering her Voice to the Chruch Choir and events. I had the Oppurtunity to sing with her in some occassion. She is a wonderful and a down to earth person.May God Bless Lizzy and her family. Thanks Gerry for introducing Lizzy to the readers thru Daiji. Gerry keep your Articles going buddy........
Comment on this message

Richard, Katapadi/MumbaiMonday, November 26, 2012
Thanks Gerry Aab for the article, and special thanks for highlighting this unique talented lady (May the Almighty Bless her always), the article was very interesting, I read it 2 to 3 times (I am a former drummer settled in Mumbai) do keep us d on such hidden manglorean talents in the future... Thanks once again...
Comment on this message

Canute, Attavar/MuscatMonday, November 26, 2012
Great stuff MA.. I am Truly PROUD Of YOU.

A Vote of Thanks to The writers of Daijiworld for this.. Your words rightly justified the life of a wonderful musical talent.
She truly deserves a higher platform and recognition for the amount of hard work she has/had put into her work for soo many years.

Thank YOU :)
Comment on this message

Sarita Fernandes D'Souza, Valencia / KuwaitMonday, November 26, 2012
I had the pleasure of her singing for me (playback) for the Konkani drama 'Bandivan'in which I was the heroine, directed by Vincent P. Kamath. The song was 'Molbar ubchya parvya, sandesh muzo kanghe. Thuje lagin dithan tho mogak pathai' Beautifully rendered by Lizzy and I enjoyed acting it out. Thanks Lizzy :)
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