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From the editor’s desk :-

Dear Konkani Music lovers,

Once again a hearty welcome to your favorite Daijiworld channel ‘Do..Re..Me..Fa..’ During this time of season when our brethren in Mangalore & Mumbai are enjoying the much awaited heavy showers, our friends in the Middle-East are experiencing scorching heat. Here in North America, we are experiencing an exciting summer.  There are different continents, different kinds of weather but for music, there is no boundary, no weather variation!  It gives the same wave length round the clock to any part of the globe.

Dear friends, I am going to present to you today, one of the rarest music sensations, a super shining star with a Golden Voice who mesmerized tens of thousands of Konkani music lovers.  His ever-green numbers like… “Ye Ye Chedwa, Kani Sang-ge Vodlimai, Sade Saath Chedvan” sung during Wilfy Nites almost 25 years back are still echoing in my ears! Until this day, he has maintained his Silky Voice!  The star whom I am referring to is none other than the great Sri Ivan Sequeira.

I am sure this musical chord has succeeded in bringing those nostalgic memories of yesteryears!  

Thank you once again for your interest in browsing this music column!

See you again, next month, same web portal!

Yours in Do..Re..Me..Fa..,

Gerry D’Mello, Bendur


A permanent and popular member of Wilfy Music Nites, Ivan A. Sequeira, the lover of Konkani Music, never misses a chance to sing a Konkani song, whether he is in Mangalore, Bombay, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait!  He makes himself always available and is overjoyed to sing on stage and the audience too is very happy to hear his voice. Melodious, expressive and vivacious, Ivan exudes a certain charm while singing and keeps his audience mesmerized by his voice.


Ivan A. Sequeira was born in the Parish of Cascia, Mangalore, to proud parents (late) Lawrence Sequeira and Jessie Sequeira. Ivan enjoyed a happy childhood with his two brothers.

Ivan had his education in the prestigious St. Aloysius College from where he earned his B.A, graduate degree.  From 1977 – 1980 he worked in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia during which, he married Philomena Sequeira and eventually had two lovely children, Nishal and Nihal.  Now he is happily settled in Bombay with his family, and is keeping his interest alive in Konkani Music by singing songs at dramas and Nites!


Ivan himself narrates his encounter and life long association with Konkani Music as follows. He says that music was a great God-given talent bestowed on him from his childhood itself.  From his early childhood, Ivan was keenly interested in listening to and singing music.  The famous Konkani singer Henry T. D’Souza who was then popularly known as “Guitar Henry” was his childhood neighbour. Henry used to visit Ivan’s house daily in the evening with his guitar. Then Ivan used to sing to the accompaniment of Henry’s guitar. Both used to enjoy their performance to their heart’s content, but only without an audience!

When Ivan was studying in the 4th Std., his class teacher Mrs. Evelyn D’Silva offered him the first opportunity to participate in the children’s singing competition in school. From then onwards, he was encouraged to take part in the prestigious singing competitions held at St. Don Bosco hall, Mangalore. At Don Bosco Hall competitions, Ivan started winning 1st place golden awards in the Solo, Duet and Group category competitions. The keen observer Wilfy Rebimbus, “the Konkan Kogul” took a great liking for Ivan’s singing talents and incorporated him in his Wilfy Nite singing troupe!


The first song which Wilfy composed for Ivan to sing in his Wilfy Nite was “Kaani Saang-ge Voddli –Mai.”  Ivan’s rendition of the song was superb and well-liked by the audience so much that from then onwards Ivan became a permanent member of the Wilfy Nites troupe! Wilfy Rebimbus composed songs in keeping with the voice and physical growth of Ivan, and encouraged him to perform during Wilfy Nites. Ivan’s every performance had an electrifying effect on the audience together with a thundering applause. When Ivan was a boy, he sang songs like “Pollovnk haanv lhaan dhistan”, “Lhaanponnan” etc.  When he was a teenager, he was given songs to sing like “Sobith Soondhar Naari”, “Flaavia” etc.  When he was a College student, he sang fitting love songs like “Sadde-saath Cheddvan”, “Ye, Ye, Cheddva”, “Bobby” etc. Now he has spent a satisfying 36 years of his life singing with the Wilfy Rebimbus troupe!

Ivan has participated in almost every Wilfy Nite. Even when he was working in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia from 1977 to 1990, he sang in Wilfy Nites which were performed in those places. He now sings on stage in Bombay during dramas, Nites and in various CD recordings. Recently he had the opportunity to sing in Kuwait during the KCWA function.


As Ivan’s standing gratitude goes to his childhood trainer “Guitar Henry D’Souza” and to his life long music sponsor Wilfy Rebimbus, he is particularly thankful to his appreciative audience at large. If Ivan is encouraged to keep on singing, it is because of the appreciation shown by his audience during his performances. He wholeheartedly thanks his audience for their thunderous applause and expresses gratitude to his friends and troupe colleagues for their appreciative pats on his back after his performances.
Long live Ivan Sequeira and his charming Konkani singing!             

Comments on this article
Godfrey D'Souza, Mangalore/MumbaiSunday, October 03, 2010
Dear Gerry,
I would like to get in touch with Ivan who was my classmate. If you can please give Ivan's contact details, it would be great. Thanks.
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Shalini Miranda, MumbaiThursday, February 04, 2010
While I was in Mangalore as a child I enjoyed music of wilfy and ivan. would like to get cassettes in mumbai - where can i get it.
Comment on this message

Prateek L V (Padakannaya), Bendore Well / BangaloreWednesday, April 29, 2009
Ivan’s mellifluous voice when he was young still rings in my ears. I cherish the great time we all had in class. Ivan, good to know that you are in Mumbai. Please get in touch if you see this comment through
Comment on this message

Christopher Lobo, MangaloreFriday, July 18, 2008
If you are looking for golden melodious voices in Konkani music, Ivan Sequeira stands in front along with Ivan Noronha & Rony D'Cunha. Well done Ivan Sequeira, because of your great voice many songs became" sobhit tu sundar nari", "ye ye chedva", "Zeena"... to name a few and who can forget the sentimental "mai thuka sodhun"... Keep it up. We want more...
Comment on this message

Flavian Pinto, Bijai/TorotoFriday, July 18, 2008

What a great recognition to Ivan by Jerry through Daiji. Superb. I have seen Ivan growing and his singing maturing over the years. His voice is second to none even now he is the only one who can take high pitch among the artistes of his age group.

Ivan has no hesitation to sing whether on the stage or at social gatherings at times non stop. I remember the great days we spent together in Bahrain. Ivan wish you all the best for the future. Flavian & Miriam

Comment on this message

Captain Stanley Latif Correa, Urwa Stores/Jeddah,Saudi ArabiaFriday, July 18, 2008
I am one of the fans of Wilfy's melodies. Ivan is one of the best in hit songs. Konkani songs founding pillars credit goes to these two great gentlemen. Long live Wilfy & Ivan. We wish you a very good health & thank you for wonderful melodies.
Comment on this message

SunilMonteiro, Shakthinagar M'LoreWednesday, July 16, 2008
Ivan really needs appreciation for his melodius singing. I like his husky voice. Ye Ye Ye Chedva , Sobith sunder Naari Songs were excellent. Best WIshes
Comment on this message

Royston, Bejai/RiyadhWednesday, July 16, 2008
Congratulations Ivan. I still remember your melodies when we were benchmates in high school. Keep it up and all the best.
Comment on this message

charles D' Cunha, Cowdoor/ GurpurFriday, July 18, 2008
No doubt,Ivan is the best voice of Konkan mai.But I hope introduction is not complete as he has sung for other composers during these years other than the great KONKAN KOGUL. Ivan keep singing for konkani music lovers. Charles D' Cunha & Fly Borivli
Comment on this message

William Kumar, Kinnigoli-MumbaiTuesday, July 15, 2008
Ivan is known for our Mangalore community by his golden melodious voice. Personally he is a kind hearted person.I wish himm all the best.
Comment on this message

Jerome Pereira, Mangalore/ Abu DhabiTuesday, July 15, 2008
Thank you Gerry for this write up on the profile of Ivan Sequeira a super singer in my humble opinion. We were fortunate to listen to his voice in KCO organized Mangalorean Day on 23rd May 2008 in Abu Dhabi. Your super hit song Marina Marina which I was not able to listen on that day due to my special duty, you were kind enough to sing for me on the same evening at the get together. Still the Marina song reverbates inside me day in and day out. May you live long to furl the Konkani flag higher by your melodious songs. Special thanks to Wilfy for providing such songs that suits his voice. Jemma
Comment on this message

CGS, QatarTuesday, July 15, 2008
Wonderful write up by Gerry D'Mello,Canada.No doubt,Ivan Sequeira is one of the best singers in Konkani.
Comment on this message

Joseph D'Sa, Mumbai, KallianpurMonday, July 14, 2008
Ivan Sequeira is a very humble and simple person and always keeps himself low profile. Although, he is a singer par excellence, he never boasts of himself. His smiling nature and friendly nature has earned him many friends and well wishers. May he rise to great heights as a Konkani Singer
Comment on this message

Ronald Masc..., urwa/muscat/dubai.Monday, July 14, 2008
Great man, great artist, great classmate, who wrote chords on wilfys song book and gave me, and later great troupe mate in wilfy nites. best of luck to the great great great....
Comment on this message

Geanette D'souza, Mangalore/SharjahMonday, July 14, 2008
Ivan's Melodius voice is music to the ears. The charm is still there and wish it will continue over the years. Wish him all the best
Comment on this message

Rita Rodrigues, KuwaitMonday, July 14, 2008
Congratulations Ivan on appearing on "Do Re Me Fa" for your singing achievements. May you shine more and more on Konkani Stage and showcase your talent. One little correction, it was not the opportunity you had to sing for KCWA/Kuwait recently but you were invited by "Konkan Talents Kuwait" to perform for their show in April 2006.
Comment on this message

Ron, MangaloreSunday, July 13, 2008
"yeah yeah chedwa".... one of the super hit. Ivan you are the best!
Comment on this message

Lancy Moras, Bajjodi, Jeddah Saudi ArabiaSunday, July 13, 2008

Thank you and God bless Gerry for introducing a great personality. Needless to say, Ivan was, is and will be my favorite singer. some of his his sung songs from Wilfy uncle's album are no doubt gorgeous. I am lucky to meet him at St. Aloysius grounds on 13th January early this year when I attended Wilfy Nite with my whole family.

Daijiworld is really a superb superior site where we being living in gulf get a lot more to read, know and learn too. Thank you daijiworld and entire team. Gerry, you are superstar in each of your introducing column. Hats off dear.

Comment on this message

Edwin D' Souza Kamath, AngeloreSunday, July 13, 2008
It was in my mind that Ivan Sequeira is from Valencia. I remember the ‘Odli Mai’ song he sang at many years ago when I was taking active part in Don Bosco Hall in Mangalore. Ivan sang that song when he was a small boy. I used to visit Late Henry at Attavar on Sunday early morning when Henry was still sleeping, for guitar classes. The English songs he taught me are still a fresh with me. It was late Sri J B Rasquinha’s brain child that the singing competition introduced in Don Bosco those days. When in Muscat Ivan Sequeira lost his health. Joncey Pinto was another friend of mine in Mumbai for a short period who lost his life in Bangalore recently. Hope Ivan is doing better now. I wish him good luck.
Comment on this message

Rony Miranda, Bodel/DubaiSunday, July 13, 2008

Dear Ivan, You are a great and really yours melodious/sensational voice is a gift to us for konkani musical lovers. When ever I speak with musical lovers while listening Wilfy's album most of them were appreciating your lovely voice and tremendous melody songs.

Really God has given you such a beautiful voice and we are looking ahead to come more and more. I love your voice and really you are one of a top and the best singer in our Konkani community. Best wishes from Rony Miranda & fly Dubai.

Comment on this message

Merlyn D'Mello, Mumbai/KuwaitSunday, July 13, 2008
Thank you Gerry for presenting to us Ivan Sequeira about whom I am reading for the first time. It was a pleasure knowing him through this column. I join my mom and sister in thanking Mr. Sequeira for the special mention and his gratitude towards my dad, late Mr. Henry T. D'Souza. Our best to you and your family. Long live Mr. Sequeira.
Comment on this message

AShok R, Monteiro, Bajpe/BahrainSunday, July 13, 2008
Ivan is my favourite singer. The way how he presents the song on stage is tremendous. Long live Ivan. Thanks to Wilfy Rebimbus for giving such beautiful numbers to Ivan. We expect more and more beautiful numbers from you Ivan...... God Bless you
Comment on this message

Peter D'Mello, Udyavara/SydneySunday, July 13, 2008
Still remember his melodies voice at all Wilfy concerts, held in the Gulf.... may such stars, always shine on the Mangalore community
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