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Mangalore: Bharati G - Creating Waves in Male Dominated Bastion
by Florine Roche - Mangalore

Aug 31, 2008
Appearances can be deceptive and it is certainly true in case of Ms Bharati G, Sub Inspector of police, posted at Moodbidri police station just a month ago. Behind the calm and composed demeanor one can find the tough, dynamic, brave and no-nonsense cop who has already made her presence felt through her dynamism and hard work within a short period of her assuming office at the station.


Though young and fresh to the job Bharati possesses the vitality, the courage and also the conviction the job demands in ample measure.  There is also splash of humaneness in her approach towards issues and individuals which no doubt has endeared her to the public.  Having worked in various stations of the district in the last 2 ½ years of her probation, she is now put under independent charge of Moodbidri station which has giving her ample opportunities to go about setting things right in the e interest of the general  public.  

“Firm decision is a must when it comes to the tasks ahead of us be it in police or any other department.  Put the things in proper perspective and analyze the field and one can surely have job involvement and job satisfaction”, she explains.  

And that is what she has been doing in Moodbidri. Maintaining law and order and streamlining the traffic is her present priority. The national highway which is always congested due to unauthorized and haphazard parking is now slowly getting organized. Her department has first concentrated on providing proper parking facility and has put a strict vigil on all those unauthorized parking thus easing the traffic movement in this busy road.  “Implementation is a continuous process and we have just made a beginning” she says about the steps she has taken to set things right. 

Uniforms to drivers of autos and buses are a must. Possession of vehicle documents to public, private and tourist vehicles and buses is a must.  Even as I was talking to her a constable came with the complaint of unauthorized parking where the driver had failed to produce documents.  She ordered the seizure of the vehicle and the culprit to be brought to her.  This has come from a lady police who first stepped into the police station when police verification was needed after she was selected to the post of Sub Inspector.  

Born in Biroor Hobli, in Chickmagalur district Bharati had no particular interest to join the police force. Her only focus was to get a job and by quirk of fate she joined the police force after her BA and M Ed. She belongs to the 2005 batch of recruits and now is happy that she has made the right decision and is enjoying her stint in the police department.  As is the case with many, she too harbored filmy notions of how the police department works. “Usually our concept of the police department is different when we are outside.  But once we are into the system, it all depends on how we perceive it”, she asserts. 

The two and half years of probationary training working in Mangalore Rural, Surathkal and SP’s office  in Mangalore provided her the necessary exposure, which played a pivotal role in shaping her attitude and her confidence.  She is in awe of her officials who molded her during her probationary period, which she says, prepared her better to face the tough challenges ahead.  She learnt the basic nuisances of dealing with people.  “This training has taught me that if we suspect a person we should not come to a judgment. There should be in-depth verification before making a judgment on a suspect so as to avoid implicating the wrong person”, she avers. 

That it is a male dominated world is least in her mind when she is focused in her work.  “The first thing I have done is to remove that perception from my mind.  If the thought is not there in the mind nothing can stop women from going about their work. We work in co-ordination without any discrimination”, is her firm response on whether she finds it difficult to work in a male dominated society.  Working with that attitude in a department with 30 staff out of which only 2 are women, will unquestionably be difficult. 

The tough lady is not a bit scared of handling communal riots.  The secret of her success is that she keeps aside all gossip mongers and talks to the people rather then telling her on decision. “Police should listen to the people and try to understand what is happening and people will react positively”, she asserts.  She says people should take a pro-active role in dampening the riots plaguing this district. A few people should come forward to take the leadership and create awareness among people asking them not to heed to rumour mongers.  Then Dakshina Kannada will emerge as the most peaceful district in the country”, she points out.  

But her role is not limited just to handling law and order or riots.  Property disputes in Moodbidri have become commonplace, which very often calls for police intervention or might result in law & order problem.  Many a time the police are doing the job of counseling to the warring parties and convince them the righteousness of compromise including advice for youngsters not to neglect their ageing parents. 

She firmly brushes aside any rumours surrounding her transfer by the present government, to make way for their own person to the post of Sub Inspector at the station at the instance of some powerful local politician. Though she says rumour mills are working overtime spreading canards one cannot simply deny that there is an element of truth in it.  

The locals have certainly found a tough, no-nonsense lady in Ms Bharati. As Bharati puts it “people observe how we work and support us.  They also analyze police officials individually”. 

The tough cop that she is Bharati certainly has emerged as a role model for our generation next girls who are willing to take the challenges of working in the police department and creating their own alcove.  Bharati has set a good precedent for the younger generation by showing that good work and honesty still pays rich rewards. Let us hope at least some of our young blood draws inspiration from Bharati and are willing to test their skills in the police department which can certainly do with more female cops in the decision making capacity.

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    Comments on this article
    Harish, birurWednesday, March 21, 2012
    Hi Bharathi,
    All the best...
    I am really proud of you keep your good work. wish you happy new year, happy birth day and God bless you,
    Comment on this message     

    Sathish Shetty, Dubai / MoodbidriSaturday, July 25, 2009
    Congrats tough lady of Moodabidri!!I salute you Lady cop Ms Bharathi and surely one day you''ll become another Kiran Bedi of Dakshina Kannada.All the best super cop. God bless you and wish you good luck Kindest Regards, Sathish Shetty Dubai / Moodbibri
    Comment on this message     

    Venkatesh K G, Vamanjoor/MangaloreSaturday, September 06, 2008
    Thanks to Florine Roche for giving such an informative article. Ms. Bharathi Madam, we are all proud of you and happy that you are in South Kanara. Wish you all the best in your career.
    Comment on this message     

    Ivan Tauro, Moodbidri/DubaiFriday, September 05, 2008
    CONGRATULATION MAM,to join the Police force & become a subinspector, hats up to you mam . Hope people will get a fair justice through your honest law & order.
    Comment on this message     

    Godwin, BantwalFriday, September 05, 2008
    Hats off to you...keep up the good work Ma'am.
    Comment on this message     

    leslie dsouza, bikarnakateFriday, September 05, 2008
    No words Bharathi keep up your good work we remember you on our daily prayers god bless you and he will help you in all your needs
    Comment on this message     

    Jane Tauro, Mangalore/ U.S.AThursday, September 04, 2008
    Dear Ms.Bharati, Hats off to you! May the almighty give you the strength in every step you take & every decision you make! I am glad to know there is still hope amidsts of all corruption in India. May God Bless our country with more honest & loyal people & make it a peaceful paradise to live!
    Comment on this message     

    P. A. L. RASQUINHA, MANGALOREWednesday, September 03, 2008
    Comment on this message     

    Maria Henson, MangaloreWednesday, September 03, 2008
    Dear Bharati,  heard a lot about u, God Bless u in all ur endeavours. As long as God's hand is upon u, no power of evil can touch u. My prayers r with u. Be a blessing to all in need.I won't say be like Kiran Bedi but i just wanna say, be unique and be a blessing
    Comment on this message     

    William Cardoza, KinnigoliWednesday, September 03, 2008
    Good Luck Mam. We all men should give her respect and help to continue her duties to maintain law and order in and around Moodbidre area. Our prayers and good wishes are always with you Ms. Bharathi
    Comment on this message     

    Vinod Nazareth, MoodbidriWednesday, September 03, 2008
    Congrats to Ms Bharati. Really you were needed to moodbidri.
    Comment on this message     

    ANIL, MANGALORETuesday, September 02, 2008
    its really nice to have lady in police force. now a days there are a lot of problems regarding female issues, which could be handled only by lady police.
    Comment on this message     

    Vincent, Kumbla/BangaloreWednesday, September 03, 2008
    All the best... Keep your good work
    Comment on this message     

    ANIL, MANGALOREWednesday, September 03, 2008
    Its really nice to have lady in police force. Now a days there are a lot of problems regarding female issues, which are normally hiddden, due to embarassment, and which could be handled only by lady police.
    Comment on this message     

    jacintha , Tuesday, September 02, 2008
    hi Barathi god bless you n keep smile on you are new job. be honest everyone,i wish u a congrats, keep it up your hard work...good luck for u from jacintha dubai
    Comment on this message     

    gracy, vamanjoorTuesday, September 02, 2008
    We know her very well she is friend of mine she was working as ASI in kankanady station ,she found the robbers who robbed our jewellery .thankyou ms.bharthi g
    Comment on this message     

    SYLVIA, MOODBIDRITuesday, September 02, 2008
    Congrats madam!!! all the best for your forthcoming plans!!! God Bless You.
    Comment on this message     

    Melwin Cardoza, Alangar,DubaiTuesday, September 02, 2008
    We are all Moodbidrians happy about the publicaton a good inpector Ms. Bharathi, We Moodbidri people to raise a voice to keep her long time to serve to Moodbidri and inform the dirty politicians that we are with her. Not to play with law and orders. I have seen personaly the descipline in Moodbidir after her arrival. My three cheers to Inspector Ms.Bharati
    Comment on this message     

    Rajesh.Kadrti, Manglore/Kabul AfghanisthanTuesday, September 02, 2008
    Congrats Ms Bharathi.I wish u all the best.god bless you
    Comment on this message     

    ANIL, MANGALORETuesday, September 02, 2008
    Let god give u the strength to continue serving the society for a long time, and let many more officers like you emerge so that evil may fall flat
    Comment on this message     

    joe Gonsalves, Mangalore/U.S.A.Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    It is good to see that Bharati making history in Moodbidri. She has proved that policing is not A male dominated area. I have great admiration for persons like Bharati. She seems to have the courage of conviction to set matters right and also take preventive measures. I wish that there were more Police Officers like Bharati.

    I have personally known Police people over the years right from constables upwards to The D.G.P.'s and have developed good raports with them and I do not hesitate to put on record my obversations Congrats to you Bharati... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Joe Gonsalves

    Comment on this message     

    leslie dsouza, bikarnakate mangaloreTuesday, September 02, 2008
    You are superb bharathi dont bow your head to the cowards at any pressure.  We are with you and our prayers are always with you keep up your good work
    Comment on this message     

    Edward C Maben, Mangalore/BangaloreTuesday, September 02, 2008
    While I congratulate Ms.Bharathi on her achievements, I would like to suggest here to Daiji world that you guys make it a constant habit to bring into limelite common people like Ms.Bharathi who contribute positively to the society. This will actually encourage others to follow suit.And everyone will start taking cue from such people unlimately makeing this place a lot lot better. It also would be fantastic if there are frequent articles about social evil and people who fight against it. Thanks to the Daiji world team.
    Comment on this message     

    Fr.Veeresh V. Moras, Madanthyar/ShimogaTuesday, September 02, 2008
    Keep up the good work Ms. Bharathi.
    Comment on this message     

    Khader, VittalMonday, September 01, 2008
    congradulation Ms Bharati I wish u all the best.I heard lots about you,Be brave this coruption days do u r duty God will protect you when you do good work
    Comment on this message     

    Renita Lobo, Mangalore /Bangalore Monday, September 01, 2008
    Hey Nice to see you Bharati in limelight in Moodbidri & Mangalore region ..Congrats!! And Wish you all the very best in ur assignment!!
    Comment on this message     

    Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/BangaloreMonday, September 01, 2008
    Bharati, (The Indian) rightly named by her parents, and her love towards her work, truly proves that that she is a real Indian. Today we need many Bharatis to control our law and order situation. We adore your quality work and the sense of urgency to implement existing law. We are proud to have an officer like you. Work without fear, God will bless you.
    Comment on this message     

    Ashuntha Pereira, GantalkatteMonday, September 01, 2008
    I too heard a lot about you Ms. Bharati. I know it’s really a tough job to work in Moodbidri with dirty politics and public. Anyways Good and I hope you will be there at least few years to change the shape of Moodbidri. Thanks Florine Roche for beautiful article.
    Comment on this message     

    srikant, sacheripetMonday, September 01, 2008
    Even though I have paid Rs 100 for parking in No Parking area, I admire her courage. Keep it up make moodubidri a peaceful town for ever.
    Comment on this message     

    Christopher, Mangalore/Abu dhabiMonday, September 01, 2008
    If she goes on doing things at this speed, at the same speed she will be transferred!!!. This is the specialty of our country!!??
    Comment on this message     

    Pramila Shetty, MoodbidriMonday, September 01, 2008
    Congrats madam.....within a month you have changed our moodbidri....Road discipline, Uniformity, Road Trafic Rules......etc....if you continue your work to longer period our city will become one of the peaceful city.....wish you good luck..Tthanks to daijiworld for given a right persons profile....
    Comment on this message     

    prescilla fernandes,mangalore, mangaloreMonday, September 01, 2008
    Bharatiji, congratulations. It is not easy to discharge your day to day duties. But with courage and determination you will succeed. I wish you all the best. Let our young girls follow your tribe.
    Comment on this message     

    Glenn, MoodbidriMonday, September 01, 2008
    congrats....i heard so many things from my friends about your good work....if i try to collect about your performance..uff..itz a big list.....you became a role model of many youths....Nobody has done like you before in Mbidri...wish you good luck...keep your good work...
    Comment on this message     

    Simon Lasrado, Sullia/BengaluruMonday, September 01, 2008
    Congrats tough lady of Moodabidri!!I salute you Lady cop Ms Bharathi and surely one day you'll become another Kiran Bedi of Dakshina Kannada.All the best super cop.
    Comment on this message     

    Simon Lasrado, Sullia/BengaluruMonday, September 01, 2008
    Congrats tough lady of Moodabidri!!I salute you Lady cop
    Comment on this message     

    Satya, Moodbidri, MoodbidriMonday, September 01, 2008
    Congrats.....welcome to M'bidri.....When we enter to our native....all are speaking about you....about your performance....within a short period.....we expect more from you.....wish u good luck.....
    Comment on this message     

    santhosh, Bajpe/DubaiMonday, September 01, 2008
    congradulation Ms Bharati I wish u all the best.I heard lots about you,Be brave this coruption days do u r duty God will protect you when you do good work.
    Comment on this message     

    Mark, belvai,CanadaMonday, September 01, 2008

    Welcome to Moodbidri!!!. A great leader was due to this station after former subinspector mendonca trasfered and major disputes ,riots tookplace due to corrupt rules and department was run by rumours only. Hope the law and order is not only implemented but monitered through out.

    A great peaceful and enjoying atmosphere to all young people, students and foreign students who are in and around moodbidri for education expereience the new fragrance of peace. Good luck to bharathi and the police force of Moodbidri Station.

    Comment on this message     

    Helen, mangaloreSunday, August 31, 2008
    Congratulations, Ms. Bharathi. With your positive attitude to life, people and their problems, you would work wonders in that little but powerful Moodbidri. You seem to be "simple enough to understand people's problems and special enough to solve them". You remind me of Mr. Pankaj Takur... He was transferred time and again for his brave and pro-people activities. Our good wishes are with you.
    Comment on this message     

    leslie dsouza, bikarnakate mangaloreSunday, August 31, 2008
    Bharathi I am really proud of you keep your good work I salute you.  Dear Bharathi You will become like Kiran Bedi just ignore these corrupted politicians and keep your good work Lord is with you wish you all the best I pray for you
    Comment on this message     

    MA Sheikh, Belvai/DammamSunday, August 31, 2008
    Guys, if she goes in this way, no doubt she is another Kiran Bedi in making.I just been from vacation and Everybody is talking about her daring acts (which is long list to detail here) and her efforts in strictly implementing the rules to put things in order. You can see all rikshawallas of moodarbidre and sarrounding area are in uniforom dress and wrong parking is simply vanishing. Its really great to have an officer like Bharati in our District, however, I am sure, she will face lots of difficulties from our corrupted politicians and influential people, 'coz they cannot run their dirty show.
    Comment on this message     

    Dhuvri Mogarnad, MogarnadSunday, August 31, 2008
    Congratulations. I salute you for your commitment and dedication. May God Bless you
    Comment on this message     

    Iqbal Hejmady , Hejmadi/Jubail-K.S.ASunday, August 31, 2008
    Lots of Congratulations Bharathi Welcome to Moodubidre, I hope you will bring justice in the concerned area.
    Comment on this message     

    Gregory Fernandes, PERNANKILA/MANGALORESunday, August 31, 2008
    I have recently heard about two daring acts of the SP. She is really the role model for all police force. But I hardly believe ( though I wish) if she continues here for a longer period. Sangh Parivar will not let her live here as the two daring incidents what I remember, she did was, against them only.
    Comment on this message     

    Felcy Menezes, Valencia/DubaiSunday, August 31, 2008
    Heard a lot about you from my colleague who has returned from Shirtady last week. Was highly impressed with your no-nonsense attitude. Keep it up lady, see to it that justice prevails in the city of mangalore with no discrimination of the cast, creed and race.
    Comment on this message     

    valerian Dsilva Muscat, moodbidri TaccodeSunday, August 31, 2008
    Congratulations.Bharati welcome to Moodbidri city I hope you will do great job and more justice in the town .Congrats once more.
    Comment on this message     

    JASON DSILVA, KARKALA/DUBAISunday, August 31, 2008
    Congrats. welcome to moodbidre, hope you will help to bring more and more justice in the town.
    Comment on this message     

    JASON DSILVA, KARKALA/DUBAISunday, August 31, 2008
    Congrats. welcome to moodbidre, hope you will help to bring more and more justice in the town.
    Comment on this message     

    lynette, mangaloreSunday, August 31, 2008
    the article is the best and we need to get more of this kind of articles highlighting the work of females to raise the morale of women in Mangalore so that more and more people come forward to do their little part in making Mangalore the best in the country
    Comment on this message     

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