' Modi's visit to USA a Successful One ?

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Modi's visit to USA a Successful One ?
By Antony Cony D'Souza, Karkala/Qatar
Oct 8, 2014

Every head of nation or state, prior to their return from an official foreign tour, usually  claims , “I had a very successful tour”. Without exception, Modi also told this to an audience at his last stop and said, “Thank you, America.”
Modi may be right or wrong about his assumption of a successful tour,” but it is not a bad idea to review some of the high points of his visit. 

Question # 1

Was it mission accomplished for Narendra Modi ? 

Let us review it with the help of some quotes :

Vivek Wadhwa, a Silicon Valley bomb-thrower, came to DC somewhat leery of the hype around Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “I was blown away by Modi's humour and confidence,” Wadhwa said after the state department luncheon hosted by Joe Biden and John Kerry for the Prime Minister.

Pete Sessions, chairman, house ethics committee, was absolutely charmed. He said Modi reminded him of President Ronald Reagan, the nearest thing to God for Republicans.

“No,” said Michael Kugleman of Wilson Center, “But we shouldn't have expected any. For Obama and Modi, the visit was all about the basics: getting to know each other, committing to get the relationship back on track, and promising to push toward even greater co-operation.”

A member of a think-tank differed, “In terms of optics it was a huge success, but are we to overlook the absence of deliverables—packages?” He said he would hold his verdict for now.  “Instead, he accepted it and took full advantage of his time in Washington. This is a strong signal of his intention to move beyond the past and to get this relationship back on track,” he added.

And that looks like mission accomplished!

Question # 2

Did Narendra Modi tap the Indian diaspora in US? 

The New York Rock show is over, it's time to see action in India.

Narendra Modi's Madison Square Garden address to overseas Indians was more of a rockstar concert than a Prime Minister's speech. He had delirious fans cheering, clapping, and chanting "Modi, Modi, Modi!" He plucked their heartstrings, praising them lavishly for raising India's global image, and promised that India would become a stunning success that would make them proud. This was not an occasion for policy announcements, but for celebrations with fans that had backed him in his darkest days. It was a rally of the faithful, an outpouring of mutual admiration.

Modi's future will rest on his skills as a doer, not as an orator. 

Modi has a mission back home.  Mars Mission cost just Rs 7/km, whereas an auto-rickshaw ride in Ahmedabad costs Rs 10/km. The audience roared its appreciation. But why is India more successful in outer space than at home? Why can India slash the cost of space missions but not of food at home, resulting in the highest, most persistent inflation in any major nation?  

In a more than one-hour-long speech, Modi asked them to participate in India's development, saying their contribution was part of his vision for a “people's movement for development” modeled, he said, on Mahatma Gandhi's mass movement for freedom from British rule.   Modi is hoping to tap the diaspora to propel his economic agenda.  

“Modi can set India on a completely new path and truly bring India into the 21st   century," said Pradeep Khosla, the Indian-American Chancellor of the University of California, San Diego, who moved to the US over three decades ago.

Question # 3

Is Narendra Modi’s US trip high on optics, low on substance?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s five-day visit to the United States saw the two countries affirm ties with extensive diplomatic words and pageantry, but largely failed to resolve vexing trade and investment issues or deliver any big-ticket measures to elevate relations.

Coming on the back of his successful engagements with the heads of Japan and China, with whom he sealed tens of billions of dollars in investment pledges, Modi’s trip to the United States had raised hopes that he would deliver a new cornerstone in bilateral ties which have drifted over the past few years.

The trip, however, did witness a dramatic turnaround from a time when he was denied a US visa for almost a decade, helping him correct the negative image with American policy makers as well as business leaders he will now count on to bring investments to India. 

Question #4

Did he build blocks in place to call Modi's US visit a success? 

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, sold himself as a onetime tea vendor who wanted to lift India to glory by cleaning up the country, clearing the way for business, and preparing its young citizens to be the work force of an aging world. Modi addressed a wildly enthusiastic audience that was largely made up of Indian-Americans, and played skillfully to their sentiments. He reminded the crowd of the taunts they had heard for years that India was a land of snake charmers, and he offered lavish praise for their success in the United States.

His remarks were directed equally at the folks back home, where Modi won a sweeping electoral victory in May, and at American officials and investors he is wooing. 

In an hour-long speech that was signature Modi, complete with rhetorical flourishes, soaring arms, and a good deal of snarkiness, the Prime Minister made fun of those who say he lacks ‘big vision’. “I tell them, “My friends, I came here selling tea,”, he said,” and paused, as the audience leapt to its feet and clapped. “I’m a small man. My mind is busy doing small things,” he went on. 

Modi spoke to 700 Indian-Americans at a dinner at the Pierre Hotel. He said he did not need their dollars; he wanted every Indian-American to send five non-Indian friends to visit the country. Tourism, he said, can generate income for cabbies, auto-rickshaw drivers — even tea sellers.

Modi is keen to attract business deals that will create jobs in India, one of his main campaign promises in a nation where every month a million people turn 18 and join the labour force. On their part, American officials and executives want Modi to remove many of the obstacles that foreign companies face in doing business in India.

Stephen Ezell of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation said that Modi seemed to be the most business-friendly Prime Minister in India’s recent history, but that he had yet to take action on matters like trade policy and taxes. “If he is truly going to deliver on that vision, then he is going to have to make some very difficult decisions,”. Ezell added.

Modi received resounding applause for a promise to clear away red tape facing new businesses.

R Nicholas Burns, who was a top State Department official in the administration of George W Bush, put the question this way: “Can we reset, reboot, revive — use your word — this relationship? We have to.”
Narendra Modi-Barack Obama meet: Key takeaways
In a rare gesture, President Obama joined Modi in paying homage at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Both the leaders took a round of the Memorial and Obama was seen explaining significance of the site to Modi.

The visit was significant given the success achieved by both sides in bringing the strategic partnership between India and the US back on track.

Key points:

In a joint vision statement and a joint op-ed in the Washington Post, Modi and Obama vowed to "Chalein saath saath - together we go forward" with a new agenda to realize the full potential of a renewed US-India partnership for the 21st century.

Both sides agreed to make “joint and concerted efforts” to dismantle safe havens for terror and criminal networks like LeT, JeM, D-company, Al Qaeda, and Haqqani Network. The two countries will take steps to disrupt financial and tactical support to these terror outfits.

A US-India joint statement issued after Tuesday's summit at the White House that lasted nearly two hours listed what some critics called a 'laundry list' of things they can do together in fields ranging from health and education to space exploration. But the real significance of the trip lay in the fact that it put the India-US partnership back on the rails. And more importantly, Modi secured a commitment from Obama to make joint and concerted efforts to dismantle terrorist safe havens.

No breakthrough on the civil nuclear deal, stalled over India's tough liability laws. Modi said, “We are serious about resolution of issues on both sides to enable civilian nuclear energy cooperation to take off. It is important for India's energy security." An inter-agency contact group will be set up to address the issues of liability, administrative, and technical issues. From the Indian side, agencies like DAE, MEA, and Finance Ministry will be involved.

Obama said India meets the standards of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and is "now ready" for the membership of the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), a 48-member body which controls global nuclear trade.

Agreement on extending their defence agreement for another 10 years which is expected to give a big boost to co-operation in this key area between the two countries. Modi invited US companies to participate in defence manufacturing sector in India, which has recently raised the FDI cap from 26 to 49 per cent.

Commitment to facilitate the actions necessary to increase bilateral trade five-fold from the current $100 billion. The proposed steps include establishing an Indo-US Investment Initiative, an Infrastructure Collaboration Platform. India will welcome two trade missions in 2015 focused on meeting India's infrastructure needs with US technology and services.

Obama and Modi had a candid discussion about WTO issues. "India supports trade facilitation but it is my wish that a solution should take care of our food security concerns. I am sure that it is possible to do that early," Modi said. "I am looking forward to building up on the relationship and make more progress," he added.

US reaffirmed support for India's membership of the expanded UN Security Council and backed it for "voice and vote" in international financial institutions like IMF and World Bank.

The US will be the lead partner in developing Allahabad, Ajmer, and Vishakapatnam as 'Smart Cities'.

The countries will also cooperate in the Mars Mission.

Some Hurts, Some Opposition, and Some Skeptic Views 

Not everyone was impressed. Outside the arena, a small group of protesters held banners denouncing Modi, who was chief minister of Gujarat in 2002 when sectarian rioting racked the state. He could not get a visa to visit the United States for nearly 10 years because of accusations that he had done too little to stop the violence.

Rekha Malhotra, 43, a popular disc jockey who was among the protesters, said she had turned down passes that she had been offered to see Modi speak. “I said thanks, but no thanks — I’ll be outside,” she explained. 
Sherry Hundal, 46, said she had come from Denville, NJ, to raise her voice against the Prime Minister. “I’m glad to be on the right side of history,” she said.

The Prime Minister's Hindu nationalist credentials have made him an unpopular figure among some Indian-Americans who see him as a religious strongman and a threat to India's multiculturalism.

Protesters outside Madison Square Garden said they wanted to draw attention to the Hindu nationalist groups that back Modi's party and their fundamentalist agenda.

"We want to make sure everyone knows that those celebrating Modi do not represent the entire Indian-American community," said Shaik Ubaid, a 52-year-old neurologist who is part of a group called the Alliance for Justice and Accountability.

Congress party spokesperson Anand Sharma. refusing to give any importance to the rapturous gathering during the Prime Minister's address at Madison Square Garden and elsewhere outside the venues of his address in the US, said, "There were many cheerleaders".

Seeking to compare it with Modi's address at the UN General Assembly, the Congress spokesperson claimed that "two-third of the Assembly hall was empty when the Indian Prime Minister was speaking. This small gathering should be a matter of concern."

He also said all Indian Prime Ministers, who went to the US were given the honour of addressing the joint session of US Congress but "Modi was not given this honour" asking why.  Sharma said the visit was not so impressive as was projected and quoted BJP patriarch L K Advani to conclude that Modi is a very good ‘event manager’. 

Generous Views: 

Vivek Pai, who lives in New York, has family from Bangalore, Karnataka.

“Today, thanks to the political expressions of 550 million Indians in the largest democratic electoral exercise in human history, the US is being forced to eat humble pie and welcome Modi as the leader of India. The greatest military and economic power on Earth had to bow to the democratic wishes of a half billion people. That represents the greatest triumph of democratic ideals during our times.”

 Sheetal Ranjan, who lives in Teaneck, NJ, has family in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, said “It means that the US now looks at India as a pivotal strategic partner in the world. And I am glad to be living in a nation where my origins are of value.”

 Asokan Vengassery Krishnan, who lives in Philadelphia, has links to Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

“The Modi visit is expected to strengthen the ties between the most powerful and the largest democratic nations. It will also be sweet revenge for Modi who was long being treated as a pariah by the US. In turn, it is also the victory of the Indian identity and might in a post-colonial, post-Cold War era. Modi will prove that India has a dignified role to play in the new world order,” he said.

Finally, as you all are aware, I myself did not accompany the PM during his USA visit . My article is entirely built surrounding different sources of news. Hence, I wind up this write-up in the words of Wifred J Lewis, Matpady-Brahmavar/ New York City, USA, written on Thursday October 2, 2014. Lewis is from our own region. Many a time we should not depend upon biased news against our PM. I totally agree with Lewis whose observation is the right source straight from the heart, is prudent, upright, and honest in his declaration. Thanks Lewis. Your below views inspired me today to pen down this article. 

“I observed; followed the Prime Minister’s tour of USA. This trip has been a great success, beneficial to both India and USA, and more important is, it is helpful to world peace. 

These weeks New York City-the UNO city has numerous visitors, leaders from all over the world as the annual UN General Assembly is in session. Still, Modi got high profile positive recognition as he is a leader of the largest, peaceful, functioning secular democracy of the world—a leader with a huge mandate. Narendra Modi is a recognized name all over the USA.”

Comments on this article
Simon Francis J. Kebrallo, MangaloreFriday, October 17, 2014
Sheer Hypocrisy !!

Dear Modi admirers

The Narendra Modi government, which promised to bring back black money stashed by Indians in foreign banks, on Friday toed the line of UPA regime by informing the Supreme Court that it cannot disclose such details given by countries with which India has double taxation avoidance agreement(DTAA).

In the run-up to the Lok Sabha polls, BJP spearheaded by Narendra Modi had promised to bring back black money kept by Indians in overseas bank and slammed UPA government for not taking effective action and accusing it of shielding the corrupt. After assuming power in May, the Modi government had pledged to fulfil its pre-poll promise...

Sheer Hypocrisy is just the beginning...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment on this message     

Jaya Prakash G., MumbaiThursday, October 16, 2014
Mumbai , Haryana and more will fall in line will MODI Mantra. One can't develop a country in one year. Even minor complex systems like a company can't be remedied in one year- look at Infosys. Patience is a must. Modi knows it very well and should be having a well-sequenced set of plans. Let's give time to the new government.
Comment on this message     

Dilip Sajeesh , KundapuraThursday, October 16, 2014
Happy Days are ahead again in Mumbai and Haryana. Great is our leader, Sir Narendra Modi, an workcolic leader.
Comment on this message     

Dinkar, MangaloreThursday, October 16, 2014
Dear Sir, Positive assembly results are in progress in Mumbai for BJP. Jai Modijee.
Comment on this message     

Antony Cony D Souza, Karkala / QatarWednesday, October 15, 2014
Thanks for your active participation and encouragement. Glad to render my sincere appreciations to you all Mrr. Zaid, Stuart, Sunil, Keshav, Ravi, Ganesh, Aravind and Dominic.
Comment on this message     

Dominic Canute Mendonca, Mangalore-CambridgeWednesday, October 15, 2014
I always enjoy your column in Daijiworld be it be on political matters or Philosophy of Life purely analytical we enjoy here. Looking forward on more messagical write-ups.
Comment on this message     

Aravind Gopinath K. Salian, MangaloreTuesday, October 14, 2014
Back to USA visit, India loses WTO case against US on poultry imports.
No amount visits to USA can bring real benefit to India. When it comes to their self-interest, It is a straight fight at the cost of their cage surplus chicken to thrust on us. India had banned imports of various agricultural products from the US in 2007, as a precautionary measure to prevent outbreaks of avian influenza in the country. In March 2012, the US had dragged India to the WTO against India's ban on imports of certain American farm products, including poultry meat and eggs. In the real sense. This is the result by joining the WTO. saturated, so they are looking for new markets.
Comment on this message     

Kishore Kunjumon Nair, Uppala, UAETuesday, October 14, 2014
Looking East and Looking West. Modi has aggressive vision for real development, sets a furious pace for international visits. Visits must fall in line, it is better to be early than late for factual development.
Comment on this message     

Ganesh N. Ratna , B.C, Road / Mysore Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Modi is getting the more of welcome mat because of his savvy business leadership of the world’s most populous democracy. Let us wish him that every red carpet to turn into a development mat for India but not alone for his close circuits or coercions
Comment on this message     

Ravi , BangaloreTuesday, October 14, 2014
Mumbai assembly results will be a cake walk for Modi including sympathy votes deriving from late Munde dominations
Comment on this message     

keshav bhaskar , mangaloreTuesday, October 14, 2014
Real development in India must turn back to basics and not from non-stop high profile visits ! Anyway best of luck for following congress development programmes.
Comment on this message     

Sunil Sevaris Gomes, Bailur, Jeppu, DohaTuesday, October 14, 2014
Interesting article. Keep it up Sir.
Comment on this message     

Stuart Chris, Mumbai/PerthTuesday, October 14, 2014
Short duration, High Profile Meetings, non-stop visits!! Sheer development ??- visit to Bhutan, BRIC Brazil visit, Nepal, Tajikistan, Japan, China Head's visit to India, USA visit next to Australia... India in the making ?? picking from where Manmohan Sigh Stopped ?
Comment on this message     

Zaid Zulfiqar A. Sangli, Mumbai/SangliTuesday, October 14, 2014
Presumed USA visit's success will be tested in Mumbai waters very soon - Assembly results
Comment on this message     

Antony Cony D Souza, Karkala / QatarTuesday, October 14, 2014
Dear Vijay and Ismail Sir

Thanks for your opinion. You both are experts in your views.

I Remain,
Antony Cony.

Comment on this message     

ISMAIL K PERINJE., PERINJE.Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Dear Cony sir,

Good postmortem article on Modi's tour.The Madison Square speech was just like Hitler's one who used that venue for the purpose.The chanting of MODI MODI @ the venue is looked like political rally.The total outcome of the our may be something positive but media added some masala.
Comment on this message     

Vijay A. Cornelio, BangaloreMonday, October 13, 2014
Thanks for your great article and positive impute on our PM, Mr. N. Modi. Moreover, after seeking your permission, would like to add few more words to enlighten the readers. Beyond walking party line, one should hold no bias attitude in our mind.
The people of India are disillusioned with its politicians, to say the least. Even after 61 yrs of Independence, a vast section of the population still remains underprivileged, poor and illiterate. Big plans and tall promises are made at every election but are never implemented. Shortsighted policies meant for immediate gain, corruption, nepotism, manipulation of the system for personal benefit, lust for wealth and power and ugly vote bank policies are rampant and usual. Development for the mass is the least of the priorities. Virtues of honesty, integrity, wisdom, morality and nationalism are almost rare.

Even if there are a handful of honest and decent politicians, they either lack the vision or the assertiveness to implement a program or lack the raw nonchalant strength of character required to carry out a plan against odds.

In Narendra Modi, India has a politician with most required qualities to change the tide. It is not any exaggeration to say that, after his experience and experimentation with Gujarat, he probably has the answers to all the problems that the nation is facing today. He is not only the best choice but perhaps the only choice to lead the country.
Comment on this message     

Antony Cony D Souza, Karkala / QatarSunday, October 12, 2014
Jimmy Sir, Thanks for contributing a measured thought truly inspiring.. "Now he should be in Delhi not elsewhere blaring all around that would only lessen his acquired height"
Comment on this message     

jimmy noronha, Bellore/LucknowSunday, October 12, 2014
Mr. Modi has risen from a small background, made a great impression on the Indian diaspora during his recent visit to USA, and went on to make a deep dent on the mindset of the men in power in the USA, removed the lurking thought against Indians as snake charmers to that of programmers with mouse in hand. So, what if only two third were there in the UNO assembly, and not got the chance to speak in the two houses of Parliament. He accomplished his task. Now he should be in Delhi not elsewhere blaring all around that would only lessen his acquired height.
Comment on this message     

John DSouza, Belman/Bejai/QatarSunday, October 12, 2014
Thank you, Dear Antony, for rightly identifying and acknowledging my unique views
A simple change in concept can give multiple solutions to several severe problems
Due to its positive impact, the beneficiaries will be the present and future generations
Being life is short and uncertain, let us dream big and realize it to make it memorable
Instead of carry and move the burden, let us pull and move to enjoy a blessed boon
Comment on this message     

Antony Cony D' Souza, Karkala / QatarSunday, October 12, 2014
Dear Engr. Samad Kolnad,
I go by your unfailing encouragement.
Thanks and Kind Regards,
Comment on this message     

Antony Cony D' Souza, Karkala / QatarSunday, October 12, 2014
Dear John Belman/Bejai/Qatar . Thanks for your multiple comments and sharing your wisdom.

Moreover, I admire your speech and presentation you delivered at Karnataka Sangha Qatar (KSQ) and I appreciate your research/innovative power and scientific approach on “ CAN WE USE THE HUGE DEAD WEIGHT ON WHEELS AS A POWERFUL PUSHING FORCE TO SAVE FUEL AND TO GENERATE FREE ENERGY? . WHY NOT WE CAN PULL, GET PUSHED AND MOVE INSTEAD OF CARRY AND MOVE TO MAKE A REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE IN THE SURFACE TRANSPORT SECTOR WITH INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING BENEFITS?. DO WE NEED TO POLLUTE THE ENVOIRONMENT AND BURN THE ECONOMY BY PAYING HEAVY PRICE FOR FUEL? ? ” As justified by you, this will have benefit in area of Health Hazardous, air pollution and sound pollution also to save a huge volume of fuel, generate free energy, eliminate health hazardous air pollution and peace disturbing sound pollution, reduce costs, minimize oil imports and fuel subsidies.

Hope your modules will be ready soon for a wide range awareness back at home , in our state and country at large.
Comment on this message     

samad kolnad, vitlaSunday, October 12, 2014
Dear Antony good one..enjoyed reading..looking forward for more articles from you...
Comment on this message     

Antony Cony D' Souza, Karkala / QatarSunday, October 12, 2014
Dear Sirs, Thanks for your most valuable comments and remain obliged to….Mrr. R. Bhandarkar, Savio Pedro, Mohan Rao, Samson, A Thinker, Vinod K., ad. Mangloor, Dayanand Suresh, Mohan Bilash, Rony Arun, Rahman M., Rahman M. Shuhainb F. Ajay Puri, Simon Lobo, Geoffrey Hat hill and Vijay.

As well as to my all-time faithful friends:

Dr. Edward Nazareth, Mr. Wilson Saldhana, Vivian Tauro, Ronald Lasrado, Ms. Reshma Lobo, Glany Fernanes, Kevin Misquith, Ajith Peter D’ Souza and C. G. Sequeira.
Comment on this message     

R.Bhandarkar, M'loreSaturday, October 11, 2014
Not many may know but US has the largest debt ever running into trillions of dollars. This is one country which has made it's weakness it's strength! They call it US purchase power!
Against this back every second see how tall America stands and dictated terms to the world! Other countries are too busy squabbling
internally, their own political problems spilling over and never even coming together to form a comprehensive foreign policy!
Say if Obama were to visit India
soon there will never be 'any sensation in the American Media, or any of their establishment' and they would take it as routine!
Why should we hype so much about a American Visit of our PM?
Got my point??
We Indians should first learn to be United, like the people of the 'United States of America'...
Unity is their strength...
Comment on this message     

Savio Pedro J. Gomes, GoaSaturday, October 11, 2014
If possible or expert can you explain PM party is following Congress programmes and not their own..Success in India is important and not USA success. USA is visited by dignitary almost everyday..their bluff continues...
Comment on this message     

Mohan D. Rao, MangaloreSaturday, October 11, 2014
Dear Sir, Unlike your other articles which had wide coverage, this topic is somewhat not refreshing because Modi himself has grown dull. In future When ever Modi really achieves something for India or hum aadmi then only Modi topic can hit the roof. Even Modi was dull and slow to curtail recent China and Pakistan attacks..Wide chest of election time is failed noting to do here... When Modi Team really going to achieve (election mantra is same what is faded now.) only BJP knows...
Comment on this message     

John DSouza, Belman/Bejai/QatarSaturday, October 11, 2014
WHY the success of Modi's visit to USA is so important?
Because he is the newly elected, ed and promoted (CM to PM) Prime Minister of India, the largest Democracy in the World, with maximum Billionaires (Pride) and the highest level of Poverty (Misery).

HOW we burn economy and deny development?
Though we import 70% of our oil need, still we don't satisfy the basic transport need of the rapidly growing volume of commuters and goods.
We spend billions of dollars on oil import bills and crores of rupees in oil subsidiaries and hence we deny development. We accept unhealthy pollutions and mounting costs by ignoring employment, education, health and poverty, high CAD and low FEX reserve.

WHICH change we ought to make?
Since Ford is the automobile of the oldest democracy, we must change concept and modify it to suit the largest and young democracy.

WHERE is the opportunity?
Being the powerful gravity force of the earth is absolutely free, abundant and available 24/7, if we pull, get pushed and move on wheels, we can save a huge volume of fuel and generate a considerable volume of free energy.

WHAT impact can we foresee?
Save fuel, eliminate pollutions, reduce costs, save huge funds, start projects, create jobs, facilitate education, healthcare, infra and low poverty, surplus balance and high FEX reserve.

WHEN to change?
Right now is the apt time, (being Chaiwala to PM inspiration) to be the cause of the Global Change, to ensure Peace, Stability and Fresh Air to breathe
Comment on this message     

Samson Rebello , Udupi/DubaiFriday, October 10, 2014
Its too long article on a well depicted subject which all know already.
Bal ka khal nikalna is our habit. Its a high time to believe we have other parties than Congress. When it comes to Modi i think we have to give him a chance. Then we have to give our expertise. 
Comment on this message     

Reshma Lobo, Kuwait/MangaloreFriday, October 10, 2014
One more interesting article Cony Sir.. The new government lead by Modi has its own pros and cons.His recent visit to USA may or may not be a successful one. I feel the only people who benefited from his visit are the Indian-Americans in the States. Modi was the only Indian PM so far who had a big crowd puller in the States. Let's see whether the cordial relationship between the two countries bears any econominical development for our country.We hope Modi will take our nation to next level to be economically secure and to eradicate poverty which is a main concern.
Comment on this message     

kevin misquith, surathkal/mangaloreFriday, October 10, 2014
well analysed article, Congrats Antony Sir.
Comment on this message     

Glany Fernandes, Manglaore / DubaiThursday, October 09, 2014
Very well presented article on future of India. The talks took place in the different countries including USA of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is clear indication that, how eagerly he is waiting to see India shine again and be one of the strongest county in the world. Cony bab your point by point presentation is shows how closely you followed this entire episode and how enthusiastic you are to see India on a driving seat.
Comment on this message     

Ajith Peter Dsouza, Udupi/DubaiThursday, October 09, 2014
Well written article,analytically narrated with thought provoking depiction.Let's wish and hope the promises and prospects of the visit materialize in the days to come. As for now looks like 'Modi-fied' India is heading in a direction of endless possibilities.
Comment on this message     

A Thinker , GoaThursday, October 09, 2014
After election (Modi is referred as Modi 2. Before election or during the period of CM of Gujarat as Modi 1).

Modi will succeed in everything that he has planned provided he gives up titling towards Hindu right wing technology or ideology. For example Modi's educational reform may promote ideology of Hindu right. While campaigning ahead of the May election, Modi 2 then the chief minister of the state of Gujarat, promised to bring the "Gujarat model" . But the Gujarat model has a less attractive side to it: a requirement that the state's curriculum include several textbooks written by Dinanath Batra, a scholar dedicated to recasting India's history through the prism of the Hindu right wing. Then, in June, the Gujarat government directed that several of Batra's own books be added to the state's curriculum. His books advise students not to celebrate birthdays with cakes and candles, a practice Batra considers non-Indian.

Batra says Smriti Zubin Irani, the minister of human resource development, has assured him his books will soon be a part of the national curriculum. Another of his view ‘akhand bharat’ will create tension among the neighours. Our PM Modi himself personally may be a good man. In politics, he is compelled to drink water like horse taken to drink water by force. But No one can take two watermelons in one hand, one sure to break. Who will decide who ?? Can somebody share or shed some light on my opine ?? World Police (USA) is watching upon this ideology..
Comment on this message     

Vinod K.Kotiyan, MysoreThursday, October 09, 2014

You have well evaluated to tour. It looked at first glance as if, author himself accompanied the PM to USA. Well analyzed on its both versions, positive and negative contents.
The great success of Modi who was denied visa for a quite long time, Indian electorates made USA to eat a humble pie, forced to give him visa to USA. The greatest military and economic power on Earth had to bow to the democratic wishes of a half billion people. That represents the greatest triumph of democratic ideals during our times. This is the personal success to Modi another feather to his controversial cap. There was no embrace from Obama to Modi nor his wife attended the luncheon with him. It gives certain kind of ‘material reservations’ from them which shows their real attitude at their personal level. USA is aware Modi means business. USA takes cares ITSELF FIRST AT ANY COST COME WHAT MAY around the world so shall be with Modi. Nothing unusual.
Comment on this message     

Ronald Lasrado, Kundapura/QatarThursday, October 09, 2014
Congrats bava. Borem borailem. Article is very clear and I go with its precious contents. I say precious because visit was significant, given the success achieved by both sides in bringing the strategic partnership between India and the US back on track. USA has no other option left with them than to join with our world renowned Scientists – Pride of Nation, MARs mission.
Comment on this message     

John DSouza, Belman/Bejai/QatarThursday, October 09, 2014
The success of Modi visit to USA can make a Revolutionary Change in India and a World of Difference.
Make, modify and modernise is a powerful wave and wind. Unless we move in the right direction along with the flow of force, nothing can we change, improve and develop.
Sab ke saath and sab ka vikas is a beautiful slogan which actually was the practical life of our ancestors, who used to live together in peace by loving, caring, giving and sharing among each other as a joint family.
Today, our youngsters live in Sweet Homes, whereas the old in the Homes for the Aged.
We love, like, share and meet only on the Facebook but never meet face to face.
Is it necessary for each and every individual to own a kitchen, toilet and vehicle on this planet and can it be a possibility (like mobiles, due to our ego, competition and comparison)?
If the runways are blocked with parked planes, is it possible to take off or land any flight?
Do we realize that the smartphone which we carry like a toy in hand comprises (or cumulative of) several machines, equipments, instruments and communication facilities of past few decades?
Can we see that due to the pride of invention of vehicle engine and introduction of fuel energy, we have been carrying and moving the bullock carts on wheels, blindly and with stubbornness?
What is our option and choice? Is it to continue with doing worthless charity and expensive sacrifice OR enjoy Peaceful Society, Stable Economy and Clean Environment, a real DEVELOPMENT?
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ad, mangloorThursday, October 09, 2014
I would not go to the extent to say Modis USA visit was a succesfull one but indeed was a crowd puller particularly India roots people whatever you want to call them-Indians, NRIs, OCIs,PIOs, etc. But indeed it was a successful in terms of American government because the general feeling at the administration was, yes, India wants us, our money, and our help tp DEVELOP India- Modis mantra.
Modi went to USA with a big plate of wish list to convince American investors, yes, you have a free hand to come to India because India is ready for development from building toilets, sanitation, make in India products and above all to generate jobs for young India.
American investors were cautious, albeit not committal to a large extent to pour trillions for Indias development. But some did with token investments in billions although this amount was less than Japans commitment .
Indeed Obama now knows doesn't matter what we do arrest diplomats like Kobragade, India still wants relations with USA.
A big brother attitude America, and a small brother India wants to listen, albeit cuddle with in American arms, and those arms include not only body parts but war armaments for defence of India or for offence aganist Indias potential sworn enemies, I should say past, and potentially future.
My opinion, too much cuddling with America is bad for India because America will not give unless it gets disproportionately.

Modi, perhaps knows it, but for now Modi wants anyone who will give for-DEVELOPMENT
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Dayanand Suresh A. Adiga, Mangalore/BangaloreWednesday, October 08, 2014
Modi's future will rest on his skills as a doer, not as an orator.
The biggest challenge of the Govt. is to attract foreign investment is to clear away red tape facing new businesses.
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Wilson Saldanha, Shirthady/ KuwaitWednesday, October 08, 2014
Excellent analysis Cony Sir. Keep it up. I don't want to elaborate his achievements or completion of promises given during election campaign. But this man who was denied visa couple of months back, was given a warm welcome couple of days back. He was smart to go on water diet to avoid non veg buffet dining.

Just remembered a joke sent through What's app on Modi- "Jo Aadmi Paani pi ke itna bolta hai.....
Wo Daaru pi ke kitna bolega???"
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C.G.Sequeira, ValenciaWednesday, October 08, 2014
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lot of clear cut ideas. Make in India is one of them.Good attempt by Antony Cony.Interesting analytical write up on PM's visit to the US.
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John DSouza, Belman/Bejai/QatarWednesday, October 08, 2014
Undoubtedly, Mod’s visit to USA certainly a successful one, since it was a great change from visa refusal shame to Rock Star fame. Antony Sir, thank you for your interesting questions and excellent analysis.
In fact:
Do we really need to attract, impress, convince and look forward for the inflow of funds?
Is our 1.2 billion of population not a huge market with massive demand and scarce supply?
Don’t we have adequate resources to make in India, by the Indians?
When our researchers are curious to learn the technique of 5000 years old steps (found in Harappa), why our technicians cannot identify and rectify a silly error of couple of centuries old, to save the burning economy from fuel costs and severe problems?
While the garbage is being recycled through a waste management initiative, why not we can use the millions of tons of dead weight of commuters and goods on wheels as a powerful pushing force?
Why we spend billions of dollars to carry and move, whereas we can save a huge volume of fuel and generate a considerable volume of free energy, with a simple concept change of pull, get pushed and move?
What is the volume of academics produced per year, in India and how many of them are kept idle?
Why we need to fuel millions of vehicles which make millions of people to starve and die?
Why we spend lavishly on fuel to get the reward of health hazardous air pollution and peace disturbing sound pollution?
Time to pause, think, decide and change to attain ample solutions & benefits
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Dr. Edward Nazareth, MangaloreWednesday, October 08, 2014
Nice article and the issues are well presented. All said and done, no other political leader in India today could have gained as much as Modi gained.He has desire to change the system, improve the nation. At least we should appreciate this which is lacking in many of India's present political leaders.
Cony Bab, congratulations for the article.
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Mohan Bilash Alva, MangaloreWednesday, October 08, 2014
A good leader should have a good mission afresh to succeed than last 10 years. Success story begins at home and not during foreign country visits. Media circus show is over in USA, how it is followed back home is important. Therefore, USA visit success or not can not gauge it now.
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Vivian Tauro, Puttur/ DohaWednesday, October 08, 2014
PM Narendra Modi's charm and charisma will be futile unless he brings to the reality his slogan of Sab ka Sath.. Sab ka vikas... This slogan can be achieved if he puts an end to the communal politics. This success story will echo in foreign countries including USA...
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Rony Arun, MangaloreWednesday, October 08, 2014
There is no doubt about the success of Modiji's US visit. Even US has fallen for his "development" MANTRA. But the question is development on who's and what cost. If all come to 'MAKE IN INDIA'there sure will be 'LOOT IN INDIA'. Within ten years wealth will be concentrated with few, rich will be richer and poor will be poorer.The tragedy is it is inevitable
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Rahman M Mundoth, chennai /qatarWednesday, October 08, 2014
Nice subject.
For me it was a good visit.
Because India US relationship was floundering before Modi's visit.
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Shuhaib F. Tuttankandy, Calicut/SingaporeWednesday, October 08, 2014
Inspiring and enlightening notes.
Les us walk with time that time which people voted Congress out of power and handed over to charisma of N. Modi. Hope Mr Modi has learnt some lessons from Secular USA !!
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Ajay Puri, BangaloreWednesday, October 08, 2014
Well analysed. The world is racing ahead & the dynamics keep changing so rapidly that it is difficult to remain focused. So we need to cement some steps taken and nurture it to prevent creep. Documents signed & their effectiveness will tell the story, down the line...
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Simon Lobo, MangaloreWednesday, October 08, 2014
Excellent narration and to the point discussion. Well done.

I was on a flight on Oct 3rd this month and person sitting next to me expressed how Americans loot India and why do we need them. It was a good discussion. The realty on the ground is different and perception varies from each person which is normally built based on their individual knowledge and experiences. What Mody is purely marketing and he was successful.

America knows it well, need for thier friendship and business in India and skeptical with India on several fronts. There are concerns about the way people in India have been treated for practicing and being part of certain faith. Incidents in Gujarat, Orissa, Bihar and Karnataka in last eight years may be repeated for vote bank politics.

It is responsibility of the Indian Government to walk the talk, not just say statements in Madison Square Garden and do opposite when it comes to reality.

Hope such high level interactions will help to National leaders and thier supporters to learn each others culture and tolerance for better mankind and humanity.

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geoffrey, hat hillWednesday, October 08, 2014
So far, his achievements are limited to words only and there’s no dearth of speech writers in our country. Let’s run a quick reality check over the past 100 odd days.
His big promise to this nation (as a part of election manifesto) of recovering tons of black money from Swiss banks still remains a promise only, or may be already forgotten conveniently.
If , following his foreign tours, the inflow of foreign investment is sure to materialize, there should’ve been some indication of INR strengthening against USD. On the contrary nose diving of INR continues.
Talking about relations with neighbors, as he was engaged in talks with big C, trespassing our border was in progress. Thank God it stopped (or paused?) after a while. Crossfire across another neighborhood still in progress.
His one sided free offer of Visa on arrival for Americans tourists was not even acknowledged by Americans, as if they couldn’t care less, let alone reciprocating towards Indians in a similar manner!
All said and done, let’s hope the outcome of his grandiose dreams and schemes reach the common man of this nation, when/if they materialize, and not just end up making the rich richer.
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Vijay Murthy, Kadri, HoustonWednesday, October 08, 2014
Impact is so much generated in USA that Bill Gate claimed yesterday that PM MODI is the best among rest of Indian PM's as far as welfare of citizen (toilet) concerned and steady economical growth.
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