' I Write from Heaven..

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I Write from Heaven...
By Brian Fernandes
July 11, 2014

I Write from Heaven...

I write this from heaven
Where I hoped I’d be
After a lifetime on earth
Of fifty years plus seven.
Nice Place, yea, it’s nice
Comfy and cozy, 
Cloudy and dozy,
And even the mice are nice.

Do I deserve this O Lord
After the life I’ve lived? 
In your paradise I was lost
And in paradise I’m found
Its penance I warrant
Not your love, so profound.
Perhaps I was lucky,
Perhaps I was right,
For my deeds of the night
Didn’t drag me underground.

When t’was time to die, 
And I wondered why…
The thoughts they,
they began to flow…
I had so much to offer
My family and its coffer
And that sadly was 
my biggest lie….
Hell began to grow.
My time was up,
It was time to go 
Where, I honestly didn’t know
I’d said my prayers, 
the answer was no,
Just one more day, 
Just one more night
Before you decide O Lord
Whether its left or right.

Now I remember 
The day I died.
Suffering for long,
I had cried.
They stood beside me, 
My family, with their eyes, 
Shining bright 
yet rubbed so dry, 
as from me, 
they turned away
Looked out the window
And sighed.

They were brave and assuring
And Loving and comforting
But it was late in the night
When in the wind I heard 
Their whisper to themselves
I hope, He will make things right.
But Inside they knew, as did I
That nothing, but nothing would
Allow me to survive.

I felt the pain, 
the physical strain
That I had fought and I’d fought,
And when I couldn’t
It was then that I lost, 
My temper, my love, and my thought
And with it, 
The will to bear,
Another needle, 
another knife.
It was then and only then,
That the bliss of death
Beckoned me from life.

I went back in time, in life
To when I was whole
And remembered with fondness 
My family 
and my suffering wife.
Their smiles, their laughter 
At my wicked humor , and tears
With my pain and strife.
Their love, I knew
Was for the ever after.

There were times I cursed them
Their negative role
Telling me off, telling me so
But at the end, 
Sadly, I was right, 
despite being wrong.
For I knew best, 
and I was strong.
Now burnt and older, I became the wiser,
Sensitive to criticism, and sensitive to love
I went along, 
The hawk, a dove.

In heaven now
Its time for my rest,
Restored in full
From toe to breast,
Thank you wife 
 thank you life
and thank you Lord
For this divine nest.
Nice Place, yea, it’s nice
Comfy and cozy, 
Cloudy and dozy,
And even the mice are nice.

Comments on this article
MADHURI, MANGALOREMonday, August 11, 2014
Your conceptualization of the heavenly abode was good. Hope one day we will all find such comfort in our last journey up there. Nice poem, visualized as if its features are authentic.
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Jessie D'sa, Udupi/JeddahFriday, July 18, 2014
Wonderful poem Brian, nice imagination. Keep it up!
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Prabhu, BloreTuesday, July 15, 2014
What neither you have seen nor i have nor anyone else. H&H Just a figment of joint imagination I feel sad that you are going through hell. Get out of the shell and all will be well. Yes i got it and am enjoying every bit.
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Lawrence D Souza, BangaloreTuesday, July 15, 2014
Mr.Prabhu your comment not earth but that is hell i hope you got it.
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Prabhu, BloreMonday, July 14, 2014
In heaven you are sure to get......
Mice who are nice....
Scotch minus the ice
Tandoori without the spice
Non irritating lice
No boiled Rice
An 8 sided dice
But no Vice
Why go to heaven when on earth everything is Nice.
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Usha D Souza, ManipalMonday, July 14, 2014
Nice poem
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R.Bhandarkar, M'loreMonday, July 14, 2014
And if the Mice knew there were so many 'Learned Advocates' guaranteeing their presence in Heaven, they would have been NICE here too on Earth.
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Ivan Menezes, Valencia / MuscatSunday, July 13, 2014
Brian, I liked the poem as it exhibits your fecund imagination. It brought back memories of five non-fiction books on Heaven I read past two years. Mice do not pop up between the pages of any of these books. But animals do in one: Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. It is based on a near-death experience (NDE) of Colton Burpo, a little boy who claims to have had a glimpse into heaven.
Colton claims to have encountered Jesus’ horse, apart from dogs, birds, even a lion – and the lion was friendly, not fierce. Going by Colton’s claims, the possibility of mice’s existence in heaven cannot be ruled out and if they do, they will be nice and wise causing no nuisance no matter one runs into them once, twice or thrice. Let’s rejoice.
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wilma, MangaloreSunday, July 13, 2014
Hi Brian, Very nice poem and very touchy too.
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jimmy noronha, bellore/LucknowSunday, July 13, 2014
I can never get myself to liking poems though I have read quite a few of them and at times forced myself to read them. Some I liked but most I disliked but not this one which I read in one go and when I hit upon the mice, “mice are nice” I said to myself, here is a brainy Brian who admits everything is good in heaven in such a subtle way, yes Brian, in heaven ‘mice are nice’ and it said it all about the glory of heaven. Thanks for the poem.
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Shyam Kamath, MangasloreSunday, July 13, 2014
Brian, I can imagine that you were very close to your friend, who left you unexpectedly. Good tribute to him. Enjoyed the poem with a bit of melancholy
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Brian, MangaloreSunday, July 13, 2014
Thank you all for your positive comments. The Poem was inspired by a dear friend who is no more.
Its my vision of heaven that perhaps none of us here on earth have seen, but as Dr. Anand Says, we will.... one day.
Do hope that we will find that the mice are nice....
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Dr.Anand & Geeta N Pereira, sakleshpurSaturday, July 12, 2014
Thank you Brian for echoing the sentiments of Heaven.One fine day we all have to meet in that heavenly abode and enjoy everlasting peace and happiness
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R.Bhandarkar, M'loreSaturday, July 12, 2014
Sir Geoffrey....
I have absolutely no problem with
the 'figurative expression'...It's about the place he's writing it from, a matter of concern.'Subjective' you call it right? Or whatever.
Now if one's writing from Hell
and if he had written
'Here the Mice too Snarl and Roar'
it would have been befitting.
For Heaven surely something like...
Flowers White and Nice
Engage Angels in a Game of Dice...
would have been more appealing.
My way of thinking that' all.
And by the way have you noticed how he 'thank his wife' on reaching there? Can you envisage(?)
a 'sigh of relief' somewhere?
Therefore he forgets where he is eventually?
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Krishnadas Rai, BangaloreSaturday, July 12, 2014
Very philosophical, we could see different Brian, with this poem
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Balasubrahmanya K M, BangaloreSaturday, July 12, 2014
Very touchy and nice poem
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Rakesh Andrade, KemmannuFriday, July 11, 2014
It's a wonderful poem, Brian.
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geoffrey, hat hillFriday, July 11, 2014
Brian sure knows how to rhyme with reason unlike some of the half baked poets who rhyme just for the heck of it violating all the rules of grammar and filling the gaps with self coined terms, terms that you won’t find in any thesaurus.
The way I figure, here ‘mice are nice’ is a figurative expression and not to be taken literally and the latent meaning of the expression could be - nothing is bad in heaven.
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R.Bhandarkar, M'loreFriday, July 11, 2014
A 'first look' at the poem and I am sure, Brian is confused as to where he is.That the 'Mice are Nice' twice, confirms it. And all along I thought Heaven was all about flowers, scents, lovely angels....
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