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Celebrate this Easter with a new resolution
By Antony T D'Souza

March 30, 2013

“What is your resolution for the New Year’ is the particular query haunting among families, between friends, from clergy to laity, within the clergy and so on. Everyone intends to contribute to their personal life in the coming Year, new first steps, going away with the past having a strong decision held in the pipeline, is called a resolution which has good intentions for the coming year. However, whether they break it before it starts, is not my question. I am an optimist.

It is interesting to note why such resolutions are not placed prior to celebrating Easter or “Resurrection Sunday” or prior to annual Christian remembrance of Christ’s Resurrection. Is not interesting ? Let me not preach here what is the significance of Easter Festival. In short, the meaning of Easter, for millions of Christians, is that of honoring and recognizing Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead, and His glorious promises of eternal life for all who believe in Him. The meaning of Easter also symbolizes the complete verification of all that Jesus preached and taught during His three-year ministry. Here, my theme is how we all believers can come alive with His Church for to rise with Him as he has promised.

Church ! Yes something to cheer up for this Easter with our New Pope Francis. Don’t you think that following could be the reasons for New Resolutions to be taken up prior to this Easter – to be dead to past and to rise with Christ !


By below inscribed quotes from Pope Francis it would be wonderful to understand 'how a Minister of Christ should be' taking them back to the roots of First Pope Peter the Apostle of Christ. World will Love Pope Francis because he has shown the devil (luxury life of Most of Cardinals, wealthy life of Majority of Bishops, uncompromising life of few Priests) the door. Therefore Pope Francis will be called as The True Servant of God chosen by the Universal Church of Christ.

A humble life often brings more recognition. By Pope Francis’s simple life, he is saving approximately perhaps over US $ 50,000/- per day for the Church from his incentives, journey cost, security, food, luxury life style etc etc.,. He has gone back to basics of fishermen’s life. Can you wonder, if a single man could save this much amount per day then how much more money could be saved from the lives of all the Cardinals, Arch Bishops, Bishops, Priests per day? To see our palm do we need a mirror ? And here it goes, comparing with the First Church’s way of life with present churches, their way of life is nothing less than life in the Buckingham Palace as far as comfort is concerned. Therefore, a real servant of God surely pleases God and Man by his simple life. If one Pontiff could bring so much happiness in this world then how much more happiness could be ours if rest of clergy earnestly follow Pope Francis ! Our duty is not to apprehend anything but to pray for the Body and Several parts who have assembled in it.

Our Pope is very much down to earth, He has reprimanded the top Clergy and pleaded with the Faithful for their Blessings and Prayers for Him. It is a totally a new experience, New spiritual Revival is taking place. Soon it will be turned into a Church or Spiritual Movement, will sweep over the world touching the lives of Non-Catholic churches too called ‘A genuine church evolution for the Glory of Christ’. It is the Hand of Christ, Power of Holy Spirit anointed our New Pope Francis. By this time we all of us know that what was the Purpose of Christ for prior to this Easter choosing for the first time a Pope from a Jesuit order, previously might have been considered as a taboo.


The more we write about Pope Francis the less it would be. Can somebody imagine, being a Jesuit, calling himself Francis of Assisi of Franciscan order(symbol of poverty) instead of Francis Xavier of Jesuit order. What a bold and humble Minister of God is Francis, The Pope. Message for laity is “Do not spend for no genuine reason but celebrate with poor and unfortunate once by charity." Yes, indeed Pope needs a standing ovation from US while some of non-Jesuit Cardinals, Bishops and Priests might stare at him from the corner of their eyes !


Pope Francis rejected the “liberation theology” movement in Latin America. But he has a progressive record on economic issues, making poverty a central concern in the church. Global economic leaders, he has said, “don’t take into account poverty, the lack of education, not even the suffering of the elderly.” He has denounced the conditions migrant workers endure as a form of slavery. He lives a modest lifestyle and frequently travels to poor neighborhoods whichever the places he lived in.


Half is done - More to cover about new resolutions for all us Konkani or Mangalorean Community spread through the world -

Body has several parts. Each part cannot justify itself to function indecently or independently with a superior or inferior Quality. All contribute the valued support to the body and body takes happiness in each of its parts. Our parts are many. All parts must work together for the edification of the body. As we celebrate 31th March, Sunday, all parts of body must come together to arise from the ground but to rise with Christ. Parts are many such as Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Baptist, Pentecostal, Born-again Protestant, Pentecostal, Evangelical etc., it would be good if they all come together to Pray and to celebrate Mass at least once in a year for edification of body, Jesus Christ. Building unity all the time is very much defensive than only at the time of church crisis which could be an offensive to the Church.
Let us be dead to the past and become New beings as Christen Brothers and Sisters wherever we may be. Some might say, yeh yeh we are intermingling with the Goan Konkani cultures etc., . It is true, what about with your neighbors in Mangalore?
Divisions/monopoly has no place in the eyes of God which causes further divisions. He has shown us this very strongly and clearly by choosing a New Pope who is from the Jesuit order. If God wants unity among the church, principle of Unity should be also maintained within the Church at large and outside too among we Konkani brethren. Let us confess and let us rise above hate, bandaging our wounds with the Love of Christ so to Resurrect with Him with the beauty of Love, Understanding, Forgiveness and Unity as are going to celebrate Easter Sunday on 31st March. Above given are personal views that I shared with you with a pinch of salt, prior to Easter. Let our lives be filled with unconditional Love to our fellow men without biasness, partiality and hate.

Happy Easter to you all my dear brethren. Many Thanks.


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Comments on this article
Donald Pereira, BelthangadyFriday, April 05, 2013
Wonderful inspiration from Pope Francis. He has brought new hopes. Dear Antony Sir, you are humble as always to make us think good ideas and to do better things. Easter is definitely a better opportunity to make resolutions. Thank you for reminding and inspiring. Great work Antony Cony sir. Congratulations once again!
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Lancy Moras, Moushmi CreationsTuesday, April 02, 2013
Awesome and superbly narrated article Cony Baab. You will from here onwards rock with splendid this kind of precious writings and indeed we will learn from you more and more. Wish u more power and blessings. Wish you and your beloved family a Happy Ester though belated.

Our present Pope is from true Heaven I say and God gifted him to us to lead towards the good life. Keep up your writing spirit Cony Baab. We need more and more this kind of articles from you. God bless u.
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Vincent D. D'Mello, Kanajar/MangaloreMonday, April 01, 2013
Hello Wilson Sir, u r right.

Usually on the eve of every New Year
sermons are preached about the New Resolutions.
And we follow without hesitation. It is fine.
However, it is a better thought as shared by the writer says resolutions
Why not be taken during the Easter as Festival signifies be dead to past,
And Rise to New life with HIM our Saviour.

ASHITH PINTO is not all an ordinary man. I have heard his tunes, lyrics, compositions, leading writer, sings with his wife Star singer Babith yet He d in open that He made a New Resolutions for the this Easter. You see the Christian beauty here.

Including myself too and should be many including many clergy must have humbled before God and risen with Lord with a decision for a New Life re-dedicated to the Lord. There is nothing wrong and no one is perfect in the sight of the Lord all have come short of Glory. Further more, as we aware, those who are humbled they will exalted one day before men, says the Lord. Let God Bless all of US those who humbled now and decided in the future for the glory of Christ.

Daijiworld of Walter Nadalike, not only brings coastal news, carries innumerous humanitarian works yet he is encouraging with his TEAM to bring some good thoughts for Good Life through new socio-religious thinkers. I really salute this Great Name called Walter (Nadalike) D’ Souza. Thanks to his advisors too. Excuse me Mr. A. D’ Souza adding few words onto ur Easter Message. Happy belated Easter Wishes.
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Wilson Saldanha, Shirthady/KuwaitMonday, April 01, 2013
A good resolution can be made at any time. during Christmas, New year, Easter, Birthday, when you saved from an accident/trouble or simply at any time. Making a resolution is not of value unless we fulfill it and continue to do so.

A timely inspiring article Tony Baab. Keep it up.
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Paul Edger B. Mendonsa, Kirem/ QatarMonday, April 01, 2013
All message is beautiful specially talking about Unity between different parts (Churches)of the Body, Christ. Message of laity is simple and direct and so to the clergy. Those who have ears (eyes) must hear (read). On the whole we feel that your message is directed to the Church in general. Happy Easter to you Sir Antony.
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ashith pinto, mangalore/ bangaloreSunday, March 31, 2013
First of all I want to wish you all a very happy easter. A great, well thought through article by Mr. Cony which actually inspired me to make a resolution this easter. The new pope is leading by example and conveying the true christian spirit.
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CGS, MangaloreSunday, March 31, 2013
Pope Francis is a great Progessive thinker,preacher and practisioner. Antony Cony Timothy D'Souza's
write up gives a strong message tot he entire clergy and the laity as well. Keep writing ACTDS!
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Antony T. D' Souza, Karkala / QatarSunday, March 31, 2013
Dear Mr. H M Pernal. Wishing you too a Happy Easter.

Your all points are well noted.
As you understand, Structure or Race of any society should not be an excuse as along as heart is willing to lead a humble and simple life, for which every clergy are called for. If that is done, half of the job is done before God and Men. "Where your treasure is there your heart is also". If people are their treasure then so will be their hearts too. Based on this line, Pope Francis was reminding his folk to follow their heart like life of Jesus. Jesus says “follow the money” … wish he hadn’t!. It needs a bit of theology to understand while others (!) do understand this concept very easily.

Finally, The More We Make Money, the More We Waste it for our comfort zone while mission or ministry could be at stake. This was the valid point of Pope Francis and not mine. Therefore, as far as intentions (hearts) are good to serve and lead a simple life, any society, its way of life should not be an escape route living void of Christian Life. I find some comments are dealt with the Mangalorean Churches but intentions were from universal point of view.
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H M Pernal, MangaloreSunday, March 31, 2013
Wish you a Blessed Easter, Mr. Antony T D Souza. Enough food for thought and debate as well. Pope Francis can afford commuting in a city bus. He got enough resources. What about a parish priest who has to serve about 1000 families all alone , some times without an assistant ? In a crowded city like Mangalore, Will he reach the needy on time by city bus ? It is difficult to imitate every virtue of Pope. Vatican is Vatican and India is India. You can not compare both. The challenges priests facing here in India are entirely different. Vatican suffers from sexual abuse and Church in Indian facing biggest challenge in terms of terror related to religious fundamentalism. Priests and nuns are killed in north east. Threats as well as challenges to church in India , is entirely different. What I want highlight is - first create infrastructure of vatican in India and then expect similar response from Indian church. About the laity in India - forget donating poor, it will be more than enough if they pay the salaries of the staff emloyed by them. For this again mere employer is not solely responsible. But for a christian employer - your Esater Message is enough.
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Clive Lloyd J. Gonsalves, UdupiSaturday, March 30, 2013
Progressive thoughts are yours from Papal Conclave to Easter Resolution back to back within a weeks time. Both the occasion healthy debates opportunities are given prominent place hence your messages were highly successful.

Initially I was partly concerned about the Papal Conclave article, glad at the end by your through clarifications given to each and every readers, you conquering my heart too. It feel you are Master of the subject and yet you have brought another Blessed subject about Easter Resolutions comparing with New Year Resolutions.

Yes Glory to God for his Chosen Servant Pope Francis, a model Pope for each and every Denominations without argument. I have heard other denominations trying to understand and learn from Pope while previously they used to ignore our Royal Popes. Pope Francis, Pope of Poor People as should be of Poor Church most favoring unfortunate children of God.

I think so and I wish our Udupi Diocese build a modest building for their Bishop instead of spending earned money of parishioners for the huge palace designed building. All counts before your article inspired from the Life of Pope Francis. I have no doubt at all, I can put our Bishop Gerald along with Pope Francis by his sincerity and humble life. Soon he might be called as 'people's Bishop outside of Udupi diocese too. I hope our Bishop with his efficient team might read your message with his all his elegance to Christ's Church and Men. Peaceful Easter for you too.
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Theo Lewis R. Saldhana, Shirva / DohaSaturday, March 30, 2013
Good Article touching the heart of every one for self-examination before Easter. Wonderfuly message has sewen up. Let the purpose of your article be a Blessing to every clergy leaders, Arch Bishops, Cardinals, Priests, Semenerians and every laiety. Be Blessed by the Risen Lord. Happy Easter Bro. Antony.
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Comment on this message     

Arun, DohaSaturday, March 30, 2013
Interesting article uncle...Wish u a happy Easter too...
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Fr.Vincent D'Souza, Bela - KasargodSaturday, March 30, 2013
Long live Pope Francis. Happy Easter to all.May Grace and Peace multiply each day in our lives through the love of Jesus our Lord and loving Service to His people.Dear Mr.Cony, Good article with a message for all.
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Dr. Edward Nazareth, MangaloreSaturday, March 30, 2013
Thought provoking, beautiful write up. Wonderful message at Easter.
Pope Francis is a model to be lived in today's world both for clergy and laity.
Thanks Antony D'Souza for reminding us to make a resolution and to fulfill/implement it.
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Colvin , BangaloreSaturday, March 30, 2013
Great article Sir. Wish you happy Easter :D

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linet noronha, mumbaiSaturday, March 30, 2013
Really a good article from Antony cony bab,,hats off to u..nice article for the right time ..i mean Easter time.Thanks for using your precious time to share your thoughts..wishing you and your fly Happy Easter ..thank you daiji for publishing such a good articles from Antony bab..
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ANIL BYNDOOR , spainSaturday, March 30, 2013
it is a really great thinking from you dear cony sir waiting for more to come happy easter to u and every1
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Hilary Tellis, kuntalpadi, karkalaSaturday, March 30, 2013
Good writeup Mr. Cony, But some time resolutions are made not to fulfilled. Easter time is to 'repent' (to feel regretful or contrite for past conduct), and renew our Christian Life.
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Eugene M. Cabrallo , Borevelli/MumbaiSaturday, March 30, 2013
Got it rightly. Lovely Message.

Let the Risen Lord save our thoughts from revolt and materialistic world if we believe that one day, sooner or later we have return to our Creator.

Christ died and rose on the third day to save each one of us from the destruction.

Happy Easter Mr. T D Souza while praying for the lost.
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Vivian Tauro, Puttur/ DohaSaturday, March 30, 2013
Great Special Article for this Easter. Welldone Antony.. Thank you Daiji
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Eric Coelho, MangaloreSaturday, March 30, 2013
Resolutions are made not to be fulfilled. I don't care nor talk nor advise anybody about making resolutions. If we have to observe resolution then first rule "respect the creation and not the creator". We have enough wealth to shower on the creator but nothing for creation. God has said "serve my people and not me" and do we follow that because in the creation eyes "God is blind". It is too early to comment about Pope Francis. Time will decide how he will get alongwith his colleagues. Make a resolution to follow 3 things: 1) Respect and be honest to your family. 2) Respect and be honest to your work and last 3) Respect every human being and natural creature/being on this earth. If we follow these 3 rules it is as good as observing your resolution all through your life.
Comment on this message     

John Gabriel R. Fernandes, Goa/QatarSaturday, March 30, 2013
Sure, something to cheer up for this Easter a bold attempt by the author with his new thoughts, wisdom never heard, seen or read before. Let God Bless the author for his sincere love and burden for our church, laity and unity of brotherhood.
Sure, it is worthy pondering to take New Resolutions prior to Easter time a life promising to Christ to lead a humble, simple life with the risen Lord.Message is very much Commendable. Glory to God for loving and reminding each one of us,through Pope Francis, how a Godly life could be achieved through a humble and simple life.
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Lovely artical Mr. Antony T D'Souza

Pope Francis is a real servant of God.. a leaving saint too.. message on the photo tells us that he really loves the poor.. may every one learn from him not only Cardinals, bishops, priests even laity who spends more money on their daily personal things..

help the poors and god wil help us..

May Al mighty God bless u and ur work Papa Francis..
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S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupiSaturday, March 30, 2013
Wish you happy easter to all my friends
Comment on this message     

Ronald Lasrado, Kundapur/BombaySaturday, March 30, 2013
Earnest attempt by the Author suggesting how the life of a church in the footstep of First Pope St. Peter now reminded by Pope Francis.
May God Bless you Antony Cony.
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