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Missing someone...
Preethi Baretto - Doha

Feb 13, 2013



Personal Data

Date of Birth  : 15th of September 1861
Father   : Srinivasa Sastry
Mother  : Venkachamma
Place   :  Muddenahalli in the Chikkaballapur Taluk of Kolar District

Skills & Qualities

• Discipline was ever his watchword
• hard work
• Systematic
• Honest
• He was always neatly dressed and ready for work by seven in the morning.
•  He was known everywhere for his discipline and tidiness.
• There was not a crease or a wrinkle anywhere on his clothes

Educational  Qualification

  • Early education at Chikkaballapur Taluk
  • Higher Education at Central College
  • B.A with first rank
  • L.C.E. and the EC.E (Equivalent to B.E) from Science College in Poona

Employment Details 

  • Government of Bombay offered him the post of an Assistant Engineer at Nasik.
  • Worked at Hyderabad as Chief Engineer.
  • Chief Engineer in Mysore State (Dist now) Dewan or Chief minister Maharaja of Mysore

Few days back I was reading about a person, during my childhood days at school many times I had read about him, wrote exams and then forgot him. But now as I was reading about him, his honesty, passion to make the country independent inspired me and he has become my role model. Hence then I decided let me write an article about this great person, let everyone know his great deeds. He is a True Indian according to me.
Of course I am taking and praising about Sir. M Vishveshvaraiah, whom we are missing today, he showed developments during his tenure of work with his Honesty to the country.

Vishveshvaraiah always believed only in hard work. He once said,  "The curse of our country is laziness. At first sight everyone seems to be working. But in fact, one-man works and the others watch him. As someone said with contempt, 'it looks as if five men are working. But really only one- man works. One man will be doing nothing. One man will be resting. Another man will be watching them. Yet another man will be helping these three."
After his early education, his father enrolled him to Central College Bangalore for higher education at the age of 15.  But alas! His pocket was empty and he had no roof over his head. He started looking for a job that would sustain him and pay for his studies. He worked as a tutor and stayed with that family.

He managed to get some help from the Government of Mysore and joined the Science College in Poona to study Engineering. He ranked first in the L.C.E. and the EC.E. Examinations (these were like the B.E. Examination of today).

Government of Bombay offered him the post of an Assistant Engineer at Nasik. During his work tenure He prepared an ingenious plan, which amazed the other famous engineers. With this Govt. promoted him to higher places. From Bombay, Vishveshvaraiah went to Hyderabad as Chief Engineer. Here he achieved something that was simply impossible at that time.

The river Moosa divided the city of Hyderabad into two. When rains lashed, the river was in floods and the waters of the river poured into many houses, and men and cattle were carried away. Vishveshvaraiah planned dams to tame the Moosa and also suggested that lovely parks should be laid out on the banks of the river.

His resourcefulness earned him the position of a Chief Engineer in Mysore State. But Vishveshvaraiah was not just interested in buildings, roads and bridges. He saw that the people of India were then in a miserable condition. He saw that ignorance, poverty and sickness plagued the people; and he wanted to bring about change.

Vishveshvaraiah suggested that an Economic Conference be set up to find ways of removing ignorance, poverty and sickness. As a result, very dry lands in parts the country began to smile with plenty.

In 1912 when he was 51, the Maharaja of Mysore chose Vishveshvaraiah as his Dewan or his chief minister. One of his relatives went to him. He asked Vishveshvaraiah, "Can you get me into a higher post for a better pay with your recommendation to the Maharaja?"

Vishveshvaraiah who was so straightforward said a plain 'No'.

But, he was kind-hearted and as long as the relative was alive, he paid him a hundred rupees every month from his pocket.
As the Dewan, he got a car from the Government for his use. He used the Government car for government work and for his private work he used his own car.

He used, for official work, the stationery and the candles supplied by the Government; for his private work he used stationery and candles, which he had bought.

Once, one of his friends was advised rest after some illness. He wanted to spend some days in Bangalore. The friend wrote to him asking for a house for some days. He thought the Dewan would give him a Government Guest House, free of rent. The Dewan did give him a Government House; but as long as the friend stayed there, Vishveshvaraiah himself paid the rent of Rs. 250 a month.

When he became the Dewan, there were about 4,500 schools in Mysore State. In six Years about 6,500 new schools were opened. He also stressed on education for women. He made the Maharani's College in Mysore where the first hostel for girls was also opened.

Vishveshvaraiah realized that industry was the backbone of a country. So he developed the existing industries. He also got experts from other countries to help by teaching their skills. Thus many new industries came up during his chief minister-ship.

He started the Sandal Oil Factory, the Soap Factory, the Metals Factory, the Chrome Tanning Factory and Bhadravati Iron and Steel Works. He was also the key in the opening of the Bank of Mysore. He also brought in many hotels into Mysore and played a major role in the laying of railway lines.
On the day of the Durbar, the Europeans were given comfortable chairs but Indians were required to sit on the floor. He didn’t like it and the next year he kept similar chairs for all. British officer didn’t like it and said, - "In the Maharaja's Durbar, I want a cushion to rest my feet because the chair is too high."

Vishveshvaraiah promptly got the legs of the chair shortened and wrote back saying-"the height has been reduced."

In 1918 at the age of 57, he took voluntary retirement. He went to the palace in the Government car gave the letter and returned in his own car.
After retirement he went abroad numerous times, for some work or the other. Wherever he went, he had a notebook and a pencil in his hand. He made notes of any new information with which he could help the country.

Maharaja of Mysore wanted to start an institute in the name of Vishveshvaraiah for the help which he rendered free of cost, but Vishveshvaraiah, requested to name it after the Maharaja. Hence, the Sri Jayachamaraja Polytechnic Institute of Bangalore came about.

In 1955 when he was 94 years of age, Vishveshvaraiah was honoured and made a 'Bharat Ratna' or the Gem of India.

When he finally turned 100, people all over India showered their affection and respect on the Grand Old Man. The Government of India also brought out a stamp in his honour.

He was so modest. Even at the age of 100, he rose to receive a visitor; he got up again when the visitor was leaving

Sir. Vishveshvaraiah silently passed away on 14th of April j 1962. He was 101.

We need to get inspired by is honesty and passion for the country. He never manipulated or misused Govt. money. He went to abroad for learning purpose but, gave his hard work and life time to India and its development.

He dedicatedly used his knowledge for his country and we see still today proof of his work for the country. Today if all the engineers, professionals and politicians start working for the country, then within short time, India will be a developed country.

We need to use our knowledge to build and Develop our Country India like Sir. Vishveshvaraiah…..

Preethi Baretto Archives:

Comments on this article
Prithwipala , MangaloreThursday, February 21, 2013
Very good Article, Definitely this article will help to motivate youth generation to use their strength to build developed and corruption free country.......
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raghu, udupiMonday, February 18, 2013
Nice article, thank you...
Comment on this message     

koraga, mangaloreMonday, February 18, 2013
Sir M. Vishweswaraiah, during the rule of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. built KSR dam It represents a marvel of civil engineering achievement. The beautiful terraced Brindavan Gardens is located just below the KRS dam.
Comment on this message     

mohd, mangaloreSunday, February 17, 2013
Comment on this message     

Shankar B Shetty, KuwaitSunday, February 17, 2013
Thank you Preethi for this article. I hope many have been inspired. The closet resemblance in terms of ethics & intelligence to this man is our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam.
Comment on this message     

Suleman , Shivamoga / DubaiSunday, February 17, 2013
Nice article, thanks a lot Preethi for reminding this.
Comment on this message     

Preethi, MangaloreSaturday, February 16, 2013
Dear Reader Friends,
Thank you everyone for your Wonderful comments on my Article.
Glad to know that many are being inspired by the great personality Sir. Vishveshvaraiah, so I am.
Thank you for your Support...!!!
Comment on this message     

Ahmed Hussain, MangaloreSaturday, February 16, 2013
Hi Mrs. Prethi, when i was reading your view on Sir M vishweswariah, really it is a flash back when i was my high school days i was studied SIR"s Biography in our second laungage i remembered whole book still in my mind so much he was impressed me because like people honest hard work time keep up, now India is mutilated only know how to cheat and do money without hard work
Comment on this message     

murthi, mangalore/dubaiFriday, February 15, 2013
Decipline,Hardwork, Systematic and Honest......who maintaining these four now a days is been exploited.
Comment on this message     

Anthony Cyril Sequeira, Kateel / Ahmedabad.Friday, February 15, 2013
Hi Preethi,i am sure this article of yours will inspire many young students to love, respect and serve our mother land.
During my school days one of our teachers was telling that Sir M. Visvesvaraya was looking very lean and his teacher used to tell him that he will not live more than 25-30 years. But M. V. did not louse heart. He used to consume a tender coconut whenever he got a chance.
And that habit, firm hope and dedication is the secret of his "Shatausha".
Comment on this message     

A I DIAS, BENNEKUDRU/BARKUR/MUMBAIThursday, February 14, 2013
Dear Preeti Barretto
You have chosen a right& great person. As per me he was the chief engineer for the great project Kannambadi dam or Krishnarajasagar project alongwith the great world famous udyan.
Comment on this message     

Joyster Crasto , Doha / Gujjadi / GangolliThursday, February 14, 2013
Hi Preethi

EXCELLENT article to emphasizing Sir. M Vishveshvaraiah and i would like to share u one more inspirational step of Sir,M.V. An association arranged a conference where he was the Chairman. The Governor of Berar, an Englishman, was to open the conference. In those days the Governors were very powerful, highly respected and obeyed. "The conference was to discuss a resolution that India should have a national government" The Governor said that the resolution should not be discussed. "Otherwise," he said, "I will not come."

Visvesvaraya was unperturbed by the objection and said to his friends, "All right. Why wait for him? Let us go on with the conference". Such was his commitment towards the country that he didn't care even if someone powerful hindered the growth. With respect we salute u Sir who led the country to the path of progress......
Comment on this message     

YATHISH KUMAR, ATTAVAR/ DUBAIWednesday, February 13, 2013
A very good article to remember the sweet memories of the late M.VISHWESHVARAIH.It brought back the memories of the lessons we had learnt in our schools about a great personality.
Comment on this message     

Dr Shankarnarayan, Mangalore/Abu dhabiWednesday, February 13, 2013
Bhratha Rarhna Vishveshvaraiah the great man who converted the barren lands of Mandya district into a richest fertile, aggricultural heaven by building KRS dam in Kannambadi. He is God to farmers.
Comment on this message     

Kotresh Chm, BellaryWednesday, February 13, 2013
Comment on this message     

Gerwal, DubaiWednesday, February 13, 2013
The fact is,in India good, decent and intelligent people are never
recognised. So most of them leave the country and are recognised abroad. Our Govt. will recognise you only if you know how to loot public money and fill your personal Bank account - as our great Politicians do.
Comment on this message     

Maria, M'lore/ DohaWednesday, February 13, 2013
Hi Preethi
Very good and well written article about Sir. M Vishveshvaraiah.liked to read. you are too great and hardworking.May God bless u.
Comment on this message     

Kotresh, BangaloreWednesday, February 13, 2013
Very good Article..

State requires Excelent person like Vishweshwaraiah sir..
Comment on this message     

CHARLES SALDANHA, MALAD-MALWANIWednesday, February 13, 2013
Comment on this message     

Valerian DSouza, Udupi/MumbaiWednesday, February 13, 2013
Sir. M Vishveshvaraiah is tallest personality in transforming our state in several forms of manufacturing and service related activities.
Thank you daijiword for providing us this precious article.
Instead of thinking and writing so much about our politics, it is wise
Remembering and reading about Sir. M Vishveshvaraiah, which will definitely inspire and transform many from young blood.
Everyone should make it a point to teach their children about Sir. M Vishveshvaraiah!
Comment on this message     

Subramanyam Bhat, KasargodWednesday, February 13, 2013
Very well written and informative also. Thanks Preethi.
Sir M.V was compared with Dr.Cant of Germany. People used to set their watch timing when Dr.Cant pass by.
Once while he was at government guest house, he switched the lights off and started working in candle light. When enquired he said "Till now I was doing Govt work...Now I am doing my personal work..!!". What an answer..!!
Comment on this message     

SRIDHAR SHETTY , DOHA /BARKURWednesday, February 13, 2013
Sir. M Vishveshvaraiah is the founder & symbol of engineering & development.

Bangalore airport should be named after him as honers to him.
Comment on this message     

Dev, MangaloreWednesday, February 13, 2013
Missing Some One or we deserve more Leaders of his Stature who have left our country for other greener pasture as our system won't let them come up & help others as well.
An article to kept in our fond memories as well as to be kept his picture & deeds in brief in every living room as an inspiration.
Comment on this message     

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