' Rape - Enough is Enough, Time for Swift Action

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Rape - Enough is Enough, Time for Swift Action
By Dr Zita Lobo

January 4, 2013

She is dead.

The 23-year-old girl who was raped by six men in a moving bus in Delhi for about 40 minutes and dumped after being tortured on December 16 died from multiple organ failure after battling for life for 12 days. If you were following her medical updates, within the second day with septicemia spreading across her intestines and bowels you didn’t need to be a prophet to either foresee the consequence or the eye wash intention of the Indian government to cart her off to Singapore. The whole world comes to India for best medical treatment. There are several victims of violence and sex; will the Indian government send them abroad for treatment? They made sure no heads rolled.

Regrettably a young girl’s promising life is destroyed completely and violently.

It is reported that the police will invoke murder charges against them in addition to the seven sections of the Indian penal codes; attempt to murder, destruction of evidence, kidnapping or abducting, gang rape, unnatural offences, hurting to commit robbery and common intention.

The powers that be “assure that the government is committed to bring the guilty to justice as soon as possible”. Have we heard this before or have we heard this before? Apparently a panel headed by a former chief justice of the Supreme Court has been set up to revise laws and another to conduct a ‘postmortem’ of the fateful day when the bus passed by six checkpoints without being checked.

While this case has got the attention that was due to it by the mere severity of the crime committed in the capital city, sex crimes are simultaneously being reported from all parts of India making it a cauldron of crime. Now one from in and around Mangalore!

Rapes are the most under reported crimes in the world and more so in India. Infants, adolescents, teenagers, young girls, middle aged and old women. No one is spared. Not even foreign tourists. Ashamed, humiliated, socially ostracized, deserted, mutilated.

Fear, repulsion and helplessness are feelings all indian women share.

In rape cases, especially in gang rapes what is the solidarity that men feel when they verbally or non-verbally gang up to attack a woman, a helpless one at that? What makes them shameless enough to undress themselves in front of other men and involve in an act which should be private and personal?

The men in the bus obviously had not pre planned this crime. So what sparked it? Six men coming from different backgrounds turn mad all at the same time when they see flesh?

In most cases of gang rape the decisions of committing the crime in a mob is more arbitrary than preplanned.

Do normal men when they come together suddenly lose all control over themselves?

They see them as helpless and defenseless. All rapists see women as sex objects whether they are two year olds or fifty.

Most rapists blame the victim. She wanted it. No victim asks for rape. No woman is ‘available’ for rape. Contrary to the belief sex workers are not ‘available’ too. Clothes are another flimsy reason. Being married to a man also does not give him the right to rape within marriage. There is a difference between having sex and making love.

What is wrong with Indian men? Don’t quote that other nations have issues too. That does not acquit us from the crimes that are committed here.

The mind of the rape attackers

What is it that makes them animals when they see a woman alone?

Experts divide rapists based on four criteria (Nasheet Khan—deputy editor---International)

The power assertive rapist: Athletic, has a “macho” image of himself. The kind who commits date rapes; approximately 44 percent of rapes are committed by power-assertive rapists. He is physically aggressive, and will use the amount of force needed to control—degrading or obscene language, brandishing a weapon, slapping or punching—but does not intend to kill.
The anger-retaliation rapist: The perpetrator is out to punish women. This type hates women to the point that he will injure victims to the point where they require medical intervention or hospitalisation. He feels animosity towards women and wants to punish or degrade them.

Often he is a substance abuser---alcohol or drugs. He is impulsive and has an explosive temper. looks for an opportunity to commit the rape rather than for a specific victim. He attacks spontaneously and brutalizes the woman into submission.

The opportunistic rapist: He lacks the self-confidence and interpersonal skills to develop relationships with women,. He is often passive and non-athletic. This type makes use of opportunities and keeps contact with the victim and at all times attempt to make it look like the sexual act was consensual.
The sadistic rapist: Sadistic person who derives gratification from inflicting pain. He is typically charming and intelligent. The crime is premeditated and rehearsed methodically in his mind before it is attempted. Most often sadistic rapists kill their victims.

So what next?

Rapists like Satish from UP who raped and killed and mutilated six year old Vishaka, Molai Ram and Santhosh Yadav who gang raped and murdered the 10 year daughter of the jailor and a two others who sexually molested a girl and later wiped out her family were all pardoned by Pratibha Patil on the basis of “good behavior”! The then President pardoned such heinous crimes and the present president’s son makes demeaning remarks on the protesting women.

So there they are. People with social issues, anger issues, hatred issues, and above all the issue of lack of fear. This is a time for India and Indians to take historical decisions. Rape is a crime which is worse than murder. A rape victim has to live with permanent humiliation and helplessness.

Chemical Castration (to reduce the libido and sexual urges) is now demanded as a punitive measure to prevent such heinous crimes. Kamini Lau Additional Sessions Judge in Delhi says “Castration is the most befitting sentence which can be imposed on any paedophile or serial offender”. Referring to rape she says that “this is a crime which is required to be addressed differently and a full public debate with regard to imposition of castration (both surgical and chemical) for the offence of rape and molestation is the crying need of the hour”. They should be made to live with the shame they inflicted on their victims.

I know of men who love, respect, nurture, care and if need ready to sacrifice for the sake of women in their lives. We have also seen men joining in to support women’s issues. When some men have expressed shame on being a part of this system upon reading about the crimes against women, one said “I am ashamed to be a man”. Without it being only a women’s issue all people as human being who can empathise with the other ‘s suffering need to support a stringent law to prevent crimes of this kind.

Do you agree?


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Comments on this article
peter, mangaloreSaturday, January 12, 2013
good article, I say the public has to take action by hanging them in public before any court action (which takes years to decide)when you know the culprit what you are waiting for????????
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S Noronha, Karkala/MumbaiFriday, January 11, 2013
Very nice article Dr. Zita.
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ad, mangloreTuesday, January 08, 2013
Rape is a age-old disease. Its a brutal sexual crime. Generally directed against females although it can occur with men and women and children.

Sadly,no law can prevent this atrocity against humanity although it can be deterred to some extent.

It does not occur in India alone. It occurs in every corner of this world every second.

In most sexually explicit countries these crimes occur everyday within the roof.While in India explicity is somewhat less, these crimes occur as well.

The answer is not simple. A rape can be be eliminated by a potential rapist alone.
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M.SHAMEEM. ANSARI, BENGALURUTuesday, January 08, 2013
The Indian legal system has real problems with excessive delays, low conviction rates and police with a terrible reputation for dealing with victims of sexual assault. In March 2012 journalists at the Indian weekly journal Tehelka conducted an investigation they titled The Anatomy of a Rape. In a nation where the conviction rate for rape has gone from 46 per cent in 1971 to 26 per cent in 2012 and where over 40,000 rape cases are before the courts, it was a timely story. There was no political reaction to it at the time
How can India change its endemically diseased mindset about women? How can strong deterrences be built against rape? And how can contact with the police and justice process not be made to feel like a double rape?
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William, BantwalMonday, January 07, 2013
Good written, such persons photo must be published and should be tied to a pole and kept on the main road for public to see his dirty face. His forehead should be painted with "Rape" letters.
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Angelica, Mangalore/DubaiMonday, January 07, 2013
This is just what we need motivation to be united against such ghastly crimes. Justice is not our request but our DEMAND. If the govt cant handle the rapists then we request them to hand them over to the public. Im sure the public can think of a suitable punishment. And to all the men who think they are targeted for no reason, think off those young girls. Did they deserve what happened to them? Do men have absolutely no self control?? Its time for us to fight back and not let this issue fizzle out and disappear.
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R Mallar, Kasaragod/ DubaiMonday, January 07, 2013
We can argue a lot about the type of punishment for rapists. What is important is how swiftly a punishment is given.
1. Fix a dead line of one month to pass judgements by special courts set up to deal with these crimes. This will also help the people against whom false accusation of rape is made by some woman. He will get a chance to clear his name in a month time and need not spend years of suffering.
2. Do not subject the victims to over the top cross questioning by defence lawyer. What the victim did in the past or whether she was partying etc are immaterial. Only the thing to be established is did she have consent or not. Without consent it is rape irrespective of the back ground of the woman.
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Antony Lobo, MangaloreMonday, January 07, 2013
Nicely developed. In my views we need to teach how to act with others. "Behaviorial teachings".
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Xavier , Udupi Monday, January 07, 2013
I dont there will be any justice given to rape victims . Rather i think rape incidents will increase manifold times because of our democratic institutions and snail paced judiciary system . Unless our polticians children will not be r**** these politicians will only talk on this matter do nothing.
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Leslie Fernandes, Brahmagiri, UdupiMonday, January 07, 2013
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George Xavier, KasaragodSunday, January 06, 2013
The causes for such incidents:
- Most of crimes committed under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
- semi-naked styles of dress and non modest clothes are an indirect temptation to the opposite sex for teasing, molestation and rape.
- lady who travels alone without accompanying close relative

and remedies are:
- women should lower their gaze and guard their modesty
- they should not display their beauty and ornament
- men should lower their gaze and guard their modesty
- (initiatives and support from authorities in encouraging men and women to marry early, marriages should be made easy and with low budget
- forbid woman to mingle, or shake hands with men
-control the pornographies, vulgarity in the name of art
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Nancy, mangalore/kuwaitSunday, January 06, 2013
I fully aree with Dr.Zita that all rapists to be punished with castration (so that they will be humiliated throughout their life) than a death sentence. Castration is the most befitting punishment for rapists.
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dferns, MumbaiSunday, January 06, 2013
agree to every word written,
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Garfield pillai , ChennaiSunday, January 06, 2013
Great article .
Women in their own right have a role to play as mothers of so called sons ! . It is ok in India to beat up ones wife, why? It is ok for the wife to take it and it is ok for the parents of that woman to support the man, as normal. She has to keep the family happy! Even though she may get raped by her hu
A woman's place is in the kitchen ! Not speak nor be seen! The man walks in front and the woman behind! The culture dear dr the culture! The woman accepts this position ! And is considered to be blessed! Is this India ? Is this what women believe and mothers instill this culture in their daughters ? Sons are treated like Heros ! They can do nothing wrong !
Education starts with our parents our fathers our grand parents ! Children ! US YOU ! Starts in school from home first ! Our teachers are pathetic , a few of them .
Have an exchange of teachers from the west , send ours to the west a few months, let them learn social skills, working with children skills, change the whole educational system, open up working with children centers, for all adults part of the curiculum in colleges not only teachers. Get the mothers and fathers to participate as a pre requisite to admission of their kids in schools. Don't ape the west , learn the good share it , then people will learn and open their minds, then rape will stop ! Culture needs to change !
Judicial system ? Is pathetic ! defunct ! Get the useless uneducated politicians out ! Get the educated ones in ! This Must en
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Olin Lasrado, PadilSunday, January 06, 2013
Thank you Mam, Extremely good article. This needs a serious thought and I do agree on every word written
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sanjay, MangaloreSunday, January 06, 2013
This is a timely warning from Dr. Zita for us to wake up and fight against the evil elements in our society. As mangaloreans we should also support to Saujanya rape case to bring out the real culprits, as this incident happened in our neighbourhood. If the law is tough, then the crimes will decline.
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tony, mangaloreSunday, January 06, 2013
Very informative article indeed. What happened in Delhi is a result of Indian cultural mindset where females are are inferior and males are superior. We need to change our social mindset towards women,caste system, dowry system.
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Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USASunday, January 06, 2013
Dr.Zita Lobo, my hats off to you for your wonderful and sensible article. Enough is not enough for these rapists. Swift action is definitely required but they all deserve a death penalty as other punishment will only let them out of jail through some influence and money power and these incidents will grow day by day. I hope you will write more and more articles like these for the people to open their eyes wide open to fight for this cause which is spreading beyond ones control.
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Joseph Noronha, Kulshekar / RiyadhSaturday, January 05, 2013
This Is The Ideal Article . Rapists Dont Deserve To Live . I Was Taught In School That India Became A Republic In 1950 . Now , In Recent Events , Its Become A RAPE-blic .Please I Request the Indian Police Officers To Just Spit On The Criminals Faces .
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Robert Quadros, Mangalore/MumbaiSaturday, January 05, 2013
Good Article, On the other side if you notice media is since busy writing articles on the victim, Every point of channels are busy in hunger of popularity.please stop!Let the government come up with stringent law so these incidents are not repeated again in future. Also lets pray for the victims family that god give them courage and strength to bear this unexpected loss. May her soul rest in peace.
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Indian, Manjeshwar/JeddahSaturday, January 05, 2013
Only solution is TOTAL ALCOHOL BAN!!!!!..Crimes will be reduced to 50% and economical,social status will be improved.
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Agnello, Mangalore/MuscatSaturday, January 05, 2013
Rape has all to do with power than sex. Sex in rape used as a tool of humiliation. Actually we should not term it as sex, it is penetration of the victim and invasion of the body without consent. Sex is all to do with pleasure. There is no pleasure in rape only cruelty. Important step forward to to reduce rape in society is to society change the attitude towards the victims and stop implying that the victim was part of the reason.And in this aspect I feel the women in this country are equally to be blamed if not more.(A mother is the first teacher of her son in classifying girls in her neighbourhood into 'decent character' and as 'loose character')
Supporting and encouraging pro-actively the victim of rape to take on the perpetrator of rape one to one (legally) will help. This will also allow healing for the victim from the trauma of humiliation. Having the person to address the rapist in handcuffs before they are locked away for a long, long time will be a big win for the victim.
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LEENA SALDANHA, MANGALORE Saturday, January 05, 2013
Unless the kiths and kins of the decision making body become the victims, the rule in fearless India does not change for ordinary people like us for sure.
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HENRY MISQUITH, BahrainSaturday, January 05, 2013
Dr .Zitaji, after the incident the victim might have asked passerby vehicles for help which were all turned down very sad state of affairs in India. But whom we shall blame for this state of affairs? I wouldn’t have extended my help to her. If I were to do so, the Indian police might book me as the first accused. The India media will have a gala time even before I had a chance to explain my version of humanitarian act the media will have their ‘headline news story’ NRI raped and dumped’. The medias have on their payroll story makers…they might make imaginary fables. Later on the Indian Medias do not care to admit their errors even when I have proved my innocence. While on the roads of gulf countries we all would do all such duties to victims on fellow humanitarian ground: friendly police in this country is the difference.
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Sebastian, mangaloreSaturday, January 05, 2013
I fully agree with Dr. Zita. People should wake up and should not lose the momentum. The rapists should be hanged to death. As Dr. Nadia says, as soon as a baby girl is born, parents feel the tension of bringing her up in this lawless country. A big example is in our own town Mangalore (saujanya rape and murder). What is hindering police to bring out the real culprits? Are they pressurised by anyone? Only time will answer the question and we hope this case also will be solved one day. Though india has got freedom, the girls and ladies are not enjoying that. let us all join hands and pray that things will change very soon and justice will prevail.
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Joseph Rego, Kinnigoli/Ras al khaimahSaturday, January 05, 2013
Nice article.Hope rapist will be hanged soon to give justice to Damini and Indian government should wake up to implement stict law.Chemical Castration is the right punishment with maximum imprisonment.
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geoffrey, hat hillSaturday, January 05, 2013
Total eradication of Rape, like any other crime is possible only in theory no matter how sterner our judiciary gets. KSA is believed to have the most stringent law against rape, but we still remember the sensational Qatif rape case of 2006 where a 16 years old girl and her male companion were raped by 6 Saudi men. Whilst the rapists were sentenced 80 to 1000 lashes and up to 10 years of imprisonment, the victims were also sentenced 6 months of imprisonment and 90 lashes and the female victim’s offence was ‘being alone with a man who was not a relative’. Following much hue and cry in the international media, king of KSA finally issued an official pardon for the victims.
Our judicial system functions on the principle based on English jurist William Blackstone’s famous quotation “Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer" Succeeding part of the slogan appears to have succeeded in promoting an unabated crime culture. Even though we kid ourselves that we are cultured , civilized and superior living beings on planet earth, incidents like these restrict Darwin’s theory of evolution to anatomical changes only!
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Jessie D'sa, Udupi / JeddahSaturday, January 05, 2013
Very nice article Dr. Zita. As long as the punishment is not severe, these things will go on. Poor girl is no more, we can only pray for her parents to have courage and strength to bear their daughter's irreparable loss. Hope the criminals will be hanged as soon as possible.
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Dr Nadia , UAESaturday, January 05, 2013
A very well written article that has put into words the thoughts that have been churning in my brain since I heard about the incident. The immense brutality of the incident was caught by the media but who knows how many countless victims have suffered as much, and more, and have been silent and ignored - as most likely others will be too. Chemical castration is too little, it is the physical incapacity to hurt someone in that particular way is what is required. Crudely put, the weapon that assists in this crime is what should be taken away to prevent further injury to others. And these criminals strike again, they just await the opportunity. Women live in constant fear of this crime and when they give birth to daughters, they fear for them from the day they are born. Stricter laws, more severe punishment and an increasing message in the society that women are to be respected is what is required.
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steve, dubaiSaturday, January 05, 2013
Why Dr Zita is portrays Indian men wrong? Talk about the rapists. How Indian society value male role in a family these days? How a married women and mother fulfill the need of the husband in a family? Let all married mothers and fathers know what I am pointing out here. Today these issues are purely the results of the relationship issues of our family and society. Pampering one gender will not solve the issue. You need to educate our male gender. If women can't be asked what she has to wear and tear then naturally it applies men who has no sensitivity towards the society where he has not seen love or respect .Men and women cant' be same when it comes in sexual satisfaction. many tell women should not to be exposed too much before men because of these reason. Dr Zita would have brought more solution instead bringing accusations. I am personally tired of this hearing everywhere hate speech against men on media. If these will continued I fear instead bringing down these crime it will increase and hate will replace instead rape. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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sowmiya, mangaloreFriday, January 04, 2013
the students of various schools and collages are also actively participating and showing solidarity towards this social issue
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Chandrashekar, mangaloreFriday, January 04, 2013
The issue is so publicised that my elementary going son asked me, "appa, what is meant by rape?" and I was embarassed
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Roshan Braganza, Udyavar / MumbaiFriday, January 04, 2013
Enough is enough!. The evangelization of term 'rape ' and use of anger to impliment laws which are partial towards men should be stopped . Even the article is well written , its highly biased against men , and on one sided story. Even if laws like castration are passed , it should be gender neutral. Women who abuse men or file false accusations should also be equally castracted . . . .//.......As false cases are on rise , just verbal statement should not be taken as evidence , it needs medical proof . Marital rape is not a crime in india and it should not be! . Any relationship can be consensual and can end in 'rape' if women wishes too , just by verbal statement .
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Bth1512, MangaloreFriday, January 04, 2013
Even I feel it's a shame on us Indians. We the IT professionals travel overseas very often and I feel shamed now to say I am an Indian where such a tragic event took place. How will I justify such open crimes in our country. We need to realise the severity of letting such incidents to repeat. Let's raise all our voice and ensure we bring a change at least today.
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John DSouza, MangaloreFriday, January 04, 2013
Agreed, mam. Lack of moral education and human respect, unemployment, result of globalization, influence of mobile technology, competition, comparison, dynamic economy, fast life, exciting entertainment, false pictures, wrong analysis, promising advertisements, attracting exhibitions, untrue colours and widening difference between have and have not are additional factors which lead the wrong doers for heinous crimes. Eye is the main reason to sin. Self control, peace and patience is the weapon of protection and prevention.

As prevention is better than cure, it is essential to stop the crimes than to do post-mortem, undertake a lengthy trial and issue verdict, by the time the punishment completes or victim/convicted no more exists. Death here and hell there, both are bitter, so better to prevent crimes.

In Great 2013, what change we wish see?
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Kushalappa, Chennai/IndiaFriday, January 04, 2013
Very nice article.
My opinion on this situation
We have let loose our system go to dogs we at least not take it anymore looser.
We must leave a safer and beautiful world for the next few generation.
Wake my friends and cry for justice
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robin, BangloreFriday, January 04, 2013
After the court is sentenced some one to death what is the need to show mercy to those criminals. By showing Mercy to them President has supported crime and due to this every day we are hearing new stories about rape. Enough is enough, We all speak about it for a week or may be 2. Afterwords one more new incident will come and this will be forgotten.
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Arun Noronha, Agrar/Dubai/KarkalFriday, January 04, 2013
Well written article and I completely agree with you mam. Law should be tough on these rapists and criminals. Then only these type of crimes will reduce. It was nice to see the unity of people against this crime and hope and pray that government will take strict action against these criminals. Also, these rapists should not be allowed to put up mercy petitions. Sad to see our President accepting mercy petitions.
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