' Letter to My Love.

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Letter to My Love...
By Nelson Vas

November 22, 2012


My dearest girl ever, who has stayed for so long in my life,
It's my love-filled letter to you on the eve of our First Love Anniversary (a strange celebration, I know).
Thanks for your wonderful gift of collage of images of our memories of one year. What more do I need in life than you being happy with me... that's the greatest gift ever. I can't do much apart from pouring out unspoken love for u. One may jabber one's tongue out but if it's not felt in word how does it benefit? Similarly, dear, I may not like to speak loudly, or send hundreds of texts saying I love you either, but I truly feel a corner of the heart empty without u!
The greatest gift that I have ever received from you was on the first day of our love - a BIG yes from you. :* it was an unexpected but a joyous moment. I felt the empty space being filled within me. I admire you for the YES :* - I don't how far you are happy with it. You know how many love marriages in the world fall apart within a month these days. The reason is very simple - there is no communication. We must communicate well always, at the right time and with the right approach. We'll never be a shame to our parents or to anyone, rather they should be inspired looking at our love life.
Dear, never be sad for any reason, you might have noticed me not being more interrogative these days. Neither have I put many boundaries around you. I know you will not be happy with such CONTROLLING from me. I know you r a modern girl, not at all like the traditional husband-fearing wife (I don't expect it either) but let there be some mutual respect and suggestion-accepting nature. It's great indeed that we have finished 1 year of our love. We've truly loved each other (I did at least :P) we have fought and we have committed mistakes (shhhh) but mistakes were merely out of true love and not with the intention of being opportunistic. I don't know whether you deserve me or not, but if it goes in the same way, it'll be perfectly all right.

Guess what, I often say I don't expect anything from you, but I desire something from u. it's not at all new. I've told it a hundred times. Let me repeat on this auspicious day of our 1st love anniversary.
1) Be faithful to me even as I promise the same to you. (I know you are faithful. The same is expected till we are together as one soul and two bodies, and I know you are good but not the guys around you :) I hope it's never a crime in your view if I just have a tiny glance at the gorgeous girl passing by, though she may not be worthy of competing with you in charm.
2) Openness (you are open to some extent :P) - You may be afraid to say some things sometimes. But I promise to stay calm and listen to you and I might even suggest something. Never will I shout at you. At least listen to what I say sometimes. It's not the question of right or wrong, rather the question of giving respect and priority. When you go on denying one's suggestions or requests you'll no more be felt important. But kindly share even the minutest thing. Itíll be very harmful to inform at the eleventh hour. However, positive surprises are welcome : P :*
3) About your friends - I've no issue because you know to choose the right thing and the right person. Your openness is highly appreciated.
4) At any point of time if you feel I don't love you, or shout at u, think it's temporary. I love you double the very next moment. You are often ridiculous in asking if you would be of the same interest even after marriage. Ha ha manga! Why do you think of the future in a negative way? When you were small you liked toys. Do you like them even now? No, right! But your tastes have changed may be in terms of dress, vehicle, salary, life etc. In a similar way the love remains the same but in different forms! At the age of 60 you can't expect me to lift you and lay on the bad romantically, but I can love you in other forms. 
5) By now you know my weaknesses and strengths, and I know yours. So neither of us is superior to each other (though traditional society and our customs say male is superior, don't trust them, trust me, they are bullshit). You know we are equal and we have equal rights in each other's decisions. We compliment each other, which means we are incomplete without each other. And it's the case of all couples. When they fail to realise that and try to dominate, there arises the problem. There's nothing in your life which doesn't bother me and there's not a single issue in my life that doesn't bother you or that is not of your concern.
6) I don't know if you feel embarrassed about our height (anyway you never blame yourself :P) I'm sorry, there's no way we can escape reality. But it doesn't matter even if we have to sacrifice our lives to each other, or to live with this 'monster' as long as our love is our passion and we seek each other's happiness than our own selfish wants. I'm trying hard to make myself selfless and it'll be ridiculous if I demand it from you (virtues cannot be enforced anyway). Remember, I never said you are selfish (shhhh).
7) And lastly, very important - learn cooking (affects both of us, idiot). Surely I'll render my 50 percent effort, but don't expect more. That won't be good for you too, as it won't show any of your matriarchal nature =))

Above all, remember, falling in love is easy but not living in love.
* The validity of this letter is till WE love, live and die in love.
Truly your love,



Comments on this article
Vanita Dsouza, KundapurThursday, December 06, 2012
Hey...... Goooooood one..... Nenari.....just loved it...:)
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sunitha, MangalroeWednesday, December 05, 2012
i love it, itz soo beautiful Nelson.. awesome ...........
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Baijnath Pandey, Rourkela/MangaloreWednesday, November 28, 2012
amazing Nelson! i feel absolutely elated to read my dear friend's article here! Looks like it's come straight from your heart ) wish u all d best n i'm sure of many more interesting pieces of grt wok in future bro :) gooooood luck!
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Neloffer Noronha, KelaraiWednesday, November 28, 2012
Its Awesome..!!! I love it...:)
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Preetham Melroy, NeermargaTuesday, November 27, 2012
I love it, I think it's a great step in the direction of giving a love letter to ur galfrnd with your old memories...
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Canet Vas, Neermarga / BijapurSunday, November 25, 2012
Hey its awesome re... Infact very practical.. :)
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meena, Friday, November 23, 2012
awesome letter.......truly
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violet R, Mangalore, Doha, qatarFriday, November 23, 2012
evn i love to write love letter...
wen i read ds,oops its all abt ma feelings....cent percent u copied it frm my mind.....bt really me n he is "2 body bt one Soul"
abt cooking he helps me alwys..no one s selfish..faithful to each other, in short n sweet..all d 7 point are true n from heart,,the one who loves truely can only feel d feel of love....1st point to end really its realastic n wonderful letter....bt m on my 6th anniversary n our feelings r still d same...love n trust A-Z evrything still d same....bt bt bt day by day v love more n more evry sec... al who know abt us dey relly mean wt "made for each other" is....bt i love him a lot....till d end will b....Lucky to hv him in ma life...Thank u god for such precious gift n bless on me....
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R.Bhandarkar., MThursday, November 22, 2012
P. Can't escape reality -Yes dear- At least for the time being it's staring dark at my face..What's this ..What's this shhhhhh after selfish dear? Peeing- Naughty boy!
7)I can't remember of one whose goose has been 'cooked' fully, attempt to learn cooking dear! In any case Good Luck in advance for your 50 percent effort! The remaining 50percent can be thought of when we are bodily together! Remember now only our souls are one!
And above all please remember 'falling' everywhere is easy-getting up a tad bit difficult.
The validity of this is eternal and an eye opener for all about to love, thinking to love, just in and immersed in love...!
Truly yours
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R.Bhandarkar., MThursday, November 22, 2012
Response .....
Some points which 'jutt' out dear-
1) Pls Love- What is 'expectation'
and what is 'desire'? Explain without ire..Pls
2)Tiny Glance at the other I won't mind- But mind the 'PAT'-As you said 'bodies' remain two and
soul's(nobody has seen them thus far!) remain one- but who cares-This is a phrase after all....
3)Openness has to be appreciated upto a 'point' dear- never allow it to reach a point of 'no return'-Hope you understand pls
4)Everything is temporary.You, me,everything.Don't be that carried away dear. Plant something -Yes at least your two feet on ground- So what if it's our 'Love Anniversary'. No need to 'take off' so suddenlyPls.
Knowing you now only, I know you can't 'lift' me at 60. Know you'll be guzzling plenty! What other forms you can love me will certainly be a mystery which I am not looking forward to- knowing your present capability...!Take everything with a pinch...Dear..It helps stimulate...!! Remember you have written about laying me on 'bad'
romantically! Seems you are petrified of 'bed' already!
5)Male is superior-Bullshit- Yes-Refer to what I have written earlier in point no 4 dear...Now don't get confused...I know all about your weakness only....Strengths(?) Are there any? We will discuss this during our 2nd anniversary dear!And also you have a funny presumption about being 'complete' dear!
6)Nothing can be enforced -yes dear.P.(what's this?)You write about nothing be an issue and bring 'height'in between?-2 b
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