' Congress and the British Raj

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Congress and the British Raj
By Ayush Prasad

June 6, 2012

With the proclamation of Queen Victoria in 1858, India was ruled by the British Crown and the British Parliament. Over the next 90 years, a few hundred people controlled the destiny of millions of Indians. Freedom Struggle lasted several years and was a mass movement headed by the Congress Party. The Constitution established India as a sovereign democratic nation where the Government was of the people and by the people. But has much changed, in the manner we are governed?
The Congress Party has dominated the political discourse in our country for a major portion of 65 years since Independence. For almost 51 years, Congress party formed a government on its own or has led a coalition Government. For 5 more years, the Union Government has been supported by the Congress Party. Atal Behari Vajpayee has been the only Indian Prime Minister who has never been a member of the Congress Party and ruled for 6 years.

The Indian National Congress was envisaged as a democratic body that represented India and was modeled on the US Congress. Mahatma Gandhi ensured that all office bearers of the Congress Party were elected. But in 1969, Indira Gandhi spilt the Congress and she centralized control. This led to the formation of the "High Command".
After the defeat of the Congress Party in the state elections, there has been scrutiny on every aspect. The final, and by several accounts, the only decision making body in the Congress- The High Command, also seems to be under siege.
There are several similarities in the manner of functioning between the British Raj and the current Congress Party.
The British Crown is a hereditary institution where members of the Windsor Family are born into it. Similarly, members of the Nehru-Gandhi inherit the Congress High Command.
In both the families, only birth guarantees the crown and not marriage. Feroze Gandhi and Menaka Gandhi learnt this fact the hard way, while Sonia Gandhi's "inner-voice" indicated this fact to her. Robert Vadra may soon learn it as well!
The British Royalty are popular celebrities who attract huge crowds. Similarly, Rahul & Priyanka Gandhi also attract large crowds who may not necessarily vote for the Congress Party.
The British Parliament consists of the House of Lords. Lords and other forms of dynastic sub royalty are appointed by the Crown. The Congress Party equivalent to the House of Lords is the All India Congress Committee (AICC). The Gandhi family can grant a sub-royalty status by making a person a "Permanent Invitee to AICC". The leader is knighted and is powerful for life. There are several dynasties within the Congress Party.

The British Raj Government appointed a Viceroy who stayed in India and a member of the British Government Cabinet was designated "Secretary of State for India" who operated from London. The Viceroy implemented decisions of the Government. The Secretary of State conveyed Cabinet Decisions and monitored the implementation.
All Pradesh Congress Presidents are appointed by the Congress High Command. They stay in State Capitals and can be compared to the Viceroys of British Raj.
The Congress Working Committee consists of General Secretaries and is chaired by Congress President. It is a virtual cabinet and General Secretaries are like Ministers. Each state unit is monitored by a General Secretary who stays in Delhi and the role is similar to the erstwhile Secretary of State for India.
It is indeed ironical that a democratic body that dethroned an imperial power operates like the power it replaced.


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Comments on this article
Aman, DelhiWednesday, July 04, 2012
Well very written mate . Excellent comparison between the two rules . Sad most citizens fail to see it .
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paul d`souza, balakunjeTuesday, June 19, 2012
Looking at unchangable situations all citizens have realized that britishers were given more than what they have taken. Our own people are stealing without giving any thing in return but britishers were giving in return technology. but we are taking all & in return we give nothing, apart from we damage more in corruption & for our mistakes we blame britishers. what a joke..........???
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Blaan Mendonca, Mangalore/USASaturday, June 16, 2012
India is still ruled by the foreigners. All the products are imported or collaborated, Except we pay in Indian Rupees. Made in India, Pyara Sonia.
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Praveen, Mulky/USAThursday, June 14, 2012
Good article..what else we can expect when there is Congres party ruling with dummy PM and rubber stamp President...
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ali, mangalroeWednesday, June 13, 2012
Good article and 100% perfect.
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krishna, mangaloreWednesday, June 13, 2012
@Rosario Fernandes, Kallianpur/Goa/usa: mankind is called as human being just because he can understand others feelings,sentiments and respect each other.Your comments are clear indication that you are unfit to be one among them and also it is clear from your comments that half educated people like you are more dangerous to harmony of this world and it happens if one doesn't brought up in a cultured family.May god enlighten you with the proper sense so that you can talk good about others.
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Rosario Fernandes, Kallianpur/Goa/usaMonday, June 11, 2012
Dear Alban, you are partly right. Congress WAS the 'BEST' party. But no more IS. It is continuously surviving because there are no better parties. Secondly,you say hindus are highly educated, yes,yes,yes,BUT whats the point of that education when they worship Monkey & Elephant Gods.
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Rosario Fernandes, Kallianpur/Goa/usaMonday, June 11, 2012
Oh Mr.Shetty from India is young....but not grown up & matured.
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SHETTY, INDIASaturday, June 09, 2012
Well Said Mr Ayush Prasad..Ghandhi family is fooling the indians but the indian people are sleeping i dont understand when they will wake up...youngster like us should change ...
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Alwyn, ManagloreFriday, June 08, 2012
Well said Mr Bhat, Had there been no british India wouldn't have been independent till date. We would have probably 100 different countries ruling consolidated India, Pak & Bangla. The preistly would have ruled till date and poor would have been slaves. I am not trying to say what British have done good but had they not invaded us I would have been still a slave of kings and preistly class...you know for better which party they are in????
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alban lewis, Kallianpur/bangaloreFriday, June 08, 2012
wow wow - these people are class above all - they know what they are saying, they know what is the truth abt parties/economics/history etc.

I hope these people so knowledgeable will make difference to the chaos that is prevailing at the centre and in the states. Please you guys take up the matters in your own hands and tell us the lesser knowledgeable what should be done to get good governance at the centre and in the States. I will follow you all as you are the elite for me - you know most of the things one should know about politics -
In my simple knowledge - congress is the best party to lead India.

They are cultured and tolerant to any religion. They have contributed to the advancement of India internationally - no other party can rightly claim this - actually other party/parties have brought down the value of India internationally with their communal ways of ruling in states and for that matter for short tenure at the centre. When this BJP was in power, could not gain confidence of the masses mainly consisting of Hindus? A question to be asked to all BJP politicians and followers. Hindus donot blindly follow BJP!!! They are highly educated/knowledgeable people in the country.
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Roshan, MangaloreThursday, June 07, 2012

The article is desperately trying to indict congress as an extention of british raj, thus trying to say it is looting the country. I hope Nithin's comments enlightens the author. Bofors scam petrified Rajiv and congress, yet, when in power BJP failed to prove any wrong doing, instead, kargil war was won with bofors guns. This much published scam, slowed india's military advancement to large extent due to policy paralysis, much to the delight of pakistan and china.

Today, once again we are on the same path, 2G,3G, CWG, aadarsh etc., all are publisized to such an extent with media trials, it is hard to get to the truth. This is not to say in congress there is no corruption. Congress like any other political party has 95 percent of party workers who want to get rich quickly. This very natural, as corruption is there in every walk of life and working for a party, needs no pre-qualification. Thus, everybody and everyone opportunisitc, is looting india and Indians by their own means and ways. If your concern is stop this loot, then one need to fight against corruption. What is the best way to fight against corruption?

There are two ways - 1. public awareness against corruption in their daily life 2. Empower congress, but retain public pressure, as that is the only way out to get administrative reforms. Pressure does not mean, what Team Anna think is right., pressure implies, aking them to do something, where a comon man sees the difference in his daily life.

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Nithin Poojary, Mangalore/UKThursday, June 07, 2012
Don Amnon
FYI no airline in India is earning profit, under current economic condition, moreover Air India despite losses its still surviving because of our Nationalised banks.
Regarding loan mela...I agree many people have not paid the loan back...unlike your BJP Mr.Janardhan Poojary has not given loan and denotified land to the rich people....Loans were sanctioned to the poor people...nothing wrong if they don't pay the loan back. Public money has gone back to public again.
Lastly regarding Punjab you really need a google for punjab terrorism & khalistan movement please do get back in this forum after a brief research. Have a nice day.
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Nithin Poojary, Mangalore/UKThursday, June 07, 2012
Don Amnon
FYI no airline in India is earning profit, under current economic condition, moreover Air India despite losses its still surviving because of our Nationalised banks.
Regarding loan mela...I agree many people have not paid the loan back...unlike your BJP Mr.Janardhan Poojary has not given loan and denotified land to the rich people....Loans were sanctioned to the poor people...nothing wrong if they don't pay the loan back. Public money has gone back to public again.
Lastly regarding Punjab you really need a google for punjab terrorism & khalistan movement please do get back in this forum after a brief research. Have a nice day.
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Don Amnon, Lower Bendoor, MangaloreThursday, June 07, 2012
Nitin Poojari,

To your info, who was root cause for Punjab Problem....????? Its selfish Cong ( I ). To destroy Akali’ Parties and Mr.Darbara Singh, so called secular Cong ( I ) created Basmasura Bhindranwale. In operation blue star thousands of Innocents are killed by Indian army and Rest all history.

Secondly regarding banks nationalisation.... Then why you are not talking about Air India , owned by Tata Sons Ltd. It was nationalised by Nehru Govt and present Indian Govt continually pouring tax payers money (You are working in UK, and does not make difference of Indian Taxation) and Airline bleeding and sucking our blood.

Mr.Janardhana Poojari made Saala Mela. Hundreds of peoples took loan. Many loans are written off , due to INDHA PATTH attitude of people.

Indian atomic programme initiated NOT by Mrs.Indira Gandhi. But due to selfless attitude of great atomic scientist Dr.Homi J Bhaba and Late Sir.Dhorab Tata and Late J R Tata
I do agree Buddha Smiling ( First atomic test ) done by Cong ( I ) under leadership of Mrs.Indira.

Last , suppose if you distilled gallon of water and at last if you mixed one of deadly poison., then...........
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Hariprasad Bhat, MulkiThursday, June 07, 2012
This is a classic example for typical misleading of facts but the "so called" intellectual wing of Right wing BJP-RSS-BD group which thrives on framing conspiracy theory and confusing the less educated OBC/SC/ST brothers.

The core aim of this is just to regain control over Hindhu soceity for another thousand years and thus to enable previleged position for themselves in Hindhu spectrum and thereby to keep the lower classes in another thousand year of bondage.

What Mr Ayush Prasad thinks of functioning of BJP in Karnataka , with which global power it can be compared , with the tribal rule of Botswana or that of Philippini mafia.

What about the control exerted by Yaddi-shoba-raghavendra?
what about Bal takre-Raj Takre- Smitha Takre- Udhdhav Takre- This takre and that Takre

what about Udasi, khatti, naidu clan of Karnataka.

As Ayush has rightly said Congress has dominated power for 85% of time, why?
In the democratic set up of India People of India have felt, after considering all other options that Congress was a better option?

But the rich (read upper)class wants a rule dominated by certain section where by they can get free endowments like the 400 crore wasted on them by Yaddi.

Truth is people wanted congress
another truth is priestly classes dont want congress

Biggest truth is that, If the priestly classes had not degenerated the Indian society the way they have done since Manu's time, British wouldnt have entered Indiaa
and Ayush wouldnt have had a chance to compare
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Don, MangaloreThursday, June 07, 2012
If the American President’s job is tough, then those know India and Indian politics would agree with me that the job of Indian prime minister is the toughest job in the whole world.

Since independence the congress party has ruled India and if you compare the good to the bad, I feel that more good was done than bad. Corruption has and always been, and will always be the main issue. Honesty has it limits and so when individuals or corporation come up with huge amounts of cash, many souls in power get tempted to accept their offerings.

It is very hard for those in power to explain in detail as to how and why decisions are made and what political considerations are at stake at the national, international level without compromising on national interest and security and so it is equally hard for a common man to understand the position of those in power.

Broadly classified there are 3 political groupings the Right leaning parties or the Capitalist, the Left leaning or the Socialist, the Centrist having a mix of both. Depending which leader has the gift of the gab and who could exploit the policies of the other party that is in power or would like to take power would sway voters and win elections.
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vinay, mangaloreWednesday, June 06, 2012
Iam not supporting any party but i have one question to every readers in gandhi family Sanjay gandhi is a brave man y no one is remembering him?
can you answer somebody
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ad, mangloorWednesday, June 06, 2012
The Brits looted the world and built the CROWN proclaimg Kings and Queens and now they are Royals living and celebrating at public purse.

Our Royals- Raja's and Rani's vanished under the Independence and domains of Congress party.

Congress party needs to mature from outdated thinking and make India better for the poor Indians and all Indians.

This should start from clean public toilets.
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Sunil, Wednesday, June 06, 2012
Is the Author's intention to say Good about the Congress party ) which i doubt ) or say there is an alternate to the party which led India for 51 years , if so bring it on , mere articles do not change things on the ground , BJP does not even have its presence in few Indian states and few are day dreaming of its comming to Power , even if it manages to come to power due to the campaings of Anna and Ramdev , it would be a short and Weet Journey , Atalji is not the leader now .
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Jeevan, MangaloreWednesday, June 06, 2012
I totally agree with your views Mr.Nithin. Many of us are so highly matured that we always overlook the good works done by few good people.Also we are so very kind that we dont allow such good people to be in power for a long time.We are very good at criticizing persons/works based on religious/caste point of view. If some good leader has a good vision, he is never allowed to be successful in it.

Now its history that we had some good leaders. Our narrow mind & negative attitude is just killing us. We are slaves within our own country.The common man is not able to live a common simple peaceful life.

A simple comparison.Compare India with any other country. Lets start with the roads & basic public infrastructure.Why cant we have the same standards in India? Do we lack anything?

The people in power need to be responsible & have positive vision & attitude. Firstly, the multiple political party concept should be banned completely, which is killing everyone.
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Nithin Poojary, Mangalore/UKWednesday, June 06, 2012
Rakesh shetty,Don Amnon

If Banks were not nationalised by Indira Gandhi even India would have been effected by 2008 global recession.

According to our knowledge Indian nuclear test took place in 1999 under Vajpayee, but the matter of fact is it was already done in 1975 under the leadership of Mrs. Gandhi.

Bank loans were open only to the rich and upper caste, again it was Mrs.Gandhi who bought equality.
Today if Punjab is integral part of India the credit goes to Mrs Indira Gandhi, what else she laid down her life in order to save a state.

These are only some of the bold descions the Iron lady taken in her tenure. I do agree she played politics in many other matters, the reason behind this is many leaders within Congress party did not like the descions which she used to take, for Eg: When she wanted to nationalise Banks the then Finance minister Morarjee Desai refused to follow her orders, she sacked him the same day and within 24 hours the banks were nationalised, She used to not waste much time to take descions.

Even I was not born when Indira Gandhi was ruling, But I have visited her Museum in Delhi were old news paper cuttings have been displayed, I was just mesmerized by looking old news papers. India badly need such a leader.

Rakesh....I known u hate Congress party and Gandhi family but at the same time I hope u cannot deny the good job done by the party and the family. Even I dont like BJP but I really respect Vajpayee, Suresh Kumar, Yogesh Bhat and many more good
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Rakesh shetty, mangaloreWednesday, June 06, 2012





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Don Amnon, Lower Bendoor, MangaloreWednesday, June 06, 2012
Till Lal Bahudoor Shashstri was alive India was least corrupted country in the world. But under tenure of Late Indira Gandhi/ Sanjay Gandhi,( Since 1969 ) Corruption cancer spread all over India and they poured water / menure and grown like Banyan tree. Its became a part of our life. I bet there is NO Cure for this.

Secondly all regional parites opposed the corruption and dynastic rule, followed the same path of Cong ( I ).
1. TDP / YSR in AP
2. SS in Maharashtra
3. BJP in Karnataka/ Rajasthan
4. Socialist parites - SP in UP
5. Biju JD in Odissha
6. DMK in TN
7. JDS in Karnataka ( Appa Makkala Party )
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