' An Open Letter to Anna Hazare

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An Open Letter to Anna Hazare
By Edmond Fernandes
The author is a final year MBBS student and a medical journalist. He can be emailed at : edmondvirgo@gmail.com

February 6, 2012
Dear Annaji,

I write to you as someone who has closely monitored your movements in your quest for the Jan-Lokpal bill. I am a twenty something, and a proud Indian not in the context of the times we live in, but also for much of what India has stood for down the ages.

Please don’t claim to say that you represent the voice of more than 120 crore people of India. I am not your fan, nor your supporter in anyway. Along with me, I have my dalit brothers, adivasis and many more religious minorities to whom your movement has turned a blind eye for. We are also included in the idea of India. No doubt the publicity you got has put the issues of corruption both in high places of government and into lives of common man.

But you know what, 65 years later, we have still managed corruption, if not tolerated. There are far too many issues to deal with urgently and the way in which you point a finger at the government and the amount of hurry your team exhibits is unasking for. How can self-proclaimed leaders project themselves as messiahs of the masses. I am not sure what kind of deal your team might have done with the main stream news channels, because there were days where they covered just Jan-lokpal as if there was nothing else happening anywhere in India. It is a matter of extreme surprise to me as to how the triad of Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar and yourself realised the need for anti-corruption at the same time ? should I think as mere coincidence ? no ways. Why don’t you support the right to food issue ? why have you forgotten to extend your support to eradicate communal violence by pointing a finger at the government point blank. That is chalta- hai issue right ?
My heart also wishes just like you to wipe out corruption. But when there are hidden motives, I feel its a dangerous attempt. Infact we should also support the cause of Swami Nigmananda and Medha Patkar always. They too fight for a purpose. It affects everyone directly or indirectly. What makes me laugh is the youth of the country who supported you, didn’t know why they were supporting jan lok-pal. On asking some of them , the reply came was, its fun to be away from college and school and do timepass on the roads.

Moreover, conducting bike-rallies and wasting so much of resources is unbecoming for a movement so very transparent. While everyone from a village level patwari to the prime minister would be answerable to  the Lokpal, the Lokpal itself would be answerable to no one at all. Or rather to God. If a movement sets itself above the constitution and challenges democracy, a pillar of the constitution, why should you get support?

According to you corruption will put an end to most of India’s problems. But I am afraid it may not. The problems of Malnutrition, Infant  and Maternal mortality , Human Development Index and such will not see improvement with the coming of jan-lokpal. I am curious to know, how you got this idea of wiping out corruption suddenly. Its better late than never, true to it, I sincerely appreciate your effort, at least it made UPA-II wake up from their deep slumber. But it would have been much better if you had also remembered the cause of religious minorities, dalits, adivasis. India would have saluted you, if you had given a strategy to elevate brand India with regard to education, poverty and fought also for peace. However enforcing a law will still remain a billion dollar question.

Ashoka’s Lion Capital was adopted as a symbol of the Indian state by the makers of the constitution. The signature of India at 65 stands defanged and helpless. When they roar, the vulture laughs. Can we change that ?

Yours sincerely,
Edmond Fernandes, Mangalore.



Comments on this article
Prashanth Pinto, Mumbai IndiaSunday, February 19, 2012
Edmond is right. Even I was supporting Anna Hazare in the beginning. But his movement became very controversial and partisan. Its only objective was to defeat the Congress Party even though there are more corrupt people in other Parties and that is why I stopped supporting it.
Good work by Edmond. Keep up the good work.
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John, MangaloreFriday, February 17, 2012
I would appreciate if someone writes an open letter to Sonia Gandhi,Rahul and the PM regarding their failure to curtail corruption in UPA.
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K.Raghava Mayya, Padil, Mangalore-7Thursday, February 16, 2012
Annaji was provoked by two major scams, CW and Spectrum. Hence he picked up the corruption issue. Others joined him not by his request. Media only reaped an opportuniy that too not of his asking. It is the personal opinion of the Writer that Annaji should have picked up the Communal issue and had to come to rescue the minorities.
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shanthi, UAETuesday, February 14, 2012
Annaji whatever u have done its may be good or may not i am not sure. but i know that still Indian Government support too much for Schedule cast why? other religens are not indian citizens? because of SC/STs property how much other casts are facing problem? i wish you should have put this issue front and would have fight for it to make all citizens equal.
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Mathew, MangaloreMonday, February 13, 2012

It is very sorry to say that all the national chanels were showing only annajis fast during that days,and many other issues of that days were totally ignored.What right we are having to talk about corruption when most of us are registering the plots /apartments at prices much less than than what paid and reduced the stamp duty which also is a corruption. Later we came to know about team annas (bedi,bhushan,etc) exact character in money matters including air fare and tax.

There are many issues in this country.Present education system is making clerks for america and it is making non quality products due to its commercialisation.In future there will be severe shortage for teachers and the coming generation will struggle.Many of the present policy makers are not addressing the real issues of the country.Situation made health secor affordable only to high rich people.Government hospitals were ignored by the authorities as many MPs and MLA's are running medical colleges.

Here I would like to recollect what happened after JP's movements in seventies as many youths may not be knowing.Majority of india except south india supported JP 's movement which started at Bihar against Indhira Ganhi,the then PM and it got support from the opposition parties mainly the socialits in the begining.During 77 election bharatiya lokdal,syndicate congress,CFD,janasangha,socialits conested together and won, after a decade we saw who hijacked the benifit.the same hijackers hijacked annajis movement

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R Mallar, Kasaragod/ DubaiSaturday, February 11, 2012
1. Why club other problems of India with corruption problem and try to dilute the issue?
2. If malnutrition, farmer's issues etc. are there, is corruption not a contributing factor?
3. Why do you expect Anna to tackle all the issues himself?
4. What is wrong if media highlights a specific issue? Was NDTV wrong in highlighting attacks on churches?
5. No one has an illusion about jan lokpal alone won't solve corruption issue. But let there be a begining.
An open letter by an armchair critic is not appropriate.
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Ronald D, UdupiSaturday, February 11, 2012
Annaji's intension was good to start with. I lost all repect for him and his mates when they directly started supporting a corrupt political party and tried to campaign for it!! I am against corruption...I do not accept Anna's biased ways!!!! It is natural Anna lost GLOSS slowly but steadily by acting as an agent side by!!!
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nagesh prabhu, nagesh/abudhabiSaturday, February 11, 2012
Dear Edmond,
I appreciate your effort to gather so much of information and concern for teh hard work of the useless goverment, which have been speaking the kalyan of dalits and minorities for teh sake of power and money and nothing concrete done till date.
Yes,65 years have passed away and nothing has been done. it doesnt mean that nothing should be done for another 65 years.
Atleast they have come forward to fught against one of the causes. I feel, being good and educated citizens, we should support the right cause. I would appreciate and support you too if you could come out in open or support some of the causes mentioned by you. Could you please throw some more light on what is the step advanced by you to eradicate any one of the causes mentioned by you in your letters. Merely diagreeing and condemning or criticising the good social work of some good people doesnt serve purpose. In case you opt to plunge into and fight agaisnt some of the gruesome causes and to bring in peace, harmony, self-sufficiency, I would be the first one to support you. Do not criticise everyone. Annaji is 74 and he is not doing it for his kin and kith. Support his fight against the evils of the society.
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Jeet, Mangalore/DubaiFriday, February 10, 2012
Dear Daiji,
Has this letter reached Anna?
If yes what was Annas reply.
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John Rudolph Lobo, Siddakate, M'lore / Ponda, GoaThursday, February 09, 2012
I really appreciate for disclosing real face of Anna Hazare and his Team. I am also one of citizens of my country - one India for the anti corruption movement. But not supporter for Anna's dramatical/political movement. I was totally watched his and Ramdev's anti corruption dramas which had demonstrated by the TV channels as if they are paid for the same. During the parliament session Government had brought important bills which are really required by the common man, like food security bill, communal violence bill etc. TV channels and his team were forgot all the issues and attacking the government. because it was proved during the election that they were attacking Government and Congress party alone. basically all the political parties including some of his team members are corrupt one way or other. I request all the citizens of India to check, observe and support for any issues relating to the welfare of Nation and the people
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Herald, Mangalore/DubaiThursday, February 09, 2012
There are many evils in our society. Corruption s sone of them. Annaji (Ji is due to his age) has decided to fight against one such EVIl. Why should we expect him to fight against everything? Cant we do it also? Come on guys.....

Even while voting we go based on our religion. We dont see what was his history. Is is qualified to represnet us? can he fight for us in the assembly? We dont see anything.

I like the write up. You have very good talent.
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Peter Walker, Uk/MumbaiThursday, February 09, 2012
Anna hazare act too much drama, and he play the game with policatical partys.
government should leave him to Fast as long has he like.
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Vijay Prabhu, Kundapur/CanadaThursday, February 09, 2012
Hey guys and gals, you all should know that everybody in Anna Hazare's group are Ullu ka Pattas OR Pattis! U know what I mean!! Anna Hazare himself is a very corrupt guy doing all these dramas and those associated with him including Kiran Bedi and others were involved in some type of corruption sometime in their life...So why this Kolaveri..Kolaveri di..a Da..a Di..Po da maire!!! Samaj geya na..UKPs (meanimg Ullu ka Pattas and Pattis!!)
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RJCN, MANGALORE/MUMBAIWednesday, February 08, 2012
Very Well Written - Keep it up Edmund. I agree with you. The definition of Corruption differs from Kiran Bedi to Kejriwal and Anna. I had a great respect for Kiran Bedi but the way she is defending herself on inflating the travel bills and then saying that she used that money for good cause therefore she is not wrong is just crap. She owes an apology to the Nation.She has not only committed blunder but she even generated methods to manipulate account books through the Travel Agent and thereafter the employees working in the accounts department. Excess amount received as kick-back for her NGO need to be adjusted through credit/debit and JV entries. Kejriwal too has committed blunder and he was wrong in messing up with IT office buy not paying the loan that he had taken. These people supported by some fanatics are playing with the flexibility shown by our democracy. Anna, yes he is a nice person but, misguided by his Team. I know many people may not like this message I have chalked out and may react. Please if you do not agree then please ignore this message rather than argue on the same.
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NAVEEN, MANGALOREWednesday, February 08, 2012
dear writer ,let anna fight corruption & you do what u said is important than corruption.come on guys do something for our country in what v are best.
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ramandeep kaur, gurdaspur(punjab)Wednesday, February 08, 2012
i agree with ed as what he says that due to anna movement youth are pulling themselves from their path of gaining knowledge and that's ultimately results into more corruption ,so i think it's not a correct time to do all that .before that we have to think upon other more important issues which helps in diminishing corruption which ED already discussed in his letter.
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Steven tan, ChinaWednesday, February 08, 2012
I agree with Jayesh some people will find bitter. we all have own opinion why peope having biter.Yes Edmond is right we are with edmond.
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Mahesh M. Devadiga, PuneWednesday, February 08, 2012
Alex D' Mello, Mumbai and Antony Cony from Qatar has the correct notion of the subject, reason is that they both partly agree with writer and partly put forward glimpse of suggestions.

Arun Ponnusamy, USA, Mark, Udyavara has shown a great maturity on the subject issue. Old has gone, Day dreamers of becoming next PM and President has gone. Now we ourselves only or one among us has to lead to walk in footsteps of Annajee..what to you say Edmond, What to you Say amarnath shetty, Mangalore ?
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Milton Lewis, Mangalore/DubaiWednesday, February 08, 2012
Dear Writer,
Great thought, really making sense. For 65 years, we have been doing this, calling out morchas, baitaks, Road shows etc, at the expense of productive time and resources. Guys, please wake up, we need to find jobs for all pepole of India in India itself with full social security.
Great article and thought.
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Jayesh Nayak, Mumbai - research ScientistWednesday, February 08, 2012
Anna is a joker. well pointed out from by Edmond. this some people will find bitter. we all are with edmond.
Today its government. tomorow he will point finger at us
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Vishal, Mangalore/BangaloreWednesday, February 08, 2012
I fully agree with Mark, Udyavara.
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vasanth, putturWednesday, February 08, 2012
dear edmond, I think you must restrict yourself to medical journalism for the time being. social issues are not easy to be understood. If a youth like you feel that corruption is not a burning issue that needs urgent attention - God only can save us! What hidden motives can there be. He writes to the prime minister openly urging him to do something on the corruption issue. Where is the hurry? an issue pending for more than 40 years? Janlokpal bill cannot be a solution without a change in our judiciary. Youth like you must come forward & support the cause of the Nation. Anna may not live to see the fruits of his movement. it is you & me who will benifit. study properly before jumping in to journalism
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Alex d'Mello, MumbaiWednesday, February 08, 2012

I partly agree with the writer, he has a good point. Anna is a living saint, did so much to the people around him. He is fighting for a noble cause. Everything is fantastic, but he can't become a dictator. In democracy one person can't hold the elected Govt for ransom. today it's cong, tomorrow it may be BJP or shivsena. He can't behave with any Govt in this manner. He has to change his methodology and and we all will support him otherwise he is digging his own gave. His companions are not interested in bring good people into the group.

Sooner or later Santosh Hegde also will come out and wait and see by march end Anna will be fighting this battle all alone.Like Baba Ramdev, Anna group is not interested in working out a strategy. They are carried away by the wind. Their vision is limited that's why they lost out totally in Mumbai. In any movement the leader should first display leadership qualities (e.g.Mahatma Gandhi) then people will follow. Neither Anna nor his team do have these qualities. Many a times they talk like you & me. sorry to say, this movement is already fizzled out and the chor companies are too happy now..

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srinivas shetty, CaliforniaTuesday, February 07, 2012
You know Anna cannot take up all the issues, he can at the most fight one issue. Do not balme him, if you feel you have an issue just start like the one Anna started. Dont be a whiner.

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Herald D'Souza, Koteshwar/LondonTuesday, February 07, 2012
Well said Edmond, Anna and his team nothing but a Mohra of some political party for sure.
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Mark, UdyavaraTuesday, February 07, 2012
I don't have to educate supposed to be doctors because I consider myself least educated among the literate masses of INDIA. However, I'm sure the doctor will understand that when PLAGUE breaks out (or for that matter any Contagious deceases), IT SPREADS!
The corruption was present all along these 65 years but before declaring it as a fundamental right amidst us we are sent people like Anna. Why not anyone gets affected if "Corruption" is a contagious deceases screwing up every citizen and basic right to honesty, truth & justice.
Son, perhaps you wouldn't know the harassment your father has gone through to get you grow-up this big to be 20. If he hasn't been a victim, surely he must be on alongside of “corruption”.
Common give a break! I'm wondering the kind of teachings our crème-de-la-crème institutes like IAS, IPS, IFS, Judiciary profess. Almost entire public services governance most inherits to fearless corrupt behavior of dictators. Does it take this long for people like Ajmal Kassab to be hung or waiting for another inferno of terrorist outburst or live in the shadow of so called mafia dictators?
Although with just a square meal a day I was brought up, my fight against corruption at every step is just a distant dream. In as many as 50 years I’m still left in the lurch to unscrupulous human governing this nation. Bitter truth of this fact is that until this day the entire nation has failed to give its citizen’s a decent footpath to walk. Neither in 65 years the nation
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P.Fernandes, SingaporeTuesday, February 07, 2012
I think good view come from the writer.
I wish him for his successful Leader in the near future.
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M.shameen, SingaporeTuesday, February 07, 2012
Every one has got his or her opinion, I found nothing wrong in the Article, It is good as time goes by He will be a future Leader. I wish him all the best.
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Rathnakar A, ShirvaTuesday, February 07, 2012
To Robin/ Sandeep. I am not paying my taxes to Anna. So no question of paying taxes to Eddmond.

If you have any better proposal to fight corruption please start it. If it is proved it is better definitely you will get more support than Anna. Dont just criticise, come with a better solution and be a alternate leader
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John Tauro, Mangalore / Kuwait Tuesday, February 07, 2012
Mr. Edmond Fernandes seems to be just interested in criticising or is he envious of Annaji's noble deeds? If he has raised the issue of corruption, which is the root cause of all social evils why don't you take up issues like food, shelter, malnutrition, communal violence, etc.? Directly or indirectly these are the offshoots of corruption. Therefore, it needs a great deal of courage and sacrifice to rise up and fight against such such evils. And I on my part highly appreciate and support Annaji's noble cause.
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Loakath.D, Bantwal/KolkataTuesday, February 07, 2012
Dear Edmond Fernandes
First you yourself what u r and what is your contribution to nation and ask your all religious, minority, daliths brothers to what they are in society and what is their contribution to nation...? still you have to pass another two decades to question ANNAJI I believe.....
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Ganesh, Mangaladevi, MangaloreTuesday, February 07, 2012
I like Anna, but when he blaming one party i feel very sad.
all the political party have good and bad people. but we should blame bad people not party.
i am indian i like politician who works hard for country, there is many good and honest politician in the field.
What ever it is. I Love My Mother Land.
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Dr Ram Prakash, UdupiTuesday, February 07, 2012
all those supporting anna , are partly or wholly associated with right wing groups and bjp . this truth has been revealed also in the economic and political weekly of india and sum places. people are trying to fool others by supporting anna hazare. a failed soldier and a collective loser. why did he support narendra modi for the gujarat riots?why did he not point a finger at yeddurappa?many more questions to ask
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Aravind Prakash, Managalore/DubaiTuesday, February 07, 2012

The writer seems to have a skewed point of view. Does he not realise that corruption in India has taken such a huge chunk from our government's revenue. To educate him, if corruption is reduced by 50% to begin with most of the problems that he has highlighted in the article can be tackled. Doe he realize that the corruption could be the root cause for many of the problems highlighted by him such as malnutrition, infant & maternal mortality, lack of education etc.

The funds that can be saved due to reduction and eventually erradication of corruption can be utilized for addressing the various problems facing India today. We have to appreciate Anna and his team for the fact that they have galvanized Indians to stand up against the corrupt and ask for accountability. Yes there are many more problems haunting India and solving these many problems is equally improtant and Anna nad his team have shown us the way.

My only comment on the activities of Team Anna is that they should steer clear of any ploitical party or idealgogy and keep themselves above petty politics and maintain their integrity in life!

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Remy DSouza, DohaTuesday, February 07, 2012
Those who give long lectures to Anna Hazare on what he should do and what he should not do should first visit Mangalore DC office and see the kind of corruption going on there and try to stop it if they can.

This article is a bit worrying to me as it represents a typical Mangalorean catholic attitude towards politics and public life. When Anna movement was going on most Mangalorean facebookers opposed it. Why ? Because they know the nuts and bolts of the bill and know the alternatives for it ? I doubt if these people even know the difference between Lok pal bill and the Jan lok pall bill. So why should we oppose Hazre ? Because he does not wear designer clothes and is old ? If we believe that corruption in India is a problem without solution, should we stone someone who is trying to solve it and remain slaves to scamsters and black marketeers our entire lives ?
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Indian, mangaloreTuesday, February 07, 2012
Edmond , its because of u people tat our country has never progressed.. i feel sad ... our country wil never progress
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John M D'souza, BangaloreTuesday, February 07, 2012
Yes it is really sad that educated people like Mr. Fernandes are commenting on a person like Mr. Anna. If we cannot raise our voices against corruption the least we can do is "Shut open" and not criticise people who are " atleast trying"
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Robin DSouza, MangaloreTuesday, February 07, 2012
@Ratnakar, Shirva, if you want Edmond to serve public free of cost.. then you should pay your taxes to Edmond rather paying Government.
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Sandeep, MumbaiTuesday, February 07, 2012

Am from mumbai and have been involved in many issues here. Answering your query of finding out how many people anna has sent packing, please note that all... i mean all, be it shivankar, baban rao gavit, swaroop sing naik, suresh dada jain etc etc have got relected. Anna's campaigning against suresh kalmadi, supriya sule, ajit pawar and sharad pawar did not make a slightest difference. In Mantralaya here, there was even a desk set up to handle Annas complaints.

The point is we are assuming that common man is fed up of corruption. is it correct. The elctoral results prove other wise. Jst santosh hegde and anna say that the politicians are our servants and not our masters and they come to power by buying votes. In that case, is the buyer of votes guilty, or the multiple 'sellers' of votes equally guilty?. the BMC elections here convey that none of the issues of Anna and his team have any relevance.

As long as it was a clean movement without any personal agenda, people were attracted. When a distint political agenda emerged, media and people deserted it. The attitutde of observes that if one speak against anna, automatically means that one is corrupt, inefficient, useless etc etc is wrong. Anna has done a lot, but there are others who have done more, let us not forget that.

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Sandeep, MumbaiTuesday, February 07, 2012

Kamath maan, i said 'capitation college', and not pvt colleges. In the former substantial money is paid in cash or to some trusts which are not connected to the colleges. If your feel that likening it to corruption is ridiculous, then it underscores the yardstick by which 'corruption' is measured. What is convinient to me is not corruption and what is not, well it is corruption. How many of us in the forum will refuse to pay cash donation to get their kids admitted in schools/collegs, or not pay anyting to anyone other than the college?...if we say yes and are willing to bear the consequence, then we as a society have the right to call ourselves as clean.

As far as i recollect, pvt colleges are not allowed in india that is why a multi layered trust is created and most of the capitation fees are taken in some infrastructure company/trust which leased it out to a educational institute (which essentiatially has to be a not for profit organisation as per the supreme court ruling). I think we are being ive in quoting supreme court ruling here. Regarding singapore, it is oft repeated, you will never see any citizen there not following rules in singapore, can we say the same about indians?. Thus we are ignoring the main fault.. the attitude of our own citizens.

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Melwyn, ManagaloreTuesday, February 07, 2012
When someone is taking initiative in some good work for country people try to find black spot in the grain. One should grow up and think in large angle. If Anna having other motives , than criticizer should take leadership and eradicate corruption and bring back black money or there are courts get some proof and prove.
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john anthony, mangalore / qatarTuesday, February 07, 2012
I fully agree with Edmond. The image portrayed by the core group of Anna, said it all. There arrogance would have been the face of their proposed Lokpall bill. There would have been one of these minions to go around with a Lati, and beat us up even if there was only a suspicion. We are not a banana republic, nor or we Tunisia, Egypt or Yemen. Thank God
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Tony Crasta, Mangalore/SydneyTuesday, February 07, 2012
While the article is an interesting topic, it reveals quite a bit of immaturity and inexperience of the writer.

It is true India is facing multitudes of problems in its progress and efforts to go forward, some of which are virtually impossible to solve for a long time.

But as DR Patel said earlier, the main two problems need to be addressed urgently, viz. the rampant corruption and the population control. I would add another issue, viz. illiteracy, which is still very high, though literacy and population control are inter-related in that it is widely believed that when a family is educated, they tend to limit the size of the family.

However, corruption is the biggest problem that is being faced, and in that respect Anna Hazare, even though he himself may have some of his own or his allies shortcomings and drawbacks (after all, no man/woman is perfect in this world), has made a good beginning, and he needs to be supported and encouraged. Whether the appointment of a single authority like Jan-Lokpal to monitor and govern such an important issue is debatable and determined.

When the corruption is tackled at the main level, it`s flow-on effects downwards and to all sections will be massive, and in the long run, it should surely bring down massive inequality and poverty that exists today.

Corruption is a dreadful disease which is a curse and maligns the entire nation, and should not be tolerated any longer. So it`s time all people stood by and acted upon.

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Arun Ponnusamy, USATuesday, February 07, 2012

I am very sorry to talk against Anna Hazare but that i have to,

India does not only have the problem of corruption and it has many many more, in which your Anna is not showing any interest. especially
1. when thousands of farmers oh his own state Vidarbha, Maharastra committed suicide, he did not open his mouth and did not even leave any sorry statement for the farmers family, but how come one sudden morning he started talking about corruption?
2. how can he use violence to control alcoholism in his model village, You people tell him as Gandhian but Gandhi never said to use violence for any reason. he is telling death penalty for corrupted people, come on!!!!!! or we living in Democratic India or any other middle east countries or African countries to give death penalty.

3. Then how come claiming himself as Gandhian , he got admitted in a private hospital and got waiver about one lakh medical fees? why did not he prefer to go to Government Hospital like any other common people? Mahatma Gandhi,acted like what he said, he always traveled in 3rd class ticket along with poor all over the country, he did not go in first class.

Do you know why India is still in harmony? because we got independence through non violence.

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Antony Cony, Karkala / QatarTuesday, February 07, 2012

Edmond dear , you are partly right, remaining part will be alright only after Annajee reads your letter !!
You are right because Anna's agitation for a Jan Lokpal Bill was/is no answer to the problem of corruption because it is limited to corruption of public officials, including politicians and judges, but does not cover the large scale corruption prevailing in the private corporate world, which is the primary root cause and source of corruption.
You are right because his aim at corruption of the top, but what about the corruption, both political and economic, at the bottom, which really hits the poor and the weak in their struggle for survival.
You right because Anna's UNELECTED Lokpal - omnipresent and omnipotent, acting as a 'Big Brother’ paving for police raj’' with wild jurisdiction over Prime Minister, MPs and Judges, to control, contain and eliminate corruption will not only work, but will also undermine the very foundation of our democratic and republican Constitutional system.
Anna Hazare's 'fast unto death' agitation for the so-called 'civil society's Jan Lokpal Bill' was totally misconceived, unjustified and dangerous. It is ridiculous to call it a 'movement for second freedom' because we do not know 'which freedom' and 'whose freedom' and whose movement it is, except a demand by a small arrogant and self appointed civil representatives for their own version of 'Lokpal Bill'. Finally, why Anna waited for long to , “”won't give up even if I die” Why he did not intend to die while by-passing the previous evident corrupt non-congress governments ! Indians are great. They could visualize the corruption within the hidden agenda which was aimed for the gain of few political parties and not for the welfare of Indians.

In the beginning I thought Military driver could do it but later stage became self-centered sacrificing his own good will bartering for Kiran bedi and Khejriwal ideology for revenge attack against Congress Govt. Annajee, come again, target complete corruption but not one single party, perhaps you will succeed next time, Hah ! but do not forget to read Edmond’s letter to set right your remaining lagging part !!!

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Bharat Patel, USAMonday, February 06, 2012
Why didn't you even mention Right to Sex in your letter? There are enough scientific evidences that sex is necessary to remain mentally healthy. Also there are plenty of sex related crimes happening all over India, by the sex-thirsty people.

Those socialist would never understand that everyone has to earn what they need. Any attempt to provide everything free to everyone will kill the country. In stead of giving food free to everyone, they better understand that we need to make India corruption free and so prosperous that everyone get more than enough to earn food they want.
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Siva Avadani, Manipal/DubaiMonday, February 06, 2012
Well the article has a point, because Anna started with a very good motto but down the line he totally slided the cause and become political. So he has miserably lost in Mumbai, during his protest I was in Mumbai for a business meeting and passed by his empty venue and asked the Taxi driver about the Anshan, I was shocked about his knowledge, "Delhi mei lakon mei kamaya budda, ab Mumbai mei Korodo mein kamane aaya hei budda, lekin Mumbai ka public shana hai, dekho koi nahi jayega ye natak dekhne" I told him take me to the venue and surprised to see the full arrangement for free food for public, The investment was un believable, "Driver told me Delhi mei Kamchor hai, phukat a khana khayenge aur chillayenge lekin Mumbai mei log busy hai apne khana khudh kamate hai" and he tole me he will fail here and we left. Evening i was watching news in the hotel and come to know Anna recalled his anshan, I remembered the true words of that Taxi driver. However one thing Anna did is opened our eyes but failed completely to lead further due to the political motives, dont blame Mumbai public they are really shaana. On that contrary i agree with this young Doctor for writing this open letter in public, So dont be just blind without knowing the facts. God Bless India.
Comment on this message     

Harish, MangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
If Anna having other motives , than u take leadership and eradicate corruption and bring back black money.
Comment on this message     

Rathnakar A, ShirvaMonday, February 06, 2012
Ok good, Once you become doctor treat dalits, minorities, poor free of cost and serve in a village. Give free food to people suffering from malnutrition. Then start writing letter to Anna. The main problem in india, is you cant convince all. Even people like Yeddi, Raja, Kalmadi etc got supporters and People like Jesus also nailed by bad people.
Comment on this message     

himanshu, USAMonday, February 06, 2012
Good one. A typical thought process youth has.
I had it too :-).
Whenever anybody takes an issue, other issues start looking more important. Why only corruption? Why not poilio, handicapped welfare, armed forces welfare, kachchi-basti welfare, right for education, right for food, right for a home .... all are valid issues claiming to be more important than any other issues in the same list :-). Now what? Where do we start? Or don't start at all.
If you closely observe, the world we live in today is completely driven by economics, i.e. money. We need to make an efficient use of money to fix any of these issues.
Secondly, I prefer to give a benefit of doubt to people like Anna, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Bhushans since they collective have an experience of 50 years in community service.

So, you don't have to support anybody. Just do your part.
Comment on this message     

Rathnakar A, ShirvaMonday, February 06, 2012
The writer is JUST A KOOPA MANDOOKA. He don't know the facts. If one dont want to be get associated with Anna's movement just stay away, noone is forcing you to support him. For your information Anna not stared this campaign recently. He was fighting against corruption for long time. Just find out how many corrupt politicians and officers terminated in maharastra because of his movement. Dont mix the issue of Dalits, minorities in this. May be once he suceeds in fight against corruption he may take these issues also. It is easy to write open letter or critisize. I advice author to start a simple life like Anna take up the issues of corruption,Dalits and minorities and start the movement. If the cause is good everyone will support you. Dont try to discourage someone who is on right path. For argument sake, even if I agree that Anna has got a Hidden agenda, by getting lokpal bill passed how it is going to harm you or India? Think before you write.
Comment on this message     

Navin, Bejai / DohaMonday, February 06, 2012
Well said Edmond and very true. Even now people have sensed Anna's motives and so he had to bite the dust in Mumbai in his second publicized fast. He is just used as a mask but the main people behind are Kejriwal and Bedi who only believe in "My way or Highway".
Comment on this message     

ad, mangloorMonday, February 06, 2012
Hi Edmond, U have your opinion but I think u have not faced reality at your age. Mr. Hazare is fighting the Goliath of a corrupt politicians. When as a citizens we grow up?? Give him some respect.
Comment on this message     

Jude, Mangalore DubaiMonday, February 06, 2012

I am willing to bet everything I have and say that not a bit is going to change with one or ten Lokpal bills. Instead we may unsuspectingly create another monster. There were many highly corrupt guys from Mangalore who took to the streets in support of Anna. I know them very well. They claim that what they take from people are GIFTS and not bribe.......Hahahaha what a joke. So many here are describing Anna as a saint and equating him to Gandhi. Poor guys, they have completely lost it. Anna was a social activist who has now become a monster, full of ego and egged on self seeking individuals like Kiran bedi and Khejriwal. Sometimes his language is vulgar and full of violence and threats. Did gandhiji threaten even once? The whole Anna movement has now become a joke.

It is Edmund who should be congratulated for his guts in writing this letter. All you guys instead of jumping into the well just like the kids led by Pied Piper, please sit back and introspect and the truth will reveal itself.

Comment on this message     

babs, IndiaMonday, February 06, 2012
Let me quote your own words "The problems of Malnutrition, Infant and Maternal mortality , Human Development Index and such will not see improvement with the coming of jan-lokpal"

Never while writing these lines didnt it flashed in you mind that these issues are still so bad in India even after more than 60 years of independence, which you said wont be affected by Lok Pal is still here because people like you and me tolerated corruption where Govt. spends crores of rupees for eradicating Malnutrition, Infant and Maternal mortality and improving Human Development Index but it NEVER reaches the actual people because of corruption. So if someone talks against corruption and tries to do something for it, at least if you cant do anything against corruption dont critizise those who talks & do something against corruption.
Comment on this message     

Mustaffa, KumbleMonday, February 06, 2012
Edmond, throwing out email id is of no use my dear. What you have written is your opinion and I am sure it is written with mere knowledge on the issue, well there are errors in Annas movement with the short target time set and criticizing a single political party. But it is a very good initiative for the entire public. May be one of the issues out of many others that too needs to come up in future as we hope there are many Anna among us. But your write up is not informative at all neither any educational value in it I would rather appreciate daijiworld for the courtesy shown publishing it. That’s were freedom of speech and freedom of press stands high in the democratic india. Simply because you assume Ann is an RSS agent and you give value to religion shouldn’t make you to oppose a great man India had witnessed.
Comment on this message     

vikas, jhansiMonday, February 06, 2012
I think this anna criticism are not going to help india anyway,let it be BJP or RSS man if u r thinking so,but the point he is raising is in urgent need,should be focused instead of criticism.Guys very big fundings are there for malnutrition and all,but this corruption is making them ineffective,other issues are equally important butinstead of discusing evry issue,let start doing some rock solid over one thing ,and thats what anna g started,see the point is not bad so lets support the cause instead of doing science over every issue.baate karne se to kuch nahi ho sakega....may be if some one strongly raised other serious problem with a huge mass support,thn other will cry ohhh y he is not talking for coruption blah blah..so atleast kuch to hone do infact support karo,because this is very serious if someone who is governing or representing the nation is doing wrong thn it will effect evry thing,so it should be checked strictly with an urgent attention.Resources are here,plans are here but imlementation is corrupted.
Comment on this message     

D. R. Patel, Bhadran/Uganda/Gt. BritainMonday, February 06, 2012
It is easier to pass comments and insults to a lofty and courageous figure like Annaji just sitting in your comfortable zone, Edmond, by using a medium like internet. It requires a lot of courage, experience, and a long history of suuccesses to march on a crusade against curruption India has been sufferring for so long. The poor and disadvantaged people of India can enjoy the fruits of India's success ONLY if corruption and exploding population are tackled. Annaji is on the right path on one issue and that is fighting corruption. Someone else or you, Edmond, instead of criticising people like Annaji,can start the second front and help poor people of India to understand the simple concept of " how much say, 100 people sharing a loaf of bread against only 5 people sharing the same loaf of bread", and hence make them join forces with you to control population growing any further and take steps to reduce it gradually. Why don't you, Edmond, take up this challenge and achieve some success when you reach the age of 74 years, like Annaji. Then you can like Annaji train young people to take it further till the goal is achieved. So, please, stop criticising and either join Annaji or start your own movement to control and reduce the exploding population of India.
Comment on this message     

Abdul Lathif, DXBMonday, February 06, 2012
Dear Edmond,

Aapne to mera moohn ki baat iss khat mein bhol di.

very nice one.
Comment on this message     

Abdul Azeem, Kudroli MangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
Nice to read it. I got this mail frm Ed some dayz back. The same opinion i share. I don't know y he iz not fighting it within statewize? Y only the Central. Y only BJP supports him? so many BJP ruled govt. has got the curruption... Y not taking the note? he should have began from his state.... alas gone directly to the UPA Govt.... ha..ha..ha.. nice joke...
Comment on this message     

Edmond Fernandes, Indian Medical Students AssociationMonday, February 06, 2012
if anyone would like to get in touch with me, pls email at : edmondvirgo@gmail.com or on twitter @edmondfernandes
Comment on this message     

BD, PuneMonday, February 06, 2012
I donot think ou know him completely, just go and visit Ralgaon Sidhi his birth place and you can not imgine in INIDA with all corruption how a modern village exist today?
Comment on this message     

VASUNDHARA, ABOHAR(PUNJAB)Monday, February 06, 2012
I agree with Ed as under the shadow of corruption there are many more issues which need to be finished, and under this movement youth become more distracting from their path of study. it's better to delay and concentrate on various other economical issues.
Comment on this message     

Ishan, Manglore / KSAMonday, February 06, 2012
good one!! yeah Jan Lokpal Bill for youth is like wearing che guevara, bob marely or Beatles T shirts, they donno wht they stood for but they wear it cz its kinda cool.
Comment on this message     

Ajith, MangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
Whether this letter reaches Anna or not one thing is sure.Nobody except RSS,BJP took this self styled leader seriously.After much funfare he finally reached to oblivion.
Comment on this message     

Mustaffa, KumbleMonday, February 06, 2012
It is sad but the fact that the freedom of speech and freedom of press needs to be appreciated in the vibrant democracy. This is just an individual opinion where the quality and quantity of the writer is still unknown. Give it or take it, I personally appreciate the kick start that Anna and the team has given in bringing up the issue, which he used to in the past (almost through out in his life) but has reached the mass this time. There is a strong civil society in India now and it makes any government tough to go "wrong" while having the power to govern which in fact, a fantastic note. Here in the contrary, the writer jumped on to hold the dalit early in the beginning which shows how good or bad religious the mentality is. That clarifies, since the time Anna has started the campaign it was against the congress since congress in power, it would have been the same if any other political party was in power, however, anything that is against congress is seen a plus for the BJP and is seen as narrow as RSS the reason in general many will find Anna as RSS agent (which they don’t say it open though) only the reason for many to oppose him. We should wait enough and see to realize if this is just an assumption or the reality once BJP comes in power and Anna and team go ahead with the agitation. It is sad a good initiative at its budding stage is objected by the educated. When the entire media and knowledgeable Indian civil society accepted it whole hearted with better advice and correcting the team whenever they found lapses as one is going against any single political party.
Comment on this message     

Prakash, Mangalore/BantwalMonday, February 06, 2012
The writer is responsible for the rampant corruption in this country. Good luck Edmond, you deserve Magsaysay Award.
Comment on this message     

Bulsam, MangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
Even this young leader of tomorrow, Mr. Edmond Fernandes, Mangalore and his counterparts, the GenNext of India knew that there was some hidden agenda in the whole moment. Annaji team ively attacked only the Congress Party and its leaders and was soft towards the Saffron leaders. They did not spared any of the prominent Congress ministers but never ever attacked any of the Sangh Parivar leaders for so many dangerous past episodes of shame such as, Advani & Co. for demolishing Babri Masjid, Modi & Co. for massacring the minorities, in more details, 298 dargahs, 205 mosques, 17 temples, and 3 churches were destroyed as well as 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed and 223 more people were reported missing. Muslim-owned businesses suffered the bulk of the damage and 61,000 Muslims & 10,000 Hindus fled their homes. The Reddy brothers & Co. in Bellary openly looted the public wealth worth Crores & Crores but except for our own former judge Santosh Hegde, none of your team members though it important to criticise them for the misuse of power.
Moreover few members of your own team were corrupt still you remained numb. You and your team used foul and terrorising languages against the prominent Congress politicians that too in the name of the apostle of non-violence Mahatma Gandhiji. Sir, how you will justify this?
Jai Hind!
Comment on this message     

Glany Fernandes, Mangalore / DohaMonday, February 06, 2012
When Mahatma Gandhiji did good, there was Naturam Godse and now When Annaji has the agenda there is Edward the criticizer...Not interesting letter.
Comment on this message     

Vinod Lewis, Uppoor/ ahrainMonday, February 06, 2012
I fully agree with the author of this letter . India will cease to be a democracy, the moment the Jan Lokpal bill is passed . I hope the our youth and media will realise this before its too late.
Comment on this message     

Stevi, PakshikereMonday, February 06, 2012
Fight at 65?? I am suspicious of his movement. He scared now as he don’t have money he has done nothing in his life so far now ailing time he need support from govt and people so make some noise and get all. Its happens only In India!!!
Comment on this message     

Stevi, PakshikereMonday, February 06, 2012
Fight at 65?? I am suspicious of his movement. He scared now as he don’t have money he has done nothing in his life so far now ailing time he need support from govt and people so make some noise and get all. Its happens only In India!!!
Comment on this message     

Daniel, MangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012

It is subject to the individual to accept or reject what is fair or not. But certainly for society needs to accept and support Good movements. Only one individual (say Anna) cannot address all issues together one time. One has to encourage and support the good movement addressed. Raising voice against and fighting for the good cause is always should be the better choice of any. Once started by one, slowly but certainly many will be enlightened and follow in the long run.

One has to be bold and even he has to go against the current system, a very difficult task. Anna started something what he thought very important and given the strength. Let us now all patriotic persons raise with their own seroius social points and join hands to have One Stream. My point is simple, if anybody does some good works we need to support even if it does bring a minor change towards good, isnstead of keeping quiet. by becomes ocean.

Comment on this message     

Kamal Taiyyeb, MangalloreMonday, February 06, 2012
These self proclaimed leaders are dangerous. The purpose is noble but the way it was uted was totally wrong. More than attacking the real issue he wanted to be in the limelight. He tried to hijack the democratically elected govt. and the established procedures.
Comment on this message     

rambo, dvgMonday, February 06, 2012
im a medical student too. mr fernandes.m sure u havnt understood the logic behind corruption! its the root cause! let me explain to u- y medical collges charge lakhs for seats?? becoz thy hav to pay d mci,the health minstr evryne so if thy dnt take these ppl wnt ask! similarly if a milk producin govt cmpany lik kmf board is monitored proprly then milk wil b half d rate now! im sure u dnt knw how mch a litre of milk costs!jan lokpal wnt eradicate corrption,but anna woke us up from sleep,ignorance! dnt compare sai baba here becz thy get crores f funds from foreign devotees! go to ralegaon jus by ppls help and thr own money villgers hav imprvd thr village!
Comment on this message     

Dr S kamath , Mumbai Monday, February 06, 2012
Dear Sandeep, Mumbai,Your Comparison of Pvt Medical Eng College with Corruption is ridiculous .Even Hon Supreme Court of India has uphepld this system as legitimate and they will have to give out some seats to Govt quota if they use Govt hospitals .Great Mahatma Gandhi said Inducing poverty by economic deprivation is the greatest form of Violence . I will give some my real life examples .Recently I visited Jakarta in Indonesia stayed there for few weeks .Indonesia has developed massivly in recent times .Their Human Development Index is better than India now .25 Years back they were behind India .They got independance almost same as ours .what is that has changed .They threw out from power the Most Corrupt Politician (Mr Suarto) in the world with billions of wealth stashed in Swiss Bank .I went to singapore what a beutiful country why ? No Corruption .India will also rise wait watch and see .Together we can throw out corruption .Let us work towards it
Comment on this message     

S. Gopal Dwivedi, Hardoi ,UPMonday, February 06, 2012
Dear Edmond Fernandes
At first you must know that who is Anna Hazare and what he have done for our society.
also try to know about you that what you have done for our country and society????.
if you want to get publicity by writing such a letter for Anna Hazare, than you are most welcome but if your letter is really a feeling for our society than i suggest you first try to know that Anna Hazare spend his precious more than 30 years for different social movements...and Jan lokpal bill was only a part of them.
Comment on this message     

Sandeep, MumbaiMonday, February 06, 2012

Dr Kamath,
Ed has hit the nail on the head. The attitude of Team anna that they represent 120cr indian, we know what is good for india & 'if you are not with us, then you are corrupt' was akin to taking us all for granted. Regarding anna's acheivements, no doubt he has done a lot, but father joseph rozario and even Satya saibaba have covered more areas in rain water harveting and water table raising ( a google serach will bear this out), baba amte was also head and shooulders above him etc etc . BTW, anna and all his followers believe that most of Indians are not corrupt. Is it true?. one mans corruption is other man's justified means.

Many years back pvt engg/medical colleges were classified as 'selling education' and a corrupt practise. Over 60% of engs and docs in karnataka have got degrees from 'capitation colleges', is it not corruption (but a convineint as the oft repeated justification by parents is i want to make my child a doctor/engineer, if there are not enough seats then its is not my problem, its governments mistake). Corruption happens when resources are limited and needs exceed be it like LPG,milk, liqour, medical seats etc. We foment black markets ourselves as it is convinient to us.

BTW, despite anna campaigning against Suresh kalmadi in Pune with Arun bhatia and Khairnar, kalmadi won with a handsome margin last time.. it holds some lessons to us. Also Tehelka magazine has documented Sri Sri's land deals a few issues back, so lets us not deify him also.

Comment on this message     

amarnath shetty, mangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
dear Edmond,

I dont who you are ,but i know you are the guy hav some jealous of someone becomes popular and famoue like anna. and i dont know who will care youe open latter.
stop this nonsence and if you hav will fight for cause.
here onething Medha Patkar and nigmananda hav not more rough skin to fight against the big lootersor politicians??.

all we should anna and medha al together . becuase ANNa is filler of fighting against corruption.

and i think this will enough for you to understand If you real common indian (not Congress man)

Comment on this message     

Victor Tauro Permude, BangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
Mr Edmond Fernandes, your trying your literary skills, but it is wrong to try on a noble person like Annaji. You have mentioned issues of Dalits, minorities, tribal, malnutrition etc and you must realise all these will be set right if there is a mechanism. Annji is trying for a mechanism and your article or words try to belittle a person who has stood by basic principles of this great civilization.
Have you done anything for your minorities or tribal?
Do you know that Annaji has moved ahead and now you want him to listen to you or take advise from you!
Comment on this message     

MARIA, INDIAMonday, February 06, 2012
Comment on this message     

R.Bhandarkar, MMonday, February 06, 2012
Agreed that it is very easy to 'tweak' 'tweet' and comment nowadays without taking the lead. The issues however raised by Edmund are true to the core. This however should not take away anything what 'Anna' has achieved in his area of operations. Sadly at the 'national stage' he was not supported by like minded individuals but by those who had their own axe to grind. The overall scenario indeed had
'Anna'confused as he maybe inadvertently taken the help of somebody whom he wanted to fight against!That he had set out to achieve the 'impossible' might have dawned on him the day he backed out!
Comment on this message     

Karthik C, BangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
Dear Edmond, The content of your letter is factually incorrect.  A little research on Anna's background will help. This movement is not sudden and out of the blue as you have pointed out.

If Anna had taken up poverty, then people like you would have said why not corruption, if he had taken up malnutrition then the question would be why not poverty? when will this attitude of Indians end? and by the way he has taken up both poverty and malnutrition issues in his village. Edmond, young thinkers like you should spend more time in taking up a cause rather than writing open letters to people who have! I hope this helps!
Comment on this message     

George D'Souza, MangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
Comment on this message     

Nagendra Pandit, Sagar/abudhabiMonday, February 06, 2012
Rubbish and meaningless.Seems writer not got affected so far from the corruption and why he discourages this moment.Let him organise a small rally against the facts he published and opposed.
Comment on this message     

Koni Prakash Naik, Kundapur, MuscatMonday, February 06, 2012
Dear Edmond,
Your open letter makes sense to people who fight for the causes raised by you as your ideology. Similarly, Anna has not only taken up the issue of corruption, but is fighting for its eradication in his own way. He needs thinkers like you to take it up to the second level.

Why not you take up some of the issues raised by yourself and fight for it? We have writers, thinkers, media persons but are lacking selfless fighters like Annaji.. At least Annaji and team has awaken the common people of India to fight against corruption and this should be a continuing process, then only we can eradicate this menace.
Comment on this message     

Dr S kamath , Mumbai Monday, February 06, 2012

Dear would be Doctor Edmond Fernandes.It is really sad that you wrote an article without writing good things about the life of one ofthe saintly person of Modern India Shri Anna Hazare ji .He has worked for more than 3 decades in his village Ralegaon siddhi .He has worked to remove the hunger of thousands of villagers .Ralegaon sidhi has good number of Muslims as well.There is good communal harmony there .Many of them have started growing Fruits and vegetables and they are being exported to Gulf .Few Years back there was no proper rains there .

Anna started practising Rain water harvestation there and hence the people could get good water .Anna has made people stop making illicit Alcohol and also stop drinking alcohol in that Village .During the working for People he discovered that CORRUPTION is the biggest enemy of India and hence he started his crusade against Corruption .Dont think Sri Sri Ravishankar just joined Anna now they are together in rural development since past 30 years

Comment on this message     

Dr Urban D'Souza, Udayavar/MalaysiaMonday, February 06, 2012
"I have my dalit brothers, adivasis and many more religious minorities to whom your movement has turned a blind eye for". We are also included in the idea of India. No doubt the publicity you got has put the issues of corruption both in high places of government and into lives of common man.
Very true Edmond
Keep it up!
Comment on this message     

Nancy, BelmanMonday, February 06, 2012
Is this letter published in daijiworld for reading purpose or in reality it delivered to Mr Anna Hazare????

As Anna Hazare or anyone of his Associates will not visit this website to read this.

It will serve the purpose if it reaches to him.

But contents are very true.
Comment on this message     

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