' Pioneering Innovative, Energy Efficient Sprinkler Systems

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Pioneering Innovative, Energy Efficient Sprinkler Systems
By Dr Anand & Geeta Pereira

January 11, 2012 

Agriculture provides the principal means of livelihood for over 58.4% of India's population. It contributes approximately one-fifth of total gross domestic product (GDP). Agriculture accounts for about 10 per cent of the total export earnings and provides raw material to a large number of industries. Low and volatile growth rates and the recent escalation of agrarian crisis in several parts of the Indian countryside, however, are a threat not only to national food security, but also to the economic well-being of the nation as a whole.

This article on sprinkler irrigation is specially written to empower and stimulate the imagination of the Country’s farming community in helping them realize that “WINNING IS ONLY A STATE OF MIND “. The article provides a glimpse to enable farmers to think globally and provide in house solutions, so that they are competitive worldwide.

May 26, 2011, was a red letter day for the Indian Coffee Plantation Industry, because on this very special day, the Chairman of the Coffee Board, Mr. Javid Akthar inaugurated the Country’s “First of its kind State of the Art Innovative & Energy Efficient Sprinkler System at Joe’s Sustainable Coffee Plantation, Kirehully Estate, Sakleshpur, India.

Irrigation is the backbone of agriculture, irrespective of size of holding. This aspect is of critical importance for the success of coffee cultivation. The concept of sprinkler irrigation has gathered momentum in the recent past because of two important factors, namely impact of climate change resulting in unpredictable showers and long periods of drought and second due to the non availability of labour.

The theory of sprinkler irrigation is to supply the water at the proper time and in sufficient quantities. The timing and the quantity of water is of prime importance in determining the fruit set. If the sprinkling is carried out too early or too late, it will adversely affect the yield. The same thing will happen, if the water is either too little or too much.

We have pioneered a whole new concept of efficient sprinkling for coffee plantations using both impact and non impact sprinkler systems with the following objectives.

- To bring about a new awakening. This should lead to the adoption of new and superior sprinkling technologies and a trend towards modernization.

- To pump out large quantities of water and sprinkle it uniformly over a large area in a short period of time. Time is the essence for efficient sprinkling. (Quantitative and Qualitative change)

- To design and evolve cost effective strategies that has a direct bearing on farmer’s livelihood.

- To make the entire sprinkler operation eco-friendly and worker friendly.

In May, 2011, we organized a live demonstration for over 700 coffee planters from various plantation districts on the unique and highly energy efficient and labour saving sprinkler system which had the capacity to sprinkle an area of ten acres for every two-hour shift and sprinkle an area of forty acres in one single day, with the help of only five men workers, inside shade grown eco-friendly coffee forests. To simplify the matter, we were the first to sprinkle an area of 100 acres in just three days with a workforce of only 15 men. This level of mechanization, both indigenous and foreign was unheard off in India’s coffee plantation sector. Earlier to this, with the existing technology, planters could cover an area of approximately ten acres per day. The newly installed 254 H.P. Kirloskar turbo charged diesel engine coupled to a custom made high discharge RKP pump, discharging in excess of 7000 liters per minute was capable of operating rain guns covering an area of ten acres per shift. (One acre = 43,560 square feet)


We are of the opinion that India’s shade grown eco-friendly coffee is unique when compared to the rest of the world, because India is the only country on the world map growing all its coffee under the canopy of forest trees, both introduced and indigenous. Mechanization is not only about coffee planters and machines. In fact, the relationship goes much beyond. Mechanization should be an unbroken partnership among coffee planters, machines and the conservation of the biodiversity of the coffee forests. All things big or small, living or non livings are interconnected beyond human understanding. It is our responsibility to uphold this delicate balance of nature. We simply cannot view mechanization in isolation.


Time and again, we remind the coffee planters that we are living in a knowledge economy, where winning is only a state of mind. To win the race, one needs to constantly upgrade his or her knowledge. The first step in winning the future is by encouraging innovation. Innovation is the key to the future of coffee plantations.

How then do we innovate?

We at Joe’s Sustainable Coffee Plantation, work with a simple philosophy. We have made it a point not to compete with the coffee planters of the taluk, district or State, for that matter, we are not in competition with the coffee plantation community from India, but what we intend doing is to compete with coffee planters at the global level in setting up the world’s best sprinkler system. Even though, we have taken baby steps in this direction, we are hopeful that in the coming years, we will achieve our goals.

Facing Challenges?

Farmers face two great challenges, irrespective of size of holding:

1. Decision making

2. Anticipation.

Decision making refers to the thought process - whether to invest in plant and machinery and anticipation refers to the expectations of the future crops.


In view of these common challenges, we have formulated a vision, normally referred to as VISION 2020, with long term strategies and short term goals. The blue print is programmed for the next 20 years with the help of professionals from manufacturing industry as well as Institutional support.


Rain guns provide a promising possibility for sprinkling of small and large holdings in a short time, in situations where the supply of labour is scanty or expensive. Large quantities of water are sprayed on an increasing scale with the help of towers spread out inside the plantation.


In the course of technical progress, every possible saving on labour by the use of efficient sprinkler systems has become an obvious necessity on account of the ever increasing cost of labour. Also due to the fact that men workers are difficult to find during the sprinkler season, it is more appropriate to find ways and means of alternate technology that reduces the requirement of labour. A single rain gun can cover almost 2 to 4 acres, thereby eliminating the laying of hundreds of lateral lines and jets.


We have made an attempt to look into the distant future and devise a sprinkler system that will be both practical and economical. Our imagination has run wild and we have dared to dream big! We plan to install permanent towers in steep terrain and set up mobile towers in blocks having gentle gradients. Then, with the help of pneumatic controlled high pressure systems we intend to sprinkle 100 acres in 24 hours.


We would like to specially thank Michael and Sunil Baptist, WaterJet Engineers, Chikmagalur, for designing and fabricating the entire sprinkler system. 


Dr Anand & Geeta Pereira - Archives

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Comments on this article
Devaiah, coorg/napokluSunday, March 08, 2015
sir, I want to know more about sprinkler system for our coffee estate in coorg Thank u
Comment on this message     

Jairaj.M.V., 'MAHESWARI'YathinahallaThursday, February 12, 2015
I cover 100 acres with 30 year old sprinkler system of PARROT design. Now to shift to a more efficient & cost effective model-the informative article of Mr.Anand & Geeta.N.Pereira is of much useful.
Comment on this message     

dear sir,
I we have 4 acres of coffee plantation(arebica), we are planning to have sprinkler irrigation system, please can you guide me in all the aspects such as cost,time for completion etc. kindly mail me the details as i am looking forward for your reply please consider it as urgent.
thanking you
Comment on this message     

Pinky, ChennaiTuesday, July 29, 2014
We have seen the irrigation systems and we would like to do a similar one in our Coffee and Pepper plantation in Kolli Hills . How can we go ahead.
Comment on this message     

anoop, coorgWednesday, June 20, 2012
Its a very interesting and practical system. Would like to get in contact with you for a detailed discussion. Possible?
Comment on this message     

Dheeraj.B.U, SakelshpurThursday, March 22, 2012
Dear Anand Pereira Excellent job done & its a wonderful article. I had never thought any would show so much interest in writing an article on coffee irrigation system & posting it on web. Hats off to your brilliant idea. I felt that you could have added technical spec & pricing which actually costed you to plant the complete system which could have also added up more color to this article.
Thank U
Comment on this message     

Ludger, BangaloreMonday, February 06, 2012
Excellent Report! This innovative system will not only increase productivity but also save precious resources!
We need to spread this culture of creativity among planters to generate fresh ideas and innovate using existing technology in order to increase output at minimal cost in order to meet the ever increasing demand for Coffee.
Comment on this message     

SAMPATH, COORGFriday, February 03, 2012
Dear Anand,
This is a true reflection of translating your VISION in to action. This should serve as a bench mark for the rest of us to accomplish.The determination, effort and sacrifice to accomplish such tasks are beyond my imagination. Please continue with your poineering work to persue your passion in a relaxed mode.

Best wishes & Regards,

Comment on this message     

flavian dsouza, banaglore/chikmagalurTuesday, January 24, 2012
Congrats to Dr Anand and Geetha for their innovative thought process and Micheal and Sunil for making this idea into a reality .I suggest we should go ahead and file a patent
Best wishes to the team
white house
Comment on this message     

Bulsam, MangaloreFriday, January 20, 2012
Why don't the MNC join hand with the agricultural co-operative society in each region and encourage the farmers to grow their produces more scientifically with advanced technology. In return the MNC can directly procure the end products from the agriculturists at 20-30% profit benefit to the farmers.
Comment on this message     

Mohan & Jeanne Menezes, Brampton, CanadaThursday, January 19, 2012
Anand and Geeta,

I knew your father, Mr. Joe Pereira was a forward looking and innovative coffee planter, always looking to develop a technical edge while conserving nature. But I must say, I have watched with admiration the son Anand and Geeta take innovation, conservation, research about flora and fauna of the western ghats to a totally higher plane. Your love and devotion to the environment around you and willingness to share modern ideas with other farmers and plantation owners throughout India is laudable. We say hats off to you and encourage you to improve productivity of the farming community while demonstrating that man can constantly work with nature and maximize benefits. God bless you and your family! Our love to Romola and to you all.

Mohan & Jeanne Menezes
Comment on this message     

Vagish, BangaloreWednesday, January 18, 2012
Anand, when I first met him about 15 years ago, always spoke ideas always had an ear for more ideas. He was and is an ocean of energy, a very positive one at that. Sometimes I wondered if his ideas are practical!
Today I can say that Anand has proved that nothing is impossible. He has truly inspired not just the plantation community, but every individual who has come across his path.
Anand and Geetha you both are truly inspiring!
Comment on this message     

Dr. Jacob Dsouza, U.K.LondonMonday, January 16, 2012
Excellent work Anand.
Comment on this message     

Liz Lobo, BangaloreSunday, January 15, 2012
Very smart system! All the best =)
Comment on this message     

Sam Liyanage , Brisbane Sunday, January 15, 2012
Wow i cannot believe how creative people r these day. How far can the water spray and is it very efficient, I will hope to future inventions made by creative people like you
Comment on this message     

Leander Gerald Pais, BrisbaneSunday, January 15, 2012
Dear Dr Anand & Geeta.
The Theory of developing Sprinkler irrigation to Rain gun Irrigation is an outstanding development within the Indian Coffee Planters.
Irrigation is the replacement or supplementation of rainwater with another source of water. The main idea behind irrigation systems is that plants are maintained with the minimum amount of water required & providing the plant the correct amount of water @ the right time of the year,some times it is very unfortunate to have a heavy rain after the completion of sprinkling & the flowers are blooming to form the fruit "IT IS ALL BOILING DOWN TO ADAPTATION TO YOUR THEORY OF IRRIGATION""CREATION OF YOUR OWN RAIN BY USING RAIN GUN'S". Water is a fragile natural resource and we have to incorporate methods to conserve it and not over-use it. The implementation of an irrigation system will help conserve water, while saving us time, money, preventing weed growth and increasing the growth rate of plants.
You have supplied us with valid Technical information & it is about time we all act to the knowledge you have shared with us through long years of research & practical stimulation. Thank you for the excellent article & Congratulations-Leander Pais (Brisbane)
Comment on this message     

L.G.Pais, BrisbaneSunday, January 15, 2012
Dear Dr Anand & Geeta, Planning a head for the future is an intensive scope of work & it is out of shear determination & anxiety with valid observation, research & experience you both have proved your ability as very well said in your article “WINNING IS ONLY A STATE OF MIND “
The first large scale irrigation schemes in Australia were introduced during the 1880s, partially in response to drought. In 1915, the River Murray Waters Agreement was signed. It set out basic conditions for the river's water use, which remain in force today. Towards the end of the 20th century, environmental problems in the basin became serious as diversions for irrigation approached or exceeded the capacity of natural flows. Following negotiations beginning in 1985, the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement was signed in 1987. The more comprehensive National Water Initiative was adopted in 2004.
It takes several years to make a comprehensive Irrigational plan for a country & you have planned your Irrigational capabilities with Goals set for the development of your land & for the benefit of the Coffee growers of India, Wishing you & Geeta "all the best".Leona Pais (Brisbane)
Comment on this message     

A.J.Pais, BrisbaneSunday, January 15, 2012
Dear Dr Anand & Geeta,The concept of adapting the Irrigation method from sprinkling to rain gun irrigation is a remarkable feet in the History of Irrigation.Irrigation in Australia generally, water for irrigation comes from two main sources, river systems and underground aquifers. Major river systems used for irrigation in Australia include the Murray-Darling system, the Ord River in the Kimberley region of Western Australia and many rivers along the east coast of Australia. This includes the Burdekin River Irrigation Area in North Queensland where irrigation is used during the dry season for double-cropping. A major source of ground water in Australia is the Great Artesian Basin. In Australia, all rights to use and control water are vested in the state. Users are then issued various conditional entitlements to use water and some of these entitlements can, in limited circumstances, be traded. Irrigation methods in Australia have improved over many years allowing for more efficient production per mega litre of water used. Current methods include systems such as centre pivot irrigation, impact (knocker) sprinklers, butterfly sprinklers, drip and surface irrigation. Surface irrigation remains the most common irrigation technique accounting for 50.6% of the total area irrigated in 2006/07 compared to 13.4% for drip, 12.7% for centre pivot and lateral move machines and 4.5% for microspray systems. Irrigation system has reached a New level & you have achieved it "Congratulation"
Comment on this message     

J M Bhandary, Mangalore/ USASunday, January 15, 2012
Great article..nice research and applications. This will have a big impact not only on coffee farming but also on several other types of farming..Good luck with your work.
Comment on this message     

RAkesh, SakleshpurSaturday, January 14, 2012
Technology from Italy to Kirehully,Innovation & information from Kirehully to rest of the world ! I think this explains all.GL for all your future projects.
Comment on this message     

Fr. Prakash Anil Castelino, Karkal-Attur / FajirFriday, January 13, 2012
Congratulations Dr. Anand and Geetha. You have shown a way to the people facing problems in plantations through your Informative article. Well done. Nice to read and feel happy that our own people are doing something noteworthy. God Bless You.
Fr. Prakash Anil Castelino
Dept of Chemistry
Mangalore University
Comment on this message     

Janaky, USAFriday, January 13, 2012
Geeta and Anand, Wonderful article as are the other articles in your blog. Keep up the good work.
Comment on this message     


Comment on this message     

GANESH, MUDIGREThursday, January 12, 2012
Thank you for your Efforts to Educate the young growers
Comment on this message     

Hamsa Puthalakath, Melbourne, AustraliaThursday, January 12, 2012
Dear Anand,
With all the water guns blazing, you should call it "Smoken Joe's" sustainable coffee farm!
Best wishes
Comment on this message     

Gratian Govias, MadrasThursday, January 12, 2012
Dear Anand, This article brought back memories on our several conversations and my last email to you. Very well articulated as usual.

When will you be at the estates after Feb, as Leah will be through her boards and due a holiday, she would love to by a piece of her property, promised to you :)
Comment on this message     

Marvin, BangaloreThursday, January 12, 2012
V Nice Article Anand !! Great pictures too.
Comment on this message     

Mohan Frank, Mangalore -MumbaiThursday, January 12, 2012
Dear Dr.Anand & Dr.Geeta,you have laid the foundation stone for the coffee family.Your innovative ideas and actions have made you successful in all your ventures so far.we congratulate you both for the painful efforts you have put to achieve a brand name in our country.Always remember,"If you hope to win, you have already won"
Comment on this message     

Mamtha D'souza, Rosario / DubaiThursday, January 12, 2012
Excellent Article on sprinkling equipment known as the Italian raingun. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information.
Comment on this message     

veerus, mangaloreThursday, January 12, 2012
congratulations, for your new innovative sprikler system,i have seen this first time,what an idea sir ji,all the best
Comment on this message     

John Prakash, NewYork. Thursday, January 12, 2012
Dear Ananda & Geetha
Congratulations. The 40 acre a day sprinkler system is a god sent for the plantations. I could not imagine doing this 15 years a go with 50 laborers. you are talking about 5 laborers, its simply incredible.
To think out of the box and then getting things to work is the most innovative concept that will take you beyond.

Keep up the good work

Good luck
Sheila & Prakash.
Comment on this message     

vivek colaco, field view estate sakleshpurWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Anand

Nice to see your article of sprinkling equipment known as the Italian raingun. so thank you and wish you all the best for your success.
Comment on this message     

jamil ahmed, udupi/qatarWednesday, January 11, 2012
Having gone through the skills adopted, i would like to visit your estate during my next vsisit to India to learn more on irrigation. In this context please email me on leversystems@yahoo.com
Comment on this message     

varun, MANGALOREWednesday, January 11, 2012
very informative and useful article for all Agricuture lovers and especially those in the Coffee & Planatation Industry
Comment on this message     

P.T. Bopanna, BangaloreWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dr Anand and Geeta have been doing pioneering work in developing sustainable technologies in the area of coffee cultivation. It was on account of their commitment, I requested them to contribute articles for my recent book ‘The Romance of Indian Coffee’. The articles have been well appreciated by planters.

I feel the Coffee Board should take the initiative in popularizing the work of these two scientists by organizing field visits to their farm in Sakleshpur taluk. Normally, planters are an insular lot and do not bother to find out the latest developments in the plantation sector. The Coffee Board could play the role of a catalyst by organizing field visits to model coffee farms.

It has become fashionable for the authorities to send our farmers to far away places like China and Vietnam to observe the developments in these countries. Ideally, the effort should be to identify the heroes living in our midst and learn from their work.
Comment on this message     

francis noronha, KOTAWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Dr.anand & Geeta,thank u for the article of vision 2020.wish u all the best and God bless you.

we too hv near 15 acre plot at kota s.k.near seashore. of coconut ganrden etc., our sprinkler waterig system is not economical.I feel raingun sprinkler system is better.
so could u please help us giving contact address of m/s waterjet engineering so that we too have a successful agri/flower and herticulter project.
emai address:kotsfrancisnoronha@gmail.com
Comment on this message     

francis noronha, KOTAWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Dr.anand & Geeta,thank u for the article of vision 2020.wish u all the best and God bless you.

we too hv near 15 acre plot at kota s.k.near seashore. of coconut ganrden etc., our sprinkler waterig system is not economical.I feel raingun sprinkler system is better.
so could u please help us giving contact address of m/s waterjet engineering so that we too have a successful agri/flower and herticulter project.
Comment on this message     

Joe Britto, Nakre/BangaloreWednesday, January 11, 2012
Indeed very informative and useful article for all Agricuture lovers and especially those in the Coffee & Planatation Industry. When a arid waste land (Israel) has been converted to a green belt with some 125 million flowers and ornaments, weighing more than 5,000 tons, flown to Europe ahead of Valentine's Day,Israel is now one of the leading exporters of flowers and related agricultural products - It is a fact: Israel is third in the world in exporting flowers to the EC countries. It seemed unlikely that the arid climate could be growing flowers to compete with Holland, but it is true. Hothouses, hi-tech innovation and ingenious irrigation schemes make up for lack of water and help take advantage of our long sunlit days to produce flowers in abundance in winter, in time for Valentine's day. We must remember that farmers work very hard in Israel as much as 20 hours a day. Here in India we should give more publicity to Sprinkler Irrigation for crops like Coconut, Grapes as well as ornamentals . Being blessed with naturally good climate it is indeed time that India becomes a global leader . Thank you Dr Anand & Geetha N.Pereira for your great work .May you progress and prosper.
Comment on this message     

Leona Pais, BrisbaneWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Dr Anand & Geeta,I do not have words to say all have said it & i support their judgement to this article,you have done well & you will do better & better it is hard for us to keep up to your pace,I am sure if you were the Captain of the Indian cricket team,you would have won all the matches & that's for sure,No one can compete with you & your pace ,you are a head of time.dont give up & we will always support you-regards Leona Pais Brisbane.
Comment on this message     

Veronica, PuneWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Dr Anand & Geeta.The article is excellent & i am pleased with the live demonstration of such beautiful technology that you have adapted to,I some times feel that i am dreaming & agree that it is all true & happens only in INDIA.
Comment on this message     

Liza Gina Pais, BrisbaneWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Uncle Anand & Aunty Geeta,I agree with all the comments & you have done a excellent informative knowledgeable progressive environment friendly research that no Human achieve in this current generation,Wishing you & Geeta all the best & please write more articles & reform the Indian Coffee farmer.
Comment on this message     

Akil, Mangalore/BangaloreWednesday, January 11, 2012
I appreciate your innovation . but sprinkler is not usful for areacanut as lot water will wasted instead drip system is perfect
Comment on this message     

ROMOLA PEREIRA, SAKLESHPURWednesday, January 11, 2012
your Sprinkler system is unique and effecient. I am proud of you .
Comment on this message     

Sahadev, ChikmagaloreWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Anand

Great to see your innovative 'project' in print !!
Best wishes in your future innovations.
Comment on this message     

John texeira, MysoreWednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Anand,

Hats off to you for having completed the long cherished

project that you have been dreaming about.

I happened to see some samples of the rain guns you had just

imported.........from!!!! when I visited your estate.

Comment on this message     

Dear sir,
thank you for your article by which all the planters in the world will start thinking about your vision 2020 and i hope they will start planning from today itself.

Comment on this message     

Laila Pinto, MangaloreWednesday, January 11, 2012
Thank you this informative article.
Comment on this message     

Goldwin fernandes, mangaloreWednesday, January 11, 2012
"Vision", "innovation" and "the will to change" go hand in hand. Congratulations, you have shown change is possible when there is a will. Wish you best in your future projects.
Comment on this message     

Dear Dr Anand & Geetha Pereira, Firstly i extend my warm congratulation to both of you to make the best efforts. Your Vision & innovation towards growth in the industry using extreme Technology is a Bench mark to the Indian Coffee Growers.It is an amazing that building of the lake, the laying of the pipelines and the planning, implementation and setting of the sprinklers. Myself specially thanks to Mr Michel And Mr Sunil Baptist, WaterJet Engineers, Chickmagalore, for their designing and fabricating the entire sprinkler system.

I Wish you good luck, May God gives unique ideas,enough strength to your future innovative research to achieve the new invention to reach your destiny.
Comment on this message     

Ranjith Hallmark Aquaequipment Pvt Ltd., ChikmagalurWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Sir, I am thankful for sharing your vision 2020 with us. Now a day’s planters are thinking about short term plan and they are wasting their time & money. The innovation is the fact which will help us to sustain in coming future. As we all aware of the global climate change, we have to wake up now to deliver the best for our nature and future. I request all the readers that please save water by harvesting rain water and stop extracting deep tube well (Bore well) water, which may diminish in coming years.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mohandas Gandhi
Comment on this message     

Naveen Frank, Mangalore / SharjahWednesday, January 11, 2012
I have seen the performance of this sprinkler system myself and I must admit, it is an amazing feat. I am also aware of the hard work of many years that Dr Anand has put in , to make this happen. First the building of the lake, the laying of the pipelines and the planning, implementation and setting of the sprinklers, has taken immense effort.
Dr Anand and Dr Geeta, I congratulate you both on this achievement. I recall the days of your father Joe Pereira, when temporary sprinkling systems took over 2 weeks, and involved massive day and night manual work force to cover an area of 100 acres. You have now done that in three days, with fixed pipelines and minimum manual labour. I am of the hope that your dream of achieving the job done in less than 24 hours will soon be a reality. Also, your dream of the Indian Prime Minister visiting Sakleshpur and witnessing the demonstration at your Estate must also come true.

Comment on this message     

Leander Pais, australiaWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear uncle Dr Anand & aunty Geeta Pereira.The topic Pioneering Innovative, Energy Efficient Sprinkler Systems. I think its the best technique to water the the plants and that to it is eco friendly.you have done a lot of articles where you give specific information on everything but you are innovative in creating a lot f things for example this article and the book you crated no one else would have given so much information.i am proud to say that by reading the book i can spot some animals now.thank you for this article i will try to do this if i get an opportunity in my project in school thank you
Comment on this message     

Allen Pais, BrisbaneWednesday, January 11, 2012
Dear Dr Anand & Geeta.N.Pereira,First of all Thank you for the wonderful article,The New cover page is excellent,Your Vision & innovation towards growth in the industry using extreme Technology is a Bench mark to the Indian Coffee Growers.I am under the impression that the Coffee Growers in India will learn to better their growing techniques using various advises from you.You have been Modest by sharing your experience & parting with technology,where you have spent hours,days,months,years in finding information,emailing various phone calls,discussing with pioneers of the industry,self financing equipment & technology & we are so fortunate that we get all the information with the click of a single link in Daijiworld,I am always surprised that very few Growers in the Industry take a little time to Congratulate you & Thank you for your Efforts to Educate the young growers.I am saddened that the younger Generation find time to spend browsing social websites like Facebook,Twitter etc etc & post wonderful comments mostly slack but they find it hard to face the fact of Environmental necessity & simply appreciate wonderful articles from you or any informative article on Daijiworld,You have been a Pillar of strength to the Coffee Industry in India & you will continue to grow,you will Definitely have a percentage of Blokes who will never appreciate you & that does not mean you get offended,The Critics will exist & grow in small numbers & you will progress-Regards-Allen Pais -Brisbane
Comment on this message     

ad, mangloorWednesday, January 11, 2012
Sprinker systems have done wonders for Indias agriculture from large to small scale farms, areca, coconut, coffee, etc. While labour shortages are acute, these water systems are a way to the future to Indias agriculture which is backbone to our sustainabilty of this noble land of ours. Thnks for the wonderful insight.
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