' Poem: Mother Teresa

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Poem: Mother Teresa
By Anita Britto, Auckland

August 6, 2011

She didn't have a Dior dress and she looked rather plain
In her coarse blue bordered sari which she wore time and again
She didn't have a Gucci bag to keep all her belongings
All she had was in her heart as she had no worldly things
She didn't have Chanel shoes to move from place to place
For on the roads of dirt and death, there was no need for fancy lace
She didn't have a figure of any supermodel that I knew
And was frail and thin and tiny, you could call her diminutive too
She's never been on cruise ships or holidayed in France
For all her life she struggled to give the poor another chance
She's never tasted Caviar or sipped an Emma Peel
But she never missed a chance to pray and said it didn't hurt to kneel
She didn't sport a Rolex watch to check the hour of day
From morn to night she cared about the ones who had no say
Cartier diamonds weren't her choice when it came to jewellery
Though she strongly advocated the power of the Rosary
 Unlike our politicians who're all for power and fame
This Angel from Albania cared for lepers and the lame
She didn't waste time on lofty words and tried to do her best
To nurse the sick and tired while God put her to the test
To the dying in Calcutta, her touch just meant the world
And to the destitute who had no hope, her love she had unfurled
To the wounded in Vietnam who simply lost all hope
Mother Teresa's warm embrace meant that they would learn to cope
To the starving in Ethiopia who'd soon be vultures prey
She begged the world to do something, much to her dismay
To those orphaned in Ireland who had lost their near and dear
The Mother gave them faith to live and told them not to live with fear
To the handicapped in Aussie who had stumps instead of feet
Her compassion reassured them and helped them make ends meet
To the lonely and unwanted whose hearts just seemed to ache
She treated them with dignity so their lives they wouldn’t take
With gentle words of comfort and eyes so filled with pain
She worked in slums and footpaths that politicians would disdain
While some would shrink in horror at the sight of maggot ridden folk
She cleaned their wounds and nursed them, and her love in them would soak
With boundless faith and courage and a spirit that was strong
She changed the lives of many, while she taught them right from wrong
A statue in her name, was the last thing that she sought
For Saint Teresa of Calcutta was one who couldn't be bought.


Anita Britto Archives:

Comments on this article
Lailap Pinto, MangaloreFriday, October 14, 2011
Wonderful poem. Very touching too.
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G M Hegde, UdupiMonday, August 15, 2011
Good Job...We and the world need to remember goodness and godliness through such expressions of love.
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Nirmala, ChennaiSaturday, August 13, 2011
Anita, Congratulations on rendering such a beautiful verse. It brings out all the aspects of Mother Teresa's overpowering love and affection most poignantly. You have great talent, Mrs. Pinto should certainly be proud of her daughter! great work and keep me posted for all your future renderings as well...
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Francis, Loretto / MuscatSaturday, August 13, 2011
Really heart-touching poem!! Well written!! Great!!! May God bless you!!
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Dr. Cajetan Coelho, Goa, IndiaFriday, August 12, 2011
Very meaningful poem. Thanks for the effort.
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Maya, Mangalore/TorontoWednesday, August 10, 2011
This was an Honest Excellent portrayal of a 'Living Saint'.
She was every bit of the lovely person you made her out to be.
Well written! Looking forward to
reading more of your writing pieces.
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Jakina Esthel Dsouza, HubliTuesday, August 09, 2011
Nice poem. Very well written. The society needs such inspiring poems and articles by which we too can do a bit of serviceto the needy.
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Arti, BangaloreTuesday, August 09, 2011
Anita, I was never interested in poem. Today, I was just surfing here and there and your poem caught my attention. I must said that i was stuck in the beauty, essence and and purity of your poem and the great Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was not an ordinary human being, she was a saint. the whole world salutes her, and even do I. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.
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Radhika Menon, BangaloreTuesday, August 09, 2011
Anita, such a beautiful poem on a truly human being. The world is a richer and better place to live in, on account of people like Mother Teresa.
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Mother Teresa, NaviMumbaiTuesday, August 09, 2011
Kudos Anita , so vividly description of our little saint From Kolkata , Mother Teresa has given us a share of happiness , we are indebted to her works .
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Sylvia, KinnigoliTuesday, August 09, 2011
Really nice one. The flow of words is really amazing.
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Maisy d'souza, urva,MangaloreTuesday, August 09, 2011
You could write so Beautifully the entire life of Mother Theresa dearest Anita because you too are a very simple & sweet person.By reading your poem let there be a change in us & let us also try to do some good to the needy & poor.
God bless you always.
uncle stany & aunt Maisy
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Freeda.Lobo, Bangalore Monday, August 08, 2011
Brilliant piece of work Anita .
We are indeed very proud of you.
You have so beautifully depicted the life of Mother Teresa .
You have made the best use of your God given gift and touched so many lives through your poems .
May God inspire you to continue the good work and may He bless you and your family abundantly.
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Sarah Fernandes, ChennaiMonday, August 08, 2011
Hi Anita,

Was so impressed reading this wonderful poem. You've so beautifully captured the essence of what Mother stood for, in simple but very illustrative poetry. Keep them coming!!!
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anita venugopalan, Mumbai/IndiaMonday, August 08, 2011
A Beautiful poem on a Beautiful Lady by a Beautiful Poetess - Anita you have an inborn talent which is Gods gift. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading many more.
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Mervin Menezes, Mangalore/KuwaitMonday, August 08, 2011
Anita, very well written, beautiful words. Keep up the good work.
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Krishna Banerjee, KOLKATAMonday, August 08, 2011
Great writing Dear Anita
You have drawn a true picture of Mother Teresa's inner traits in your writing. Mother served for the poorest of the poor around the whole world.It is impossible to express in words how she served for the downtrodden.I do not know God, butI am blessed by her and she is God to me.Her simplicity touched everyone, she "is" close to everybody - "Is" because I feel she is always with us when we express our love to the needy people in any way.My prayer is with you Anita.
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Francis Fernandes, Chennai, IndiaMonday, August 08, 2011
WELL WRITTEN - FABULOUS - is it possible to write one on our India politicians? hahahaha
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Marian Mendonca, BangaloreMonday, August 08, 2011
Great Anita! Keep it up. I didnt know you were a poet. By the way, I disagree with some of the comments since the piece IS a poem although of the old-fashioned rhyming kind.
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Aladdin Pais, Mangalore / MumbaiSunday, August 07, 2011
Hi Anita,
Excellent piece, keep up the good work.
Kind Regards
Aladdin Pais
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Manikant, MumbaiSunday, August 07, 2011
Hi. Anita. . I won't call it a poem. But, since you are a poetess,I too would like to call it one.. However, a wonderful description of a MOTHER, poetically though.. Great.
Keep it up.
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Anita Sequeira, Bendore - MangaloreSunday, August 07, 2011
Very well written Anita...Keep up the good work. Congratulations and all the very best....Hope to see many more articles from ur side.
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irene sequeira, derebail/tracy CASunday, August 07, 2011
Excellent poem, well written about the saint of the gutter. Keep up the good work. God bless you.
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Rose & Joe Vaz, Mangalore/USSunday, August 07, 2011
Beautiful words Anita. Very well written. Looking forward to reading more of your poems. We are very proud of you. God bless you and your loved ones.
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Anjum Monteiro, BombaySunday, August 07, 2011
Hi Anita, this poem is so well written we all admire Mother Teresa as she was a living saint.Thank you so much for sharing your poems with us always and hope you continue to write these beautiful words for everyone to read especially our children who can learn so much from them.
Lots of love
Anjum Monteiro
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Maria, MangaloreSunday, August 07, 2011
Dear Anitha,
You have remainded thousands of people in the world the great work of Mother Teresa.Surelly she will interceed for you in haeven that all your dreams may come true in your life.God bless you.
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mother teresa, new zealandSunday, August 07, 2011
Great work anita! Thank God for this wonderful talent he has given to you.Keep writing and share this great talent of yours with everyone. Cleo.
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ANITA, you have exceled to great heights in writing this great poem, keep it up, god will always bless you
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AMAR NATHAL, MANGALORESunday, August 07, 2011
Thanks and congrats, Anita. Good thoughts, well written. Indeed, Mother Teresa lives still!
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Denzil Goveas, Mangalore, Kingdom of BahrainSunday, August 07, 2011
Well deserved and very soothing words for a great person..
Congratulations and keep up the good work....
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Kurt Waschnig, Oldenburg GermanySunday, August 07, 2011
Interesting to read. I am of the opinion it is not a poem it is a wonderful narrative of Mother Teresa´s inner traits.
The language and words you use are touching and tells us a lot about a woman who dedicated herself to the poorest of the poor.
I remember the time when I visited Kolkata (friends of mine live there) and I had the opportunity to see some of the houses run by the Missionaries of Charity.
First it was shocking and gruesome to see the sufferers and terminal ill people completely helpless and on the other side nuns and many volunteers from all over the world who helped and looked after the patients.
The Gospel tells us to look after the poor to see the needy and to help.
And especially Mother Teresa gave the poorest of the poor dignity back they never knew in their life.
At the end of their life they were treated with dignity, love, respect and understanding.

Dear Anita , you say:"She worked in slums and footpaths that politicians would disdain."

You are right, Mother Teresa led a simple life, she met politicians, presidents and famous people but always she returned to Kolkata with an open ear for the needy.
She was respected by Indians from all walks of life.
Her life was convincing and she was taken as an example.
The Statesman from Kolkata often reported on her work in the slums and how she helped.
Dear Anita, thank you for your narrative.

Best regards

Kurt Waschnig Oldenburg Germany

e-mail: chess2550@gmx.de

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Roweena, MangaloreSunday, August 07, 2011
Areewah! you amaze me with your many talents. Wonderful thought process on the poem. I am sure Mother Theresa is smiling up above. Thanks for the gentle reminder of what she was on Earth. Awesome work
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Jyoti Raj, AucklandSunday, August 07, 2011
Another master piece from you Anita...Kudos and congrats..I like the thin lipped sarcasm trailing thru the frivolities of life...and the gem that stands out in the name of Mother Teresa. Well Done.
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Wilfred Deepak D' Almeda, BangaloreSunday, August 07, 2011
You have enriched impression of Mother Teresa in our heart with ur poem........Well done keep it up......
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Janet &Victor D' Souza, Mumbai/AucklandSunday, August 07, 2011
Well composed poem Anita!!! very inspirational. My husband and I visited Mother Teresa in her Calcutta home and feel truly blessed having met the saint of our times. Keep up the good work.
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Lawrence Braggs, MumbaiSunday, August 07, 2011
Very glad to read your poem. Impressive work. Would be very delighted to see you get more accolades and be recognised. well done.
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Mel NZ, Bajpe, AucklandSunday, August 07, 2011
Well done Anita ,You have done it again. keep that spirit always.
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Pius Dcruz, BELMAN/DUBAISunday, August 07, 2011
Beautifully written poem on Mother Teresa. It conveys all her virtues and her greatness. She truly was a living saint who nutured the poorest of the poor.
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Mangal, Mangalore/SharjahSunday, August 07, 2011
Anita,thank you for writing this poem. It helps to know how much we give in return when the world has given us so much. Her life can never be matched but small steps on our part will certainly go a long way!
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Chester& Edwina Lobo, Mangalore /AucklandSaturday, August 06, 2011
Very well written. I suggest it should be read out again for all who have missed out at next gathering of Mangaloreans
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Asha Castelino, Mangalore/CanadaSaturday, August 06, 2011
Very well written poem Anita. Mother Theresa is a saint of our times who taught us to love one another by her actions. She is my hero.
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Vijay & Marilyn, Mangalore/AucklandSaturday, August 06, 2011
You have proved your power as a poetess once again. Well done and you got miles to go. Keep up the writing.
Comment on this message     

Irene D'Souza, M'lore/IndiaSaturday, August 06, 2011
Excellant poem, very much to learn from Saint Theresa's life for all of us.
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Albert Gonsalves, Mangalore / U.A.E.Saturday, August 06, 2011
Very beautiful poem written for a ever beautiful soul. God Bless U.
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HENRY MISQUITH, BahrainSaturday, August 06, 2011
Great poem...Anita, Keep it up.
Mother Theresa's task was
overwhelming. She started
out as just one woman,
with no money and no supplies,
trying to help the millions
of poor, starving and dying
that lived on the streets of INDIA.
Henry Misquith,
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Vicky, Mangalore/CanadaSaturday, August 06, 2011
Dear young lady/lass
Very well written. Congratulations and pray many more young minds will project yur poem in their daily lives too Simplicity is the Key word Well written
Comment on this message     

A. S. Mathew, U.S.A.Saturday, August 06, 2011
Very interesting poem exalting a
true saint of our times. If we
open the closets of the T.V.
preachers of "prosperity gospel"
in the U.S. or India, we can take
a long list of brand name goods in dozens that
you have mentioned in your poem.
But "MOTHER TERESA" had the heart
and compassion of JESUS CHRIST, so
she could help thousands of the
most hopeless and helpless people
thus she could reflect the
life of CHRIST to the whole world.
Keep on writing, GOD bless your
gift of writing poems.
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Eric Fernandes, Mangalore/BangaloreSaturday, August 06, 2011
Beautiful words for a beautiful soul!
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William, MangaloreSaturday, August 06, 2011
Very well written poem, I personally felt so good by reading and i am sure it will touch many lives and look forward to read many more such kind of poems.
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Richard Lewis, Udyavar/BangaloreSaturday, August 06, 2011
Its a great tribute to Mother Teresa. Well done Anita. Regards to you, Dexter, Anushka & Denver from all of us.
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Judith L, MumbaiSaturday, August 06, 2011
Very well written poem Anita, there is much of learning and understanding in each and every line. We all should strive to become one like Mother Teresa and make this World a beautiful and happy place to live.
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Henry Lewis, Sastan/KuwaitSaturday, August 06, 2011
Very good message in the poem Mother Teresa was human person as we are she is the model to every human walk in her foot steps we can do atleast some good work we have to be her messanges thus we can be nearer to God. Keep up the good work to speak out for good moral values.
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Vidya Sequeira, Mangalore/UAESaturday, August 06, 2011
Very well written...
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Joe Britto, Nakre/BangaloreSaturday, August 06, 2011
Anita another great poem by our Auckland Poetess . After the amazing Poem on the 'Christchurch Quake 'earlier this year and which caught the attention of even the P.M., we are sure that this master piece on our Mother Theresa will attract attention of one and all! Keep it going Anita !
Comment on this message     

Edward Barboza, Kanajar / AucklandSaturday, August 06, 2011
You ve done it again. A splendid poem touching every aspect of Mother Teresa s life and her works. I certainly will share it with the Mother Teresa congregation nuns here in Auckland.
Keep up the good work.
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