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Ravi Shetty – Mangalore's Pride in Qatar
By Gladson Almeida and Alexis Castelino

Daijiworld Media Network - Doha

June 26, 2011

It is not 'achievement' that makes one great but the way achievement is handled. Being successful is not the issue but 'living the success' surely needs a character of steel, resolution of a sage and hard work of an ant. No one is born great and therefore whoever achieves greatness must pass through testing times and turbulent storms in life. So those who emerge victorious through this grinding, often have a level head on their shoulders and a firm feet that is rooted ever. They are not only successful but also lead others on the way to success. They pick each stone pelted at them with equanimity and build on.

Ravi Shetty, the managing director of Advanced Technical Services (ATS), Qatar is the living example of this. He is fondly known by his peers and well-wishers as Ravi Anna and truly he is an 'Anna' to his staff too. Ravi is a man of few words but great deeds. He is an unsung hero who has come triumphant in life through sheer dedication and hard work. Today though he lords over a successful business venture, he still remains unassuming, approachable, soft-spoken and perfectly poised. He is a perfect role model that aspiring entrepreneurs should look up to.

Ravi Shetty, hailing from Doninjeguttu family in Mangalore taluk, was born in Moodambail, Bantwal taluk as the eldest of the five children of pious couple Thimmappa Shetty and  Sarojini Shetty on December 4, 1963. Few might have thought then that the studious Ravi would reach to these heights. Perhaps being the eldest among two brothers and three sisters helped him to learn a few lessons in life at a tender age itself. He had the responsibility of his younger siblings and naturally this responsibility instilled in him the spirit of hard work and dedication.

He was always good at academics and right through his school days, whether as a student at Moodambail primary school or at well-known Deepika high school at Modankaup, he topped the academic charts. In fact he stood first at the school in his SSLC public exams and pursued his pre-university studies at SVS College, Bantwal. He chose to be a mechanical engineer and came out with flying colours from the prestigious SDM Engineering college of Dharwad. His brilliant academic record secured him a trainee job with the reputed Simon Carves India Ltd, at their Mazgaon Dock (MDL) Yard in Mangalore from where he swiftly climbed on to the ladder of success and joined Tata Projects in Mumbai in the year 1987. He then moved to various Projects all over India and finally settled at their head office in Hyderabad and continued to be with them till 1997. As destiny had it, owing to some invariable personal and professional reasons, he moved to Doha-Qatar in 1997 and joined Mannai Corporation (MECON), one of the biggest business empires in Qatar as senior engineer. His commitment to work and his single-minded dedication soon helped him to climb the rungs and he was appointed as the Proposals Manager and was responsible for securing many major contracts from local and international companies.

It was perhaps at this stage of his life that he felt that it was time for him to venture into his own business. By then he had about 20 years of experience in India and Middle East in the field of construction in oil and gas industries. He had got the necessary opportunities and exposure in the line of contract negotiations by visiting many countries across the globe. Further the desire to help people to achieve greater goals and give back to society in his own way had always been his inspiration. Though he was the first-generation entrepreneur in his family, he had the experience of establishing and running two successful A Grade restaurants (vegetarian) and a boutique while in Hyderabad. He had a taste for business and a constant itching to script great things. So after studying the rudiments of business carefully, he established Advanced Technical Services Co. WLL (ATS) in 2005. ATS was established with the main objective of providing professional and efficient services to the industries in Qatar by undertaking construction works, providing highly skilled manpower, plant and machinery, construction consumables, camp furnishing materials and also specialized services directly or in the form of representing international companies. Today it also owns fleet of specialized testing and construction equipment.

Ravi always had belief in his credentials and knew that dedication and hard work was his forte. But more than this, he had the blessings of his parents and unflinching, constant support of his life partner Jyothi. Ravi Shetty tells that his wife has been his real pillar of strength and has stood by him in thick and thin eversince their marriage in 1992. Jyothi is the daughter of Yethamogaru Krishna Alva and Kolnadguttu Vajrakshi Alva. Ravi and Jyothi Shetty couple has been blessed with two children. Roshan, the eldest son is studying in 12the standard while their daughter Rachana is a Grade 5th student at Birla School, Qatar.

ATS Qatar which was started with just one person in 2005 today employs over 350 people. Ravi Shetty proudly states that more than 50% of his work force that consists of Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike, comes from the undivided Dakshina Kannada district. “Business interest has always been there and that has motivated to move further. But right from the day one I knew my social and corporate responsibility. This helped me to contribute in whatever little way towards the development of society, my native and people of my native land,” states Ravi Shetty. Just like any other business he had initial times of struggle, rough weathers. But he prevailed over them and is quick to say that as a successful business man he still has a long way to go. “Further whatever ATS is today, is owing to the dedication and sincere services of many loyal and dedicated staff," he adds.

Ravi Shetty knows the necessities of times well and despite his busy schedule, has kept himself updated with academics too. He has completed his MBA which further shows as how dedicated and passionate is he towards his business. He is also the director of Modern Safety Glass Company and CP Agencies in Hyderabad. But he is still as humble as he was and commends immense respect from his employees, friends and near and dear ones.

Ravi Shetty is known for his charity and contribution towards social causes both in Qatar and back in India and he tries his best to support those associations which are actively involved in humanitarian activities such as Integrated welfare Society in Hyderabad. Here in Qatar he has always been in the forefront in reaching to those expatriates who are in hospitals or in any other need. “I could never say NO to anyone who came to me anytime. Even while I was working, many a  times went out of my way to help someone, especially those seeking jobs here in Qatar. I never helped anyone based on their community and hence today I am accepted and welcomed by people and organizations of all communities, languages and cultures,” he opines.

Apart from his business and professional interests, Ravi Shetty is actively involved in many cultural and social activities in Qatar through various organizations. He is the founder member of Tulu Koota Qatar and has led the organization as the president too.  Back in Hyderabad too, he was the founder secretary of Tata Sports and Recreational Club. At present he is leading the Bunts Qatar and is the life member of ICC, ICBF and Karnataka Sangha Qatar. He is also a great sports lover and a sportsman himself. He has always highlighted the native culture and traditions even during the annual celebrations of his company and also has lent support to talented artists from his native place to perform in Qatar. ATS Day, which is company's annual day celebrations every year is an unique event wherein all the employees get an opportunity to celebrate, enjoy  and showcase their talents, is being loved and appreciated by one and all. He was the man behind staging yakshagana for the first time in Doha both for his company and during Vishwa Kannada Sammelana.

Ravi Anna is a rare gem and an even rare Boss. A true gentleman, a thorough professional, a perfect role model and a loving and caring human being. In these modern times, when it is becoming extremely hard to find entrepreneurs with hearts that beat for others' welfare and upliftment of society, Ravi Shetty stands tall as a beacon light. Youngsters who take leaf from his life will surely meet success. He is a businessman who is to be emulated. Ask his employees about him and they all will speak about his generosity, affection, friendship and down-to-earth nature. He is a true Mangalorean who has added a glittering feather to the cap of Mangalorean expatriates not only in Qatar but across the GCC countries.

Comments on this article
Joseph D Souza, ModankaupWednesday, May 16, 2012
Nothing changed except little baldness, keep it up as you use to bat continuously in Deepika High School. Keep it up.
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Kusuma Kumari G , Nellore/KodyadkaFriday, July 08, 2011
A good person and very succeful man May God help in whatever work he takes in.
Comment on this message     

Dolfred D'Souza, Goa/Mangalore/UKTuesday, July 05, 2011
"I shall pass this way but ONCE.
Any Goodness I can DO Any Kindness I can SHOW
Let me do it NOW. For I shall Never Pass this way... AGAIN "

Keep it up Ravi. May god bless you and your family.
"Everybody wants to do something to help, but nobody wants to be the first."
Comment on this message     

Ramprasad Alva, MumbaiTuesday, July 05, 2011
It was a pride reading this great article on your achievement , we all at home feel proud to be part of your family.. God Bless and wish you all the very best in future.

Comment on this message     

A. S. Mathew, U.S.A.Saturday, July 02, 2011
A great dreamer-hard worker-
blessed family-humanitarian and finally a big
success story which will inspire
all to follow his path.
Hearty congratulations and may
GOD help you to expand in every
Comment on this message     

Manjunath, DohaSaturday, July 02, 2011
Dear Ravi anna,

May god bless you. Keep up your humble glory for ever
Comment on this message     

Sharanya Naik, MangaloreSaturday, July 02, 2011
Dear Anna..Congratulations to you and Akka for the success...:)
You are truly a role model for anyone who dares to dream out of the box..!!!Hope you achieve greater heights in life...All the Best..
Comment on this message     

Shreedhar, Doha QatarSaturday, July 02, 2011
Ravi Anna, Congratulations.We wish you & your team & family members a great sucess. Great India. Great Kannadiga.
Comment on this message     

Ravi Shetty, Doha,QatarSaturday, July 02, 2011

I must admit honestly that the article made me feel touched. Even though some of the points mentioned seem to be more than what I deserve, I humbly accept the accolades in the article written carefully by my dear friends Alex & Gladson with the patronage of Daiji world. The web as we all know is an effective & powerful tool to reach out to the people & Daiji has done a fantastic job of using it to the full potential. I sincerely appreciate the subtle efforts put in by Daiji world team who tirelessly & dedicatedly put Dakshina Kannada in focus all the time with timely articles & news

I am grateful to my Colleagues,Family,Friends,,elders,well wishers who have supported me selflessly all through out my entrepreneur efforts.. I am so lucky to get such a wonderful team of people, may it be friends, colleagues or my family. These acted as the very pillars of strength when ever I needed.

I would also like to place my sincere thanks to all of you who have responded with your heart warming comments & wishes. I believe that all this will give me more encouragement & incentive to work harder & to set new bench marks & strive to achieve them. I have read all comments & wish to state here that some of them I need to personally address especially the ones from elders. I feel so happy to get in touch with so many of my old friends.

Please mail me to mravishetty@gmail.com.

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Sandhya Rai, DohaFriday, July 01, 2011
I always heard many narratives from my husband about Ravi anna and his family and wondered if they were true. This article proves them all and much beyond my imagination.
Being new to Doha had strange feelings going in my mind about the place but i received the much needed comfort zone from Ravi anna and Jyothiakka. Be it an infant or an old man, rich or poor I witnessed same amount of respect giving from Ravi anna. I agree to the fact that if you go with some problem to Ravi anna, you will not be sent back without a solution. It’s surprisely and rare to see a spirited “business tycoon” with such a down to earth attitude.
It might be easy to earn money but a hard task to gain people’s respect and blessings. The enormous list of comments on this article wishing you luck and success is one of the proving fact that you have been accepted heartly by all of them.You have and will be a clear inspiration to the upcoming entrepreneurs.
We wish you and your family heartly congratulations for all the achievements so far and hope you will succeed to greater heights in the years to come.
And as the famous quote states ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.’

Sandhya & Dhananjay Rai, Doha
Comment on this message     

Shashidhar V, Tumkur/Al KhorFriday, July 01, 2011
It is really Ideal story, and model to all. It is not money makes a Man. It is idealogy, vision to service and grow. He has made Mangalore/Karnataka proud. I happened to play Badminton against him. His approach is excellent. Hope this inspires others and make Mangalore/Karnataka shine in the world.
Comment on this message     

Surendra Rai, BalamajaluFriday, July 01, 2011
Vudal dhinjhina solmelu…
Ravi bava, you have made us all feel proud and it gives us immense pride and honour to be part of your family.
Congratulations to you and wish you many more success moments in your life…
Surendra Rai & Fly, Balamajalu
Comment on this message     

Abdul Salam, Mangalore/AbudhabiThursday, June 30, 2011
He is really pride of Mangalore.We mangaloreans who are alaready communally deivdied due to some political/so called relegion saving forces should learn from this great personality. Well done ravianna.i am a muslim. its a faith i practise because i born as muslim. i am alweays proud identify myself as an indian and as proud mangalorean, the city from which eminent, secular personality like ravianna comes from.May Al mighty bless you & your family with al the success in future years to come.
Comment on this message     

Ramesh NM Alkhor, MandarthiThursday, June 30, 2011
Long back I heard about Ravianna, One time I come across him during Tulukoota progarame, A lovly and wonderful pesonality. We proud of such a personality among us. We wish him good health and welth for him and his family. With anticipation of his dedicated service to Tulukoota Qatar. Thanks Ravianna...
Comment on this message     

Abdulla Monu Moidin, Mangalore / QatarThursday, June 30, 2011
Firtly I Thank Daiji World & Mr. Alex for this article which trully enlightens the humble, selfless personality & Kind Helpful nature of Ravianna.
He is a person who I have seen from close quarters, worked along with in the MC Teams in organisations like Tulu Koota & others In Qatar. His EverReady attitude, dedication, sprite & Aspiration as brought him to this wonderful achievement.

Hearty Congratulations..!!!

May almighty bless you with strength and Good Health to continue your dedicated service to humanity.

Best Regards

Abdulla Monu Moidin
Doha - QATAR

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Ganesh V. Shetty, Mangalore / Oman Thursday, June 30, 2011
Dear Ravianna,

You deserve this title, such appreciation doesn't come easy. Needs lots of hard work and dedication. Well done and congratulations to you and your family. Wish you all the very best and hope to see you achieving better heights in the coming years.
Comment on this message     

siraj ahamed, mangaloreThursday, June 30, 2011
Dear Ravi u deserve all the appreciation.you r a wonderful person.wishing goodluck always.
Comment on this message     

Fr. Faustine L. Lobo, Bantwal/BangaloreThursday, June 30, 2011
Congratulations my dear friend Ravi anna. I am Faustine Lucas Lobo, your classmate in Deepika High School and PUC at SVS. My name I hope you remember. I was second to you in the SSLC examinations in Deepika High School that year. I was really pleasantly surprised to read about your meteoric rise to greatness in the field of business. I knew that you had the ingradients to scale greater hights. I am really proud of you. I sincerely pray that you rise still higher and immortalize tha name of Bantwal. If God willing let us meet sometimes. I am in Bangalore now working as the PRO for the Karnataka Region for the Church. Good luck Ravi Anna.
Comment on this message     

Dasprakash rai and family, puttur puttur DKThursday, June 30, 2011
Hai Ravi..
It is a good article... once it has been seen It would be proud to me not only as a relative to you, but it is proud to all of us as being Mangaloren, and to the respected Doninje family. Yours iconic presence and extrodinery achivements at abroad is a role model to next generation. Your helping nature and ideological life may not be known to all , but this article reveled that to the society in the right time.Nothing more to be written here as known you personally ,nearly and dearly. But more can not be written here because yours is a infinite and extinct work, I wish you all kind of success and is certain it will be achived by you
Comment on this message     

VIVIAN L P D SOUZA, Bondel/Doha QatarWednesday, June 29, 2011
Dear Ravianna
Wonderful article for a wonderful and great person...I had a great time to work under you as a president of Tulu Koota..you are a Jewel of Karnataka State.May God bless you and your family.

Vivian n Fly
Comment on this message     

RAJARAM MELANTA, MANGALOREWednesday, June 29, 2011
It's a true article on true TULUNADA Pride. I feel so proud to be Ravi's closest childhood friend. He is not only a Pride of Mangalore, but also I wish him one day will blossom as PRIDE OF INDIA. ....Yes Ravi...you deserve all the hights of blessings.

May God bless you with many more laurels and achivements in your life....GOOD LUCK..!!!!!
Comment on this message     

V.Prabhu, HyderabadWednesday, June 29, 2011

Let me on the out set congratulate Mr.Gladson Almeida and Mr.Alexis Castelino along with Daiji World for bringing out an article with immense commitment on Ravi Shetty!!I believe that subtle points of Ravi’s benevolent character have been touched upon in an excellent way! To read an article about a person whom you have seen from close quarters is inspiring & heart warming…I am sure a lot of his admirers whose tribe grows will agree with me today here is a self made man with no ‘God Father” who believed in himself who worked sincerely & dedicatedly for making a modest career but achieved much more than what he set out for.

I believe that he carries along all his associates on his broad shoulders not letting go any one be it a family member, Colleague, friend or an acquaintance through thick & thin….

I wish to add here that whatever he did he did it with utmost commitment & this I believe is his mantra for success business wise or otherwise.We should consider ourselves lucky to have him in our lives,,,, God bless

Comment on this message     

Balakrishna Poojary, mangalore, QatarWednesday, June 29, 2011
dear Ravianna...

congrats....keep it up your dedication on your social work
with regards
Balakrishna & Family
Doha, Qatar
Comment on this message     

Rajshekar Bappal, mangalore Wednesday, June 29, 2011
dear ravianna,
Each and every word mentioned is true and deserving for your character, personality and humility !!!!
please keep up the good work, appreciation from family, friends and the best is from your own staff is something commandable and to be learnt by all of us !!!
best wishes and god bless - Raj
Comment on this message     

Manjunath Harkuru, kundapurWednesday, June 29, 2011
God bless you & family, keep it up
Comment on this message     

SANDEEP, PutturWednesday, June 29, 2011
When I was young I heard about him through
my elders. When I grown I had chance to see him from very near.
Ravi shetty a thoroughly a gentleman , I seen him building ATS
brick by brick.
In my opinion he is less a businessman ,but more a great human being.
Unlike other businessmen, I seen him even during his tougher days
he was not behind the money. Money followed him he never followed the money.
Most noticeable thing today is , he achieved a lot from his humble roots.
He helped many who approached him. Back home hundreds of families thank him
from the bottom of the heart for his service to the society.
At this moment I pray almighty god give him much more energy to build ATS,
So that back many families would benefit. Finally I wish him and all family very happy
and prosperous future for him.
Comment on this message     

P.S.Pai, Bengaluru/Doha-QatarWednesday, June 29, 2011
I am delighted to read the article on my friend who is dear to all Mangaloreans in Qatar. I thank and congratulate the writers and wish you and your family healthy, peaceful & prosperous life. May God bless you with strength and mind to continue your dedicated service to humanity.
Comment on this message     

mannangi, doha-qatarWednesday, June 29, 2011
Dear .Mr.Ravi Shetty.

Congratulation's.You deserve it.You are one in million.Proud to have you within our community.Keep it up.
Good luck
Comment on this message     

Vaman Maroly, Mangalore, IndiaWednesday, June 29, 2011
Dear Ravi Shettre
your handwork and determination will not go unnoticed.thanks to Mr Almeida and Mr Castelino for highlighting a deserving leader of our community,a befitting article,on a successful mission in life.May God bless you
Veni & Vaman Maroly U S A
Comment on this message     

Atul Shetty, Udupi/QatarTuesday, June 28, 2011
Hi Ravianna,
Congrats, much awaited, nice article...but its true to our knowledge...as i remember shrewd smile,quick thinker.. and genuine approach..no one can stop u from helping others..Good luck.. long way to go..Atul
Ravi Uncle Party Ho..ja...ye...Sagar & Sanket
Comment on this message     

ARUN B.V, PUTTUR/QATARTuesday, June 28, 2011
Well done raviyanna, we r really proud to work under your leadership, keep it up. may god bless u and ur family with all the happieness in life ahead
Comment on this message     

At first I would like to thank Mr Alex and Daiji bringing this beautiful article son of Tulunadu Mr Ravi Shetty.I Want to see many more Tuluvas to reach this position in future.
You win people's hearts when you respect their aspiration, interests and concerns.You are a person kind, caring and giving, a complete Gentleman.whenever I approched him for some help to needy people his first word is yanu dumbudu ulle. He is always there to initiate such causes.A number of poor peoples blessings to whom you helped is the secret of your success and growth so always follow the same path and step how you started.Almighty is always there to support you with his apmle of blessings. Beside that a number of wellwishers prayer is there to stregthening your future acheivements. God bless you and your family with robust health and peace.
Comment on this message     

Lancy Dsouza, Bajpe/ KSATuesday, June 28, 2011
Wonderful article about Mr.Shetty.Many good and helping nature people in gulf country.Good luck and keep it up
Comment on this message     

Ramachandra Shetty, Mangalore/QatarTuesday, June 28, 2011
Wonderful article about Ravianna. He is a person to be admired. He is an inspiration for all of us here. Wishing him good health and success in his future endeavours.
Comment on this message     

harishchandra shetty, kavoor/mangaloreTuesday, June 28, 2011
ravianna...you just at 48 of your age done a marvellous achievements...It is a hightime for whole bunts family. God bless you and your family.
Comment on this message     

Ganesh Prasad, Mangalore/QatarTuesday, June 28, 2011
Congrats Ravianna ... u truly deserve this.....u r an inspiration........ wish u every success in future.
Comment on this message     

Sanam Shetty, DohaTuesday, June 28, 2011
Huge thumbs-up for this article. Truly well said. Congratulations ravi mama. You are a role model for all of us and may god bless you and your family with all the happiness in the days to come.
Comment on this message     

P Shankar Shetty, Udupi-IndiaTuesday, June 28, 2011
Thanks to Daijiworld for writing a beutiful article about Ravi Shetty which you truly deserve. It is pleasing to note that you have almost single handedly built up your engineering services company and doing all the good work mentioned in the article. Keep going with your entrepreneural and philanthropic work Ravi, especially keeping your employees happy.My best wishes to you for all your future endeavours. May GOD bless you and family always. Keep up your good work.- Shankar, Shamala, Sharmila and sheethal
Comment on this message     

Shodhan Prasad, Attavar/DubaiTuesday, June 28, 2011
Dear Ravianna, Congratulations and wish you many more accolades in the future. You are a pride of Mangalore and really deserve this for all the social service you rendered to the society. We all from Nama Tuluveru UAE wish you continuous success and May Almighty shower you with the best of health, wealth and happiness.
Comment on this message     

Dear Ravianna,
We are delighted to see you a true Mangalorean Star at Qatar always shines with great vision and mission for the benefits of needy and lovely people. No doubt your motivation and thrust to reach new heights made you a great personality.
You are the diamond not only for Bunt's community but also for the entire group of people who are associated with you. We are proud of you. you have created jobs for more than 350 families and we are confident that it will be added day by day.
Your kindness,pleasing personality,sincerity,truthfulness,and dedication reflects your great personality. No doubt your family contributions for your success are remarkable.
May God bless you and your family for wealth,health and happiness.
Comment on this message     

Praveen Shetty , Yalathur,Kinnigoli,Bahrain Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Truly a wonderful article and Ravianna YOU DESERVE THIS!! Hearty Congratulations. We are proud of you and keep up the good work .. All the best ..

Praveen Shetty Kinnigoli
Kingdom of Bahrain
Comment on this message     

victor, bantwalTuesday, June 28, 2011
Nice article
Comment on this message     

Dr Vishwanath H.K, Doha QatarTuesday, June 28, 2011
A Pride indeed.Ocean of energy,selfless approach ,dedication,perseverence,big heart and above all a noble and humble peronality.A man who is always prepared to walk a extra mile to help the people , community,society or for a cause.A big salute to you Ravianna for keeping all of us here together,inspired and motivated.
Comment on this message     

Edith Vaz, MangaloreTuesday, June 28, 2011
You are really great Ravi Anna. You are pride of Mangalore. I would be really grateful to you if you could help my brother who is trying desperately for a job abroad but could succeed.If possible please help him as you have helped so many people in need of jobs
Comment on this message     

Mohan S. Sanjeev Alva, MangaloreTuesday, June 28, 2011
Best of best has come out from this article. All lovely comments specially by Risha Poonja , Antony D Sousa and Dell Rego. If God willing, nobody can stop you, definitely you will join the club of Great once from our Mangalore society. Continue the good works and God will do it t serve His unprivileged people.
Comment on this message     

RISHA S POONJA, INDIAMonday, June 27, 2011
A beautiful heart thumping article which exactly conveys' a mountain is not higher than one's confidence,because it'll be under your feet if you reach the top'.
A prodigy,everyone's dear Ravianna and my very dear Ravi mama,a benevolent personality,a rare gem to my grandparents,a boon on this earth and to our family is what I would rather proudly say.
Stepping on the rungs of oppurtunity and climbing the ladder of success with grit and determination,perseverance and dedication is what I've actually seen in him all through from years back and am sure it'll continue as to reach greater and greater heights.
And ofcourse,I owe the credit of his laurels to my loving mami too,an unflappable personality I always admire.
Dear mama,my wishes are silent but true.Everywhere they shall follow you.Luck is your's,wishes are mine,I wish your present and future always shine.
With loads of love,
Comment on this message     

Kiran, DohaMonday, June 27, 2011
I couldn't agree more...This report and the comments is a true reflection of a person he is. We have a lot to learn from you.. Ravi anna you are destined to scale new heights..All the best
Comment on this message     

Amarnath shetty, MULKIMonday, June 27, 2011
Grate article for a grate personality.Good luck in future and wishing you success in life .
Comment on this message     

Well done raviyanna, we r really proud to work under your leadership, keep it up. may god bless u and ur family with all the happieness in life ahed
Comment on this message     

Dhananjay Shetty, Mumbai / DohaMonday, June 27, 2011
Yes, truly deserve the title, wish him good luck, best wishes for all his future assignment and good health for many many years.

Dhananjay, Bharati, Samiksha & Moksha
Comment on this message     

Naveen D. Shetty, BahrainMonday, June 27, 2011
Truly a wonderful article and Ravianna YOU DESERVE THIS!! Hearty Congratulations.
Many keep wondering on others success BUT must understand
"Success does not depend on making Important decisions Quickly, but
it depends on your Quick action on Important decisions together with a clear good Intention".

Ravianna we know this is just a begining... and wish you all the more success in your future endeavours.

Best Wishes from all of us,
Naveen Saritha Advika and Arshika
Comment on this message     

Mrs. Sabiya.I. Manna & Family, Udupi - QatarMonday, June 27, 2011
A person with perfect knowledge of human feeling, an ideal example of a secular character, a role model for the entire society, a dynamic personality with no ego.

Mr. Ravi Shetty closely associated with my family has bestowed by ALMIGHTY with every inputs of excellence.
Comment on this message     

B. J. Bhandari, Mumbai - IndiaMonday, June 27, 2011
I am immensely proud and pleased to read an article about you in Daiji World. Am too small a person to comment on a personality of your calibre. Be a Beacon light always for the Bunts. You have the charisma and ability to climb many more steps of success. Be yet another BRS in Gulf. God Bless you in all your endeavours to serve the needy and under-privileged. Hearty Congrats from self and family.
Comment on this message     

yashavanth g shetty, M'loreMonday, June 27, 2011
Ravianna is much more than described in this article-a pure soul with smile always.I am fortunate to have been associated with him since 1998. Even then he was a simple 'Mannai Man' in Qatar on toes caring,sharing & extending all possible help to others selflessly-a friend whom i cherish wholeheartedly.A true friend worth being emulated.
Hats off to you Ravianna.
Comment on this message     

Prakash shetty, Moodambail/BangaloreMonday, June 27, 2011
Ravi anna truly deserves the title conferred. Indeed he is a role model for Moodambail young generation.May God bless you with health, wealth and peace. Wish you all the best for your future journey Ravianna.
Comment on this message     

mohamed ibrahim, mangloreMonday, June 27, 2011
Dear Ravi, great article to read about you. well done and congratulations. Keep up the good work.
Comment on this message     

padmashree shetty, doha, qatarMonday, June 27, 2011
A man with rich heart, who is known for his humble and down to earth attitude, with the support of equally loving and downto earth better half jyotiakka, is always on his toes to help people in need!!!!!!!! congrats ravianna u truly deserve this...u r an inspiration ......
Comment on this message     

Sudhir Shetty, Mangalore / BahrainMonday, June 27, 2011
Ravi Anna Congrats !!! and keep up the good work. May god bless you and your family.
Comment on this message     

Prakash Shetty , Bantwal / Qatar (QNCC)Monday, June 27, 2011
You are the same Ravi whom I knew during our college days. You have not changed a bit. Each word of the article is true. Still you are a simple, humble, down to earth person who is ready to help others in whatever way you can. I am proud of your achievement and wish you luck for your future.
Comment on this message     

Ganesh Rai, Coorg, UAEMonday, June 27, 2011
Dear Ravianna Congratulations! Wish you all the very best in future, we pray that you & your family be blessed by the Almighty plentifully to live a happy, joyful, peaceful & prosperous life.
Comment on this message     

Darshan, QatarMonday, June 27, 2011
A beautiful article about our Ravianna... congrats...and good luck.
Comment on this message     

Dell & Albert Rego, Mangalore, QatarMonday, June 27, 2011
Dear Ravianna....article is very much true and you are the pride of Mangalore and good samaritan for the needy people all over. Society needs people like you...if all people would have the same attitude like yours, good thinking, kind heart, caring/supporting and giving hands to the needy then the world would have been soo good and peaceful every where. May God bless you and your family and keep you all under his shelter and wings. Thanks daiji for the article.
Comment on this message     

Asmathali, Doah - QatarMonday, June 27, 2011
Great effort, you have put light on the eminent personality,Ravi Anna, he is really very appreciable,helpful, and a great inspiration to all mangaloreans and every individual, i wish him every success in future.
Comment on this message     

Pradeep Shetty, Kandavara / BahrainMonday, June 27, 2011
Dear Ravianna,
Congratulations for all that you have acheived till date and I wish there is lot more to come on your way. God bless you & your family with health, wealth and prosperity. Wish you all the best.
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R.B.Subramanya, Mangalore / LondonMonday, June 27, 2011
Nice article about Ravi Shetty, my old colleague from the days of Simon Carves at Bombay to TATA Projects in Hyderabad to Mannai in Doha.

Great work, keep it up and follow me to London too.

Best of luck and best regards, God bless you all
Comment on this message     

Dinesh Gowda, DohaMonday, June 27, 2011
Dear Ravi Anna, great article and very happy to read about you. well done and congratulations. Keep up the good work.
Comment on this message     

R. Karkera, QatarMonday, June 27, 2011
Dear Ravianna,
Congratulations……You truly are an inspirational leader and a role model for all the budding young entrepreneurs out there. Your uncanny ability to turn adversities into opportunities is exemplary and that’s what true leaders are made up of.

Keep up the good work and wishing you & your family all the best in your future endeavours too.
Comment on this message     

Saquib Raza Khan, Mangalore/QatarMonday, June 27, 2011
A True Article. I am lucky to know this charming person and the person who is ready to help anyone at anytime. A True "ANNA" for all the Kannadigas.

Wishing you all the Success and May Almighty God full fill all your wishes.
Comment on this message     

Lancy Pinto, Bondel/ KSAMonday, June 27, 2011
Good work by Mr.Ravi Shetty.We really need such people to help each other. Many thanks to daijiworld for their support
Comment on this message     

Vani Alva, mangaloreMonday, June 27, 2011
Yes he is a Pride.. not only in Qatar...In Our Family too..I am proud to say He Is My BROTHER
Comment on this message     

Chandrashaker Shetty, Udupi /QatarMonday, June 27, 2011
Dear Ravi Anna Congratulation and we are proud of you for your achivement and we are proud to have such leader in our community and your helping nature to Mangloreans. May god bless you with many more achivements.
Comment on this message     

DIVAKAR A POOJARY, Padubidri, Udupi / Doha QatarMonday, June 27, 2011
Ravi Shetty – Mangalore's Pride in Qatar, indeed a wonderful article on a wonderful person and we Mangaloreans are proud to be associated with such a personality who has spread his wings in a short span of time with his humble approach and whole hearted involvement in every field he steps in. May God Bless him and his family with Long Life, health, wealth and happiness, so that more needy people are benefited.

Divakar Poojary, General Secretary-ICBF, Past president-TuluKoota Qatar.
Comment on this message     

ANITHA SAMSON, BELA/ MLORESunday, June 26, 2011
Comment on this message     

Mrs. Sabiya I. Manna, UdupiSunday, June 26, 2011
A person with perfect knowledge of human feeling, an ideal example of a secular character, a role model for the entire society, a dynamitic personality with no ego,

Mr. Ravi Shetty closely associated with my family has bestowed by ALMIGHTY with every inputs of excellence.
Comment on this message     

malathi, panemangaloreSunday, June 26, 2011
dear ravi anna
great congrats and hats of you and wish you the best in you life and one more ravi anna can you give your id or address thank you
Comment on this message     

Arvind Patil, QatarSunday, June 26, 2011
I have known Ravi for almost 13 years and he has never changed and I am sure he will not. I always call him as "sahukararu", yes he is rich in noble thoughts and always try to help people in need and I am really proud to have a friend like him.
I wish him a great success in life.
Thanks Daiji for the article.
Comment on this message     

Tony, Mangalore/SydenySunday, June 26, 2011
Shettys` mostly excel in Hotel and Catering business, but Mr. Ravi is an exception. It is pleasing to note that he has almost single handedly built up his engineering services company and doing all the good work mentioned in the article. Keep going with your entrepreneural and philanthropic work Ravi, especially keeping your employees happy. God Bless you and your lovely family.
Comment on this message     

vincent miranda, mangaloreSunday, June 26, 2011
We Mangaloreans are proud of you. Let us all have the same spirit of serving our society. May God Bless Mr. Ravi and all of us.
Comment on this message     

Uday Shetty (Chaitali), Mulki-Mumbai-DohaSunday, June 26, 2011
Dear Ravi Anna
Keep going...i have known anna for last 12 yrs of my stay in Doha....& have visulized every word mentioned in the article..whats been constant througout his journey his dedication, courage, integrity, commitment....proud to arround him....Dear Ravi anna hope you reach greater heights & goals......Uday
Comment on this message     

Sarvotham Shetty, Pareeka/Abu DhabiSunday, June 26, 2011
Inspiring article about Ravi Anna written by Gladson & Alexis of Daijiworld.com. I am closely associated with Ravi Anna since a decade and as the article says he is a true gentleman, a perfect role model, a loving, caring, simple and a humble human being. We are proud of u Ravianna and on behalf of UAE Kannadig's & UAE Bunt's my best wishes to you for all your future endeavours. May GOD bless you and family always.
Comment on this message     

John Saldanha, Kanajar/DubaiSunday, June 26, 2011
Dear Ravi, great article to read about you. well done and congratulations. Keep up the good work.
Comment on this message     

Eddie Sequeira, Mangalore/DohaSunday, June 26, 2011
Shri Ravi Shetty, kind, caring and giving, a perfect gentleman, definitely Mangalore's Pride. May God bless you with health, wealth and peace.
Comment on this message     

chittaranjan, Doha, QatarSunday, June 26, 2011
Ravianna is realy proud to be bunts community in Qatar. he is so humble person. I spoke to him and Evan i meet him. God luck Ravianna.
Comment on this message     

Hariprasad suvarna, Mlore / KuwaitSunday, June 26, 2011
I really appriciate Mr.Shetty your support to all community in Qatar as well as back home Hatts off you
Comment on this message     

Comment on this message     

Archana Shetty, Puttur/Doha-QatarSunday, June 26, 2011
Wonderful Article, Ravi anna truly deserves the title conferred. Indeed he is a true visionary and role model for many including me. His professional/personal skills and character is what makes him a gem, a leader. We are proud of you Ravianna.
Comment on this message     

Roland Ida DSouza, Kalmady / RiyadhSunday, June 26, 2011
Dear Ravianna,
Great achievement and success. May the Almighty God keep you always happy and healthy to carry on the good job to a much greater heights. Wishing you the good luck and much more successes in the future.
Comment on this message     

Mrs. Sharmila shrikanth, QatarSunday, June 26, 2011
“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity" that's our Ravianna.once again congratulations........
Comment on this message     

D.Subramanian, Doha, Tamil Nadu/PondicherrySunday, June 26, 2011
I feel proud that i am working with such kind of person. The article explains in detail about him and it is really amazing. Thanks Daijiworld for their efforts and our Managing Director Mr.Shetty in supporting us and taking care of us.
Comment on this message     

Dear Ravi Anna, You are really great. May God bless you and your family and lead to further success in all your future endeavors too.
My sincere appreciation and Thanks to Tulu Koota Qatar and Ravi Anna for all the support and help extended to our Bank during our Marketing visits to Doha Qatar. Thanks to Daijiworld for presenting Mr Ravi Shetty's versatile personality and success story to the readers.
With warm regards,
Nagaraj Shetty K, Corporation Bank, Dubai, UAE.
Comment on this message     

H.K.Manjunath, QatarSunday, June 26, 2011
Congratulations to Ravianna! We are proud of you and your acheivement.You are always there for the needy and inspire all of us here in Qatar. We pray Almighty to give you good health & strength to climb greater heights and continue your service to the community during the years to come.
Comment on this message     

nazir ahmed-, karakalaSunday, June 26, 2011
Great personality. A gem of mangalore. All expats in Doha should feel lucky that we have a person like Ravi among us here. eduacation and hard work always works.
Comment on this message     

sunil kumar shetty, karkala/riyadhSunday, June 26, 2011
Good article about ravi anna. Good helping nature. we have to proud of him and his hardwork.He is the rolemodel to all who all are intrest to come up.
Comment on this message     

Rj Avinash, 92.7BIGFM, Udupi/Kundapur/MangaloreSunday, June 26, 2011
I had got an opportunity to meet Mr.Shetty and be a part of their cultural show that was organised couple of years back. Frankly , i havent read this article yet. But its just the 'Title' of this article makes me write a comment on this man. He is a person to be admired. I wish him success all while.

Comment on this message     

Antony T. D' Souza, Karkala / QatarSunday, June 26, 2011
Combined effort by locally based Daijiworld reporters, Mr. Almeida and Mr. Castelino, the prime space occupied here for the article itself shows how important person is Mr. Ravi Shetty for Doha society, GCC and back in Mangalore or Hydarabad. Each words ed in the article are commendable shedding perfect light upon Mr. Shetty’s dedication to once own brilliant qualifications, leadership qualities, affection to his employees, sportsmanship, communal harmony, an educated businessman and entrepreneur , to raise to the occasion to upheld traditional culture and folkways in Doha. Nevertheless, for myself, above all what impresses is his level headedness, gentle approach and shrewd smile, helping the needy to find a job is itself a huge virtue, down to earth men of divine qualities - serving the humanity selflessly.
Furthermore , what can I write more but only in wishing Mr. Shetty to raise to the stature of Mr. Alva, Mr. Hegde, Mr. Shetty with whom he is intermingling in above photos perhaps to assimilate them sooner which is not beyond his capabilities and humble virtues. Such leaders should be encouraged. Good luck ‘Ravi Anna’.
Comment on this message     

shrijith shetty, bangaloreSunday, June 26, 2011
congratulations bhava you have achived so many things at such short time with so much dedication... i am very happy .. you are a roll model for youngsters like me ..may god bless wit all the luck and happiness in the world so tat you can achive many more things in days to come...i aspire to become like you some day...thanks for daiji for such inspiring article...all the best bhava
Comment on this message     

Nishith shetty, Sujeer/uaeSunday, June 26, 2011
Nice article from Daijji!!!

Good to see & hear about Mr.Ravianna who hails from our Place and also from our college Has occupied an Place Globaly.

All the best for Ravianna..
Comment on this message     

R.T.Shetty, Kundapur/DohaSunday, June 26, 2011
A long awaited article. Congratulations Sir and keep the good work and spirit of Manglore. He is an example that hardwork pays
Comment on this message     

ronald Mascarenhas, mangalore dubaiSunday, June 26, 2011
Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Ravi Shetty, It s a familiar name even in Dubai. Best of Luck

Comment on this message     

Cyril Dsouza, Mangalore,Mumbai,QatarSunday, June 26, 2011
Yes indeed Ravi is a great and charming personality and at the same time a helpful person too. Always greets everyone with a good smile.
All the best to u Ravi and keep the good work going.
Comment on this message     

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