' Operation Osama and My Overtime

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Operation Osama and My Overtime
By Ayush Prasad

May 12, 2011

The United States Navy SEALs, under the guidance and intelligence of the CIA, successfully tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden, the face and once commander of the world biggest terrorist organisation. I am a virtual lab rat, in one of India's corporate laboratories. I also work on business strategy for our company's expansion, where no senior member of our organisation wants to waste his time - East Europe and West Africa. I am not in the media, nor a secret CIA/ISI operative nor am I affiliated to Taliban that I had to draft a statement. Then why was I forced to work overtime on a seemingly ordinary day at office?
Corporate organisations around the world rely heavily on the military - for new research and development into new technology or in formulating strategies for business. We are all using the Internet to read what I have written and it was developed purely for corporate purposes. Every corporate library has books on military strategy from Genghis Khan to Napolean to the several hundred books written on Kargil War, mostly by army officers who were posted in Bangalore and Pune during the battle.
I was asked to talk to the strategy and innovation team about how the operation was carried out. The overtime was spent was trying to research, analyze and prepare the content for discussion. In the era of electronic media, in an attempt to be first, all kinds of sins are committed - like morphing images to be "Exclusive". The Pakistani spokespersons who ranged from retired generals to exiled former ministers gave different and contradicting versions. The spin-off was fantastic and I have reccomended that they be appointed as public relations consultant at our company.

I finally came to the following narrative. In 2007, one of the aides of Khalid Sheik Muhammad gave an alias name of a person who is a trusted courier/messenger to Osama bin Laden. It took the United States over 2 years to determine his real name and then upon following him, they reached Abbottabad, near Pakistan Miliatary Academy. They used all sorts of techniques to study who was living in the house and upon identifying someone like Osama bin Laden, they decided to go for the kill.
The United States had failed in 2002 in Tora Bora, where Osama bin Laden had escaped on a donkey's back, though the US Air Foce pounded the area with hydrogen bombs, creating craters. Where the might and bombs failed, a quiet resolve to carry out a job succeeded. As I worked and understood what had happened, I realised that the mission was to do with human qualities than with military action. Students, professionals and corporate organisations have a lot to learn from the people who made it possible.
Who killed bin Laden? Did the officer who shot him in his head kill bin Laden? No, it was the effort of so many others. For the purpose of the human resource department, I categorised them.

The Support Staff

Almost all of these people were unaware that they were involved in any operation, but the support rendered by them made it all possible. They are many in number and play a vital role in any success, though they are not directly involved. In the Osama Story, they included the people who made Afganistan so unliveable for Osama. The people who worked tirelessly to end his network and cut off his support base. This forced him to be away from thousands of bodyguards and made killing him an easy affair.
In our company, the support are the people who work in other projects to build up a reputation and brand such that people want to do business with us. For a student, it would be people who support and make their day easy - like a servant at home or a bus driver who ensures that you get to school/college in time.

The Top Management

The management is the most vital part of the organisation, though they do little actual work. The vision and the sense of direction, sets the organisational agenda and directs all energies towards targets. The President and his Cabient were the top management in the Osama Story. They showed courage and determination towards the mission. They didn't wane in their committment though time has brought in more critical issues. A lot of things could have gone wrong, but they believed in their organisations to deliver.
The challenge for the top management in any organisation should be to identify things they that would help utilize the potential of individuals and teams who work in it. They should select the right people for the right job, investing the correct amount of faith. They should give freedom, while also keeping the checks and balances.

The Tactical Commanders

The tatcial commanders were the CIA. They got the relevent intelligence, planned out the operation in complete detail, took advantage of supporting factors while working to meet the challenges. Any decision is as good as its follow up work. The tactic commanders were the vital link, who ensured that the decision of the top management was implemented well and the implementers were armed and prepared. The CIA showed patience, determination and unwavering committment inspite of several challenges.
We are tactic commanders when we plan for something. It could be when we plan to study for an exam as a student or plan a project in an organisation. We must take into account everything and use every factor to our advantage. We should be ready with backup plans in case of failure.


There were a group of 20 SEALs who carried out the operation. They were picked from the US Army, specially trained and moulded as individuals. They are not the aggressive kinds who hit the gym and showoff their knowledge, instead they are the quiet chess-playing kinds. They are intelligent, masters of all relevent trades, no matter how divergent - military combat, technical and medical. They are physically fit and mentally active, with a clear mind and singular focus. They are secretive and show a quiet determination. They are not celebrated nor are they paid highly, but they carry a sense of achievement with them.
To become a SEAL in our life, we should try to embibe their qualities in us. We should work to a level beyond perfect, remain honest with ourself and consistently try to improve. We should show a quiet determination to succeed.

Do you want to Kill bin Laden?

Who is Osama bin Laden? People who knew him at a personal level have commented that he was a humble, simple person, who never picked up a fight, no matter how much you instigated him. He was a nice man to know. Why would you like to kill such a person? But due to his strong beliefs and action, he created something monsterous, a killing machine, which has killed thousands. In its revenge, millions more have been killed. As Gandhiji had said, "Eye for an eye, makes the entire world blind". Today all of us are blinded with anger, hatred, fear and greed. Osama bin Laden is more than a human being, he is a thought, which unfortunately is within all of us, in different ways.
Let us all try to kill bin Laden in us and in doing so, let us become people who actually killed bin Laden.


Ayush Prasad - Archives:


Comments on this article
Mustafa, Mlr/KsaSunday, May 15, 2011
Mr. Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur / puttur, Mangalore

It’s a serious false and provocative allegation against Islam and its 1.25b followers.. Point out a single verse of Quran as a evidence to the world which promote violence. I think you follow Mr.Arun Shourie’s ideology who used to write against quoting verses of Quran out of contexts or few Westerner who on the mission to malign Islam at the maximum even they are not bother to burn Quran. But the ground reality remains is that the Islam yet one of the fastest spreading religions in Europe and USA.

To understand what exactly Islam is, you should try to study Quran yourself. The reason is the fact that what Muslims exhibit does not necessarily elaborate what Islam preaches. Islam is against killing of a single soul without justice. It completely detests killing innocent people whether they be Muslims or otherwise. Quran has addressed this thus: “WHOEVER SLAYS A SOUL, UNLESS IT BE FOR MURDER OR FOR MISCHIEF IN THE LAND, IT IS AS THOUGH HE SLEW ENTIRE MANKIND, AND WHOEVER KEEPS IT ALIVE, IT IS AS THOUGH HE KEPT ENTIRE MANKIND ALIVE” (Quran 5:32)

You said American leaders have elected unanimously by their own people . But fact of the matter is the leaders often manipulate and deceived their own people to gain powers like Narendra Modi in Gujrath after Muslim carnage, Congress in Delhi and center after Sikh riots, Biju Patnayak (BJP ally) after Kandhamal Christian massacre, Yeddiyurappa in Karnataka after several church attacks. Dear Josph watch the world through yr own eyes and try to find out the truth . Forget about what other saying.
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Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur / puttur, MangaloreSaturday, May 14, 2011
Dear Mustafa KSA,
The United States of American leaders are elected by the American people who are elected legally and legally out of power. Osama bin laden was a fugitive expelled by the Saudi government. No human can become a terrorist unless he himself agrees and has his own concrete ideas. Osama was waging jihad/war against infidels (Islam says those who do not believe in Allah and Muhammad are infidels, without shahaddha nobody can become Muslim. Believing in Allah only is of not sufficient) Osama is a follower of Koran and his works & actions are entirely depending upon Koran. While killing humans the terrorists are using verses from the Koran.
The killing of such a notorious terrorist was imminent and imperative for the peaceful existence of the world community.
It was not necessary to give him human rights as if the terrorists are caring for human rights. To bring him to international court of justice is a waste of time, money, resources and materials because he did not care and follow humanity.
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Alex d'mello, MumbaiSaturday, May 14, 2011
Ayush, I liked your matured psychology from this article. Let the people think whatever they want, Bin laden is responsible for killing innocents which is proved beyond any doubt. keep it up.
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Bulsam, MangaloreSaturday, May 14, 2011
Mr. Balu, the powerful America who is supposedly fighting against the world disorder should keep their track record straight. There are judiciary and law of the land to charge the guilty where as there are growing complaints from Europeans about US treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, the draft of a final statement prepared for the EU-US summit in 2006 contained a pledge from US President George Bush that he will respect human rights in the war on terror. In the other hand they found another Guantanamo Bay like Torture Camp that is a US-run prison built from scratch on an US military base to hold “enemy combatants” captured in the so-called “war on terror”. It holds almost three times as many prisoners as Guantanamo and the so called Bagram prison is about double the size of Guantanamo Bay. Those imprisoned there have never been charged with a crime, nor do they have any meaningful way of challenging their detention. The inmates allege abuse at the hands of their captors, ranging from sleep deprivation to brutal beatings. Journalists are not allowed to visit and lawyers are banned from the premises. Even the number of prisoners held there remains an official secret. Estimates suggest it currently houses more than 600 but exact details remain classified by US authorities. The critics point out that in a war where there is no uniformed enemy, innocent men may have been swept up and detained.
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Mohamed Shahid, BangaloreSaturday, May 14, 2011
You guys will probably wanna take this thought...

Osama lived yards away from an academy. So assume yards away from ISI. So safely assume(I AM CERTAIN) that he was ISI backed.

Now consider Obamas dwindling popularity in US. His party Losing so many elections. Lots of doubts over his reelection.

NOW, ISI chief visits US and even meets Obama a few weeks back for no very specific interest and imagine an intelligence chief (not even army chief) of a country given the oppurtunity of meeting Obama.(I dont remember Indian chiefs ever meeting him).

And all this happens in mid 2011 when Obama had promised 2 years back about troops pullout from Afghan and all that shit we read in papers everyday.

It all seems so planned..
Obama has dwindling popularity. Talks to ISI who know where laden is. Operation happens and Obama says "YES, I DID IT" for a change.
BO withdraws from afghan and justifies his decision. He wins over "the growing american rightist" and already has his base "poor american citizen" in his fold and here we are "WHO is the next american president...???"

Decipher the truth...???
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Balu , MangaloreFriday, May 13, 2011
Who do you mean prisoners are abused in Guantanamala Bay.
They are terrorist..Do you expect first class service for them? They are provided with koran at least.
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Cynthia, Mangalore. IsraelFriday, May 13, 2011
vidit , bangalore
if osama had bodyguards... you can publish that in your own news channels. why did he escape on donkeys back from Afghanistan to Pakistan? where was Osama's FIGHTER JET then?
India is still feeding Kasab. I guess again American President has to ORDER india to hang him till then india/
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vidit, bangaloreFriday, May 13, 2011
why u are worried about Dawood?
He had given good hand to film industry /ministers. He is having business in all places including in your place.WHAT U GET IF THEY CATCH DAWOOD OR ANY ONE . YOU REQUIRED TO EARN FOR YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER.
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Maria, MoodbidriFriday, May 13, 2011
surprised to see that many people are with Osama. what abt Mumbai blast? how abt the Air India hijaked on christmas eve and taken to Afghanistan? Why India asking DAWOOD from Pakistan then? no one here dare to talk abt Pakistan. even if they treaten India on every small issue. What a shame! hereafter cannot blame only Pakistan for supporting terrorist, even in India many do. if you guys think America is a terrorist...think that way, doesnt make any diference to AMERICA. looking at AMERICA'S power you burn inside and loose weight.
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imtiaz Dubai, MangaloreFriday, May 13, 2011
well,well...whatever,however,Os ama, finally dead...Ok! Now relax,.... be happy,and celeberate daily... for one of the biggest terrorist is no more. Now see tothe future,what we can do....Infact he had to be killed...
Now just think,how a person becomes terror, to anyone,till he is disturbed,he no one will try to take charge and become a teerorist...First of all, we have to clean the world's entire, and change all the political leaders. All New faces should join the political force. all the enemity and differences between each country should becleared first, and a big country like U.S. or any strong country could change the world's ideas. Good Luck to All.
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Ayush Prasad, BangaloreFriday, May 13, 2011
Thankyou Daijiworld for publishing this article.

The comments by different people vindicates my thought about bin Laden being within all of us. Bin-Laden-ism is not about Terrorism, but it is being so strongly opinionated that we cannot accept others views. We feel that we are right, hence lose the ability to think with an open mind. We close our minds and hence lose an opportunity to learn.

These strong views leads to fundamentalism and hatred. And we just showed it!

Let us all kill the bin Laden within us. Let us throw open our minds and heart.

Thankyou to everybody who liked the article.

Thanks also to those who did not like the article! Now this just became a small step of killing bin laden in me!
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Simon Fernandes, KarkalaFriday, May 13, 2011
Vidit, I guess you are not aware of DNA and latest technology. I am not intrested in seeing Bindladens body nor intrested in any movies the fact is he is dead and paid the penalty for killing so many people.His very own son is suing America that shows Binladen indeed killed by Americans.
Mustafa, what is double standard are you talking about pakistan took the aid given by USA and let Binladen to live in pakistan for good period of time. Terrorists should be killed and not put on trial othewise it will end up like Kasab who is breathing the air at the cost tax payers money.Get real my friend.Westerners are hypocrites according to you and what about the Eastners. What ever you say in many ways you copy the westerners taste and style.
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Gladson, BrahmavarFriday, May 13, 2011
Ayush good article. Keep going, we need more such articles from you. It's high time that a few educated guys on this forum come out clean on their stand on terrorism irrespective of religion. Why you want Osama alive still so that tomorrow Al Qaida or some other brain-washed group with their a**hole ideologies bargain his release with the life of some more innocents? We all have learned a lot from Azhar Masood episode and the Kandhahar hijack. What western style are you speakig? Osama and half of his family is living in the west with business interests in Switss and other parts of the world. One of his nieces Wafah Dafour is a model seen often in bikinis while Osama's half-brother Salem had business connnections with none other than George Bush. Osama's father Shaikh Mohammad married a staggering 22 times. Osama had six wives one of whom had been divorced within 48 hours of marriage. Which society can accept this, East, West, South or North? West bashing has become an excuse for a few to evade from reality. If Pak could hide him for over half a decade and go on denying his presence within, do you think it would have cooperated with US in capturing Osama? The skeletons are fast falling from ISI and Pak military's rotten cupboards. Osama killing does not absolve US of its misdeeds for sure. US has a black history. But it has done a great favour to the world by killing Osama. Osama's ideologies may still thrive but they will be rudderless like LTTE after Prabhakaran's killing.
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Vijay Kumar, BangaloreFriday, May 13, 2011
Dear Mustafa/Vidit/Yousuf,
1.The writer is just trying to draw an analogy of the operation with today's corporate world which he has well substantiated with blatant facts. People in India and elsewhere in the world, by and large comprehend with writer’s view point and so it’s juvenile of you to accuse him of a western view point.
2. Catching Osama alive couldn’t have been an option because according to the international laws the only time a terrorist shouldn’t be taken out is if he is not wearing any clothes, which vindicates him of hiding any kind of weapon for retaliation. Besides, Seals didn’t have the leverage of the Pakistani army’s fidelity who by having a military base only a few yards from Osama’s hideout did not help their cause in an alien territory. Its inconceivable that the Pakistani Army did not have cognizance of Osama’s whereabouts and if they did they might as well be harboring him and in that case a 40 min operation was long enough to provoke a reprisal. Hence catching him alive would prove to be a strategical flaw that they could not have risked, not at least with Bin Laden.
3. Last but not the least Osama Bin Laden is dead and its important at the same time necessary for your sorry state of mind to accept it and by sympathizing his death you would be justifying all the innocent lives he took.

@Ayush Prasad: Well written sir.Keep up the good work!
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yousuf, ksaFriday, May 13, 2011
I fully agree with Mustafa KSA that it is very concern that the panels below belongs to one community sympathizes USA and its allies without knowing the ground reality even after realizing how they dangerous for the integrity of the world community. It is crystal clear that how often they violate international laws, manipulate the reasons, invade countries, killings innocents lives, making hype by threatening the world projecting terrorism every alternative day despite there is no harm has done to them since 9/11...Even USA expert in about more than 70 websites says 9/11 job done by Bush itself. When twin towers hit by the planes about 4000 Jew employees absent on that day. It is very very sad we being educated yet blind eyes treat ourselves as barbarians. Let's be balanced and firm about the JUST. Let's not incline towards particular any one religion, caste, creed, color. I personally condemn all type of terrorism whether it is OBL or USA and it's allies. Every one has to be brought to international court of justice. But fact of the matter remain WHO WILL DARE TO FACE USA the world's superpower. India still crying for Anderson, responsible for Bhopal gas tragedy and David Colman Hadley involved in 26/11, for extradition. Will India dare to invade and attack USA?? unlike USA do ?
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Anita Sequeira, Bendore - MangaloreThursday, May 12, 2011
Congratulations Ayush. Need more articles from you. Keep up the good work and wish you all the very best.
Was happy to read the same and to see ur handsome pics on Daijiworld.
Best wishes
Urban, Anita & Amanda
Dubai-B/lore and M/lore
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vidit , bangaloreThursday, May 12, 2011
simon dont think you had seen the body th sea.You required another 50 years to know about hollywood story like osama.You can watch some more bollywoood movie to know about the story. i fully agree with mustafa.what do you think about helicopter landing ? Is binlandan is blind. H e will be having body gaurds like osama.Interelligent team work in all socity . YOU think it over again to decide . It is all game play for next election in USA. BINLADAN IS STILL ALIVE.
Comment on this message     

Clara Lewis, Kemmannu/DubaiThursday, May 12, 2011
Well written article, easy to understand the Joint operation carried out by CIA and SEAL and more effort from different people.

Terrorist terrorized the world by killing thousands of innocent people. America is not the only country victim of terrorism ,India too victim to terrorism. Why people don't speak about those countries who supply illegal arms, funds and hiding places to these terrorist to kill innocent civilians are they ignorant about them or they don't want y to accept the truth that other than Western/European some other counties too produce arms. or are we those stereo type people singing the same song again & again against western/European countries and close our eyes against those countries. why people don't raise their voice against them.

Terrorist are not fighting on the battle ground with equivalent opponent. They plan and attack from the hideouts on innocent civilians.
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Ranjith, MangaloreThursday, May 12, 2011
Well written. from this article i understand that the spirit of one team and that works. keep it up
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mustafa, ksaThursday, May 12, 2011
Mr.Simon Fernandes Karkala, No wonder I expected such response from like you guys, again like western style. You people love westerners no matter how hypocrites they are... One has to be HONEST with truths not double standard. If you enjoy reading the article it doesn't mean I too enjoy it.. I respect yr views (though looks abusive) but at the same time you too have to digest my views equally. TRUTH ALWAYS BITTER. Try be just to every human being equally. I think you too lacking the knowledge what's happening around the world .
Comment on this message     

Joviel D'Cruz, UdupiThursday, May 12, 2011
mustafa, Mlr/ksa,
Mustafa's comments are objectionable. Arrest Bin laden and bring him to international court of justice...then hijack/kidnap/carry-out bomb blasts and kill the innocent peolpe for his release...then he escapes from the prison etc....better eliminated him once and for all. Good job done !!!
Comment on this message     

Bulsam, MangaloreThursday, May 12, 2011
The US Govts before Obama, created an ordinary god-fearing Osama into a dreaded terrorist. The turmoil in the world is due to unjust foreign policies of the American and other so called developed world. They manufacture killing machines and supply them to the conflicting nations of the world. They possess the nuclear bombs and the US who had ped atom bomb in Japan, naphtha bomb in Vietnam and carpet bombed Iraq against the UN wishes. They violated the human rights and abused the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay for a decade without any trial, in many cases falsely accused few innocent of being terrorists. The conflicting nations around the world should realise this and stop buying billions of dollars worth arms from US and other developed nations to kill one another.
Moreover, for the last half century or more the mega industries of the developed nations created the world disorder and global warming. Let them reverse the processes and stop further detoriation of this world.
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ashenoy, mangloorThursday, May 12, 2011
Bin Laden, a warrior and an aid to America, is a creation of America to fight Russians during Afghan invasion. Knowing the dirty American linen and the covert operations(he called then infedels)with Afghan warriors including bin Laden, he knew the American true colors. This ill of America motivated him to go after America to fight a battle which no other individaul, organisation or nation has dared.
He drained and bleeded American treasury.It cost them billions.

America wanted to kill him as he was a massive threat to them.
Even if one believes Bin laden has been killed, America killed him because if he was brought to justice he would have exposed American dirty linen and covert dealings in public.
America is not a saint to kill a satan, by claiming it killed a terrorist, it conducted a terrorist action. As Osama's son from UK puts it" Obama is no better than Osama".
Bin Laden cannot be killed, its an ideology, he has created and flourished and will continue to live as long as America is bundled with dirty stinking linen.
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Simon Fernandes, KarkalaThursday, May 12, 2011
Mustafa to be honest your comment sucks. If you think the writer has expressed his thoughts like western style why don't you something like eastern style and let us compare which one is better and disgusting. If you don't have the talent to write just read the article and keep your abusive language to your selt. Bin laden is not an Egyptian piramid for you to say mystry is buried. You can very well go to Arabian sea to get the mystry if you are intrested in getting the mystry back hahaha. To the writer you have done excellent job by writing such article forget about people like Mustafa a crying baby.
Comment on this message     

mustafa, Mlr/ksaThursday, May 12, 2011
The writer has expressed his thoughts like a typical Western style. Let's not forget Binladen is still a Prime Suspect. USA showed cowardness by killing him instead arresting alive and bring to the international court of justice. Thus all the mysterious buried ones for all. The article is purely a disgusting and one sided. author should have revealed here the violation of all international laws from USA itself alone for many decades.
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Melwin Dolphy Menezes, Karkala / BahrainThursday, May 12, 2011
Well projectised article on joint intelligence operation, also it suites for project staff on day to day activity. Very well written, keep it up.
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