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The Frank Story of a Handicapped Man who was not
By Naveen Frank

Mar 22, 2009
There was great rejoicing in a household  within the college campus of St Aloysius College , Mangalore. A healthy male child was born. Great was the joy of the parents, grandparents and neighbors.  That was 52 years ago. 22 March 1957 to be precise.

After the birth of their daughter a year earlier, the arrival of the son came in as a bundle of pride to the parents , the late Joseph Frank  and the late Dorothy Rasquinha . They knew instantly that he was special. Hence they decided  to name him Jayant ( the victorious)

Like any other normal baby, Jayant grew up with the love of his parents and his grandparents who lived with them in the staff quarters of St Aloysius college. The stages of  a healthy growth were obvious.  The rolling, the crawling, the first steps and the first words. 

It was a cool morning of 17 th January 1959. Jayant was hardly two years old. He complained to his mother of someone hitting him on his head. The child cried bitterly and was restless. Later in the evening, he developed fever. The grandparents dismissed it as  a normal bout of flu. But the stubborn fever refused to leave him. He refused to eat and could barely walk. The concerned parents took the two year child to the family physician who told them to immediately  refer him to Fr Muller’s Hospital, the only known hospital of those days. A series of tests were performed.

The following day, the parents were told of the results.  It was as if the whole world came crumbling down on them. Their dreams were shattered. Two year old Jayant was the victim of the much dreaded polio attack.

At first it was a stage of disbelief to the parents. How could it have happened to a child who had clean surroundings and a healthy upbringing ? But when the bitter fact began to slowly sink in, they decided to do everything possible to save  Jayant from that terrible disease. The best of the doctors in Bombay were referred to. Everything that was known to the medical world half a century ago, was tried on Jayant. Nothing could save the child from polio.

It was now evident that Jayant would have a permanent disability on his left leg, waist downwards.  It was clearly visible that Jayant’s left leg was much shorter and thinner than  his healthy right leg. There was no strength in the affected leg at all. But the child adapted to walking with a heavy limp , using his polio affected leg more as a stilt for balance than a support.  Hoping against hope, the parents continued to try country medicines and oil massages on the child as he began to grow , with the hope that the damage could be contained or reversed.  But the ferocious after- effects of the polio attack remained and remained well. The dream of the parents that he was special came true – special with a difference.

Jayant grew up in an interesting but healthy atmosphere. His father , a lawyer by profession, was also teaching at St Aloysius College. Hence he had taken up residence at the staff quarters of the college where Jayant was born and grew up. His friends and neighbors were other staff members and their children. The school was a stone’s throw away and the Jesuit   Father’s residence was like a second home.

More care was given to the disabled child from all quarters, be it at home, in school or outside. The first look on the child was that of pity and concern.  Jayant grew up with his permanent limp. Like other children he could not wear footwear. Be it sun, wind or rain , Jayant went about barefoot.. An accepted brutal reality of those days for a handicapped child.

It was not until he was about eight years old that his parents, friends and teachers realized that Jayant was not after all that totally a helpless child who needed attention. He showed signs of responsibility even at an early age. He was sharp, intelligent and above all, healthy. By the time he turned 10, he had 7 other siblings around him..

With a large family, Jayant’s parents began to entrust him with greater responsibility to take care of the chores of the house. From his early teens, he was looked up to at sorting out problems, from fixing a tube light, changing a fuse wire , or controlling his younger brothers who could be difficult at times.

Jayant’s challenges surfaced  at school. Thankfully although he could not participate in running sports, his schoolmates and teachers did not consider him as an invalid. He was a football goal keeper . He was the first in push ups and pull ups, beating all his friends lock, stock and barrel. That was what Jayant was made of. His physical handicap did not dampen his spirit. He longed to be independent and refused sympathy and pity.  .

But at home , Jayant was looked up as a very responsible elder son and brother who could be relied on all major home  responsibilities. Jayant did not demand any preferential treatment.  He ate with the rest, shared the same children’s room, played with the siblings as if he was a normal  boy.

Sadly the outside world saw Jayant as a burden as he could not be a normal person . But Jayant grew up with respect. He was a common point for all his college friends. He adapted to wearing specially stitched trousers to fit   his uneven height.  He now started wearing shoes and adapted to it  almost instantly.  He showed great leadership qualities In college and was also the class representative .

Yet, there were curious minds in the neighborhood wondering how Jayant could face the fierce world independently. Everybody thought for sure that Jayant would not leave the safe confines of his home. But many did not know the grit and determination that Jayant possessed.  Soon after his  BCom graduation and a diploma in Business Management , Jayant  looked out for a decent job like any other young man.

“ I made my passport” recalls Jayant, “ and was planning to go abroad and begin my life.”  “My father approached his close friend who was working in the Gulf to try and look out for an opening for me. But when the reply came, my heart sank and I wept when I read the letter.”  says Jayant.  The letter was very painful, de-motivating, disheartening and almost a condemnation. “ It stated that I would not survive the harsh realities of the outside world and hence it would be best that I remain in the safe haven of my home. That hurt me and I was all the more determined now to stand up on my own feet, come what may.” relates Jayant.

He got a good position in Indian Airlines Corporation through the handicap quota. Surprisingly, Jayant refused the offer saying that  he could come up in life and survive without the handicap stigma attached to him.  Instead, he decided to leave home, go to far off Bombay and fend for himself. A bold decision for a handicapped person.

He decided to join his maternal uncle’s firm , based in Bombay. He quickly learnt the trade and with the help and support of his uncle and his colleagues, Jayant  stamped his presence permanently in the same company.

The initial bachelor days at Bombay was fun for  Jayant, just like any other youngster.  He was a popular figure at the KCA ( Kanara Catholic Association) hostel in Bandra where he resided during his first three years outside of home.  Everybody recalls his remarkable ability to play cricket.  He had tremendous skill in spin bowling. He bowled without a run up but was very effective in winning matches. His batting ability was not to be underestimated.  It was exciting to see him hit stretch shots and was assisted by a runner as he could not run.  All this from a lame young man.

But the sympathy wave still loomed over him. One day Jayant  was very tired and was walking back to the hostel. A senior citizen approached him and said, “ Son, I can imagine how difficult it is for you to walk.” For which Jayant promptly replied saying, “sir, what you see is just my external limp. But what I am within , you will never know. I am quite capable of many things you cannot imagine.” The man apologized to Jayant for considering him otherwise.

In Bombay, he used a scooter attached to a side car and zipped through the dangerous roads. Then came the time for Jayant , like any other aspiring young man to decide on settling down.  Again, it was as if the whole world were  glaring at Jayant. A polio affected  handicapped man looking for an alliance ?

But as the saying goes, “ marriages are made in heaven”, Jayant met his true life partner Suzie .  She saw beyond the physical appearance of Jayant and decided to take Jayant as her truly beloved husband . From that day onwards, there were no regrets.  Jayant and Suzie are blessed with a daughter Karen. They have made Mumbai their home. Nothing for them is abnormal. Jayant, as usual is the backbone of his family, doing all the outside chores. He drives his own car and is never dependent on anyone else.

Given his good and friendly nature, Jayant’s life is surrounded by friends . His charming, friendly and witty attitude  has made him a likable person wherever he goes.  Jayant has never taken advantage of his handicap .He does not use a handicap sticker on his car, he does not claim any handicap compensation or privileges from various government schemes.  “ Those are for the real handicapped” he says, “ and I am not one”

Jayant is a numismatist. He has a fabulous collection of old  coins from all over the world,  that he had collected since his college days.

On the lighter side, Jayant has got away from the law because of his handicap. He was once caught by a traffic cop on a “ No Entry” violation.  In spite of his repeated pleas, a ticket was promptly written. Jayant got out of the car and limped his way towards the police jeep. The inspector was shocked to  learn that he had just booked a handicapped man. He tore the ticket and sent Jayant away with a mild warning.

On another occasion Jayant found it impossible to get parking at the Santa Cruz airport where he had gone to pick up his 76 year old aunt. He had no choice but to park his car in a VIP enclave. When he returned he saw 2 police inspectors and a tow truck waiting for him. Again, the scene was shocking for them . Jayant , the handicapped driver was pushing his old aunt’s wheelchair. Instead of a ticket, the inspectors rushed towards them and assisted with his aunt comfortably seated in the car and a salute to Jayant as he drove away.

“ I never consider myself an invalid” says a confident Jayant. “ I do not want people to treat me as a helpless person”. “ This is the attitude that every physically handicapped person must adopt.  Also, it is time for the so called “Normal” people not to brand us as useless and show pity on us”.  He expects others to  help them live a normal like. Jayant is a living example of a successful life story at is far from over.

Today, the 22 of March 2009, Jayanth  celebrates his 52nd  birthday.  I salute you  my brother , my friend, my confidant – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !

Comments on this article
Roy Maliakkal Joseph , Mangalore Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Happy birthday Jayanth!!!
From all the Maliakkals. Your good old Mangalore neighbors!!! Miss them days😴
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Geeta N Pereira, Sakleshpur /mangaloreTuesday, March 22, 2016
Naveen, it's a well written article. Jaya you are a hero and I salute you.happy birthday.
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Marita?Toronto, MangaloreTuesday, March 23, 2010
Happy Birthday Jaya...though belated hope you had an awesome one...

Wonderful job Naveen..brings back good old memories of our growing years on the hilltop...inspiring and encouraging....
Comment on this message     

Rosemarie Michael, Mangalore/ LondonTuesday, March 23, 2010
Happy B'day Jayanth. I always wondered where you all were after moving from M'lore all those years ago. Good to see the charming photo of you all. Memories!!! Great writer Naveen. Hidden talents eh? Love to all. Great to be in touch again
Comment on this message     

Prateek Padakannaya, Bendore, Mangalore / Bangalore / CanadaFriday, April 17, 2009
Hi Jayanth, Sweet memories of sharing our younger years together came rushing to me… Jayant, as our classmate, you were dear and close to our hearts, and will be  I am delighted to know of your success in life. Thanks to Naveen for the well written article. I look forward to being in touch. Please mail me at prateeklv@gmail.com
Comment on this message     

Winfred Crafward, MumbaiSaturday, March 28, 2009
Its so good to read this short interesting story. You may have had polio and have stood strong . But the world is full of people like us who have a polio in our hearts. We are the real handicaps .. Keep going as you always do. Its good to have you as a friend My best wishes to you and your family God Bless you always
Comment on this message     

Flavian D'Souza, Kemmannu / MumbaiFriday, March 27, 2009
I spent some of my best years in KCA at Bandra. Thats when I met Jayant. Nobody even considered him handicapped. We used to have parties, cricket matches with the locals, but no, as far as the KCAites were concerned we were a team. Lancy his brother was my room mate and we did spend some happy times together as batchelors. Best wishes to you and your family Jayant.
Comment on this message     

Wilfred Alvares, Mangalore/MuscatFriday, March 27, 2009
Wonderful article on a wonderful personality. Many happy returns on your 52nd birthday. You may remember we were classmates in B.Com at At. Aloysius.May God shower His choisest blessings on you and your family. Best wishes from Wilfred.
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Geetha Raj, USA / SakleshpurFriday, March 27, 2009
Jaya, glad that you agreed to the interview! The responses were a testimony to how your story inspires us all. We, who know you very well do not see the physical handicap because of your emotional intelligence, wit and strong mind....in fact its our mental handicaps...low self esteem, fear, that keeps us from being the persons we were created to be. I am glad I read the responses as I did not realize that I might have sent some forwards to the 'other' Jaya. How funny! All for now.
Comment on this message     

Leonard Franks, Toronto, CanadaThursday, March 26, 2009
very facinating and touching article.i applaud Jayanth for all his greatness.Happy 52nd Birthday and all the best wishes to his family.Naveen, it very enjoyable reading your articles.this one is very special tribute to a great friend and brother.
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Priscilla, Mangalore/SharjahThursday, March 26, 2009
Wow ! Hats off to you Jayanth for Strong Will & Courage. Also wishing you Good Health & Happiness all your life. You are truly blessed to have a wonderful Life Partner. Thanx to Naveen for giving us such beautiful insight into his brother's life through Daijiworld. Proud of You.
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Sybil/Sannu Menezes, Bandra/mumbaiThursday, March 26, 2009
Naveen,perused your article and immediately called Jaya and wished him.A gentleman-Jaya is not only a great husband,father,brother,he`s great fun to know.Susie congrats for keeping Jaya so youthful.Jaya Ho!
Comment on this message     

Conrad Franks, Mangalore, U,S,AThursday, March 26, 2009
Dear Jayanth, Many happy retrrns of the day. It was nice to read your article and seeing you and your family, old memories. Our good wishes.
Comment on this message     

sinan, mangaloreThursday, March 26, 2009
I really appriciate Suizi for choosing him a life partner.
Comment on this message     

Ayan Senguptha, MumbaiTuesday, March 24, 2009
Hello uncle Jaya...very beautiful article...Even I believe that the only person who can stop you in life is you...What others say is only a reflection of what you feel inside...and if you don’t feel differently...nobody will have the guts to come in your way. I have been your immediate neighbor in Mumbai for the last many years growing from a child to an adult , watching you all the time and I have admired your positive attitude of life and enjoyed your witty and helpful nature. Best wishes for being 'victorious' in everything in life...
Comment on this message     

Michael Mathias, Mangalore/MichiganTuesday, March 24, 2009
Jaya, First of all I want to wish you a belated happy birthday. I loved Naveen' article. I remember those wonderful days at Light House Hill when I came to your place in the evenings and played cricket with you, Naveen, Suresh and Ashok and sometimes with Mohan and Lancy. Happy birthday. May you be blessed with many years of good health and happiness.
Comment on this message     

Mark, Sastan/BahrainTuesday, March 24, 2009
Dear Naveen, congratulations to you. It is a very meaningful and inspiring article. It also tells us that if a person has a stong will power one can climb up the ladder of success. Kudos to you Mr Jayant you are really a role model to the youngsters who hesitate to take up the challenges in life. A well deserved tribute from a brother to his own brother. Keep it up Naveen!
Comment on this message     

Clemy, Maffie & Priya D'Costa, RAK. UAE/AndheriTuesday, March 24, 2009
Dear Jaya Wish you a a very happy birthday and many many returns of this day. What has been written about you is really great and it is a very good and moral example for other people who seem to lose hope in life. They can set you as their ideal and come up in life. You have shown the world that all is not lost so easily. Best wishes for your further adventure in life.
Comment on this message     

Rosaline, ShirvaTuesday, March 24, 2009
Hats off!!! to you Jayanth and Suzie as well. You have proved yourself....never let yourself down. Even I am a wife of a Physically Challenged person, and I have learnt a lot of positive ways from him to lead a happy life. I am PROUD to be a part of his  life!!!! Happy B'day to you Jayanth and I wish you many more....
Comment on this message     

Fr Stany Miranda SJ, BangaloreTuesday, March 24, 2009
I read this write up on Jayant with great interest. Well written. I agree with all that you have said about Jayant. Being his uncle, I was never conscious that Jayant was sort of a crippled person. So well he had adjusted to life. I congratulate you on picking a strand in his life which escaped our awareness. Beautiful. Once I asked Jayant whether he was not self conscious of the limp when he crossed in front of us. He said 'no' and he added that he walked in a way that looked crooked to us and he saw the way we 'so called' rightly grown walked. Then the thought had come to me that our appearances were all in the mind. Jayant has a philosophic way of looking at things and so he could cope up with the so called handicap as no handicap at all. Even when you were growing up you yourself I have heard you cautioning your other brothers "Alere Jaya ailo ree” God bless you Jayant. Fr Stany Miranda SJ
Comment on this message     

Mohan Frank, MANGALORE / MUMBAITuesday, March 24, 2009
Dear Jaya, You have shown the world that by your will power,determination,honesty and hardwork you have become one of the most successful persons in the world.We wish you and your family for their support always.May God bless you and your family always.
Comment on this message     

Aaron, Mangalore, USAMonday, March 23, 2009
Very beautiful Article.. It shows the love between these brothers still exist after so many years..You are really lucky to have such loving family...
Comment on this message     

Anita Cordeiro, MangaloreMonday, March 23, 2009
All those who know Jayanth will agree that he is a sweet-natured and friendly person. His remarkable sense of humour and his depth of understanding must have stood him in good steed during his difficult times. CONGRATS Jayanth on making a wonderful success of your life. And hats off to Naveen, once again you have brought out to the readers a simple, yet enlightening story of success. Thanks Daiji for helping Naveen bring out his best . God bless you.
Comment on this message     

Sandra Rasquinha, DehradunMonday, March 23, 2009
Many Happy Returns of the day from Neville, Self, Rohit and Tanya
Comment on this message     

Brian D'Costa, Manglore/ TorontoMonday, March 23, 2009
Hey Jaya, Not sure if you remember me, I am uncle D'Costa's son. Happy birthday and wish you many many more. I must say you look very different since the last time we met. You guys look great, love to Suzie. Once again Happy Birthday and may the good Lords Blessings be on you and your family.
Comment on this message     

Felix Baretto, Bantval/CanadaMonday, March 23, 2009
Awesome real life story!!.I have witnessed most of your heroics in Bombay(now Mumbai). Am very proud of you JAYA. Grace and Myself wish you a wonderful birthday and many many more to come!. Cheers!!...Grace and Felix..Brampton.. Canada
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Percy Noronha, Muscat, MangaloreMonday, March 23, 2009
Wonderful job by 'daijiworld'. This article has brought many of Jayanth's friends and school/collegemates together who had no contact or whereabouts of this wonderful personality. Specially I am thankful to 'daijiworld' that by commenting my views on your site came in contact with Jayanth as his brother Naveen gave me his email id. Your site has been appreciated by people of all communities worldwide, specially the MANGALOREAN community who get news from Mangalore on a daily basis. KEEP IT UP !!
Comment on this message     

Dennis D'Souza, M'lore/BombayMonday, March 23, 2009
When God closes a door somewhere he opens a window. If we just look around we may see light coming through the window, it may be more refreshing than being stuck in a dark room. Naveen's article is touching and very aptly written. I am related to Jaya as he is fondly called, by marriage to his mother's cousin that is about 35 odd years ago and over the years of our association I have not once heard him complain of his disability, he has overcome every obstacle and has faced them bravely. Suzie has been a pillar of strength and with their daughter Karen they indeed make a happy family.
Comment on this message     

Ned & Frederick D'Cunha, Abu Dhabi/MangaloreMonday, March 23, 2009
Many happy returns Jayant. God bless you & your family. email: ned@pepsiadrc.ae
Comment on this message     

Flora Fernandes, Bajpe/SharjahMonday, March 23, 2009
Dear Jayanth, Many Many happy Returns of the Day. God Bless You & your Family. Hi, Naveen I am really happy to read the article written by you about your brother. Beautiful love & memories, keep it up.
Comment on this message     

clifford, suratkalMonday, March 23, 2009
You lived up to your name - The Victorious. God Bless you and your family. Belated Birthday wishes.
Comment on this message     

Ivan Frank, MangaloreMonday, March 23, 2009
Dearest Jaya, I am happy that Navin was able to put in paper your wonderful achievements. We used to go to school together from college gardens and your conversation was always lively and optimistic. You were full of energy even at the end of the day after playing cricket, planning for the next day. You were a good organiser and always stood for what is right. If there were any disputes we used to come to you for settling them. And you were always impartial. Wishing you all the best.
Comment on this message     

dev, manglore/ukMonday, March 23, 2009
Reading your story , I had tears of joy sir. Wish you and your family wonderful future ahead. Hats off to greats like you,especially your attitude.
Comment on this message     

Edwin, KarnatakaMonday, March 23, 2009
Jayanth, despite being everything normal with me, I am limping with my attitude. Wish you happy birth day and and in life the very best of everyone.
Comment on this message     

Lancelot Frank, Mangalore/SharjahMonday, March 23, 2009
Dear Jayant, Wish you a Very Happy Birthday. Thanks Naveen for this wonderful article. It brought back fond memories of our childhood days. Being just one year younger to him, I was quite close to Jayant. When admitting Jaya to School, our Parents thought he would not be able to manage on his own and so admitted both of us to Class I at St. Aloysius Middle School, although I was under age. But instead of me taking care of him, it was the other way round. He was always a Father figure to me, correcting me when I did something wrong and guiding me. Although he took up Commerce in College, I still feel he should have taken up Science and become an Engineer because he used to be so good in repairing home appliances and electrical gadgets at home. In fact it was he who inspired and motivated me to take up Engineering. I'm grateful to my Uncle Antony Rasquinha who employed him in his Company and treated him like a normal Employee, without showing any favouritism. Today, the Company has reached great heights and most of Jaya's Customers beleive that he is a qualified Engineer because of his immense knowledge of Pneumatics and Hydraulics. Thank you Jaya for being such a wonderful brother to all of us. We wish you many more years of health and happiness.
Comment on this message     

jaya frank, USASunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Birthday Jaya! ( heard they call you so at home). I became a friend of the FRANK FAMILY when they thought I was you because we have the same name and almost similar emails except that I was a lady and a US citizen. I received all the emails that were meant for you and through this crossing of paths I now have a second family in india :) I have to say though, we do have a great name! best wishes . A small world indeed !
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Dr. Anand t pereira, SAKLESHPURSunday, March 22, 2009
Jaya, belated b'day wishes. You will always be remembered for your gentleness and helping nature. Congrats on being a role model and inspiration not only for your family but for others too.
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Stany D' Souza, Mangalore/ DubaiSunday, March 22, 2009
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Anita, Kinnigoli/USSunday, March 22, 2009
I remeber meeting this couple Jayant and Suzie, some years when they were just married. Admired Jayant from that day. Thanks for  this remarkable couple. Congrats to you both and hats off to your grit and determination.
Comment on this message     

don menezes , mangalore/ BangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Comment on this message     

Sadanand Salian, MangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Hi Jayanth , wish you a happy birthday.I have met you in Electropneumatics may be in 1994 on an official visit.In the course of my interaction with you I have not found any sort of handicap in you.You can definitely inspire others in a big way. All the best.
Comment on this message     

Eugene Lobo SJ, Neerude/RomeSunday, March 22, 2009
My dear Jayanth, Happy birthday and many returns of the day. May God bless you and ever keep you in his love and care
Comment on this message     

B.M.ZAFFER, THONSE, DUBAI UAESunday, March 22, 2009
Thanks DAIJIWORLD for publishing a story of Mr. Jayanth. I find the whole story of me and what ever i find in this article which belongs to me. Please do not call us " HANDICAPPED" we are physically challenged not handicapped. Thanks to Allah, i am very happy man on earth & i take this opportunity to convey my best regards to all my friends & well wishes who always support us. Espcially my parents and my wife. God bless you all
Comment on this message     

Reema D'Souza, Mangalore/KuwaitSunday, March 22, 2009
Dearest Jayant, here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday from Mummy, Rexon/Vidya, Jaison and babies-Reanne n Riva. I remember the day when Suzie approached Mummy with regards to marrying you. She said Aunty pray for me on this my decision to marry Jayant. I was very young then and surely didnt understand what she meant. Today, being married and with a child, I can say with confidence that Suzie is blessed to have you as her life partner. I also remember the specially designed yellow coloured car that Suzie and you drove down to Mangalore with soon after your wedding. Your will power is an inspiration to all. May God bless you with many more years of good health and happiness.
Comment on this message     

joy, mangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
happy birthday dear jayanth. u may know my brother michael sreshta? we were in light house.god bless u. michaelsreshta@hotmail.com
Comment on this message     

Thomas Pascal Andrade, Mangalore / TorontoSunday, March 22, 2009
Where there is a will, there is a way. Jayant showed this to everyone from his unmatched efforts to stand on his own feet, without depending on others for any support. He is a great inspiration to not only those who are handicapped but also to others. Bravo Jayant, you are a true model. We salute you and our best wishes are with you in continuing your journey.
Comment on this message     

Ronnie and Shaly, Loretto/CanadaSunday, March 22, 2009
Hi Jaya,Wish you a very very happy birth day. Special thanks to Naveen for writing this article. Really happy to see the picture of all of you.- Ronnie Pinto
Comment on this message     

Irene D'silva, Niddodi / KuwaiSunday, March 22, 2009
Wishing you many many happy returns of the day and many more to come. May the god grant you long life and keep you healthy always.
Comment on this message     

Raina, BejaiSunday, March 22, 2009
Many Many happy Returns of the Day. God Bless You & your Family.
Comment on this message     

R.LEWIS, MANGALORE/BAHRAINSunday, March 22, 2009
Dear Jayanth,Many many happy returns of the day.May God Bless you and your fly.
Comment on this message     

John Eric D'Souza, Mangalore / LondonSunday, March 22, 2009
Jayant, Here's wishing you many happy returns of the day. May you have many more. We were classmates in high school, you were in section D while I was in E from 8th to 10th standard at St Aloysius High School and were also together in the Rotaract Club of Mangalore thereafter. We have not met since 1978 i.e for about 31 years. I would never have recognised you if I met you, you look very different in this family picture. Hope we get to meet some time again. Why dont we start a common e-mail address or a web page to collect contact details for the high school leaving class of 1972 and the college leaving class of 1977. My e-mail address is jedsouza@yahoo.com. I am in contact with some class mates and school mates, Roshan Pais, Royston Prabhu, Brian Vaz to name a few. Hope we could get in contact with the rest.
Comment on this message     

Percy Noronha, MangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Comment on this message     

Percy Noronha, Muscat, MangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Dear Jaya, I am really happy to read the article written on you by your brother Naveen. In fact last year when there was a birthday greeting given on this 'daijiworld' site, I wanted to get in touch with you but had no contact address, I was wondering if I could get your email id. I was then in Mangalore. Being your collegemate I had bit of close friendship with you and even used to visit you in Bombay everytime I used to come on leave from Muscat, or atleast try to give a ring. In the recent past I lost contact with you due to my other committments.
Comment on this message     

V.Baretto, Bantwal-BangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Happy birthday Jaya. You have proved to be a Hero by your achievements. Glad to see the photograph of all of you. Thanks to Naveen. I recollect the days where I used to visit your house on Lighthouse Hill
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irene sequeira, Derebail/KuwaitSunday, March 22, 2009
Many happy returns of the day to Mr. Jayanth. Thank you Daiji & Naveen Frank for this beautiful write up.
Comment on this message     

Rajesh Sequeira, Kulshekar, DubaiSunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Birthday Jayant You are a real hero. When  saw the group photograph just gave my old memories when i used to come to your house hillside and would spend my afternoons. Nice to see ashok meena naveen and all . Good luck Jayant
Comment on this message     

Brian J. Vaz, Mangalore/BahrainSunday, March 22, 2009
Dear Jayanth, Wishing you a Very Happy Birtday & many Happier ones to come. I do remember our school days as classmates where I admired your abilities & also your kind hospitality during my short visit to your apartment in Mumbai. Goodluck & Health to you & your Family .God Bless.
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Comment on this message     

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D. Frank, Bejai/MuscatSunday, March 22, 2009
I know Jaya personally. He is my daiji & classmate. I really used to admire his enthusiasm, confidence and cheerfulness in the class. Thanks Naveen, I am really proud to read about his achievements through your wonderful write-up. I take this opportunity to wish Jaya a very happy birthday. May God bless you always with good health & happiness. My special wishes to Suzie & Karen.
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Dr. Christopher Dias, Mangalore/ MuscatSunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Birhday Jayant, This truly shows your great inner strength, something which you will be continued to be admired for.You certainly are an inspiration to us all. Love from Hazel and the girls
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Peter Pereira, Mangalore/KuwaitSunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Birthday Jayanth, its inspiring life story and realy you are hero and a role model for all. May God bless you and keep you in the same confident life.
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Rudolf Rodrigues, MumbaiSunday, March 22, 2009
Many happy returns of the day Jaya. I know, having worked with you for a long time, the nerves of steel that you are made of at the place of work, and the enthusiasm and energy that you displayed in all aspects of life. I wish may your life be filled with more and more of happiness and bliss! Cheers!!
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Mohan Menezes, Canada, DubaiSunday, March 22, 2009
A Very Happy Birthday Jaya! Having known your parents Uncle Frank and Aunty Dotty as warm and witty people I am not at all surprised that Jaya has the same witty streak as well as a steel will without allowing an outer handicap to dominate his life. While growing up each summer together with frequent visits to the Frank residence, I remember to have played Cricket and a whole host of other games with Jaya and his siblings near St. Aloysius as well as at Kirehally Estates in Sakleshpur. No concessions were needed or shown to him. Never did we give his leg a second thought primarily because of his attitude - he could do with one leg while the rest of us absolutely needed both!! God bless him and his family! Keep smiling Jaya!
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Lucy, Omzoor/DubaiSunday, March 22, 2009
Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with good health, Wealth and happiness. You are great
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Kevin Mascarenhas, Mangalore/UAESunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Birthday Jayanth. Your life definitely has been a gift to many and I am sure will continue to inspire and instill confidence to all.Have a great one.
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Sr. Gabriella Fernandes, MangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Wish you a very Happy Birthday. I'm proud of you! I was happy to recall your parents. May God bless you.
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Abdul Hameed M H, Mangalore/DammamSunday, March 22, 2009
I have a brother who is also affected by Polio and with the strength of one leg he has achieved so much many of us could not even think of. A successful Civil Engineer/Contractor and a great human being,strong and kind and the leader of a big Jamath consisting of four Mosques.Married to a pious woman and blessed with a boy and girl and leads the normal life like any body else.He is my hero and when ever I am down I think of him and his courage and smiling face. My message to all readers, do not under estimate any handicapped person,most probabely they are better than us in so many ways. Jayanth, you are great man my dear.Keep up the spirit.
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POOJARY, MangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Happy birthday Jayant. In this materialistic competitive world where people just need simple uses to be ahead of the lot, you are an inspiration. I salute you, and may god bless you and the family.
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Joyce / Robert, Bajpe / Abu DhabiSunday, March 22, 2009
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. May God bless you and your family. Keep up the willpower and determination and you will reach the skies. Joyce
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Charles D'Mello, PangalaSunday, March 22, 2009
Nothing is impossible in life, if you have a will. When one limb is helpless the other one becomes double strong. Good motivating real story.
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Jaya Shetty, Karkala/DubaiSunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Birthday Jayanth.You are  Great,God bless you.
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Michael, MuscatSunday, March 22, 2009
Dear Jayanth, Wishing you a brightful happy birthday. May the lord bless you and your family always. Michael
Comment on this message     

Silvia, MangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Jayanth, happy birthday and wish you a happy and contended life along with your family always. You are a real hero and a role model for all.
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Lawrence , Mangalore / Dubai Sunday, March 22, 2009
We all are proud of you Jayanth, you are inspiration and strength to the mankind. Suzie thank you so much for your scarifies and choosing Jayanth as your life partner. Very few ladies / Gents doe’s this. Wish you both all the best. Happy Birth Day Jayanth and many more to come.
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Ronald Gomes, Kadri, MangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Jaya, Many happy returns of the Day. Being my cousin, I'm proud of you what you have achieved in life. Also, you are a great inspiration for so many people around us. By the way, you look exactly like your dad Uncle Babu (Lawyer). Great article Naveen - Ronnie
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Oneal , Abu Dhabi Sunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Birthday Jayanth, its inspiring and wish you the very best
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Juliet Lewis, MangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Birthday Jayanth, very inspiring story..
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Gretta Aranha, Inna- KanjarkatteSunday, March 22, 2009
Dear Jayanth,  I wish you a very happy birthday & many more to come.God bless you and your family.All the best in your future dreams.Inspite of facing the ups and downs in life you have proved that where there is a will there is a way.
Comment on this message     

Violet Fernandes , madanthyar/ DohaSaturday, March 21, 2009
wish u a very happy birthday courageous Mr. Jayanth.your parents were very lucky to have you.
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Naveeen Monteiro , loretto/manglore/ oman Saturday, March 21, 2009
JAYA.Wishing you a very happy birthday and all the very best of your future.
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shankar, mangaloreSaturday, March 21, 2009
Comment on this message     

Geoge Menezes, mangaloreSunday, March 22, 2009
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