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Mangalore Pub Attack - National Commission for Women Recommends Punishment Under Article 307
by Florine Roche

Pics: Prajwal Ukkuda/Dayananda Kukkaje
January 30, 2009

The recent pub attack and the physical abuse of women have hogged national limelight and continue to do so with the national taking the cudgels on behalf of the victims.  Mangalore, known for its tiles, beaches and banks has become infamous over the years and the recent incident has tarnished its image and its cosmopolitan culture.  In the backdrop of the current issue snowballing into a major incident having countrywide repercussions, the National Commission for Women sent its member Smt Nirmala Venkatesh to assess the situation and submit a report to the government.  In an interview with daijiworld,  Nirmala Venkatesh spoke about her findings and her recommendations on the dastardly act of beating and molesting women. 

Q. What is the outcome of your visit? 

A. We visited the place and found that basically the pub that was attacked had no security.  Anybody could just walk in or walk out.  I have learnt from sources that there was live band going for which there was no permission.  We have examined the documents and we are not happy with the answers given by the management.  What has happened there is unfortunate but the management has no right to run the pub.  My visit will certainly have a positive impact with regard to the safety and security of women in Mangalore.

A. What is your assessment of the incident?

B. We have found that some illegal activities are going on in some hotels and pubs in Mangalore, including prostitution.   We conducted a surprise raid on one of the hotels and found that not everything was going on legally. 

Q. With these findings what are going to be your recommendations to the government?

A. National Commission for Women will recommend the cancellation of license of this pub.  The pub was given license to serve food for the lodge.  They did not have the license to have a live band.  They did not have the basic requirement of appointing a security guard.  

Q. But this is not the basic issue people are concerned about.  The main issue is whether it was right on the part of the self-styled moral policemen to attack women?

A. In fact I have met the 27 culprits who are locked up in the sub jail.  They have apologized saying it was not their intention to attack women.  They wanted the live band to be stopped but somehow it went out of hand.  I am shocked that an incident has occurred in Mangalore.  It is disgusting to know women were beaten up.

Q. You have failed to meet any of the women victims who were attacked.  Does it signify your failure?

A. Women should protect themselves.  They should have come forward and filed a complaint.  So far no girl or their parents have come forward to file a complaint.  If the girls feel they were not doing anything wrong why are they afraid to come forward and give a statement?  When I met the culprits and asked for the names or numbers of at least one girl they refused saying they do not want to defame these girls.  They say girls of some of the big shots are involved.  But at no stage I can condone their grotesque act of beating women in public. 

Q. It gives an impression that you have developed a soft corner for the culprits….

A.  No.  I recommend that the culprits should be given the harshest punishment possible for taking the law in their hands and violating the basic rights of women.  They should be charged under section 307 and should not be spared at any cost.  
Q. Do you feel the police have done their duty impartially?

A. I think the police have done what they could do under the circumstances.  They have arrested the culprits and IGP has kept us informed about the steps they have taken in this regard. 

Q. Finally what have you realized from this incident?

A. In our country the normal mindset is men protect women when the situation demands.  Here the situation has reversed and we will see what best can do to ensure such incidents are curbed altogether.  

Comments on this article
Madhusudhan, Bangalore / BangaloreWednesday, February 04, 2009
Mrs. Nirmala Venkatesh has unearthed facts. Overall looking at some of the comments, it appears that people want their belief to come true and not facts.
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Anil Dias, Mangalore / DubaiTuesday, February 03, 2009

This is clearly evident that fundamentalist forces taking root in our governance & in our society. Unfortunately it is getting acceptance from the people in power. It is not the duty of a customer to find out if the Bar or pub is licensed or not. If the Pub was not licensed then what the law enforcing agency in this case Police were doing.

Why the girls to be blamed for the failure of Police, I am sure Police have taken bribe and let it happen. Same thing happened in Orissa or in mangalore when churches were attacked. Women & Minorities are NOT safe in India, my dear brothers & sisters stop complaining you cant rely on this govt. to protect you, take up arms that is the only language our Govt understands.

It doesnt require an an army to do this, remember it just took well armed 4 men to bring the city of Bombay to stand still. Violence & Terrorisam has no place in civilzed society, but remember in civilzed society. I cant term after what has happened in Orissa and managalore these placed are civilized. Just a food for thouht were where these bloody senas when Bombay was attacked and under sieze for 4 days. Didn't they had the courage to beat them?? Indian Govt wake up before India breakes into pieces.

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Vijesh, BangaloreMonday, February 02, 2009
I agree with Mr.Paramananda
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Paramananda, MangaloreSunday, February 01, 2009

How can anybody come forward and lodge a complaint if they are not sure about their safety? Madam Venkatesh should know this better. Instead of asking the Police why did she ask the culprits about the girls whereabouts? did she think that they are related to each other?

If the attack was because of the alleged live band, why didn't the gang attack the place while the live band is playing (after 7PM). Is it ok for the girls to be molested and beaten up if the pub had a licence and there was a security guard at the door?

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Lavina Noronha, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
Mr. Roshan, I'm sorry if I've hurt your sentiments. I don't have anything against Krishna per se. The context was portrayal of Gopikas (in the epic, sculptures, paintings,)-i.e., their attire.
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George Cruz, Mangalore/USASaturday, January 31, 2009
Nirmala Venkatesh has done an EXCELLENT job. She has done all possible things as expected of any good investigator. She has also recommended punishment for goonda elements.
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C.J Dantis, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
Whenever, such incidents happened lot of people will comment on everybody.But reality nobody will talk,this shows our indian Law and order is on Books only, not in Action .The other thing is we indians ,instead we go forward we are going backward.Criminal Justice Department must be very strict that any other groups should not interfere in indian judicial system.There is nobody above the Law.
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Roshan, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
Dear Lavina,Dont bring Krishna and Gopikas.Even Jesus will not like this as we believe that God is one and unique.
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parvez, omanSaturday, January 31, 2009
I totally Agree with Cynthia Miranda, Mangalore..Miss.Nirmala venkatesh jst supporting the these culprits by saying that those goondas dont had any intention to beat the girls but Miss.Nirmala For ur informtion they not only beated they behaved and beated the girls very badly and wildly ,so sad for our women society bcoz it is proved that women is women's enemy..tnx Daiji world u r doing greate job keep on eye in this issue till the terrorists get punishment, I know u people can do the justice to women's...
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Roshan, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
Dear Prashant Bangera,Do you mean that only RSS people have moral values,Renuka Choudhary has no moral values.You please forget Renuka Choudhary's past history OK.
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Lavina Noronha, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009

Great interview Florine you have raised some good questions. The answers you got however are very disturbing.

Firstly, it looks like NCW and its spokesperson has missed the real issue here! Most of the statements made by Ms. Venkatesh are ludicrous at best. It is appalling that in this day and age where there is so much talk about women’s rights, egalitarianism and gender equity, a so called ‘informed woman’ representing NCW has this narrow mind set.

Secondly, I sure hope these are the PERSONAL views of Ms. Nirmala Venkatesh and not the stand of Commission on Women. For, if they are, we have a serious problem. We can not have women with this kind of “blaming the victim” mentality calling themselves spokespersons for women! Thirdly, women do not need men to protect them. They have the capacity to so on their own. It would be a good idea to encourage all women (young and old) to get some training in self-defence! The next time “Dushyasana Sena” or any such self-proclaimed morality thugs attack them under the pretext of protection, they can throw a few punches.

Fourthly, there is so much talk about pub culture and the leaders seem to be having a hard time understanding what pub culture is all about. The sale of liquor has built and sustained state treasuries and the liquor lobbyists (and politicians) have strongly opposed prohibition in many parts of the country when there are thousands of families being destroyed by liquor.

If our leaders put their money where their mouths are, they could start with villages- Yes, close all hooch shops and illegal distillations first. Stop using alcohol as an enticement for votes. When this is done, we will believe you really have the country’s welfare in mind. Since when did clothing start defining what Indian culture is all about? Doesn’t nudity equal divinity at Ajanta, Ellora, Kajuraho? What are they going to do next- Clothe all these figurines or keep their eyes shut? Do these provocative poses stir the same sentiments in them? What do they have to say about Lord Krishna and his gopikas? Have they forgotten how women have been exploited by the Devadasi system (temple-sanctioned prostitution) in the name of religion? Now, isn’t it time rethink morality?

Finally, Alcohol clouds reasoning and people make not so intelligent decisions when they are under the influence. Parents have to educate their young offspring- both male and female about the dangers of drinking that could go out of control. However, it is important to bear in mind that not all sexual assaults, rapes and other crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol most perpetrators are family members- uncles, grand fathers, fathers or older brothers who fail to be the guardians of women in their families! Incest is the most common sexual crime in our culture that is not much talked about in public.

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Dusty R., IndiaSaturday, January 31, 2009

To everyone who opposes pub culture please note the following.

1. Even in countries where rape is punishable by capital punishement, and Live band, liquor bars, and pubs are banned in totality with harsh punishements to offenders, these things are going on privately.

2.It is better to have a open and public pub culture with norms of operation set by the state, than to have these things done privately and in hideings, which are more dangerous.

3.In the age globalisation, there will be only one culture, "THE WORLD CULTURE". People of small minds have to accept this fact.

3.Mr. Ramdos people are dying on the road side and beds kept on the road sides,because of lack of medical facilities. Take care of the sick and dying, leave the assesment of pub cultutre to those who have time on their hands

4.Nirmala Venkatesh, I my opinion you have not done justice to the job you were supposed to do.

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Shalini, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
The interview with Nirmala Venkatesh about attack on women in Mangalore sounds as though the NCW is not actually trying to protect the women's interests, but the interests of the people who molested them. I wonder if this lady deserves to be women's representative. Her tone does not sound to be a 'fair' assessment of the situation. Perhaps we must lodge a complaint to International commission for women ‘s rights that a lady appointed for the cause has deprived the justice for the victims by speaking about license and other issues, it is she who must visit the victims first even if they can’t come out she can find them with the help of social service volunteers or other local women who can help her to track them that is the rule in International standards in Mangalore she seems to be in relaxed mood
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Prashant Bangera, Abu DhabiSaturday, January 31, 2009
I am sure,Nirmal Venkates is a member of RSS or VHP! Because of such members,NCW has no credibilty. Minister Renuka Choudhury should note this.
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Avita Alvares, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
Mrs.Girija Vyas,President,NCW,please  do not send NCW members like Nirmala Venkatesh,who is incompeten t,biased and defends the attack of 40 goondas on girls.Has she come to Mangalore for sight seeing?This type of members have no credibility and people of Mangalore will not trust or respect them.Who is she to ask about license and security?
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nagesh nayak, bangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
Hi Charlse D'mello, Nirmala venkatesh is 100 % right. Why you worried when good things are happening. Do you agree teenage girls going to pub for drinking,dancimg,smoking,drug consuming etc... When KARNATAKA RAKSHANA VEDIKE & SHIV SENA raided reva party we have seen all the above activities on media. Please think twice & comment.
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Jimmy Noronha, Belloor/LucknowSaturday, January 31, 2009
What is the harm if one goes to the pub to unwind a bit after a strenous week in office or at studies. Of course there are several ways to do that and this is one of the ways and I see no harm in this but to harm those girls just because they were at the pub is unacceptable and the lady in question is not concerned about the main issue at all and only concerned on rubbing salt on the grievous wond of the girls, she is simply an incompetent person, look at the manner she is lazying over the sofa in an aristocratic air and her stare at the reporter is simply tells it all. Jimmy Lucknow
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suhan, kadri,mangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
when i saw her interview in one of the news channels it looked like either she has been paid by the bjp to change her stand or she must be contesting from bjp seat in the coming elections..instead of meeting the victims ,she is more concerned about counselling the goons...what a shame that we have such people running NCW...india has the fear of external and as well as internal terrorists
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Sanjeeva Poojari, BangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
Has NCW members came to Mangalore for picnic?Instead of condemning the criminals of Sri Ranma Sena, Nirmala Venkatesh is indirectly supporting them! What a joke!!
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Charles D'Mello, PangalaFriday, January 30, 2009
Smt Nirmala you are trying to twist the situation. Which customer will know about the place is legal or do they have licence ?? Is it the responsibility of the customers to know that ??? Have you gone anywhere to dine and seen their documents, license etc.??? If the issue is of live band and disco and it is going on there illeagally and these so called moral police were knowing about that since long, why they have not informed police ???? If illeagal running of live band and illeagal bar, where were the police of Mangalore ??? Is it not the resposibility of the district governance ??? And finally if these goons wanted to attack the bar, why the property of the bar is not damaged and why only the customers are attacked ??? Do you have any answers to these questions??? Do not twist the story, but act on ??
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Hasif, Bantwal / DubaiFriday, January 30, 2009
Every body is under political hand ..... This statement is one of the true example
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Sharath, UdupiFriday, January 30, 2009
This is a very Ugly and Unfortunate incident.How come you beat up and harass women like that? I was horrified when the footages were shown in a News channel.terribe terrible terrible incident
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Jaunita Viegas, MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
Is it the duty of Nirmala Venkatesh the member of NCW to check the license?Is she doing the duty of Police Department?Why was she sent to Mangalore?To check the security in the Pub?or listen to the young girls who were molested by about 40 goondas of Sri Rama Sena?She says that the goondas are repenting? So Nirmala Venkatesh,no action against those hooligans?f your sisters or daughters were to undergo such humiliation and trauma you wouldnt have acted like this. I wish Minister Renuka Choudhury would deal the matter.NCW has lost its credibility.
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Eulalia Dsouza, Bijai / MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
To me it looks like NCW visited Mangalore just to report to Government that she was here & prepare a report and submit. What are we talking about Pub has no licence, has no adequate security ?? What then do we have to say about most prestigious 5* hotels being vandalised and where was the security there?? Let us be practical and sensible in what we talk. NCW is supposed to be protecting interest of a lady & not to show sympathy towards the culprits. Why havent she met any of the lady victims? If media could mask their faces & speak to them to voice their greviences, why could not NCW do it?? Licence or no licence, doesnt matter to me if I am going to a pub or a restaurant for food or a beer. That's not my concern and it is in fact not NCW concern either. Let concerned departments do it's job about checking documents and we do our duty. But it is an eye opener to parents like us, to beware about our children's movements. Present day parents seem to have no control on their kids but have lots of monies to give them to spend. Thanks daijie again for this wonderful job. Keep up the good work and please continue doing so...
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Margaret D'Abreo, MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
Nirmala Venkatesh, it seems to me that you came here to give a 'good conduct' certificate to the 'repentant' and 'good-intentioned' culprits and the police, and to check Pub licenses!!!! You were not focused on the atrocity on women. Did you get all the information only from the perpetrators of the crime??? You wasted govt. money on your flight to and from, and stay in Mangalore. And for the cause of women in Mangalore your visit is a disaster!!!.
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Walter Cyril Pinto, Udu[iFriday, January 30, 2009
Is she the Chairperson of National Commission for Women? She speaks like the defence lawyer of the 'sene'. Disgusting and disgraceful. Madam, Please resign. You have lowered the dignity of the NCW.
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Ifthikar Ahmed , KSAFriday, January 30, 2009
Pubs license will be cancelled a good sign madam, which is for future. But what about the incident which has happened. You are from NCW and you had to investigate what had happened to women in the incident. Madam do you know why these girls have not registered FIR? May be they have been frightened? Or some other reason. Your interview excerpts show that you have not tried to reach this women, being a NCW. Madam please try to reach them and look to that the culprits do not escape, they should not take law into their hands next time. MADAM PLEASE DO NOT COME UNDER POLITICAL PRESSURE.
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nagesh nayak, bangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
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Shiva, Karkala/BangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
Any type of violence is not good, especially in countries like Bharath, in any circumstances we should not harm Women. BUT at the same time it is not good to have a PUB Culture in our country, which does not suit us, we follow only bad practices from western countries but not the good parts. I hate when I see our younger generation  wasting time like this in pubs. All our sisters and brothers(Bhaginis/Bandhus) should not entertain such cultures.
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Jeevan Dsilva, Mangalore/DubaiFriday, January 30, 2009
This woman is incompetent. Does not know her duties instead is policing around checking licenses and irregularities without coming to the real issue i.e. assault on girls. First time I am coming across a pub that was given license to serve food not beer. That means from now we all need to go to the pub for food and perhaps a restaurant to buy shoes. This is what happens everytime a controversy arises in our country. We start investigating issues that matters less.
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Ronald, IndiaSaturday, January 31, 2009
My Question is what is the primary objective of this so-called NCW: To address the questions on the violence against these helpless women who were subjected to both physically and emotional trauma in the most disgraceful pub attack in Mangalore or to look into the illegalities (if any) in the running/operation of the pub etc. ?
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Jerome, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
Are pubs and live bands the only way to live modern life? Without them is it that we will be uncivilised? Why people are so affectionate towards disco,pubs etc!
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Rajkumar Kotian, Udyavara/DubaiSaturday, January 31, 2009
Very good reaction, if something goes wrong only certain issues to be taken into action. It is a good lesson to everyone to protect our Indian culture, other wise we will loose control on our children in future,and we the parents will not come to know what is going on with our children, it is an alert to parents to keep an eye on their kids.I am not supporting Ram Sena for attacking on girls .still I am happy to know that some action will be taken  to protect our society .
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Navin, MangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
The NCW has lost all credibility by by taking a U-Turn. They exist to ensure the rights of women, not to check licenses. It's members should be replaced immediately. . In all this the common man, in this case, woman, has to suffer. As usual there'll be a hue and cry for a while and people will go about their lives after a while.
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Allan, MumbaiSaturday, January 31, 2009
To stop the live band in the pub, "unintentionally" they had to attack the women. Very convincing...
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prj, mangaloreSaturday, January 31, 2009
When will india stop seeing women as second class ....  IN INDIA - ANY ADULT SHOULD BE GUARANTEED THE SAME RIGHTS ... stop second class treatment to women ... I cant understand why these goondas were after the  live band .... that is the most bogus statement I have heard ... Everyone knows why the victims wont speak ... isnt the  video self explanatory ? ... what was all that "suo moto case lenge" statement about ....Punish these culprits and stop TALIBAANIZING india ...
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Siddhanti, MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
Looks like this woman is a card carrying member of SriRama Sena. It is disgrace that women like this are supposed to represent women are in the National Commission for women.
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Afzal Urwa, UrwaFriday, January 30, 2009
It's not in the hindu or muslim culture for girls to go and have fun and drink alchol in the bar. The people who have commented against are the one's who have no objection sending their women to the bar and socialize. Sorry to hear this.
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Cynthia Miranda, MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
It looks like this Nirmala is not from NCW, She has come here to support Mr.Yeddy's comments. She is not concerned about victims, and she expects girls should come out and beg with her for justice. Her visit will certainly have a negative impact with regard to the safety & security of women in Mangalore. Nirmala if you cannot help women of Mangalore then please do not show your face again. Illegal activities are going on all over India, not only in Mangalore. Dont you know? You are there to help women, but I am sorry to say that you are not fit for that job. Nirmala please go and join politics. You will become a very good politician. Our Media like daiji world, Times Now, NDTV has done a great job. Media is our ladies strength.
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Wilson, QatarFriday, January 30, 2009
Why girls should not drink and why boys can drink? I have the solution why to differentiate with boys and girls why can’t we shut all the bars and pubs? Isn’t that a good idea? If men drinking is right in open places why not women? Providing security is in government hand and that is why we are paying the taxes and our leaders should take care of the business which is running without the proper license. Did anybody calculate how much taxes collected by government? And for what they spend? Do our leaders spend for election publishing? Why am I asking questions myself?
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Vicky, UDUPI / DubaiFriday, January 30, 2009

The interview sound as though the NCW is not actually trying to protect the women's interests, but the interests of the people who molested them. I wonder if this lady deserves to be women's representative. Her tone does not sound to be a 'fair' assessment of the situation.

The issue here was the 'treatment of women' and the 'people who take law in their hands'. Now it looks as though this lady is doing the job of a 'law and order' official and analysing 'leagal loopholes' rather than supporting the women she is trying to represent. We do not need NCW to tell us if the pub had licence for live band, it is the job of the other officials. She is just defelcting the core issues. Even a prostitute should be given due protection if the attack was based on discrimination and fascist notions. It is the duty of of NCW to protect even a prostitute.

Here I see this lady trying to juggle terminology and legal jargon and we can clearly see who she is trying to cover up. I am not upset that she is taking pro-attack stand, I am incensed that she has suddenly forgotten that she should ptotect the interest of the woemen, regardless of the class / background / status. I am sure she is not ONLY representeing the women from well fed socal classses / educated stream / respected backgrounds. Sorry Ma'm, such womwn do not need your support, they jolly well look after them selves. You are here to protect those who suffer from hooligfans.. who are likely to be hit again by the emboldened goodas who yo ujust supporte dan dabsolved (indirectly). Have you done your job well? Or have you served the interest of those who will continue to violate the sanctity of the women folks under one pretext or the other.

Today it is the pub, tomorrow it is something else!!! Please do not come back again, we will live with out double crossing people like yourselves. NCW, please take note.

Comment on this message     

Antony T. D' Souza, Karkala/QatarFriday, January 30, 2009
Funny. She came from so far just to check the pub documents. How did you get into that position in the National Commission for Women ? Was it on merit level ? Did that authority who bestowed upon you that position did ever checked / evaluated your documents objectively ? Therefore, it looks now that you are the wrong member in the National Commission for Women. Go around India and count how many pubs are running without licenses. That is not your job either. Your mission had a different purpose which you did not take it seriously. Your comments were silly. Even small children in Mangalore commented like manner. You have lost in your Mangalore mission. We expected a through investigation into that matter and not to find out what are the names of those girls. Put yourself into those girls position who were beaten left and right in public. Do you understand their trauma. It is useless to comment further yet finally, you were just dumb faced when Florine Roche threw at you direct questions till then your replies were routine and like day dreaming. I appreciate our Mangalorean lady, Florine Roche did a great job and she can be the right person to be in your position. Your mission is a dam failure! till you step into those girls shoes.
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Roland, Mangalore/Saudi ArabiaFriday, January 30, 2009
The Rama Sena would have got public sympathy and support if they beat up the corrupt Police and Govt. officials in Karnataka instead of attacking Helpless girls of Mangalore.
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Ronald, Karnataka, IndiaFriday, January 30, 2009
I want to asak this Ms. Venkatesh two questions: 1. Why does she belong to NCW ? 2- If a person knows that some lady is riding a motor-bike without a licence can that person man handle her and throw her to the ground ? What is of primary concern to Ms. Venkatesh: The bikers violation of civil law or the man-handler's violation of the criminal law, especially a helpless lady ?
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Rahul, MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
It is a well know fact that college aged women are taking up prostitution in Mangalore has call girls and the pub culture has to be stopped. It is a well know fact that the neighbors complained about all the illegal activities taking place at this lodge. I am glad the Sena did something about it.
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vijay, mangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
East or west daijiworld is the best
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George Cruz, MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
No western country allows a pub to operate without legal licenses. One has to question themselves "Would you let you daughters go to one of these unlicesed pubs where there is no security" ??? Lots of uproar over the pub incident becuase it is initiated by the Ram Sena,Bajarang groups. When Indian (will of the majority of population) interests are at stake, I think these groups are doing the right thing.
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Jacob nelson, Bangalore/DubaiFriday, January 30, 2009
If customers should check the licence/Permit! What police would do? only collectiong Hafthaa!!
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vashal, mangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
It Seems like Smt Nirmala Venkatesh came frome Muncipality/Excise Department and not come the National Commission for Women.She is not fit to be so.
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shilpa, MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
Ms Nirmala of the NCW says that the girls have not come forward to give a complaint and so they must be guilty.One of the girls has already given a detailed account of the incident to national television before going underground. I am sure the girls or their parents have been threatened by the goons with defamation. If this women is beleiving what the Ram Sene guys are saying then we know what to expect from the NCW. This made up story of 'Live Band'(implying ladies dancing for men customers) is deplorable in the least. I am sure thruth will prevail some time or the other.
Comment on this message     

ronald crasta, milagres/bangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
u simply can not protect these girls. girls can go anywhere without checking licence of bar. did u come here by checking the licence of ur rail or plane? 
Comment on this message     

suhail, mangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009

surprise no comments from anybody...i agree with u madam and ur investigation. Firstly the pub culture, discos, dance bar have to be banned, i think wht ever these sriram sene has done its gud for our society to realise..

wht our young girls are doing in the pub drinking. As parents nobody would like to send their children to pub. now in the pub attack nobody has filed a police complaint nor their parents (it means its their mistake as if they r ashamed now). its not in our culture of drinking specially girls who speak of equality in drinking.

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Rolphy, Udupi/BangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
Very smart! How quickly she changed her tone. Can we trust anyone in this world of trade and crime? It is easy to trade someone’s tongue. How these poor girls can come out and tell their grievance to anyone? What guarantee they have of their safety? All the women who are beaten by the goons of Sri Ram Sene must get police protection, only then they will come out to lodge their complaint. It is very unfortunate that our police and government do not understand these simple matters. They even have threatened some of our news channels as stated by one of the news channels. I don’t think any of these women will come out and all the culprits will be free again within days.
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Ray, BangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009

from the interview itself on TV she sounded dumb, am sure if a girl gets raped in India she will recommend punishment for the girl for "Indecent Exposure",i don't know why we have such organizations. Security is supposed to be provided by the police,why then do we have police?

what is a few security men to help against mobs? If the girls feel they were not doing anything wrong why are they afraid to come forward and give a statement? BECAUSE THEY WHERE TRAUMATIZED, THEY JUST WANT TO FORGET THEY WERE EVER IN INDIA.  WHY DONT THE POLICE ARREST THEM IF SO...OR IS IT PLAIN GOSSIP...WE WANT ACTION! NOT FREAKING STORIES!!

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Lance, Mangalore. India.Friday, January 30, 2009

Its not customers business to find out live band has permission or restaurant has license. Anybody can enter the restaurant and why U need a security in a pub ? we live in a civilized society. and women can enter any time .

Nirmala's attitude is different and victim will not give any statement to further abuse by the NWc. She has already made up her mind. if there R illigal activities R going on then its the police to take action. there R thousands of places where prostitution is going on . even in Thirupathy. why BD and Ravana sene is not rescuing their sisters and mothers from Jamuna mention/ Paras road? Bombay? NO guts ?

victims will not complain because of Nirmalas attitude and partiality. Its not the business of Nirmala to check the license of a establishment. She is here to find out the truth. If there R people like Nirmala what women can expect from national womens commission? Blame the victim for restaurants license and security. If there was security what single guard could have done? Apply for license and stop live band ?

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Shailaja R., MangaloreFriday, January 30, 2009
What to say?!! Did the girls invited that treatment for visiting such a flithy place? Are the parents of these girls happy to see their kids enjoying in these illeagal places? Media should highlight the facts disclosed in the interview to avoid such incidents in future.
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Article Title Exclusive : Mangalore Pub Attack - National Commission for Women Recommends Punishment Under Article 307
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