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Mangalore: Transfer of Airport Director - Long Delay in New Terminal Imminent
Daijiworld Media Network - Pics Prajwal Ukkuda

January 11, 2009

Union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel has assured the NRI community that he would do his best to retain Mangalore Airport Director Vasudeva Rao till the completion of the new terminal building which is on the verge of completion.  

Patel who was on his way to Mumbai from Kerala on a private visit the leaders of the NRI community at Mangalore airport was apprised of the delay that might be caused in completing the terminal project if Rao was to be transferred at this critical juncture.  Though it was a private visit Patel willingly met the leaders of the NRI community leaders.  Walter Nandalike, Editor-in-Chief of daijiworld.com, met the minister on behalf of the Indian Diaspora and appealed to the Minister to promote and retain Vasudeva in Mangalore as long as possible  or at least till the new terminal is commissioned.  

Patel accepted the appeal and assured him that he would look into the matter and discuss with the officials concerned on what best he can do to retain Vasudeva in Mangalore.  It may be recalled here that Vasudeva was promoted as Airport General Manager and was transferred to Coimbotore.  The airport terminal has been his brainchild and he has worked ceaselessly to ensure the Rs 147 crores project is getting completed as scheduled.  Due to pressure from various people and organizations, Rao postponed his transfer foregoing the promotion and the monetary benefits that come along with it. 

As his replacement to Mangalore Airport was not named Vasudeva Rao chose to continue in Mangalore in the same capacity sacrificing the higher post and the financial benefits and perks that come with it.  The new terminal was his baby and he has put his heart and soul in the project.  He willingly postponed the promotion just to ensure the supervision of the project and its timely commissioning. 

However a stage has come where any further delay by him to accept the promotion would seriously jeopardize his future promotion prospects and also the post-retirement benefits.  He may be denied his promotion and with that the status and salary due to an Airport General Manager may also be denied. 

The major hitch is that Mangalore is not declared as an International Airport and hence there is no post of Airport General Manager in Mangalore to promote and retain Rao in Mangalore.  

Considering his supreme sacrifice to his homeland and his determination to complete the project as scheduled efforts have been made from time to time to put pressure on the government and the authorities concerned on the usefulness of retaining Vasudeva in Mangalore.  

Earlier Sudhir Kumar Shetty, COO of UAE Exchange had tried to create awareness among various organizations in the UAE and impressed upon the NRI community leaders to try every possible means of retaining Vasudeva in Mangalore to ensure the progress of Mangalore Airport.  Shetty had two-hour long discussion with Rao during his recent visit to Mangalore.  

Talking to Daiji World Shetty said “if at all Vasudeva Rao is retained in Mangalore it is only with due promotion and status of Airport General Manager.  Rao should be rewarded suitable for his dedication and sincere efforts to take Mangalore to the status of international airport.  Shetty gave a clarion call to the NRI community and organizations to unite and fight for this cause.  

Karnataka NRI forum coordinator from UAE Rajesh Sequeira has already sent an appeal to Praful Patel requesting him to promote and retain Rao in Mangalore.  He also met various ministers and authorities in this regard and impressed upon them on the need to ensure his continuity. 

Vasudeva Rao, who hails from Udupi, has been instrumental in ensuring the all-round development of Mangalore Airport.  The new terminal project work took off to a flying start due to his consistent efforts.  Being a local man he was able to reach out to the local people and take them into confidence and make suitable arrangements for this resettlement and rehabilitation in Kenjar Village, where the new terminal has come up.   The central government was willing to start international flights from Mangalore only after the completion of the new terminal.  Credit goes to Rao for his unrelenting efforts to have international flights in Mangalore at least a few years ahead.  

Any new person coming in his place would take his own time to know and get into the ins and outs of the project, which would cause undue delay of another 8 to 12 months in the commissioning of the project.  With general elections round the corner delay would lead to political interference in the project.  Finally it is the people who will have to bear the brunt for the imprudence of the political leaders and the authorities concerned. 

Even as efforts are on to retain him in Mangalore Vasudeva has decided to move to Coimbotore on January 19, 2009.  “I am happy that I could do whatever little I could in the past few years to the growth of Mangalore Airport.  It was my dream to complete the terminal project and move.  But I have to obey the orders of my seniors.  I have postponed my transfer bowing down to the pressures of people and organizations. This has affected my career.  But I am happy that I could do something worthwhile for my homeland”, he says modestly. 

Mangalore’s loss could be Coimbotore’s gain.  But who knows.  Things might take a different turn any time. With the active support and co-operation of the people of this coastal region and with the back up of the entire NRI community, the long-standing dream of seeing Mangalore International Airport with Rao at the helm, may just become a reality.  

Comments on this article
Imran, Mangalore/ jubail Saudi ArabiaTuesday, January 27, 2009
Glad to hear good news for mangaloreans, pls support every one & put pressure on govt.
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R.J.VAZ., MANGALORETuesday, January 20, 2009
Vasudevjee you are pride of our airport. As i always remind you that one day you will be known as Dr.Visweswarayya of BAJPE AIRPORT. My association with you since June 1988 is vivid in my mind.If i was under your administation a wrong message one can attach to my comments. You are my role model.I pray almighty that he may create many more vasudevjee's so that we can see sea of developments in all sectors. Your knowledge in HOLY BIBLE is a mirror for all. GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR FAMILY. RONALD VAZ. ASST METEOROLOGIST.AERONAUTICAL MET STATION.INDIA MET DEPT.GOVT.OF INDIA.(ministry of earth sciences)
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Amanulla, Mulki / QatarThursday, January 15, 2009
Mr. Vasudev Rao should be awarded as Varshada Kannadiga of the year
Comment on this message     

Avil, Shirva/QatarWednesday, January 14, 2009
We are lucky to have the flights directly coming from Gulf to Mangalore, Airport Manager Mr. Vasudeva has worked hard and he is the man behind Mangalore Airports success story. He should be given a promotion and kept in Mangalore till the completion of new terminal . Special thanks to Daiji.
Comment on this message     

Leena D'Souza, Mangalore/BahrainWednesday, January 14, 2009
I hope that Mr. Vasudeva Rao will be retained till the completion of the project and also thereafter. He worth all praises and promotion !!!
Comment on this message     

jayashetty, udupi/kuwaitWednesday, January 14, 2009
Thank you verymuch M.R.VASUDEV.WE want you in mangalore only but you do not spoil your future.Hope you will remain in mangalore with promotion.
Comment on this message     

Elias Dantis, MangaloreTuesday, January 13, 2009
Dirty Politics in every field . Transfering the real heroes to other place without completing the present job in hand shows the draw backs of that person.Retire them first !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment on this message     

ANSAR K.S., MANGALOREWednesday, January 14, 2009
Comment on this message     

Astra, MumbaiTuesday, January 13, 2009
Good people must not be transfered, and yet promoted in the same place. After completion of Mangalore he should be posted to Khajuraho and AGra to upgrade those international tourist destinations as well. We are sure he will do an outstanding job wherever he goes. Special thanks goes to Air India for bringing Mangalore on the international map. Now all other foreign carriers will rush into this to gain from the pioneering work of Air India Express management and administration.
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Astra, MumbaiTuesday, January 13, 2009
Praful Patel has all the panache, and connections the aviation and media circles, besides his business connections. He has achieved great tasks like dismantling the monopoly of national carriers, opening up airports to foreign carriers, purchase of aircraft, privatised ground handling and revolutionised the air space for all time to come. We used to wish for closing Air India and Indian Airlines all-together, and he has achieved it by forming National Aviation Company of India with total domination of Indian Airlines utives. This is a surefire way to close the merged company.
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A.R.Ibrahim, JeddahTuesday, January 13, 2009
Vasudev Rao deserves promotion and he is capable of accepting challenging role. Meanwhile being in any place, he can involve in Mangalore airport project as well. He can handle multiple responsibilities plus that may help him contribute to get a better airport facility from the fruitful experience he gains while handling international airport.
Comment on this message     

Ali Haroon, Mangalore / Saudi ArabiaTuesday, January 13, 2009
Since the Hon'ble Minister Praful Patel though on a private visit, has agreed to meet the NRI's on their demand to retain Mr. Mangalore (Vasudev Rao) till completion of the project. This shows his desire to listen to people and I hope he would agree to retain Mr. Rao without foregoing the benefits. What a person Mr. Rao is, he has already decided to continue in the present post, which is a great loss to him financially and otherwise. The work should be finished as early as possible to avoid Mr. Rao's losses by way of promotion and benefits it carry. Will our hated representatives in the state and at the center make Mr. Rao a role model and work for the benefit of their countrymen?
Comment on this message     

Jaison D'Souza, Mangalore/BangaloreTuesday, January 13, 2009

Mr. Vasudeva Rao, I salute you and wish you all the best for your future. I request all the politicians, specially belonging to twin districts to come forward and put pressure on the govt. to Mangalore airport as International airport. So a new post can be created and Mr. Rao will be retained and promoted.

Lot of developments going on in aviation sector. This is the right time we think about other sectors. Govt should also be pressurised to create a new zone for Mangalore railways. Speeding of road concreting and four-laning of roads is also necessary. May be in future DK district will be divided as Mangalore rural and Mangalore urban disrticts.

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peter l sequiera, balehonnur/ kuwaitTuesday, January 13, 2009
Congrats and good wishes to Mr Vasudev Rao.you are hard and good worker in india.GOD is always with you.  We need in our country hard worker like you. Thank you.GOD BLESS YOU.
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Sangeetha, Udupi - DubaiSunday, January 11, 2009
I sincerely support you all for the encouraagement to Mr.Vasudev who is the man behind this growth.Everybody who travels to Mangalore from Dubai knows the pain of travelling to their home country via mumbai or other destinations, which will take minimum 8-10 hours(almost one day of their vacation).The new development will help all the citizen of this area to reach their loved ones within 4 hrs time. So,wish for the Best.
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devika.s, mloreSunday, January 11, 2009
congrats for the support of the people all have their good wishes me too u still have to climb the ladder good luck mr rao
Comment on this message     

Ravindranath Shetty, Mangalore/SharjahSunday, January 11, 2009
If it was not Mr. Rao 's effort and hard work even this day we Manglorean NRI's would be struggling with the gruesome travel thro' Mumbai. We all should be grateful to Mr. Rao for his contribution, meantime we should also be careful in pressing for his continuing in Mangalore and see that Mr. Rao will not personally/financially suffer as a result of his good work.
Comment on this message     

Muhammed Ali Uchil, AbudhabiMonday, January 12, 2009

Mr.Vasudev Rao,the man behind the sucess story of Mangalore Airport has been promoted and transferred as General Manager-Coimbatore.Mr.Vasudev spared no time ,effort or energy to do his best for the realization of the dream of ours- NRIs.

While it is a matter of happiness at his promotion,the news of him being transferred in the midst of a very strategic project is disappointing.As the project is in the completion stage and Mr.Vasudev being an integral part of it right from the begining,it would be necessary he to be retained in Mangalore on his promoted status for an extended period of at least till the New Integrated terminal is completed.

Only a strong public opinion which can put pressure on the Civil Aviation Ministry and that only will revoke the transfer order.So,let us all join hands and express our words to the people who matters in this regard.

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Cedric, Mangalore/DubaiMonday, January 12, 2009
Honest,Sincere,dedicatition and hard work from Mr.Vasudeva Rao saw the International flights Land & take off from Mangalore. Now its the time for Oscar Fernandes to use his good office to retain Mr Rao not only till the completion of the new terminal But to promote him to the post of Airport General Manger at Mangalore instead of Coimbatore.
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It is very important to hold Mr.Vasudeva Rao who is working sincerely for Mangalore New Terminal, it is like Mr.Sridharan worked for Konkan Railways. Our Hon.Aviation Minister can surely retain him to fulfill our dream terminal and Cargo Complex which will be beneficial for import export business community. Many thanks to Daiji & NRI forum for raising this issue with our minister. I wish Mr.V.Rao all the best
Comment on this message     

K.Prabhakar Shenoy, karkala,Sharjah,UAEMonday, January 12, 2009
No good work should be kept half done. What Vasudev Rao dreamt about the Mangalore Airport must be completed with his personal supervision. We wish he will be retained at the present place. only.
Comment on this message     

CHANDRAMOHAN K.Y., MANGALOREMonday, January 12, 2009
Hats Off to Mr. M.R. VASUDEV. May his tribe increase in this place and all over India. We urge the officials concerned to make suitable arrangements including granting INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT STATUS to Mangalore to retain this GEM OF AN OFFICER in Mangalore atleast until the completion of this Phase of the Work started by him and his team
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Lokesh Shetty, Mangalore/Abu DhabiMonday, January 12, 2009
It real good to hear the promotion of Mr.Rao he deserves a lot more,and we cant be so selfish to ask him to sacrifice his promotion and benifits for our cause. the aviation ministry should try to keep him in mangalore atleast till the air port terminal is commisioned but with all the benifits mr.Rao is entitled to get - we all will remember you Mr.Rao for your great contribution for this project & we wish u all the best where ever u go.
Comment on this message     

joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.Sunday, January 11, 2009
Mr. Vasudev Rao, that soft spoken genius has been the architect behind the show. His relocation to Coimbatore will create a sort of void in Mangalore. Besides, Rao knows all the intricacies involved in the matter of developing an airport and he only can carry out effectively the completion of the Airport. Rao is a man of the soil and has made a supreme sacrifice by agreeing to remain in the present capacity. It is therefore expedient to up-grade Mangalore Airport at the earliest and retain Rao here as The General Manager. I join the chorus of hundreds in asking The Central Government to pay heed to this appeal. Joe Gonsalves
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chetan shetty, mangalore/ dubaiMonday, January 12, 2009
Mr.Vasudeva Rao is a governtment worker,his service is required for whole of our country ,we shouldnt pressurise him to stay in Mangalore just for our sake.
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Harry Rego, Belman/UAESunday, January 11, 2009
Since Mr.Vasudeva has set a model, any new person taking charge has to work as much as Mr.Vasudeva if not more. If he doesn't,? then it is the responsibility of the NRI forum and other Mangaloreans to ensure that he works.
Comment on this message     

Aman , udupiSunday, January 11, 2009
Mr.Vasudeva Rao is the man behind the Mangalore Airport Sucess story.may God bless you for your dedicated work.
Comment on this message     

ANSAR, MANGALORE / KSASunday, January 11, 2009
It is highly appreciated and we need like MR.RAO to develop the nation faster. thanks for MR.PRAFUL PATEL, NRI COMMUNITY AND DAIJIWORLD.
Comment on this message     

Prakash, Mangalore/DubaiSunday, January 11, 2009
Mr.Rao has done so much and due to his hard work alond with others,we are able to fly international from Mangalore.We hope the terminal 3 would complete with the guidence of Mr.Rao.Also request concern authorities to look into the benifits and the perks that Mr.Rao has to get for his selfless service.Looking foward to a brand new terminal to put mangalore on global map.
Comment on this message     

Alexander P Menezes, Karkala/DubaiSunday, January 11, 2009

There is no doubt in the abilities and sincerity of Mr. Vasudeva ( Mangalore Airport Manager) in discharging his Duties as an Airport Manager at Mangalore. But it is unfair of the people to ask him to stay put in Mangalore, without taking his Promotion. I agree with a majority of the people that Vasudeva's work speaks of himself. What it used to be a table top Airstrip few years ago, is going to become a major connecting point for the Gulf and West soon.

But the development work could be done by the new incumbent, who may be more competent and might bring in more ideas. No one is indispensable in this world and he is paid by the Government to do his job (off course he did it with sincerity and selflessness attitude, which not many officers would do in today world ). Today we may request to stop Mr. Vasudeva's transfer, and if this happens then we will get more voices from other parts of Government machinery to retain few officers who are doing a good job for vested interests. So let it not be a precedent for the many more unnecessary retainment and hurdles in the Government transfers.

We appreciate the good work done and selfless efforts put in by Mr. Vasudeva in this project. I wish him all the best in his Promotion & in his new position as GM at Coimbatoor Airport. Let us hope that the new incumbent will do justice to his new job.

Comment on this message     

Kevin Mascarenhas, Mangalore/UAESunday, January 11, 2009
I agree that the  man who has been responsible in making the project happen should be given due credit. However, in the case of his promotion , he could still be utilised on an adhoc basis to play an advisory role to the new Airport Director. We expect the new person to do his duty of seeing the airport project completed on time. Once the Airport is given the International credits he could be considered to be transferred back on the same position of GM as a reward. However I hope people lobbying for him to be retained here do not do so for future vested interests, but for the benefit of the people at large.
Comment on this message     

James Dsouza, MangaloreSunday, January 11, 2009
Mr.Vasudeva Rao is the man behind the Mangalore Airport Sucess story. There is no exaggeration if I say it is because of him Mangalore Airport has grown leaps and bounds where today medium amd Large Aircraft can Land.Mangalore Airport is the only major project that has been sucessfully completed in a decade in Mangalore and also in Karnataka.I have personnaly seen him working and directing and motivating the staff in converting what used to be a small tabletop airport to full fledged International Airport today. So My personal request to the Authorities concerned to not only to retain this "Vishveshwaraiyya" of Mangalore  but also to give him double promotion and keep him as the head of Mangalore Airport at least one year after completion of new terminal. In todays time of recession, collapse of big IT moguls,corruption has become part of administration of every company, project. Please dont make a blunder by transfering this extrodinary , sincere officer in these extremely difficult times.
Comment on this message     

Rajesh, Mangalore/DubaiSunday, January 11, 2009
Mr. Vasudeva Rao Should be compensated for the Financial losses due to his extended stay in Mangalore. Concerned Authorites should look into this issue urgently. Good Job Mr. Vasudeva Rao
Comment on this message     

Kiran Gonsalves, Mangalore/KuwaitSunday, January 11, 2009
The biggest reason for drawbacks in development works in India is "transfers". If a person who is keenly involved in a project like this is transfered before its completion, the project will be definitely delayed. Therefore, in such instances the govt. should make a provision and have EXCEPTIONS to delay the transfer till the project is completed.
Comment on this message     

Farooq, Surathkal/DammamSunday, January 11, 2009
I do not have words to appriciate Mr.Rao's dedicated work. I salute Mr. Rao & Daiji as well..
Comment on this message     

Hemanth shetty, mangalore/DubaiSunday, January 11, 2009
Mr Rao , you have really done fantastic work at mangalore airport. You will always be remembered for this. may God bless you for your dedicated work. I wish  all people in government sectors worked like you. Thanks  a lot and all the best for your future Sir...
Comment on this message     

jerald dsouza, belmanSunday, January 11, 2009
Dear Honorable Minister,please give a helping hand to our Mr .Vasudev to fulfill his and our dreams too. We need a good airport of international repute at Mangalore and Mr vasudev is the right man for the job.
Comment on this message     

Dilip Correa, MuscatSunday, January 11, 2009
Hi Walty, Nice to see you there with Mr. Praful Patel. Keep up the good work. All the best !!!
Comment on this message     

John Castelino, Moodbidri/KuwaitSunday, January 11, 2009
It is true that people, who cannot convince, confuse the situation to meet thier ends. Though I have not met Mangalore Airport Director personally, I have seen him at work (not in the office alone) and read about him in many articles on this site. Let the wheel move smoothly. Do not put a spanner and derail it. Let wisdom prevail and allow the smooth functioning and completion of the project on time. Period!
Comment on this message     

Krishna, Sunday, January 11, 2009
Vasudeva Rao and his dreams like building Railway Terminal in Kenjar, converting old terminal as Cargo Terminal can be realized faster if he is permanently base in Mangalore ofcourse with due promotion.
Comment on this message     

Elias, Mangalore Sunday, January 11, 2009
Please support the Airport Director's hard work and try to retain him till it completes otherwise it will take another couple of years to complete it
Comment on this message     

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