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Nature at its Best at Halealve Village, Kundapur
by Anil D'Souza, Chennai

Jan 6, 2009

People visit places and write about their travel experiences. I too have written about Kolkata and Pondicherry earlier. Now that the financial crisis is showing its true colors I have stopped traveling. Hence I thought why not write about my own village, after all there are so many spots here which have the potential to become tourist destinations all on their own. So here I am writing about my small village HALEALVE, some 4 km from the town of Kundapur.

I had a week long vacation for Christmas and what better time than this to visit all my beloved spots. I remembered all my childhood days, when we used to get bored looking at these so called spots. But only when one is away from near and dear ones, be it family or places, does one realize the importance of them. The first thing I did this time when I came home was to ask dad about all places in our village which are photogenic enough to appear on this website, after all he was born and brought up here. Would you believe it, there were ten to fifteen which we listed out. Hopefully you will enjoy the write up along with the snaps.

Halealve is famous for its beach, which actually is called Kodi Beach. On a normal Sunday evening, one can find half of Kundapur on this beach. Kodi for Kundapur is like what Juhu is for Mumbai, Marina is for Chennai .When I was recently browsing Google earth; I found a caption “BEST BEACH IN THE WORLD” for our beach. I really don’t know who put this, but whoever has done this is 100 percent correct. There is a stretch of around five to six kilometers of what I call pure beach. Azure sky, no pollution, no kit pit of vendors, only pure breeze and amazing peace of mind. One can have the majestic view of the sun setting with the clouds turning red. One can sit for hours together on the beach and never get bored. Take my word for it. I have done it numerous times.

On the same stretch there is one Light house which is 100 feet high and offers a view which even the worst of naturists, I mean people who love nature( not the other meaning ..) would love .Let me tell you my experience up there. I along with four of my cousins planned to visit the light house. I had told them I am writing an article on Kodi and everyone agreed for a bribe of one packet Boti and one FriendSip each. This is a local brand which I believe is better than most of the foreign aerated drinks for which we pay a kings ransom and drink. I am actually scared of heights and wanted pictures from the top of the lighthouse and who else than my cousins could have done this for me. I have no doubt they would even dare to bungee jump or sky dive from there if there were provisions. When I was sitting at 100 feet enjoying the view, my daredevils were busy clicking snaps from all angles at 120 feet from the ground and not even scared. What guts !
Our next stop was at Kodi end at the back waters. That’s how the name Halealve was derived. It seems entire Halealve was submerged once upon a time. Now the alve is shifted to Gangolli which is just a two minute ferry ride from Kodi, but will take almost half an hour by road. The ferry ride might cost you 15 rupees max. I simply love this place. The sea taking a right turn and meeting the river. I might have come here a thousand times, but I wish to go there again and again, just like the movie TROY which I might have watched some 20 times now but still long for more.

Let me suggest a wholesome package to spend half day on the Kodi beach. If you are my relative, then you can simply come home. My mom is an excellent cook. Otherwise there are numerous hotels in Kundapur. Morning can be spent visiting temples around Kundapur, Anegudde, Kollur and Hattiyangadi being the most famous.Dont forget to spend Rs 18 on a gadbhad from Hotel Parijatha.Yes folks, Inflation has never touched Kundapur. Lunch at the famous Shetty Lunch home. Chicken Ghee roast rules the menu even now. Kaane Fry, Ghee rice and white kurma being other delicacies which it offers. Now at around 4 you can reach the lighthouse. Its open to viewers from 4 pm to 5 30 pm.After the mini adventure, go straight to the Kodi end. If interested, one can cross over to Gangolli and get back. Now head straight to the beach, enjoy a nice bath and the sunset too. The sea is safe for swimming, if one knows swimming….. It is not very dangerous actually. I can assure you that. At around 7 or 7 30 pm, dinner will be ready at Hotel Kinara. The food here is awesome too. Sitting on the shore and sipping a little beer, whiskey or any other drink is a different experience altogether. Any more details, you can feel free to ask me anytime. I haven’t been paid anything for any of this publicity  

In the list which we had prepared there was something called Kaman. I don’t know what it’s called in English. It’s a shed which has many tanks and a huge pan where fish is boiled or dried. My grandpa who was a fisherman owned many of these Kaman’s and also had a fleet of boats along with MAARIBALE(a fishing net which required 100 or more people to pull  ) .I could not get proper snaps of these Kaman’s ,since most of them are ruined because of inactivity. No one uses this old fashioned Kaman’s these days. Even the fishermen are obsessed with modern technology. Even to this day, wherever I go in and around our village, I am being recognized as Sojr maneyavaru (from the Dsouza family). I and all my cousins are grateful to our grandpa, though none of us has seen him.


I was hoping to click snaps of green fields, but only when I went to the fields I realized that paddy season is over. Nevertheless, I have clicked some snaps of   paddy straw pile (I have no idea what these are called in English. Hope straw is the right word. In Konkani it is called Kooden). Hope the snaps will give a better idea of what I am trying to say.
We have a church (ST Pius X Church) which is almost 50 years old, a small Mother Mary’s chapel which for me and most of them is very holy. Whatever I have prayed at her feet has been given to me. One can find candles lit up at her feet mostly by Hindus who go fishing during the season. They offer prayers for their safe return from the seas. There are many temples too. The annual Genda at the Haayguli temple is a major attraction. The chief priest cuts hundreds of sheep at one go. Amazing. I was shell shocked the first time I saw this. Women walk on burning charcoal, without even hurting their feet. There are around 3 mosques, all on the shore. Jesus Christ, Allah and Ishwar seem to have found Halealve a peaceful place to live. Hindus, Muslims and Christians all live peacefully in Halealve.
Halealve is a place where all communities and religions live happily. I consider myself lucky to have born in this part of the world. Next time hopefully I ll be able to provide you with the details of Kundapur .Its no less than Singapore. Mind it...

I would like to thank my daredevils Vishaline, Neville, Dezline, Senora and Sohan for helping me with the photographs. Without them i would surely not have gone up the lighthouse.

Comments on this article
Robert Quadros-Shenoy, Kundapur/Bombay/washingtonSaturday, August 15, 2015
I visited in December of last year. The place is still pristine and unspoiled.I was planning on building a Bed and breakfast there but did not relish tourists trashing the place. So now its my selfish piece of heaven.
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Mrs A F Dsouza, Pius nagar/Mumbai., Friday, August 31, 2012
Hi Anil- I am happy to read geographical and other first-hand history and information about our beloved kodi/halealve. I was mermerised by the scenic beauty of kodi beach when I first saw the white silver sand on the beach [in 1997]. The journey from Vinayaka bus stop to kodi top,is very scenic with coconut trees,the lighthouse , small and big bungalows,temples,masjids, schools,and fisherfolk selling fresh stock.Adding to its beauty is our beautiful church ,with Patron Saint PiusX blessing and waving to every visitor who enters Piusnagar. We took many of our Mumbai guests to show our kodi beach - with their stay at Hotel Sheron,Kundapur- They enjoyed the sea food, fresh toddy etc. and ended with saying JEEVAN MEY EK BAAR AANA KODI KUNDAPUR.

Recently I read your article on St.Pius X. God bless you. {Alveera d/o late Marku Master,Halealve}
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pramila, halealve/dombivli/sharjahMonday, August 27, 2012
a fresh (i know the article is not recent)my dad is from halealve and he(i)belongs to the fernandes family as far as i know when we went on vacations every one near by was a fernandes and all were related to us weddings were big occassions every one invited and the church special feast miss it all!!!!

Comment on this message     

Anil Dsouza, Halealve/DubaiWednesday, February 15, 2012
Hey, Was just checking out my old articles and was surprized to see a comment from Mr Prathwajith Ray.

Well, You can try Hotel sharon. They have a website. but not sure about bookings. You can caall though
Comment on this message     

Prithwijit Ray, KolkataSunday, January 15, 2012
Wonderful article and pictures. Could u pl suggest a place to stay on Kodi beach (and how to book). I want to go there with my wife and son during first week of March,2012.
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sinchu, gangolli /bangaloreThursday, December 23, 2010
hi anil lot of tanks 4 u super article frnd realy iam very happy
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sinchu, gangolli /bangaloreWednesday, December 22, 2010
hi anil lot of tanks 4 u super article frnd realy iam very happy
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Robert Pereira, Kund/Shrj/Bang.Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Dear Anil Nice article & Good Pictures. Thanks
Comment on this message     

Sridhar Poojary, Halealve / Bhandup,MumbaiThursday, September 23, 2010
Hi Anil, nice to see this article on our village.wonderful.really good & great job. keep up the good work.Good luck & God bless.
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SJP, Kunapur/New yorkSunday, June 13, 2010
Hi Anil,
Well done on this article, I see that you write really well on all the article you published. So proud to have a true mangalorean acheive something great...keep the good word...and I'll keep reading them
Comment on this message     

Dr Kusuma Kumari , Nellore/Kodyadka Saturday, May 29, 2010
Very beutiful pictures indeed I love this scene from this Village
Comment on this message     

Kusuma Kumari, Manipal/Nellore Thursday, April 08, 2010
What a beautiful secenary here in Kundapur? Very beautiful pictures indeed
Comment on this message     

Narayan, KandlurTuesday, April 06, 2010
Really nice article with the gr8 snaps. Keep it up Mr. Anil
Comment on this message     

raj, gundmiTuesday, June 23, 2009
Anil...fabulous photos yaa... good work.... I think that displays your love on nature...nice photos
Comment on this message     

Kodi Kini, Kodi Kundapur bangaloreSaturday, April 25, 2009
Once upon a time, this place was ruled by my ancestors. Some how we missed the link. Even today, when I visit the place, tears roll down my cheeks. This is a paradise. Just wish that I join this place soon & do something for my people. I hope god would listen to me.
Comment on this message     

shashi kanth, hyderabad,Andhra pardesh.Saturday, April 25, 2009
After reading at the reviews and looking at the photo''s i had decided that i should go there with in few weeks time...what a beach and about the greenry its just amazing...its in INDIA. i am suprised....its just look like sister of amazon..thanks anil ....
Comment on this message     

sindhu, bangaloreSaturday, April 11, 2009
hey anil!! u have done a great job!!! d pics r fantabulous!!! i wish next time wen i visit dis site i will get more n more pics !!!
Comment on this message     

Leslie Pais, Urwa,Bombay,New JerseyTuesday, January 27, 2009
Hey Anil You've done some real good soul searching for me. I'm so freakin tempted to call it a day in this village. The vivid description and the tranquility of the enviroment, my passion of fishing, without any fuss or Kit pit pushes me to ask your suggestions for recommending some real estate (definatly not for commercial prupose) i would never want to destroy your heaven on earth.Btw, the pictures were awesome. I did try googling for real estate but it looks like very few agencies have web pages if any. Any suggestions or links will be welcome. Liked very much the mention of faith in Mother Mary at your church. Checked out the Weddings of the Old article. Must say you've done a good job with that too. Wonder if those Brass bands still exist? It would be a good idea to record a CD of their performance before they become extinct. Hope to meet up with you buddy! Good luck and keep that pen rolling
Comment on this message     

steven rebello, kannad kudru. 5'stuti apartment, Maninagar, Ahmedabad, GujaratTuesday, January 27, 2009
Dear Anil, beautiful, really I liked your artical, I felt like I am at Native, eating morning paij and kubhe. thanks
Comment on this message     

Joel, Mangalore/DubaiTuesday, January 27, 2009
Hi Anil, Thanks once again. This is a "must visit" on my next vacation.I'll skip the temples though.
Comment on this message     

Hi Anil,Your article on Halealve/kodi beach and surrounding area was excellent,however,this remembers our good old days visit to that place.Over the time things might have changed but as told taste buds still lingers our south canara Specialties. This article of yours took me back again on a virtual tour.Good work keep it up.
Comment on this message     

Jinu, Belgaum/Kollam/Hyderabad/ BangaloreThursday, January 15, 2009
Hey Anil, Indeed a wonderful article like your previous ones. I hope could vivst this place!!!!
Comment on this message     

Diany D'Souza, Kundapur/ KuwaitFriday, January 16, 2009
Dear Anil, Very good article, keep it up.wish you good luck,
Comment on this message     

ROMEO, HALEALVE/FUJAIRHAThursday, January 15, 2009
Dear Anil, Your article touched my Heart. I never realized that my place is so beautiful. Now I know, my native place is another heaven on earth. Best regards. ROMEO QUADROS
Comment on this message     

Steve, KuwaitWednesday, January 14, 2009
Dear Anil you have received maximum good comments for this article and photographs. Superb... Keep it up....!!
Comment on this message     

Vincent, Bangalore/Saudi ArabiaWednesday, January 14, 2009
Anil: Your article on Halealve village was very interesting and informative. You have given a lot of information and my family & I plan to visit this place sometime soon. The place looks nice & un-poluted unlike the so called tourist locations. Let me be there before it becomes famous! Thanks for your input.
Comment on this message     

Suryatapa, Kolkata/ChennaiWednesday, January 14, 2009
Wow Anil! wonderful writing and great photographs! for a while I felt i am right there in halealve.. )
Comment on this message     

Mohan H Naik, MangaluruWednesday, January 14, 2009
Dear Anil. Your simple article, provides enough information. Infact i am tempted to visit. Keep writting
Comment on this message     

harish kamath, kundapur/dubaiWednesday, January 14, 2009
You made me remember my school days with my friends coming to kodi in my cycle thanks a lot for refreshing my memories..... keep the good work going anil....give all my regards to ur family....
Comment on this message     

Avinash, Kundapur / KuwaitTuesday, January 13, 2009
Dear Anil, this is really cool article friend , really enjoyed it. Atlast it's nice see someone from our place writing articles in net! Keep up the good work!! 
Comment on this message     

Ramy Fernandes, Healelve/PiusnagarMonday, January 12, 2009
Dear Anil, i met you recently in December, hope you remember. You have done a nice job, beautiful photographs of our village. good job keep it up and wish you all the best. god bless you. Ramy Fernandes & Fly, Healelve.
Comment on this message     

Dear Anil While enjoyed your article on Halealve, and the photographs, I do have a different opinion. I love my hometown and the surroundings so much, I visit the place almost every year, renew the family ties, visiting my relatives in Halealve, as my father was born there. However, I really do not like the idea of tourists visiting the place and spoiling it. Look what has happened to Goa!
Comment on this message     

Harish, DubaiMonday, January 12, 2009
Nice photos.Thanks to Anil.
Comment on this message     

Helen Gonsalves, Kundapur/Mumbai/DubaiSunday, January 11, 2009
Dear Anil, thanks for the artical and photographs. I too grew up in kundapur near kodi river. It brought back my younger days memories, as a school girl we had many picknics to Kodi from St. Joseph's convent school. I always enjoyed the shallow sea to walk in all my visits. Sorry to say I never thought of visiting Kodi for last 35 years, since I left kundapur for greener pastur. I must take a tour of my beloved kodi next time when I visit my home town.God bless you for refreshning our childhood years.
Comment on this message     

Joseph D'Mello, Kundapur/MelbourneSunday, January 11, 2009
Hi Anil, Welldone !! I wish I could come to kundapur and settle down for good let me know if there are good properties around (my email jdmello@iinet.net.au), originally from Managalore where my parents were from but born and bought up in Mumbai, now citizen in Australia but there is nothing like Kundapur which I had visited a long time ago. Thanks for doing a good job keep it up. Regards, Joe
Comment on this message     

vivi / margaret / christa, china / guangzhouSunday, January 11, 2009
Dear Anil, It is an excellent piece of info,an eye opener for many to be proud of their homeland, if we all do this about our place, it would be a wonderful guide for nature lovers and explorers, keep writing, god bless.
Comment on this message     

Wilson Dsouza, Kundapur, (Dubai)Monday, January 12, 2009
HI Anil, Nice article, I have personally been to this beach and this is really the best beaches i can say. I am from Kundapur and my wife from Pius Nagar. You take care all the very best.
Comment on this message     

Saritha Dsouza, Mangalore/DubaiSunday, January 11, 2009
Hey, good one !... All the best for your future articles.. But could you place the Church pics too.. not found here?
Comment on this message     

Sohan D'souza, Halealva / PiusnagarMonday, January 12, 2009
Hey Anil nice article
Comment on this message     

Sohan D'souza, Halealva / PiusnagarSunday, January 11, 2009
Hey Anil nice article
Comment on this message     

Richard Quadros, Halealve/DubaiSunday, January 11, 2009
Dear Anil,thanks for the article.I was born and brough tup in Halealve and I am from Quadros family in Halealve.I love my native place and Iwill settle in Halealve after retirment.
Comment on this message     

Senora D'souza, Halealva / PiusnagarSaturday, January 10, 2009
Hey ANIL its amazing!!! Thanks  for this beautiful article . Good luck.
Comment on this message     

EIJAZ AHMED, manglore/UAESaturday, January 10, 2009
Comment on this message     

Mushtaq Ahmed/Dubai, Hunglur/kundapurFriday, January 09, 2009
Dear Anil it is wonderful artical and beautiful picture, you made us very proud keep it up god bless you.
Comment on this message     

Vishaline D'Souza, Halealve/PiusnagarFriday, January 09, 2009
Hey Anil, Its AmaZin!!! thanx for tis beautiful article....m really proud to be a part of tis village...n our visit to the light house is a memorable one....( u darpuk) ha ha!! Keep up the gud work...God Bless.. Keep smiling:)
Comment on this message     

Chanchal, MangloreFriday, January 09, 2009
Very goood article.You made me recall me about beauty of my native place
Comment on this message     

Nathaline D'Souza, Halealve/piusnagarFriday, January 09, 2009
Very nice article Anil.  I have been living in this place for the past 23 years and i feel really proud to be a part of this place..keep it up
Comment on this message     

Neville D'Souza, Halealve/piusnagarSaturday, January 10, 2009
Its indeed my pleasure to be a part of this article...and Ii am proud to be a part of this village which Ii call Gods own country.
Comment on this message     

Reni Fernandes, Kulshekar, Mangalore / Abu DhabiFriday, January 09, 2009
Thanx Anil for reminding me my birth place. It's really more than what you wrote.....! Most of my school summer holidays i spent there in the beach and boating in the river during the high tides. In my knowledge the 'kamans' were widly used to boil sardine fish and extract the fish oil.
Comment on this message     

Clara Placida Lewis, Tallur/DubaiFriday, January 09, 2009
Dear Anil and Team, Great Effort, Good Pictures, wonderful article, keep up your good works, looking forward to read more articles on surrounding places of Kundapur Taluk from you guys, Big Thanks for all the people who worked hard for the wonderful article and photographs.
Comment on this message     

Charlotte, KinnigoliFriday, January 09, 2009
Hi Anil, Amazing!!!!!!!! you have done a marvellous job. I will visit this place for sure. But,one thing you have forgotten. You said u can come home and have a nice meal too as your mom is a good cook, (wheres the address) heyy just kidding. Thanks and keep up the good job buddy. charlotte
Comment on this message     

Anwar basha, Gundmi, Sastana / Dammam - Saudi ArabiaThursday, January 08, 2009
Hey Aniil, wonderful... thanks for the article and photographs,
Comment on this message     

LAXMIDAS, M'lore / Dubai.Thursday, January 08, 2009
Wonderful article Anil. good job. Eager to read more such articles from you.
Comment on this message     

francis Dsouza, pius nager-riyadhThursday, January 08, 2009
nice nice nice i showed to all my friends. thank you Anil we are proud of you and our village
Comment on this message     

walter Cyril Pinto, Kallianpur UdupiThursday, January 08, 2009
Simple articles like thsese are uncovering great nature spots. Thanks Anil
Comment on this message     

Noor Saheb, Mangalore Thursday, January 08, 2009
Duniyan bananewale ka barabar koyee nahee. Mangalore ko -Anil- apne age raka iska jawab nahi,Thanks for lovely & beautiful scenes shall visit once atleast
Comment on this message     

Sharmila Vaz, Kundapur/Abu DhabiThursday, January 08, 2009
Dear Anil, It's a fantastic article. It was very soothing to see the lovely pictures of Kodi beach. Feel like ordering a Kane Rava Fry online from Kinara Hotel. Thanks for your efforts to showcase beauty of our home town. I will look forward for more articles from you featuring my birth place Kundapur. Good Luck n God Bless You !!
Comment on this message     

Ajit Costa, HalealveThursday, January 08, 2009
Nice pictures and well narrated, keep it up Mr.Anil, waiting to see more articles, best of luck.
Comment on this message     

deepa, mangalore / bangaloreThursday, January 08, 2009
Wonderful reading, Anil. I virtally experienced Halealve thanks to your detailed description!!! I am a water-lover, and this is the latest entry to my list of must-visit waterspots. We were in Mangalore for 7 years and seen both Ullal and Panambur beaches and even Malpe island near Udupi, but not seen this place. It's awesome, feel like moving out of the cubicle and getting to the beaches. Wow!!!
Comment on this message     

Hai Anil you have done nice job...Thanks for reminding our childhood beautiful days...
Comment on this message     

PIUS/ Joyce Fernandes, Halealve, Mumbai, HalealveWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear Anil, Nice Articles & pictures. Keep it up. You have made us proud. God Bless you
Comment on this message     

Peter And Jyothsna Fernandes, Native Place: Piusnagar/Current Resident: Boston, USAThursday, January 08, 2009
Rightly said, it is indeed a very nice place to visit. Though not popular within the tourism industry, but very popular among the local population around Kundapur. This article recalled my memories and gave me a snapshot of the days when I used to visit these places. Will certainly spend some time thare on my next visit home. Also showed this article to my colleagues working with me in USA, they were amazed to know about our beautiful place.
Comment on this message     

yedthare amarnath shetty mulky , qatarWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear Anil, it is a grt picture. i still remmeber seen this spot in kundapur when i had visited in my childhood. it is a real flashback for me.. thank u.
Comment on this message     

ashfak, mangaloreWednesday, January 07, 2009
Nature at its Best at Halealve Village, Kundapur - very nice article
Comment on this message     

Ronald D.F.D'Souza, Bondel/Mangalore/BahrainThursday, January 08, 2009
Dear Anil, a very nice article and beautiful photographs of Halealve village.I am from proper Mangalore I till today I haven't heard about Halealve village. It seems Halealv e means, joing of river and sea water in olden days. These type of articles must and should publish in Daijiworld so that urban people will have a chance to go and see this places. Ron - Bahrain
Comment on this message     

Fatima menezes, Halealve/kuwaitThursday, January 08, 2009
Comment on this message     

Naveen Menezes, Halealve,Kundapura/Abu Dhabi,UAEThursday, January 08, 2009
Hi Anil, The word 'Halealve' attracted me to this article. You have really put-in lots of efforts in clicking these pictures and preparing the wonderful article about our village. Good Job. Keep it up.
Comment on this message     

tamim bastipadpu ullal, KuwaitWednesday, January 07, 2009
Wow... anil u did a amazing job, great photos ,  keep it up...
Comment on this message     

Anwar Sheik, UdupiWednesday, January 07, 2009
Hi Mr.Anil, Keep it up great job……………very nice to watch natural snaps from our native places. god bless you brother.
Comment on this message     

jaison moras, madanthyarWednesday, January 07, 2009
hi anil nice article dear ,all the best
Comment on this message     

jeevan shetty, kinnigoli /saudi arabiaWednesday, January 07, 2009
nice pics anil , very nice artical .keep up good job
Comment on this message     

Rev.Fr.Vincent D'Souza, Alangar MoodbidriWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear Anil, Congratulations for the nice pictures and the nice article.I lived 7 years there enjoying this beautiful creation of God. I also enjoy reading your articles in 'Milan' . I am proud of you .I wish you all the best
Comment on this message     

Pradeep Vaz, KUNDAPURAWednesday, January 07, 2009
Hi Anil, Good Article !! Also beautiful Photographs!! I always belived that places in and around Kundapura are the best in whole of our district (and of course very photogenic) and also the beaches or backwaters are at par with Kerala or Goa !! If you watch Kundapur from Google Earth (which I am sure you have), it's almost like an Island. All Roads in the and around Kundapura Town end at either a River or a Sea. Anyhow, thanks for giving a Arial view of the back waters clicked from the New Light House!! Keep up the good work!! All the Best!!
Comment on this message     

Louis D' Costa, Halealve\KuwaitWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear Anil, Your article touched my heart. I never realized that my place is so beautiful. Now I know, my native place is another heaven on earth. Best regards. Louis
Comment on this message     

vincent Menezes, Halealve - kuwaitWednesday, January 07, 2009
dear Anil, Thanks for the article,I really enjoyed this article, God belss u - vincent,Richy,Ramy,Danny,Sunil
Comment on this message     

Felix DeCosta, Shirthady, DubaiWednesday, January 07, 2009
Ho! Anil excellent keep it up. By this article we get to know the beauty of the village and it heritage
Comment on this message     

Eugene D'Souza, Moodubelle/DombivliWednesday, January 07, 2009
Halealve-a beautiful place aesthetically presented by Anil through his narration and photography.
Comment on this message     

shammi, halealveWednesday, January 07, 2009
Nice Article and nice pics Anil
Comment on this message     

charles furtado, puttur dkWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear Anil, many thanks for a great article with nice pictures!!! keep it up
Comment on this message     

Hemalatha, Asha, MoodbidriWednesday, January 07, 2009
good article, nice pictures, thanks anil D'souza.
Comment on this message     

Linda Fernandes, Kundapur/DubaiWednesday, January 07, 2009
Nice article Anil...Good
Comment on this message     

Juliana Veenitha D'souza, chikmagalure/dubaiWednesday, January 07, 2009
Hi Anil, its a wonderful article about Kundapur, I really enjoyed the pictures. My father was born and brought up there so I know this place personally and I have visited this beach many times when I was small. After reading your article once again it reminded me of all my sweet memories. I really want to visit this place when I come to India.
Comment on this message     

Joel, KundapurWednesday, January 07, 2009
Great article boss.. Keep Writing... Say Hi to ur daredevils frome me.. Catch up with u in Kundapur in the holidays... take care
Comment on this message     

P.Nishan shenoy, mangaloreWednesday, January 07, 2009
Nice Article Anil
Comment on this message     

Sharon Rego, Kulshekar/DubaiWednesday, January 07, 2009
Hey Anil, nice pictures, dont remember having been to Kundapur ever, but for once got all the Mangalorean days back in mind. Thanks for these, we need them once a while being away...
Comment on this message     

imran , kundapurWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear Anil, many thanks for a great article with nice pictures!!! God bless you
Comment on this message     

PRAKASH N RAO, MANGALOREWednesday, January 07, 2009
Hi anil, Nice to ready your article. Please do some more research and find out nice cosy and comfortable places near-by, also if possible throw some light on marvante. Furnish name of some good small budget hotels for stay and food.
Comment on this message     

Anthony D'Souza, Pius NagarWednesday, January 07, 2009
Good work, keep it up. Carry on to write more articles on our native place and events.
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Prakash Naik, Koni, Kundapur/MuscatWednesday, January 07, 2009

Dear Anil, Nice article my friend. Thank you for taking the initiative to showcase Kundapur beauty to the world. I have visited these places many times, but unfortunately these beaches are not explored by many. The reason behind this is the lazy attitude of our government authorities. They hardly give any importance to develop tourism in our coastal areas. If they do, I think these beaches and surrounding places will attract a huge number of tourists from all parts of the world and visiting these places would work out very economical as compared to visiting other parts of the world.

 I only wish the Government gives a serious thought to this area. Most of the people residing in these areas are quite poor and dependent on agriculture and fishing. If the Govt. provides the necessary infrastructure to these beaches tourism will automatically develop and people residing around these areas will have an alternative source of income and can enjoy a better living standards.

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Glen Dsilva, Koteshwar/DubaiWednesday, January 07, 2009
Anil my trip to India is incomplete if I don't visit Kodi beach the smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm. God Bless and keep up the good job. I completely agree with Mr. Theo Dsilva wish we had the infrastructure to promote this coastal region into a tourist destination.
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Amanu saheb, HALADY POST KUNDAPUR TALUKWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear M. Anil, thanks for the article. Iam also born in kodi now Iam living in Halady. I am working in Jeddah.My most of relatives living in Kodi & Halealve.Ilove beauty of kodi. GOVT. constructing concret road to kodi. This is very helpful for travelers. I am thanksful to those who are workbehind this. In your article you mentioned for communal harmony.This is hundred percent true. thanks for a very clear touch of kodi.
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Walter Mascarenhas, Koteshwar/KuwaitWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear Anil, our sincere thanks to you for exploring and explaining the beauty of our native place.
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Sushma Dsilva, Koteshwar/DubaiTuesday, January 06, 2009
Nice Article Anil... People do visit this place...its lovely and lush with greenary..
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rudolf, kumbla/mumbaiTuesday, January 06, 2009
Dear Anil,So, many times i passed through kundapur,but i never thoght about such beautiful beah. I only seen two river side greenery. this time I want visit kundapur as per your articles places.
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Dr.Dinesh Rao, Mnagalore/UdaipurTuesday, January 06, 2009
Dear Anil, many thanks for a great article with superb pictures!!! God bless you
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Dear Anil, Thanks for the nice article and nice pictures... Keep up the good work u r doing...!!!
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Alwyn D Souza, Mangalore,MumbaiTuesday, January 06, 2009
Hi Anil, nice work man keep on discovering,once again good work keep it up.
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Theo D'Silva, Kadri Mangalore/Toronto, CanadaWednesday, January 07, 2009
Dear Anil, its a wonderful article about Kundapur and the suburb sea coast . Although I was born in Malpe in the coastal area, I hardly had a glimse of these areas. But all these areas around Mangalore are awsome if they are developed. We have white sandy beaches with coconut trees on the background which the Europeans, and North Americans love . But we lack the infra-structure of  good roads , drainage, hygene, hotels to attract foreign tourists. Anyway I wish good luck to my mother country.
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Gratian & Sheela D'silva, BARKUR/UKTuesday, January 06, 2009
Hi Anil, it's really nice to read your article. Keep up the good work.
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Wilfred Menezes, Halealve, Kundapura/Jeddah Saudi ArabiaTuesday, January 06, 2009
Dear Anil, nice article, when we are away, we really like to hear from our native place. Now lot of people will know our Halealve. Thanks and Best Wishes
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