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Dhanraj Prashanth D'Souza (21),Maniyampara House, Maire post, Perala, Kasargod.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Dhanraj Prashanth D'Souza (21), son of John Baptist D'Souza, resident of Maniyampara House, Maire post, Perala, Kasargod, is suffering from advanced chronic kidney disease since the last two years. Both his kidneys have failed, and he is on maintenance hemodialysis since then. 

Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre Ltd, Nettoor, Kochi, has certified about the diagnosis and treatment as above. It has also advised Dhanraj to undergo renal transplantation to enable him to lead a normal and productive life. The cost of pretransplant optimization, donor evaluation, and kidney transplantation, etc has been estimated at Rs 6.5 lac. The hospital has said that in case of unforeseen complications, expenses are likely to go up.

Dhanraj, who has studied upto PUC, has been unable to continue studies, and is presently at home. The family of Dhanraj Prashanth D'Souza is very poor. Still, it has been providing treatment to him since the last over two years by spending lacs of rupees by pooling funds through various avenues. Renal transplant offers them a ray of hope for the future of the boy, and it says it has identified a willing donor. To execute this plan, they need lot of money, and the poor family that is already reeling under burden of hospital costs, cannot hope to afford it on its own. Therefore, it has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 230201000001229
Dhanraj Prashanth K
Indian Overseas Bank, Kasargod branch,
Aramana Arcade, Bank Road,
Kasargod – 671 121
IFSC: IOBA0002302
Phone: 095679 98129

Mehboob Patel (22),D No. 5-68-1, Janatha Colony, Mattar post, Shirva, Udupi

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Mehboob Patel (22), son of Akbar Patel, D No. 5-68-1, Janatha Colony, Mattar post, Shirva, Udupi – 574 116, has been suffering from blood cancer. Christian Medical College, Vellore, has diagnosed his condition as chronic myeloid leukemia with T3151 mutation (a type of blood cancer).

The hospital has certified that the best option for the patient would be to undergo allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplant (PBSCT), and has identified his brother, Ikram Patel, as HLA matched peripheral blood stem cell donor. It has estimated cost of PBSCT at around Rs 14 lac,  which cost may increase in case of unforeseen complications.

Father of Mehboob works as bus conductor at KSRTC department, and the family is economically backward. Being unable to fund the treatment of Mehboob, the family members have sought help from well-meaning members of the public. They have requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 01452210005811
Mehboob Patel
Syndicate Bank, Main Road,
Shirva, Udupi – 574 116.
IFSC: SYNB0000145
Phone: 91 98450 48884

Master Aldos D'Souza (4),Nadibail House, Vorkady Post, via Manjeshwar, Kasargod district, Kerala

Monday, October 20, 2014
Master Aldos D'Souza (4), son of Philip D'Souza, residing at Nadibail House, Vorkady Post, via Manjeshwar, Kasargod district, Kerala, has been diagnosed with B-Cell ALL (bone cancer). KMC Hospital, Attavar, Mangalore, has certified the above condition, and has also estimated that the total cost of treatment may be around three lac rupees. 

The couple rests its hope on the assurance given by the doctors that if regular treatment is given, the boy may regain his health. However, the family is too poor to afford this treatment. Although the parents are concerned about the fact that delay in treatment may aggravate the situation, they are finding it hard to get their son treated. As such, they have requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 42282200142210
Shanthina D'Souza (grandmother of Aldos)
Syndicate Bank, Sunkadakatte,
'Vishwaprabha',1st floor,
 – 671 323.
IFSC: SYNB0004228
Phone: 91 95392 68071
Lesly P D'Costa (48),Door No. 2/29 B1, Perampalli, Shivalli village, Kunjibettu post,Udupi

Monday, October 20, 2014
Lesly P D'Costa (48), son of Peter D'Costa, living at Door No. 2/29 B1, Perampalli, Shivalli village, Kunjibettu post, Udupi – 576 102, has chronic kidney disease stage 5. Both his kidneys have failed. Kasturba Hospital Manipal has certified that his initial cost of hospitalization is Rs 25,000 and recurring expenses of about Rs 9,000 per month as he is recommended maintenance hemodialysis. The hospital has also certified that in case he undergoes renal transplantation subject to availability of suitable kidney donor, the cost of surgery, post operative medication and immunosuprressive medication over one year will be around five lac rupees.

Costa used to work as driver in the past, but is too weak to do anything now. His wife deserted him ten years back, while his elder daughter, who was studying in Ashram school since young, eloped with a boy sometime back, never to be seen. His younger daughter is studying in first PU class. As he is unable to eke out a living on his own, he sustains on the basis of help rendered by church and neighbours. 

As his medical expenses are soaring, the concerned are finding it difficult to continue to extend financial help. Left with no alternative, Lesly is pinning hope on the kindness of philanthropists. He has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number:0618101027180
Lesly D'Costa
Canara Bank, P B No 11, Kavi Muddana Marg,
Court Road, Udupi – 576 101.
IFSC: CNRB0000618
Phone: 91 99018 58686
Kumar Vishwas Raj (8),Gandhinagara, 3/157B, Marpady Village, Moodbidri

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Kumar Vishwas Raj (8), son of Vishvanatha Acharya and Vasanthi Acharya, residing at Gandhinagara, 3/157B, Marpady village, Moodbidri, has been suffering from left pubic rami Ewing's sarcoma (cancerous tumor between the thighs ). Kasturba Hospital, Manipal, has certified the above diagnosis and recommended treatment in the form of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The hospital has certified that the above procedure would cost Rs 2,50,000. The parents feel that the actual expenses would be much more. They are anxious to provide treatment to their young son, who has been unable to walk because of the tumor which has been growing bigger. Father of the boy works as a daily wager, and mother says she will not be able to work, as she needs to devote entire time to take care of her son. 

Having been anxious to see their son returning to full health, the family, which has no income or savings to fall back on, pins hope entirely on financial help from philanthropists. They have requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number:34074331615
Vasanthi Acharya (mother)
State Bank of India, PB No. 10,
Mythri Complex, Udupi.
IFSC: SBIN0000945
Phone: 91 99020 87483
Prem D'Souza (18), C/o Dr.Micheal Lobo,Klenlot Compound, Bejai Church Road, Mangalore 575004

Monday, October 06, 2014
Prem D'Souza, aged 18 years was diagnosed to have B/L genu vagus deformity for which he underwent surgery in the form of corrective medial closing wedge osteotomy and plate fixation for right knee on March 3, 2013. He has to undergo corrective surgery for left knee and implant removal for right knee and regular follow up for six weeks.

The total expenditure will be approximately Rs 1,25,000 (Rs One lac twenty five thousand only) to cover his expenses for surgery and reviews.His mother Fathima works as a cook at St Anne's Friary, Jail Road,Bejai since the last six years. She also helps Dr Michael Lobo and family in their house hold work for which she gets a free stay without having to pay rent.

As she is poor, she is unable to look after her son's medical expenses. The day to day expenses of her and her son are met with great difficulty due to her poverty.She has requested for financial help from donors for the surgery of her son which would be around Rs 1,25,000. She has stated that her son Prem D' Souza cannot work due to his ill health. He is fully dependent on her.

Bank account details:
SB account No. 54056486617
Fathima D' Souza
Bank SBM Bejai Kapikad, Mangalore.
Branch: SBM Bejai- Kapikad 40740
IFSC Code: SBMY0040740
Phone:91 98452 53293
Sanvi (14 months), Poonkadai House, Bondanthila village, Neermarga, Mangalore.

Friday, September 19, 2014
Sanvi (14 months), daughter of Prakash Poojary and Dayavathi Poojary, residing at Poonkadai House, Bondanthila village, Neermarga, Mangalore, started to stumble against objects in her way and falling down the stairs since a couple of months back. As advised by an ophthalmologist in Mangalore, she was taken to Bangalore for eye scanning. Doctors at Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore diagnosed the problem as cancer of the retina, which needs surgery and other treatments

The girl was referred to KMC Hospital Mangalore. This hospital doctors have planned six chemotherapy sessions for the child at a cost of around Rs 2,50,000 as of now. The family says that the first cycle has been completed now, and five more cycles of treatment have to be administered to the child.  

Prakash (34), father of the child, works as a mason, while his wife used to roll bidis. The couple finds it extremely hard to see their child going through sufferings instead of playing at such a tender age. It wants to see their child turning normal again, but has realized that only people with humanitarian concern can help the baby to regain eyesight. The family finds it impossible to meet the above exorbitant cost of treatment as it does not have any money left with it, nor they have the support of any friends or family members who are well-off. Therefore, the couple has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 181400101003904
Corporation Bank, Crasta Compound
Neermarga Main Road, Post Pedamale, Mangalore
IFSC: CORP0001814
Phone: 91 89703 28267/ 91 81237 40893 (Bharathi)
Clifford Fernandes (41),'Elizabeth Compound', Alape, Padil, Mangalore

Friday, September 19, 2014
Clifford Fernandes (41), brother of Jesintha D'Souza, c/o Jawahar Laven Monteiro, Door No. 4-92/7, 'Elizabeth Compound', Alape, Padil, Mangalore – 575 007, has been suffering from weakness and loss of function in both the lower limbs for the past 20 years. After being on wheel chair for 12 to 13 years, he has been bedridden for the last over five years. He has been suffering from decubitus ulcer (bedsores), and is in need of help for day-to-day activities, daily dressing for bedsores and other medications. 

He had recently been admitted to Colaco Hospital Mangalore for treatment of this condition, and Dr Krishna M Gokhale,Shakthinagar, Mangalore, has certified about his condition.  As he is always bedridden, the problem of bedsores surfaces often and he needs to be treated at a high cost which the family is finding it difficult to meet. Clifford seeks help from donors for his treatment and also in view of the fact that he has not been able to do any work and feels that he has been proving too much of a burden for the family. He has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account No: 5132500100498801
Jesintha  D Souza
Karnataka Bank Lltd,
 Mangalore HO Complex branch
Mahaveer Circle, Kankanady, 
Mangalore –575 002.
Phone: 91 81237 77370
Deena Prakash (32),SMS Junior College,Heroor,Brahmavar,Udupi

Friday, September 19, 2014
Deena Prakash (32), wife of Prakash, living opposite SMS Junior College, Heroor, Brahmavar, Udupi – 576 213, suffered from serious injury to her spinal cord and neck after the branch of a tree fell on her back sometime back. She has been paralyzed in the lower part of the body on account of damage done to the nervous system, and has no control over bladder and bowel movements. As she is constantly bedridden, she says she also suffers from depression. 

T D Johnson Memorial Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Clinic, Mangalore, has certified that Deena, who has been undergoing treatment at the said clinic, is unable to do any activity like sitting, standing, walking etc on her own, and that her rehabilitation process is on. Deena's husband has to be home at all time to look after her, and hence he is unable to earn anything to run the family and meet her treatment costs. As such, the couple seeks help from kind-hearted people. They have requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details;
AB account number: 02632200030637
Syndicate Bank, OSOES Brahmavar Branch
SMS Complex, HN 17,
Brahmavar – 576 200 (Udupi district)
IFSC: SYNB0000263
Phone: 91 9611814307
Swastik (15),Swarna Kripa House, Andinje village and post, Beltangady taluk

Friday, September 19, 2014

Swastik (15), son of Rathnavathi and Bhaskar Acharya, residing at Swarna Kripa House, Andinje village and post, Beltangady taluk, Dakshina Kannada district, has been diagnosed with Relapsed Acute Lymphatic Leukemia (cancer). The boy, who happens to be only son of Rathnavathi among her three children, has been suffering from this disease since the last nine years. Rathnavathi says that she has spent about ten lac rupees for his treatment at KMC Hospital Attavar during all these years with help from donors, institutions and organizations from various places, but the health of her son has not shown the desired improvement. KMC Hospital has certified that the family has spent over ten lac rupees for Swastik's treatment, and advised him to be shifted to a tertiary centre for bone marrow transplant at the earliest. 

Rathnavathi ekes out a living by rolling bidis, and her husband is a labourer. Still, the family, with great difficulty, could pool around one lac rupees for his treatment. Muzumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bangalore, which is a unit of Narayana Health, has certified that bone marrow transplant has been planned for Swasthik, as HLA Matched sibling in the form his younger sister, Swarna, is available. The center has certified the cost of this procedures to be around Rs 12,50,000 in the absence of major complications. 

In spite of very bad financial situation the poor family has been facing, Swastik's parents have not left any stone unturned in their effort to  help their son to carry on his battle against cancer during all these years. Their long and hard battle now promises to bring a ray of hope in the form of bone marrow transplant. However, cost of the procedure, Rs 12,50,000, is simply out of reach for this family, which hopes against odds, that well-meaning people will come to their rescue and help them to save Swastik. Rathanavathi, through a fervent appeal, has requested willing donors to come to the rescue of herself and her family members in this trying time, by extending help to the extent possible.

Bank account details:
SB account number:01502200089152
Syndicate Bank, Mahaveer Nagar Main Road
Venur branch,
 Dakshina Kannada district – 574 242.
IFSC: SYNB0000150
Phone: 91 99169 07473
Prathik (4), Tenkodi House, Batrabail, Niddodi, Mangalore

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Prathik (4), son of Umesha Amin, residing at Tenkodi House, Batrabail, Niddodi, Mangalore taluk – 574 227, has been suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (blood cancer). KMC Hospital Mangalore, which has confirmed this diagnosis proposes for undertaking his treatment in phases lasting 3.5 years including lumbar puncture and intrathecal methotrexate administration, blood transfusion etc. 

As per the estimate of the hospital, expenses involved with the treatment would be around six to seven lac rupees. Father of the boy is a labourer by profession. As the boy's family is very poor, it cannot hope to pool the money needed for this treatment. Therefore, Umesha Amin has pinned hopes of his son's treatment entirely on the generousness of the people. He therefore has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 116301011000505
Umesha Amin (father)
Vijaya Bank, Niddodi branch
Kalla Munkur post, Dakshina Kannada district
IFSC: VIJB0001163
Phone: 91 98802 78135

Wilma (35),Kinniyottu House,Gardadi village and post,Belthangady

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Wilma (35), wife of Denis Galbao, residing at Kinniyottu House, Gardadi village and post, Belthangady – 574 217, Dakshina Kannada district, has been suffering from renal failure and LRT 1. Father Muller Medical College Hospital has certified that Wilma is currently receiving IV antibiotics and hemodialysis for the same, and that she needs further hospital stay and treatment.

Wilma's husband works as a daily wager. Her son studies in first year PU, while daughter in ninth standard. Her family is too poor to afford high cost of this treatment. Therefore, the family is looking up to kindhearted donations to provide treatment to the lady. Wilma has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 01832200125720
Wilma Galbao
Syndicate Bank, Karthik Nilaya,
Guruvayanakere branch, Belthangady taluk.
IFSC: SYNB0000183
Phone: 91 96112 83268

Edwin D'Costa (51), Padlady House, Laila post and village, Belthangady taluk

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Edwin D'Costa (51), son of Paul D'Costa, and husband of Philomena Fernandes, residing at Padlady House, Laila post and village, Belthangady taluk – 574 214 (Dakshina Kannada district), has been suffering from End Stage Renal Disease. KMC Hospital Mangalore has certified that he is currently undergoing thrice weekly maintenance hemodialysis. The hospital has also   said that approximate expenditure for dialysis and medications per month work out to Rs 25,000 to 30,000. 

The hospital has said that the above treatment needs to be continued life long or until he undergoes kidney transplantation. After he fell sick a few months back, Edwin has not been able to work, and his wife works in a society. He has no children. Being unable to find sources to put together money for his treatment, Edwin has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 121301010011545
Philomena Fernandes (wife)
Vijaya Bank, College Road,
Ujire, Belthangady taluk,
Dakshina Kannada – 574 240.
IFSC: VIJB0001213
Phone: 91 99019 46945

Arpitha (18),Mahamaye Temple Compound, Field Street, Mangalore,

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Arpitha (18), daughter of Gopinath Jogi, residing at 12-2-249, Mahamaye Temple Compound, Field Street, Mangalore, is suffering from failure of both her kidneys. KMC Hospital, Ambedkar Circle Mangalore, where Arpitha is being treated, has confirmed that she is suffering from end stage renal disease. The hospital has certified that she is presently undergoing hemodialysis twice a week. It has estimated cost of dialysis at Rs 30,000 to 35,000 per month. In case the patient opts for renal transplantation, the cost would be seven to eight lac rupees in addition to Rs 10,000 to 20,000 towards immuno suppressant drugs, the hospital has said.

The mother of the girl has come forward to donate one of her kidneys to the patient. The poor father of the girl, who is the sole breadwinner of the family, also has the added responsibility of caring for his old mother. Unable to afford high cost of this treatment, he has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account No: 1169111009194
Gopinath Jogi
Canara Bank, Mangala Complex,
Car Street Brancha, Mangalore – 575 001.
Phone: 91 80501 57706

Baby Pratham( Nine-month-old), Devinagara, Ananthady Post and village, Bantwal taluk

Monday, August 25, 2014
Baby Pratham(Nine-month-old) son of Babu and Manjula, residents of Devinagara, Ananthady Post and village, Bantwal taluk, has been suffering from severe types of heart-related diseases. K M C Hospital Mangalore has certified that Pratham is a case of DORB with large severe PS with hypoplastic LV with mitral valve with large ASD and VSD with bidirectional shunt. The boy will have to undergo corrective treatments in the form of surgery and other procedures.

Heavy amount will be required by the parents for the treatment of their child, but both the parents happen to be daily labourers with very poor financial background. As they cannot hope to pool together the sum required for the treatment of their son, they have requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details: 
SB account number: 01842210012373
Babu (Father's Name)
Syndicate Bank,
Panambur MHPA
NMPT Hospital Building, Panambur,
Mangalore – 575 010.
IFSC: SYNB0000184
Phone: 91 94833 92495
Mahesh D Suvarna (34), Annappa Gurikara House, Muluru Village, Uchila post, Udupi

Monday, August 25, 2014
Mahesh D Suvarna (34), son of Devendra Salian,  living at Annappa Gurikara House, Muluru Village, Uchila post, Udupi – 574 117, has been diagnosed with hypertension and chronic kidney disease stage 5. Kasturba Hospital Manipal has certified that he requires thrice-a-week maintenance hemodialysis pending renal transplantation, which can be done once a suitable related kidney donor is available. 

The hospital has also certified that the approximate cost of pre operative, dialysis and Erythropoeietin, donor evaluation, HLA matching, renal transplantation surgery and post operative medication and immuno-suppressive medication over one year period would be around Rs 4,50,000. Suvarna's mother reportedly has come forward to donate one of her kidneys, but Mahesh, a fisherman by profession, cannot afford such a huge expenditure to undergo transplantation. With the hope that he can get his health back with the kind help of donors, he has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 027200101010530
Mahesh Suvarna
Corporation Bank, Muloor branch,
Panchami,I floor, 
National highway 17,
 Muloor, Uchila post – 574 117.
IFSC: CORP0000272
Phone: 91 80501 36703
Helen Aranha (44), Little Flower Church, Niddodi, Kallamundkur post

Monday, August 25, 2014
Helen Aranha (44), wife of Cyril Aranha, living at Aranha House, near Little Flower Church, Niddodi, Kallamundkur post – 574 227, had been suffering from migraine since long. As it become worse, she was referred for tests, and Father Muller Medical College Hospital confirmed that she had a large colloid cyst of the third vertical producing obstructive hydrophalus. She was operated upon and the cyst was totally removed on April 14, 2014.

Even after this surgery, she had weakness of the right side of her body and aphasia due to thalamic hemorrhage on the left side. The hospital has certified that she has been showing  partial improvement slowly, and that she will require further long hospital stay for physiotherapy and CSF shunt procedure for residual hydrouphalus. Helen's husband works as a kitchen helper in one of the restaurants in Dubai, and his meager earnings are hardly enough to meet expenses of his two children and ailing mother.  To finance mounting hospital charges and further expenses relating to prolonged stay further, the family has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 0635101009810
Helen Aranha
Canara Bank, Magdaline Complex
Main Road, Kinnigoli – 574 150
IFSC: CNRB0000635
Phone: 91 99642 39336
Celine D'Souza (57),Bajal Nanthoor Shanthinagar Mangalore

Monday, August 25, 2014
Celine D'Souza (57), wife of Gilbert D'Souza, residing at Bajal Nanthoor Shanthinagar Mangalore, has been suffering from oral cancer since the last four years. Father Muller Medical College Hospital has certified that Celine has been suffering from recurrent carcinoma right oral cavity and that she is on palliative treatment. 

Celine was doing bidi rolling to eke out a living, and her husband died about 31 years back. One of her sons died in an accident, while the other has left home, not to be traced again. Her third son, who works on the auto rickshaw owned by someone else, is supporting the family. She says she had pooled money by selling gold ornaments and other valuables she had till now for her treatment which cost her over six lac rupees till now. She has no savings to finance her future treatments, and therefore, has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
Bank account number:000400101005567
Alwyn D'Souza
Corporation Bank 
Laxman Commercial Complex,
Golikatta Bazar
Mangalore-575 001
IFSC: CORP0000004
Phone: 91 99007 36862

Thomas Pinto (64),Nejiguri House,Padavinangadi, Devinagar Padavu,Bondel,Mangalore

Monday, August 25, 2014
Thomas Pinto (64), son of the late Gregori Pinto, living at 10-2, Nejiguri House, Padavinangadi, Devinagar Padavu, Bondel, Mangalore – 575 008, was suffering from pain in both his legs. A J Hospital and Research Centre has certified that on evaluation, Pinto was found to be suffering from peripheral vascular disease of both the legs. 

Thomas Pinto underwent amputation of both the legs and has become handicapped as a result. He was in the hospital for the last eight months and continues to be there for further treatments.  He needs further financial support for treatment. The couple has no children. Having been hard-pressed for money, Pinto is now looking up to the kindness of donors for continuing with his treatment. He has requested willing donors to extend possible help.

Bank account details:
SB account number: 046200101004118
Thomas Pinto
Corporation Bank, Shakthinagar Branch,
World Konkani Centre Building,
Opp: Shree Gopalakrishna Temple,
Shakthinagar, Mangalore.
IFSC: CORP0000462
Phone: 91 92422 18717
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Thanks giving, sagar,shimoggaSaturday, September 06, 2014

i thank to Daijiworld group for helping for John and Geetha Rasquinha as they met with an accident.

We got more than "1 lakh" of donation from different parts of our country as well as from abroad.

We thank all the donors and you will be in our prayers.Thanks a lot "DW".....

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Alban D'souza, Shirva / KuwaitMonday, August 25, 2014
DEAR all please help rocky rodrigues
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Sr.Anita D'Mello, Belman, UgandaThursday, August 07, 2014
To love God means to love our needy brothern. Daiji is doing a really wonderful job providing a platform to love God by introducing the needy to the readers.
among the needy i know Theresamma from kusalnagar very well. and she really suffers a lot. hope and pray God will send her generous people to meet her needs.
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FR, Mangalore/KSA Wednesday, August 06, 2014
And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient: AL QURAN Verse (2:155) Chapter (2) sūrat Al-baqarah (The Cow)
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rocky rodrigues, williamWednesday, August 06, 2014
DEAR all please as u people helped so many reading the charity request.help rocky and his family also much as u can whom i belive that he is totaly fallen due to his illness and worries how to take care of his family.sickness is always related with the family tention and it is hard to cure when u have so many thing run in u r mind for the whole family .financial help will bring them a big releif .pray to god and please help may god cure him and bring peace to his entire family and strenth to deal with the dificulty.
Comment on this message

Derick Machado, Mangalore/BangaloreTuesday, August 05, 2014
I was just reading these cases. There are so many people around us suffering from different deceases. Every time before giving something to a poor or a begger, i used to think a lot. I was like, why i need to help them when nobody helps me! But after reading the above cases, i really felt bad and tears came from my eyes. I promise that once my education gets over, i would definitely visit this page and donate something or the other of my salary/Business to this charity page. i appreciate the Daijiworld team and my beloved Walter sir (though i don't call him sir) for doing this wonderful work on this page. May god bless you all!
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Henry Lewis, Sastan/KuwaitMonday, July 28, 2014
I appreciate and wish daijiworld all goodness for taking initiative and helping the needy and less fortunate it is really touching that lot of people with different problems been helped May God bless Daiji world those who are part of it and those who involved in it
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hylon rodrigues, mangalore/saklespurSaturday, July 05, 2014
Mrs p k krupa was has appealed for help

Is suffering from kidney failure and is undergoing self dialysis at home.her monthly medical expenses are about 40000 with medicine cost.she is waiting for her turn to get a donor at st johns hospital Bangalore.her father who is known to me has retired as a supervisor and still working in my neighboring estate to make the ends meet.p k krupa is staying in Bangalore at the following address
ph 9535934822
This is for your kind information.donors are requested to help.P K KRUPA's family has expressed their gratitude to donors who have helped them specially a donor from gulf has sent rs 50000 to them
Thank you
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Naveen D'Souza, PutturSunday, May 11, 2014
Dear Daiji friends, please help my friend Roshan D'Souza and his family towards Roshan's medical bills. This is a genuine case. Please please please help my friend ROSHAN D'SOUZA of Kokkada Parish.
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Administrator, Badyar.Monday, April 28, 2014
Dear Daijiworld friends,I know Mr.Roshan Disouza 24 year old from kokkada because he is getting admitted very often in our hospital as well as to Fr.Muller's hospital kankanady.In spite of their poverty his parents gave him the good education and after finishing his studies, he worked for one year in kwait and he met with an accident and got paralyzed.He has undergone surgeries.Whatever they had,they spent on him,he really deserves financial help.Dear friends please come foreword and help him financially,may god bless your generosity with hundredfold.
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Dear Daiji viewers, Thank you for helping the needy through daiji website. Daiji is the voice of the needy and sick. God bless all viewers.

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Meena V., MangaloreThursday, March 27, 2014
How does one join the Helping Hands Trust?
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Anilkumar, MangaloreTuesday, March 25, 2014
In case of kidney failure, finding a donor in India is difficult because of law which allows only close relatives or accident cases allowed. But in countries like Filipines, the law allows donors with no relationship. This can be explored when someone faces difficulty in India.
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vinaya, mangaloreMonday, March 17, 2014
Dear Daiji team, as suggested by many people,i request you to open an account which will help the people to transfer the money from India/abroad and will be easier for you to distribute among the most needy people rather than every individual transferring funds.Also, as and when people feel that they have to do some charity, so they can send to this amount to this single account in DAIJIWORLD name.
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Nrusinha charan padhy, GajapatiMonday, March 17, 2014
Please help/support to access charitable trust for truly helping in poor communities in rural areas.
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Pamita Pinto, Mangalore/ KuwaitTuesday, February 11, 2014
Dear Daiji Team, As requested by majority of the people, kindly open one single account to transfer money & distribute it according to ones needs. It will be a great support to people who wants to donate. Thank you.
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Melwin, MumbaiSunday, February 09, 2014
Dear Editor,
Excellent initiative taken to help the needy. I have gone through most of the comment. As most of them say to open a special account where money can be transferred and the needs of the needy can be met. If that is not possible.

Request you to add a ticker on your website against each person’s so that the Donors can understand through that ticker if the need is being fulfilled. As when the donor transfer the amount he can mention his name and the amount transferred. Where at the Grand Total the Donors can understand if the need is being fulfilled.

Just a example:
Mr. ABC (30), Andheri, Mumbai –

Ticker: Name ……………… Location ………… Amt Transferred…………. Grand Total (Amt Accumulated)……
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Rita, GermanyTuesday, November 12, 2013
Dear Daiji Team, kindly arrange the incoming charity Money in a fund and someone to have a correct distributing equally System to the more needed one first. This is i am saying because today as I called someone who distributes for the Person told me that as soon as the help is published in Daiji, sometimes Money pours in for certain People more than needed and other People less. and difficult to manage. So please do in this direction who can deal with Money honestly. Thank you.
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Mglor Y, Mglore/DXBTuesday, October 29, 2013
Dear Daiji Team
Humble Request : As suggested by many people Please open an Bank Account in Daijiworld name so that we can transfer some money as per our capacity whenever we want, instead of entering bank details of every individual who requires help since it take time for the process when it comes to online transfer.Keep up the good work
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aparimith, KUWAITTuesday, October 22, 2013
Daijiworld - When are you going to take the initiative to set up the account which most of the readers have suggested ? I would be the one of the first to prepare a standing instruction to my bankers for a monthly transfer.
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FR, Mangalore/KSASunday, October 06, 2013
@ Fathima Safida. May Allah bless you with good heath....... "O Lord of the people, remove this pain and cure it, You are the one who cures and there is no one besides You who can cure, grant such a cure that no illness remains".
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Ignatius, Shirva/ADThursday, August 08, 2013
i agree with jessy's sugession. because some people may get less amount what they required.Then it will not serve the purpose. you can appoint a reliable person to manage these funds. You can pay his salary from these funds
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JESSY, SHIRVA/ ABUDHABIMonday, July 29, 2013
Dear Editor in chief Walter Nandalike, we have been contributing towards the needs of needy. At times some genuine cases are overlooked since we do not know them. Kindly open a trust by the name of daijiworld and then distribute the money to the needy in time. The amount and the details of the person please publish along with the photograph of the needy. so that people may not doubt you.
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stephan, mangalore/ksaWednesday, June 12, 2013
good idea i will support u
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Arun L, MangaloreSunday, May 12, 2013
Kidney transplantation if you do in a private hospital might cost 10 lakhs. There are very good govt hospitals in Karnataka. Please refer the below article published onto daijiworld

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casilda Lobo, MangaloreSunday, April 14, 2013
Dear Friends,
Mr. Simon Lobo is from a poor family and deserving person as I know the family very well. Doctors have advised to transplant the
kidney,which costs Rs.10,00,000. So please help the family in this situation. Thanking you in anticipation for your kind help.
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Mrs.Divya, MangaloreMonday, April 08, 2013
Miss. Mohini case is very genuine and i know her family verry well.This family is strugling a lot to earn thier daily bread so please help them..........

Thank u all...
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Rolita, UdupiSunday, March 24, 2013
Daiji world is doing a vry gud job by helping those poor nd needy patients who r in need of financial support... By publishing d peopl's prblms it has bcme a means throgh which those who wish to help can reach to d needy... Nw a days as i hav observd cancer, chronic kidney disease,heart disease r inceasng nd d treatmnt cost is also vry expensive... Plz help these patients who needs continues assistance... Remember them in your prayers...
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WAZY D'SOUZA., MANGALORE/MUMBAI.Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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Raghavendra G, Hiriadka/ManipalWednesday, February 06, 2013
This column is more meaningful and well appreciated. Helps not only the needy but also creating an opportunity to the people for helping others. Congratulations
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rajesh, mulkiSunday, January 27, 2013
What has modern medicines and hospitals contributed to us..My own cousins are suffering from kidney problems and are undergoing dialysis from 5 or 6 years bearing so much pain and financial problems.looking at all these cases sometimes i feel that modern medicine has only prolonged our suffering ...and pain ...Hope all these people get well soon
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Karthik, Thursday, December 13, 2012
y its happening in poors life.they are nt able to face the situation .bkoz doesnt have a much money.god heal them.let this christmas brings happiness in their life.
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Molly Lobo, MangaloreWednesday, December 12, 2012
Dear Ben, what your right hand gives the left hand should not know.They also say that the more you give the more you would be blessed.
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Allan Pinto, MangaloreTuesday, December 11, 2012
Imagine if all of us could donate Rs 10/-each , how much of happiness we could have brought to these patients who are desperate.
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Kind Hearts, KuwaitFriday, December 07, 2012
Daiji world is doing really a good thing to help the poor and needy we appreciate their initiative
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ganapathi bhat, bejai, mangaloreSaturday, October 27, 2012
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Jack, Mlore DubaiMonday, October 08, 2012
Yes , very true. Daiji has done the needful now why does Daiji not set up a trust fund, employ retired personnel , philantropists who can identify , plan and disburse funds as needed. Where there is a (noble) will there is a way. Please Daiji, consider this ASAP.
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Maria, Monday, September 17, 2012
Shivani,May blood of Jesus cleanse your brain tumor. blood of Jesus heal her and restore her life, please help her jesus mother marry and all heavenly host cure her.
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Suleman, UdupiSunday, September 16, 2012
Stanley comments are well defined.
In this modern time,it requires transperent,well balanced and trust worthy charity.
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faheem tamboli, LATURWednesday, September 05, 2012
ALLAH will bless you with more health and wealth and prosparity in your life...
u r dng very gud job....masha-allah....go ahead...! jazak allah..!
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RONY CUTINHA, KuwaitSaturday, September 01, 2012
I am very happy with Stanley(Mangalore)his comment...If Mr:Walty if you will go ahead for that.....we will support you for that..but Money has to go for right person
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marie dsouza, mumbaiMonday, August 27, 2012
good comment by Venus, i too have done the same and no acknowledgment from any body. Venus I am a goan - your comment said all mangaloreans - let this option of given be any body. Hindu, Muslim, Catholic. We are all one in the eyes of God.What ever good is done is done for our people ie our brother and sisters.
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T.A.PALANI, CHENNAI/DUBAIFriday, July 20, 2012
I agree with Mabel Andrade's comments. Daijiworld should take initiative. Hats off to Helping Hand Trust. Please follow Ron of Karanatak's useful information. I pray to God to heal the above patients. May God bless all the patients for speedy recovery.
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mabel andrade, udupi/kuwaitMonday, July 09, 2012
Hats off to daiji for giving us news of the needy people. But i suggest daiji to open a bank account and whoever wants to help then can help to that account, since we do not know if the money we sent will be used for the real purpose.daiji can take initiative to find out if they are in need
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Ron, KarnatakaTuesday, June 26, 2012
I feel the patients must be introduced to more Economical Medical Practitioners & Hospitals. I see & read here people quoting in lakhs for certain surgeries. But i understand Narayana Hrudayalaya at Bangalore performs such surgeries much cheaper. Why not do it there. Why folks always rush to most expensive ones , & ask for help, I wonder. Certain adjustments should be done if things are to happen.
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Helping Hand Trust(mys), MysoreFriday, February 03, 2012
Helping Hand, is a public charitable trust - that helps people with genuine requests, within the available resources. We promise to every donor and ute that 100% of the donation will go to the needy without deducting any administrative costs. WE HAVE SENT (sent today)A SMALL AMOUNT TO EACH OF THESE PERSONS MENTIONED ABOVE.
- 'Get well soon' wishes from all our collaborators. (Our collaborators belong to all communities). And THANKS to our donors.
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William Dsouza, Uppinangady/DubaiSunday, January 01, 2012
Whilst I admire Daji's efforts in highlighting the needs of needy people, as an organisation perhaps Daiji is better placed to collect funds into a dedicated charity account and then disburse it. This way people like me will feel much assured that the remittances reach the needy on time and without any errors or misuse on the way....
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stephan, mangalore/saudi arabiaMonday, November 21, 2011
Dear friends i saw all of ur comments its realy great there is a good job from daijiworld
but iam surprised because i juswt saw that people givng only ideas and suggestion nobody said i will help financialy to themwho need help
one more thing iwant to tell my all freinds no need to paylacs of ruppes u just need to pay one indian rupee just imagine thereisa one crore people are there an u contribute one rupees per month u can collect one crore rupees per month and we can provide good health good education and other things those who are need
iam ready to contribute can u ready can u support me
just think only one rupees make different
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STANLEY, MANGALORE/MUMBAISunday, November 06, 2011




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Sheila, Mumbai/DubaiTuesday, November 01, 2011
Dear Daijiworld,
I have a small suggestion to make and if possible, maybe you shud start a fund/Bank Account wherein all Mangaloreans (rich or poor)contribute whatever they want. This way daijiworld can help the needy at the earliest as the money will be there in the so called fund/account.
We can transmit either by cheques/drafts or transfer.

I too have sent drafts in the past to some families thru the Money Exchange in Dubai but I do not know if these families have received my drafts as no acknowledgement recd. I used the addresses mentioned in Daijiworld.

God Bless
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Harsh Malhotra, Mangalore/New DelhiTuesday, October 04, 2011
Good initiative taken by Daiji World..Well-done..Superb..May be many more people will benefit from this column by one or another way.
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Simon Miranda, KiremBahrainMonday, September 26, 2011
Dear Daiji,
Thank you for your kind gesture of having a charity column.
I have a suggestion. In electronic money transfer, even if a spelling or a digit or space is wrong, I understand that money is not transferred.In the past I have sent money, but there is no way of knowing whether money is indeed received by the beneficiary or not, in which case, the the exchange thru which we send the money will be a big beneficiary. Could you please provide a tool, that atleast an acknowledgement is recd. thank you and God bless your works
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Venus D'Souza, Mangalore/DubaiThursday, September 22, 2011
Dear Editor,
Your initaitive to open the Charity column is highly appreciated. This will enable Mangaloreans worldwide to help their brothers and sisters in need. Please prioritise this column by featuring it in the Home page. It can be a 2 sentence for each case mentioning only the need and the progress. . This will motivate the donors to donate further when they realise that their funds have fulfilled the need of the afflicted.
May God shower his bountiful blessings on the Daiji Family.
Venus D'Souza
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Ronald Prakash D Souza, Mangalore/MumbaiWednesday, September 21, 2011
This is indeed a wise and good decision to have such a column like Charity, wherein the money sent directly goes to the concerned sick people only.
Well done Daijiworld. Keep up the good work and if possible try to highlight the plight of such people by recycling time and again, because we people tend to forget such needy people.
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FREDRICK TAURO, SHARJAHThursday, September 15, 2011
Comment on this message

Judith L, MumbaiThursday, September 08, 2011
I agree with Mr. Ben, each story for help should be repeated on the main page of Daiji website for atleast a week. Also, Daiji to inform us if the need of someone is fulfilled so that the money can be used for other beneificiary. Also, parishes to announce after mass the need for particular families so that funds can be generated with pay back facility when the needy can pay back after a period of time and the same money can be utilised for the need of other person, so that the cycle continues.
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Ben, MangaloreSunday, September 04, 2011
Dear Editor

You have done a good job by Opening a special column for help but trust me no one opens this column. Kindly publish their stories atleast one day on the main page for peoples attention so that the needy get some help. People come to you with great hope and if you can publish daily one story on the main page all people will get help

Till few weeks back i Used to read the stories of needy and since then i was looking for the columns and finally found it. people like me must be still searching for it

I know Mervin Delroy and his sickness. So far I Have helped him for more than RS 1 lac. He needs more.

Kindly publish his story on first page. According to the doctor if he is not treated on time he might loose his life because his body is not producing blood. The boy and the parents know the risk to the life but they do not have money. All relatives are spending money since last 15 years

My humble and sincere request to you and your good office to publish his request on the main page for a day and help save one precious life. God will bless you with more health and wealth and prosparity in your life

My contact numbers are
Email - Ash2107@gmail.com

For any further queries you can always get in touch with me. I want to be part of a life saving programme through you

Thank you and God Bless
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