• Horoscope from   Sun, Feb 19 2017   to   Sat, Feb 25 2017

  • Aries


    The employed need to remain calm. Relatives will be helpful. Women may fall sick. The long awaited desire will be fulfilled. Income from abroad and elsewhere likely. Businessmen will succeed in court related work.

    Auspicious day Monday. Auspicious number: 6. Income: 9. Expenditure: 9.
  • Taurus


    Unnecessary impediments are likely in deals. Traders should be cautious while taking major decisions. The employed will earn well. Men have distant travel the whole week. There may be friction in land deal. Friends may arrive from elsewhere.

    Auspicious day: Saturday. Auspicious number: 7. Income: 8. Expenditure: 8.
  • Gemini:   

    Income from various sources is likely. There may be arguments in the family. Maintain peace. Social status will improve. Cash and valuables are likely from family members. There will be confusion in distant travel. Traders will have new task set in motion. Valuables will be procured.

    Auspicious day: Thursday. Auspicious number: 8. Income: 10. Expenditure: 10.
  • Cancer:   

    Women may receive gifts. Students have signs of progress. Businessmen have mixed fortunes. Men may suffer due to lack of concentration. The employed may face irritation from their superiors. Maintain harmony.

    Auspicious day: Friday. Auspicious number: 7. Income: 9. Expenditure: 9.
  • Leo:   

    An unexpected news may disturb the employed. Be Calm. The future will be promising. Take care in money matters. Women will have good health. An opportunity abroad is likely. Relatives will be helpful. Avoid haste.

    Auspicious day: Saturday. Auspicious number: 7. Income: 10. Expenditure: 8.
  • Virgo:   

    Relatives will be helpful. Friends will be beneficial. Traders will be successful. Students will succeed in their efforts. Preparations for a marriage programme will be on. Religious people will have a fortunate period. Purchase of valuables is likely. A news will cause anxiety.

    Auspicious day: Friday. Auspicious number: 9. Income: 10. Expenditure: 8.
  • Libra:   

    Take care while driving. Students will succeed. The long awaited task of businessmen will be set in motion. Eligible spinsters need to decide on their choice. The employed may have change of position.

    Auspicious day: Tuesday. Auspicious number: 3. Income: 9. Expenditure: 9.
  • Scorpio:   

    Try not to be slack in your tasks. Good news is likely for eligible spinsters. Traders will succeed in court related work. Good news is likely from elsewhere. There may be discussions on property of ancestors.

    Auspicious day: Wednesday. Auspicious number: 4. Income: 8. Expenditure:8.
  • Sagittarius:   

    Health will improve. Children will have motivation and progress. Students will have expected results. Avoid instability. Men have expenditure on religious programme. The employed will earn as expected. Discussions on purchase of land is likely.

    Auspicious day: Thursday. Auspicious number: 2. Income: 10. Expenditure: 10.
  • Capricorn:   

    Good news is likely from elsewhere. The eligible unmarried have mixed fortunes. The employed will benefit. Foreign travel will be beneficial. Hasty decision may cause problems. Businessmen will earn well. Men will have a fortunate period. Women will have unexpected income.

    Auspicious day: Monday. Auspicious number: 1. Income: 10. Expenditure: 9.
  • Aquarius:   

    There may be arguments between brothers. Women will be comfortable. Men need to be cautious before taking major decision. Students will be successful. Businessmen will have expected profit. Land may be procured. There will be guests from abroad. Remaining active will be beneficial.

    Auspicious day: Thursday. Auspicious number: 1. Income: 9. Expenditure: 9.
  • Pisces:   

    Involve yourself in meaningful work. Maintain peace with relatives. The elders in the family may fall sick. Children will benefit. Friends will be helpful. Women have travel. Men will succeed in their task. Do not decide in haste.

    Auspicious day: Saturday. Auspicious number: 6. Income: 10. Expenditure: 10.

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